ENG SUB 《신동가요 세계가 불타버린 밤 우린 투모로우바이투게더》 《Shindong Gayo TXT of Cant You See Me》


스브스케이팝 / SBS KPOP



The Charming time of K-POP stars that fans want to see The behind of Inkigayo! Shindonggayo! Hello, this is Shindong I'm Super Junior Let me introduce you today's guest! The 4th generation Idol group with a brilliant visual and intense performance! Came back with the title song, 'Can't You See Me?' Welcome to TXT Welcome hello (Return of Global trend!) (The princes who fell from the sky .. ★) (Ready to burn MOA's heart) ONE DREAM Hello, this is TXT Hello, this is Leader Soobin (Great rabbit leader Subin) Hello, I am cutie Hueningkai who is being loved by the members Hello, I'm the TXT's moodmaker Beomgyu Hello, I ’m Yeonjun of TXT Nice to meet you Hello, I'm Taehyun who came back with red hair Nice to meet all five of you. It's our album Oh what is this This is our album (Gift sign CD for Shindong) (Touched) Wow you wrote me a letter It is an honour to meet you, Shindong! It is an honour It's so cool and totally fun when you dance! Please keep an eye on us! Ah, okay. I'll keep my eyes on you I need to explain the viewers about an album composition, right? There are many pictures. You should purchase it! ([The Dream Chapter : ETERNITY] Please love it a lot) (Okay, I'll buy it, sir) So, let's start Shindonggayo with TXT, the global K-POP Star! This is the representative corner of Shindonggayo It's time to make a dance video with me Shall we dance with Shindong? Today, we start dancing right away That's why they let me sit and started the show today (Today's mission part) (The point of the choreography START) Stage 1, Huening Kai Center Stage 2, Taehyun Center Stage 3, Yeonjun Center Stage 4, Soobin Center (This is the mission of today!) (*Full version will be met in the pre-video!) It's awesome, it's awesome I think this one is the best Suddenly! (I did like that?) What does this mean? Memory Oh, memory? And also these things! The time difference! It looks great As I see it, all the 5 members dance well like one person Then! six of us, sorry Will 6 of us be one together The time limit is 10 minutes. and we have only 3 times to challenge If I succeed in three times You'll be given a gift. The gift is! To charge your energy Wow it is a great gift I'll show you once If we succeed after a while ~ If I succeed, I'll give you a gift If I fail! then There is a penalty that I have to upload my dance video of your song on my SNS So whatever the result is, you'll like it! Whatever I do, it's a penalty for me Then, let's start 10 minutes from now. Where do we start? First of all, this is wiping the blood (1. Huening Kai part, lip point choreography) 'see me' and like this! Ah, hand down? You can grab anywhere! I grab my shoulders Oh, can I grab anywhere? And grab the left part of stomach here (Kindly explaining) Oh, one more? Oh 4 times ok Oh~ I'm sorry, I just walked four steps. Then you can pray I'm praying like this, is it okay? (Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) You can do freely I'm Michael because I'm a Catholic uh! I'm Michael, too Oh really? Hey then it's being compared~ Okay, praying And you have to do this and move The next center is now Taehyun. Ok, until here (Kind teacher, Michael) Burned down (2. Taehyun Part, a flexible hand movement is a point) burned down Rest my heart FEEL! Oh it's hard here head up And rides Where are you going? Keep arms like this (Hand movement continued around the face) (2 flexible people) Oh ~ Shaking my head POP And? End? Changing the center, and then? Next is this (This time Yeonjun Center Part) Domino Domino I have to learn that (Taehyun, who taught the flexibility) one! (3. Yeonjun part, beat breaking choreography) Everything is the same, but the time difference, right? Yes, one (Choreography with different beats between back and forth) Then grab your neck and then cover your eyes. Hold a neck and cover eyes Then grab the chin and forehead Like this? Looking at your right It's been like this and.. like this! Yes, that is correct (Once again in continuous operation) Yes and? lower a head and wake up And then like this And then? You can cut any part freely four times. (Praying one more time) (Yeonjun explains to the end even though it is funny) more and turn and go in like this Ah, here it is! (Showing one more time for the difficult part) Oh, this hand? This is cool Come on, go on! (Yeonjun taught very well with repeating again and again) Move your fingers little by little and open them little by little (4. Soobin part, softness and intensity at the same time) Yes after that? MORE What, you twist your neck so often? When we practiced this, our necks got stiffen (This time with a step) From here, with your right foot behind, and singing 'any' and 'more' (Ends with getting up) Are we done? until here? Ok, I got it (Starting to practice all together) (Yeonjun part was set for 5 people) In the middle? I'll do it in front. I'm confident here I'll sit this on the floor, then it works, right? (Seriously surprised) Then it'll work, right? 