ENG SUB 【酋长的男人 Mr Fox and Miss Rose】EP04 星月把高振赫家拆了

♪There is nowhere to escape.♪ ♪Fate has made wonderful arrangements.♪ ♪An unexpected visitor from another planet.♪ ♪Should I feel helpless or expectant?♪ ♪Oblivious in love,♪ ♪I can't read his mind.♪ ♪How odd. It feels like a piece of my heart has been stolen.♪ ♪I'm unwilling to accept the crushing defeat.♪ ♪I want to compete and see who is better.♪ ♪Who will be tamed first?♪ ♪We have been hurt fatally. We are injured.♪ ♪Love should be simple and warm.♪ ♪My heart is beating in joy. People can't avoid their enemy.♪ ♪Don't forget♪ ♪the little boy in the fairy tale.♪ ♪To find true love, you need to pour your heart out.♪ ♪Love can be lonely and sad sometimes.♪ ♪Your self-esteem is where your trouble emerges.♪ ♪I've finally realized♪ ♪that it doesn't matter if I win or lose in the so-called war of love,♪ ♪as long as you say you love me.♪ ♪This is love.♪ =Mr. Fox and Miss Rose= (Episode 4) (This is a work of fiction.) (Any similarity to actual individuals or events is purely coincidental.) Hello! Hello! Please speak. Our Yihe Sanatorium... Hello! Hello! ...pursues the family aura and park ecology. Hello! Are you the executive director of the Young Heart Cultural Communication Company, Mr. Gao Zhenhe? You dialed the wrong number. No, I didn't. It is the right number. I want to speak to Mr. Gao Zhenhe. Is it about the loan? It's no longer necessary. Thank you! What loan? I... He hung up. I will give him another call. Hello! The subscriber you dialed is power off. He turned off his cell phone. What does that mean? It means I can't speak with him now. It doesn't matter. I heard a female voice mentioned Yihe Sanatorium on the phone just now. Did you walk out from there? I didn't walk out. I climbed out. Climbed out? Forget how you got out of there. We'll find it out as long as I take you there. Let's go. Get into the car. You can't sit here. Sit there. I need to drive. I will take you there. Come on. Please withdraw your legs. Right. Fasten your safety belt. Let me help you. What are you doing? No matter what road you take, safety will come first. You must buckle up when taking a car. Why did you lock me up? For safety. What's the matter, Xing Yue? There is so much noise. I am scared. Come on, auntie. Let me tie a balloon for you. Gao. I wish you good health. It is surprising that you can do this. Can this work? Is this dangerous? Uncle Wen, I was defeated by you in the Monopoly game last time. I'd like to pay a price by doing this. Am I right, guys? Yes, right. But it is very hot now. Maybe you should stop the performance and have a rest. It doesn't matter. Exactly. Can I stop giving the performance? Xia Na, what's your opinion? All right. OK. Then let's applaud these young people and cheer for them. -OK. -OK. Be safe. Let the show start! Xing Yue. Look! Are you familiar with this place? Where is Gao Zhenhe? He is supposed to be inside. You need not get out. We can drive in. Well, put this on. Thus, you won't look so odd. Come on. OK. Wonderful! Wonderful! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Wonderful! Hello! Excuse me. Is she the patient of your place? We only take in patients aged above 45 and in need of health care. Well, is Gao Zhenhe one of your patients? No. Bravo! Wonderful! Sorry! I didn't find Gao Zhenhe for you and failed to find your residence. It's all right. Xing Yue. Are you all right? Why is she here? Who is she? Nobody. Nobody. My wheel broke. I have to go repair it. Come home with me. Join me in live stream. I will pay you every time till you find Gao Zhenhe. Gao... Do you agree? Bye-bye! Goodbye! Xing Yue. I will figure out other ways after we are back. I will definitely help you find Gao Zhenhe. Don't worry. What is this? It looks exactly like those we saw just now. They are all clowns. Their job is to amuse people. Let's go. (Yihe Sanatorium) Wait. Wait. Stop. Stop the car. I feel something is wrong. What is wrong? I am a person who likes helping others. I am rich and not busy. Rest assured. You are lucky to have encountered me. Well, the face of the clown we saw just now is not his real face and is face painting, right? Of course. If their real faces look like that, it will be frightening. They all wore masks. If the clown wore a mask, he must be Gao Zhenhe. Which one is him? The one jumped once at the end of the performance. Impossible. How come you know it is him? I heard him sneeze in the flowering shrubs. It must be him. All people sound the same when sneezing. It couldn't be him. Everyone's sneeze sounds unique. I heard it once. That was really his sneeze. Did you miss me? Are you sure? Yes, I am. You can discern the slight difference? Yes, I can. If he is not, then what? If he is not... You want me to join you. If he is not Gao Zhenhe, I will go with you. It's a deal! Deal! I will make this bet with you. If it is not him, you will go with me. OK. Gao, why are you hurrying to leave? We have agreed to have the supper together, haven't we? (Yihe Sanatorium) Liu. Sorry to have to trouble you again. It's all right. We are getting out by the back door. Why are you acting furtively? Whom are you evading? Who else can it be? It must be his ex-girlfriend. Shut up! Uncle Wen, don't take his words seriously. Xia Na, go get the car. We will wait for you ahead. OK. Uncle Wen, we are leaving. We will come to have a meal with you some other day. So you are really leaving? Bye for now. OK. Bye-bye! Uncle Wen, we are off. We will come to have a meal with you some other day. Fine. Fine. Fine. OK. Bye-bye, Uncle Wen. Bye-bye! Take care. What could I say about these young people? Xing Yue. Xing Yue, be careful. Hello! Excuse me. Do you know where the clowns have gone? I mean the clowns who gave a performance just now. I have no idea. Do you know who they are? Since they gave a performance, I think they should be the volunteers. Volunteers? Gao Zhenhe is a volunteer. Xing Yue, the clown has left. Gao Zhenhe works as a volunteer here. What is a volunteer? It is a person who does public welfare work voluntarily. I didn't get it. They are persons ready to help others. Then how can we find them? They may be still around here. Let's search the surrounding areas carefully. Let's go. (Wuzhou Conference Hall) Gao Zhenhe, what is going on with you? Nothing. Nothing? The girl has come to the sanatorium to look for you. But we have never seen this girl. It is really not what you expected. Good for you, Gao Zhenhe. You got a girlfriend we don't know. But Xia Na, haven't you noticed it? The man coming with her is the streamer of the Tian's Astrology. If you take what he says oppositely, his words will hit the mark. Qin Shu, help me make the investigation to locate his cell phone. Why do you want to investigate him? What is going on exactly? OK. You should get out here. I will go see Li An. Why need you see her? I can't let her get away so easily. I have to go back to throw my weight about. Let's go. I know you will come at me. Are you thinking that there is an underground palace built and gems buried under our house? If I hadn't come back, you would have taken possession of them. If I had come back, you could still coerce me with the paper signed by the two fools. Over the past month, I haven't got a single customer. It is not easy for me to have one customer today. So stop talking. Enjoy the coffee. One cup of coffee in your shop costs 998 yuan. If people come, they will be out of their mind. What? You are dressed like this to hit on girls? To cotton up to the old man. You have brought your men to my house. I am sacred. How is it going? Has the old man got moved? If I keep doing such deeds of love, I will have to continue playing the role of an adopted son. He is a person who is poor at saying tender words as well as has no family and nobody to care about. It is the hardest to cozy up to such a person. For the next, it will depend on how capable you are. I am quite capable. But whether we can succeed is up to your attitude. Li An, I am not afraid to play the game head on with you. I have told you. No matter how this matter turns out, it will has nothing to do with Qin Shu and Xia Na. All right. Go get changed quickly. Now you should resign to your fate. You lost. Now you are my girl. That clown was Gao Zhenhe for sure. But he managed to escape as he did last time. I used to think you were silly. But actually you are quite clever. You found out I wanted to sign an employment contract with you. So you took advantage of me to make me help you find him. Bait. Bait? When you go hunting, you must cast the bait first. You are no hunter. Why should you go hunting? It is going to rain. Let's leave quickly. I won't. I must wait here for Gao Zhenhe today. Don't. He won't be here. You are wasting your time. I must see him today. Look! It's raining. Let's go back and then wait. I will find ways to contact him. Let's go. You care about Xia Na a lot? Yes, I do. So you shouldn't give her a hard time. I was bad on that day. Maybe I was jealous. I don't want to involve my employer into love. I will do whatever you want since you paid me. However, in terms of love, I never obey any woman. I have heard that ordinary women can't prevail over you. But you are not ordinary. The men who can pass my test are rare. It is right for me to have chosen