'more' and please put it on my shoulder Okay? Then I should pretend to do this! No one will know! I don't know here Ah, the beat here is difficult Wow. I'm in trouble (Dong MC is confused with the last choreography) (Will they succeed?) It's been 10 minutes Oh already? No! (10 minutes passed in an instant) 3 times of challenge Oh really? Let's do it! Whatever it is, Now can I succeed? Will TXT be able to charge their energies Shall we dance with Shindong? Let's do the first challenge (Will he succeeds in the first attempt?) (Step 1) Sit down and pray (Succeeded the 1st step) (Step 2) (Succeeded) (Step 3) I'm wrong (failed) (Even he's wrong, let's go to the end) Going back (Step 4) Step 4 failed! fail! Oh, almost done, almost done, right? At the end, after doing this Can you just show me once? (Although they're tired, they starts to practice again) After doing like this, gather like this Oh right I can do it, I think I can do it Now then, the second challenge Let's start Will Shindong succeed? (A choreography that they practiced with sweating) By showing you that I'm working so hard This is the second challenge Shall we dance with Shindong? I think we can do it We can do it, right? I think I can do it (Self hypnotizing) (Step 1) (Succeeded) (Step 2) Going forward (Succeeded) (Step 3) going back! oops sorry (Step 3 success) (Step 4) Yes right Oh I don't know (Step 4 failed) Oh I can't I just need this (Keep wrong at the end) (Why can't I do this) Soobin, show him once (Last practice for Shindong) I don't know the beat (Carefully) (One movement per beat) I think I can do it Shall we dance with Shindong? Last challenge, please pray for the success! I hope we make it Please please let's make it! (Dancing GAYO's biggest crisis) (Four choreography that has never been successful since practice) Wow (shampoo?) (Now the last chance!) (Will Shindong succeed!?) Please please let's go! We can! (Nervous) ('Can't You See Me?' Third challenge) Going back (Now step 1 and 2 are perfect) (Highlight of the choreography) Go back! (What is the result of step 4?) (Watching) It's done !!! (Great) (Wow) Shindonggayo Success (It's perfect dance) Now I'll give you a gift Thank you Actually, to be honest, Something was a little bit wrong in the middle? It's okay (?) But I think it has been tactfully passed Now everyone, the choreography challenge with TXT, Fans! Please enjoy it a lot! Now, this corner It's the corner that idols like the most. Rumors are already out Shindong cafeteria! We prepared a cafeteria for you (Today's Shindong Cafeteria) (With ramen to soothe hunger) (Sweet cake) (A lot of delicious snacks) (As well as cool drinks) (Also a fresh vitamin drink is ready!) Vitamin drink.. Hello, senior Hello, this is TXT There are a lot of things to eat Is it just free to take? No way~ Through the games, you can take it one by one. The game is telepathy game! You know? Roughly You know..? Yeah, I know Soobin said "You know?" when I said "You know?" It's a game of posing the same action after hearing the mission word. There's number six opportunities When all members do the same motion, you will get one part of here If you succeed six times, of course you take all of it Oh so generous All of the guests have taken all of these until today. Oh really? You give all of this? Will you be the first team to take less? When I shout out a mission word, the song comes out. While the song is playing You can't move If our song comes out If 'CROWN' comes out When 'Run Away' comes out, do this Oh yeah oh ~ smart, smart This one this one 'TXT' is this Although your poses are slightly different, you're wrong I'll see exactly All the guests got all of these? Yes, they took it all, for real They are the teams with very detail Now, I'll give you the first mission word 'Cat' music please Dance! You must dance (Mission word: cat) It's a cat! No clues! One, two, three (Meow) please fail! But I thought about this too Oh, I was about to do that, too Yeonjun, Beomgyu and Huening Kai In fact, it could be another animal. Because the ending of 'Cat & Dog' is like this Then what did Soobin do? Just a cat Unfortunately, the first canteen failed (Today's worst game player?, Soobin is a little anxious) It's okay. Let's go! Is there anything you'd like to exclude? Such as 'I didn't want to take this'. First, vitamin drink Oh