you. I've known earlier that this is a test. Luckily, I didn't fall for it. Li An, if you are a jackal, I will be a tiger. We can join hands as two strong persons. We can also make each other suffer. So I advise that you stop sending your men to stalk them. (Yihe Sanatorium, Yunchuan) Hello, what have you got? I have located the cell phone of the streamer. He is still in the sanatorium. He didn't leave. Well, moreover, your ex-girlfriend may also be there with him. She is not my ex-girlfriend. She can't stay there any longer. She talks bluntly, which may cause trouble. I want you to make her... Gao Zhenhe, your problem with women goes beyond the responsibility range of your gem agent and your network technical expert. We didn't get paid for doing that. Yes. Stop saying this, you two. If you keep talking with me in such a manner, I will fire both of you. Gao Zhenhe just got lucky to be alive. Boss, shame on the coffee shop. It sells a cup of coffee for 998 yuan. What damn coffee shop is it? It is collecting gems under the pretext of selling coffee. This is the stronghold of GM in Yunchuan. GM is an organization that is devoted to providing rare jewels for the high-end collectors. Gao Zhenhe is clever and the woman running the coffee shop is shrewd. I will see what tricks they are up to. Let's get into the car. We can wait in the car. The rain is becoming heavier and heavier. You will catch a cold if you continue waiting in the rain. If you catch a cold, how can you find Gao Zhenhe? You are so stubborn. Is your star sign Aries? Nonsense! She is so persistent. Xing Yue, get into my car. Gao Zhenhe, you are a liar! Xing Yue. It's raining. It's raining. In our place, you can't beat someone on rainy days. If you really want to get even with me, you should go home with me. Your clothes are so ugly. Xing Yue. Hello! Here is your cake. Thank you! Please close the door for me. No problem. Why did you order the cake? We agreed to eat beef steak, didn't we? To eat the beef steak, I have kept my stomach ready for the whole day. Why should we eat the cake in the end? For celebration. Think about it, Qin Shu. Ten years ago, we were poor. When we first dressed up as clowns in the underground town, we earned money for three days' food. It was at that time when I vowed I would see you as my family all my life. So we will celebrate our return to the clown show. Right. Life needs celebration, right? We've spent 10 years getting rid of our past. On this day 10 years later, we went back to the past again. Qin Shu, do you think I should confess my love today? Confess love? Haven't you seen it? I, I haven't. I saw nothing. I used to think that I could wait for him to get tired of merry-making. Then he will see that I am the person that suits and loves him the most. However, while he was away these days, I found that I couldn't wait anymore. We both couldn't afford to wait. If he died suddenly without knowing I love him, I would have suffered the biggest regret of my life. Are you speaking of Gao Zhenhe? I don't see him as a friend, a brother or a partner. I see him as a man. He is back. I'll go open the door. This is my home. Listen. From now on... Gao Zhenhe, how could you deceive me? Now the rain is not falling in the house. So I can give you a beating. What is going on? I don't know. This is my house. So what? You are my man. Then why do you often beat me? You deceived me and my family first. He has met her parents. Xing Yue, just let go of me first. Let's talk peacefully. Let's negotiate peacefully. Are you crazy? How are you? Let me help you. Miss, first of all, this is a check. I don't know what happened between you two. If you want money, that will be the best. Take this and get out of here. Then you should forget all about Gao Zhenhe. Second, you trespassed into his house and beat him up. I have taken photos as evidence. If money can't solve the problem, we can resort to law. Let's fight a duel. I will solve this by myself. Just leave now, both of you. Well, you have to tell me what this is about. You were beaten so seriously. I will tell you later. Now you... Are you the astrology streamer? Whom did you speak of? My name is Yi Tian. Remember it. -Y-i, Yi. -Who is him? T-i-a-n, Tian. Xing Yue. Yi Tian. Xing Yue, you left your belonging in my car. Miss, do you always carry your bow and arrows when you go outside? It is not a bow, but a crossbow. Xing Yue. Who are you? What? Why are you so angry? No wonder you are having nosebleed. I called you today. You said you didn't need the loan. So I can see you really don't need it. I came across her by the road. She kept calling your name at that time. So I