yeah, put the BTS aside (Turns around) (Screaming) (Smoothing over) (Fixing it) No, we have to take that unconditionally Vitamin drink is unconditional No, what Huning Kai means Because our BTS is advertising, We can't get this for free He means you have to pay for it and buy it. That's right. I cleaned up (Joyful dolphin laughter) Now, I'll go on to the second mission word The second one is a little easier 'Heart' Please give me music Don't move your hands, just dance! (Unknown sign) (I don't know what it is) (Communication error) One, two, three! fail (Only one hand) Two hands Two hands Two hands and Soobin with only one hand! Fail by Soobin! (Cleaning up the tears) I think you're very nervous. If you wear glasses, you don't put your fingers into the glasses Then, why don't we do it with both hands? What if the mission word is 'right hand'? One, two, three Wow this is good That's smart~ Beomgyu is smart from the beginning. So, is it really a mission word that you can use both hands? 'Brushing your teeth' Please give me music Please dance. (Communication error) One, two, three (nothing) (Both hands as if it's one hand) One, two, three (Both hands as if it's one hand) (fist) One, two, three (Realistic one hand brushing teeth) (Cute brushing with both hands) fail! We decided to do it with our right hands How with both hands ?! (You said to do with both hands) (Waiting) What should we do? Already the half of cafeteria has gone away You might be the first? Wow, the first, first This is the first team who has taken this less. Please consult again I'll give you a hint of what to do this time Use only one hand that's the best Then shall we put this in here? Good, good! You know, you just have to look straight up Feet stay still Ok good good This is how we'll do right When I shout out a mission word, Don't change your pose after that! Just stay in that pose, okay? I acted now without my knowledge. Now, a mission word is 'Selfie' please give me music. You have to dance (Dance with left hands sealed) 'Selfie' one two three success! Now which one would you like to take? Let's eat ramen I can't eat without that carbonated drink. I also like drinks (Sad) Isn't the drink good? Then let's do remen next time Okay Okay drink Are you okay, Yeonjun? Yeah! I'll do ramen next time You still have two opportunities. What do you want to eat? Ramen ~ Ramen? The mission word is 'Ramen' Please give me music Now dance You know the rules, right? One two three success! What kind of food would you like to take? Ramen Yeonjun, go and stick it Wow, there are a lot Now, you got two sections among 5 But there is the last opportunity I'll give you all of them if you get this one It's why others took it all We usually give you a mission word related to you for the last question Such as a title song, a fan club name, or something like that. Now, I gave you a hint so please consult about this! Hey, it's MOA! So let's just make a heart MOA is love It's MOA for sure~! Oh yeah? Is it MOA? I'll be doing this (convinced) Legs wide open Spread your legs like this No, like this, foot hearts Now, because I'm giving you all of these, I'll do one more Except for this Now, I will give you a mission word! 'TXT' Please give me music! Do not consult! You have to stay still That's right! that! (Joyful dance) (Seems like they already succeeded) Now, TXT, one two three! (Heart fires heart in the center) (Scream) (Shock) What? What are you doing? fail! (I wanted to give it all) (So ​​the game ends like this?) We did it in this morning and lunch (He even suggested it earlier) You can't just go without these So I'm going to give you a suggestion Beomgyu, if you advertise 'Shindonggayo' on your SNS, I'll give you another chance Oh okay Since there are a lot of views, I'll choose the mission word randomly 'Beomgyu' Please give me music Now don't talk, don't talk What you always do! It's the last chance! One, two, three (Bumgyu style hand heart) One, two, three Success~! I know why others take it all. Now, TXT is taking all the food from Shindong cafeteria Now I know why others taking it all. Yes, it's all like that You're keep giving us opportunities to take all of them (Ramen that Yeonjung wanted so much) (Huening Kai's No.1 vitamin drink) It's been so long to see sweet jelly of red beans (Tteokbokki on both hands) No, we deliberately prepared a small bag but you're trying to put all of them in it Now then, I'll make a flower path for you to walk Everyone did very well today. Shindonggayo, it was fun together. Goodbye. Thank you Goodbye TXT Good-bye Now it was Shindonggayo (After the last shot) Slate One, two, three (Thank you for loving Shindonggayo so far. See you again in better shape!)