called you. Nowadays, it is rare to see a kind person like you. What do you want from her? Why did you say so rude words? I don't want anything from her. I saw that she was a very pure-hearted girl. So I was afraid that she might get deceived by bad people. Pure-hearted? Is that all? When you saw her, she was dressed in strange clothes. Her behavior and thoughts must be very confusing. How could you reckon she is pure-hearted? Did she say anything that interested you? So you wouldn't let her go. You look both enthusiastic and indifferent, giving people a mixed feeling. You are sometimes naïve and sometimes worldly-wise. You are a person with a volatile temperament. You have a hot temper. You like socializing with people, but you only have a few true friends. You cherish freedom and hate being bounded by love. You are very perceptive. In the meantime, you are full of yourself, mordant and mean. Did you profile her? No, it's you, Gao Zhenhe. If my guess is right. you are born under the astrology of Aquarius. You are born in the cold winter, so your heart is also as cold as the ice. You are a charlatan. Fine. Fine. It doesn't matter whether you see her as a pure-hearted girl, or as a freak. Anyway, you have to stay away from her now. Please leave. Well, what is your relation with her? I want to sign a contract with her. Do you have any say over it? What contract? Employment contract. I want her to be my partner in the live streaming program. So you do have a purpose. She won't sign it. Well, you can't decide it for her. Qin Shu. Qin Shu. Qin Shu. Xia Na. Hurry! Get him out of here. Xing Yue! Xing Yue! I must talk with you. I must talk with you. Don't touch me. I am a neat freak. I must sign a contract with her. Just let her speak her mind. You can't do this even if you are rich. Stop shouting. It's useless. Let's go. Open the door! I have to talk with Xing Yue! Gao Zhenhe! Wait up! Wait up, you two. What is the matter now? I don't know your relation with Xing Yue. But you really won't think about it? Astrology live streaming is very lucrative. Xing Yue will earn enough money to support your whole family. Please. (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) Look at this. You see, we are not short of money. Then what is the relation of Xing Yue and Gao Zhenhe exactly? You predict astrology, right? If you are really good at your job, you can figure out their relation by yourself. If you figure it out, please let me know. How can I drive wearing slippers? Then let us hire someone to drive for us. I warn you. You can mock me as a crappy astrologist. But you can't jeer at the astrology. Xing Yue. It's dangerous. It's dangerous. You can't point this at people. It's dangerous. Take a seat first. Sit down. Do you want to use the cell phone? Do you want to take a selfie? Do you want to have the instant noodles? I will go make it for you. The star stone. The star stone? Haven't you given it to me? Before I left, I gave you a book titled "The Little Prince." Don't you remember? "The Little Prince"? "The Little Prince." Star stone. Xing Yue. I gave you a gift. You gave me a gift. You didn't return the gift I gave you to me. Why should I return the gift you gave me to you? I didn't return the gift you gave me to you. So you can't return the gift I gave you to me. So you see. It is not proper. It doesn't seem proper indeed. That's right. That's not right. That's not right. You didn't marry me. And you left. So I have to bring you back to say sorry to all my people. In this way, you can keep the star stone. Right. All you said is right. All right. Look! Look! Look at this! Do you know what it is? What is it? This is the secret gift I prepared for you to mark your arrival at my house. (Celebration of our wonderful decade.) What is written on this? Celebration of Xing Yue's arrival. (Celebration of our wonderful decade.) Celebration of Xing Yue's arrival. Right. What is celebration? Celebration is to create happy memories of beautiful things. Today I feel happy about your coming. So I especially prepared this gift for you. You are happy about my coming? Xing Yue. (Celebration of our wonderful decade.) It's odd. Well, these two characters aren't my name you have taught me to write. What taste is this? It is sweetness. In our place, when people are sad or unhappy, they usually eat sweet food. Thus, they will forget the sadness and unhappiness. Come on. Take the tray. Take the tray. Slow down! Eat slowly. You can't eat this. You can't eat it. It will poison you. I am so happy. (The results are as follows.) I have searched all platforms. (I'm sorry that I didn't find that person.) I got nothing. Nothing? Nothing. How could it be possible? It's just possible. What people can be like this? People who never use cell phones and computers and stay away from the crowd and the society. At least, since the generation of their parents, they should have lived a reclusive life in the forests or mountains. What nonsense you talked! How can such people exist in our times? From the perspective of probability, such people... Hello! So you returned from the tender land and thought of us. How about it? Have you finished appraisal of the stone I gave you? Not yet. What is the matter? Why did it take you so long? It is too big. I have had it cut by someone. What? You had the stone cut? Can it be put back together? Of course not. Why do you want to piece it together? We can sell the cut pieces. If it is really precious, we can go abroad to buy an island after selling it. So we can live a life on the island. Confirm whether the cutting can be stopped right now. It is too late. What's wrong? You are acting oddly. As a matter of fact, the stone doesn't belong to me completely. What does that mean? Xing Yue owns it. She... Gao Zhenhe, I am hungry. Hello! What a mess. So strange. Gao Zhenhe, I am hungry. I want to eat the baked fish. Help me bake it. This is the carp fish. It can bring good luck. Do you understand? Can't it be eaten as food? I got it. It is different from the fish of our place. I can see it is sick at first sight. It is sick. You are sick. So are you. Look! What a mess you made of my house! What? I warn you. I am running out of patience. Sit still and be quiet for a while. All right? Don't move. Hello! Is that the property management staff? I need... Who are you? I am Xing Yue. Hello! Hello, sir! What can I do for you? Nothing. I will handle it by myself. OK. Come with me. Well, this... Come down from there. Come down. Come down. Don't look! Don't look around! Listen to me first. In our place, nobody fights and throws a punch easily. Everything you see may be strange to you. But they are not fierce beasts. They will neither bite you, nor hurt you. So before you are sure, you can ask me about how to use all of them. Got it? Besides, you must stop using the crossbow. Why can't I? Because it is very dangerous. I have to use it to protect myself. Stay around me and nobody will dare hurt you. Wait a second. It's potion. Gao Zhenhe. You are such a virtuous man. Apply more. Qin Shu. Something is wrong. Qin Shu. Something is wrong. What is wrong? Something is wrong with the girl. The girl? What is wrong with her? I feel that Gao Zhenhe doesn't treat her as he treats other women. What is the difference? He is just faking smiles for business, right? I don't know. I just got a feeling that he was trying to please the girl whose name I can't remember clearly. Gao Zhenhe has never been so nice to any girl in love with him. He pretended. I will go to sleep. He pretended? I don't think so. Qin Shu, help me analyze it. Qin Shu, wake up. Boring man. ♪It seems the god of love is guiding me.♪ ♪My heart beats faster and my breathing picks up speed.♪ ♪When our eyes meet,♪ ♪will you notice my feelings?♪ ♪This world felt so boring♪ ♪until I met you, the most special person on the planet.♪ ♪Every day is a surprise.♪ ♪Trivial matters can be unforgettable.♪ ♪The rare gemstones are bright and dazzling.♪ ♪They harbor love.♪ ♪They're inlaid with love.♪ ♪The stars in the sky are reflected in the moonlight.♪ ♪They declare love.♪ ♪They embellish love.♪ ♪You've made me fall in love.♪ ♪First love.♪ ♪Losing our heads in love.♪ ♪The sweetness is impossible to describe.♪ ♪This must be fated.♪ ♪I don't understand♪ ♪why I always lose my cool in front of you.♪ ♪It feels like a fated miracle.♪ ♪We always attract each other somehow.♪ ♪Doubtful at first, I'm sure now.♪ ♪My mind has finally become clear.♪ ♪Fixing my gaze on you,♪ ♪I want to do everything with you.♪ ♪What is love?♪ ♪I didn't believe in love that much♪ ♪until a girl♪ ♪entered my life.♪ ♪When it comes to her,♪ ♪I'm always curious.♪ ♪I'd even wake up from a dream, laughing.♪ ♪How incredible all this is.♪ ♪I can't take my eyes off her.♪ ♪She is as pure as a gemstone.♪ ♪I hope to pluck a star from the sky for her.♪ ♪Listen attentively in the moonlight.♪ ♪May I have the honor,♪ ♪with your permission,♪ ♪of confessing my love through this romantic promise.♪ ♪The rare gemstones are bright and dazzling.♪ ♪They harbor love.♪ ♪They're inlaid with love.♪ ♪The stars in the sky are reflected in the moonlight.♪ ♪They declare love.♪ ♪They embellish love.♪ ♪You've made me fall in love.♪ ♪First love.♪ ♪Losing our heads in love.♪ ♪The sweetness is impossible to describe.♪ ♪This must be fated.♪