ENG SUB 【酋长的男人 Mr Fox and Miss Rose】EP10 高振赫因星月变小网红不高兴

♪There is nowhere to escape.♪ ♪Fate has made wonderful arrangements.♪ ♪An unexpected visitor from another planet.♪ ♪Should I feel helpless or expectant?♪ ♪Oblivious in love,♪ ♪I can't read his mind.♪ ♪How odd. It feels like a piece of my heart has been stolen.♪ ♪I'm unwilling to accept the crushing defeat.♪ ♪I want to compete and see who is better.♪ ♪Who will be tamed first?♪ ♪We have been hurt fatally. We are injured.♪ ♪Love should be simple and warm.♪ ♪My heart is beating in joy. People can't avoid their enemy.♪ ♪Don't forget♪ ♪the little boy in the fairy tale.♪ ♪To find true love, you need to pour your heart out.♪ ♪Love can be lonely and sad sometimes.♪ ♪Your self-esteem is where your trouble emerges.♪ ♪I've finally realized♪ ♪that it doesn't matter if I win or lose in the so-called war of love,♪ ♪as long as you say you love me.♪ ♪This is love.♪ =Mr. Fox and Miss Rose= (Episode 10) (This is a work of fiction.) (Any similarity to actual individuals or events is purely coincidental.) Ready? Go! Hi, everyone. Welcome to my studio. This is Yi Tian. Hi, everyone. This is Xing Yue. Great news! I've got something exhilarating to tell you. Having gone through some rough time, the Mercury retrograde is finally about to end! But, we shouldn't let down our guard, because the real acid test just started. There is an unwritten rule in astrology. After Mercury goes direct, the planet enters a "shadow period", which lasts more than one week. Exactly. So, today, Xing Yue and I will share with you how to survive "Mercury retroshade." Isn't she the girl who doesn't know about influence? She's so cute. Xing Yue pretended not to know about influence just to amuse you. Time Takes Away Dogs, welcome to my studio. Did you see that? That girl is amazing. What's going on? Did you record it? Did you see that? I told you! I told you! We Cancers are seriously affected by this Mercury retrograde. The only way for Cancers to survive it is to fall in love. Are you still awake? I couldn't fall asleep. Unhappy? No. Be happy. What is it? It's a bank card. I'll put your earnings in this bank account. You can get anything you want with it. I can put money in it? Sure. How can I get it out? Well. You can deposit money at a place called "bank." In a bank, you'll see machines called ATM where you can withdraw cash. When you need money, insert the card and the machine will dispense cash immediately. You mean it'll dispense cash like this? Sure. So much cash. I've got money. I've got money. I've got so much money. I've got money. I've got money. I've got money. I've got money. I've got money. I've got money. I've got money! That's all I can have? Yes, for the time being. But if you work hard, you'll get much more than this. I'm sure to work hard. I want to have much, much more than this. Keep going. Keep going. (Tian's Astrology) (Tian's Astrology) Stop it. You've watched it 800 times. Half an hour is 30 minutes. That's a one-minute video, so he watched it over 30 times at most. But it's gone viral and it's spreading fast. I'm afraid it couldn't be withdrawn. Relax. She didn't let out any secret. And she didn't say anything wrong. We won't be affected. Yi Tian is a good teacher. Do you know how many new subscribers Yi Tian has got? After their hashtag became trending, that live stream has been watched 6 million times. Even Tian's Astrology became popular. He's made a fortune because of Xing Yue. Unbelievable. Where are you going? Going for a drive. Hello? Do you know 6 million people saw Xing Yue in your live stream? You watched it too? What do you think? Amazing, right? I'm telling you. Xing Yue must've been sent from Heaven to save me. If it goes on like this, I don't need to go home and inherit my family property. I'm telling you, Yi Tian. If you use Xing Yue to make money on purpose, I'll ask Qin Shu to hack your phone every time you stream. Then you'll have to go back and inherit your family property. How can you say that? Xing Yue herself wanted to earn money. You hung up on me? I'm happy today. I forgive you. Work hard to earn money. Gao Zhenhe! Stay. Stay. Stay. Wait. Don't run away. Why are you running away at the sight of me? I... I got the wrong place. You're not here to pick me up? No. Get off. It's dangerous to do this. This is what I earned. It's all yours. I have my own bank cards. I don't need your money. You said you were miserable when you had no money. So, I'll earn a lot of money for you in the future. You said I damaged your star stone, you got mad at me and didn't want to go back. Yes, I'm mad at you. I want to hit you. Then why did you give me your money? I'm mad at you, but I also want to make you happy by giving you money. If you're mad at someone, remember to be mad for longer. If you let it go easily, those who hurt you will go even further. Gao Zhenhe. Why are you here? I... Um... Follow me. Um. This card... Don't touch me. I'll be busy in the following days. If I don't call you, don't let Xing Yue go back to my home. You... I trust you. You won't hurt her. Do you have incurable cancer? But don't do anything that may hurt Xing Yue. When I get everything done, I'll come and take her home. Don't overthink. Don't play tricks. You and she are from different worlds. Do you mean I'm the only guardian of Xing Yue now? You can say that. But it's only temporary. How long can I be her guardian? It all depends. I'll call you. Remember to call Xia Na if there is any emergency. If you made any trouble, don't try to hide it just because you're afraid. I have the ability to handle any situation. Got it? You're really... I... I didn't mean anything else. It's really hard to get your understanding. Trust me. I'm bound to complete the task. What are you talking about? Nothing. Remember what I said. What did you say? Where are you going? Just stay here. It's okay. Bye. Drive safe. Who are you? You must be Xing Yue. How do you know me? I saw you in the live stream. Xing Yue, who are you talking to? Son. Mom. Why are you here? Yeah. Your mom? Say hi to her. Hi, Mrs. Yi. Hi, Xing Yue. You brat. You're capable. She's staying here? Mom, stop talking nonsense. Yes, I'm staying here, Mrs. Yi. You're awake. Gao Zhenhe, I've got good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first? The good one. The good news is the identification result came out. It's a star sapphire. The real thing. It's worth over 10 million yuan at least. What's the bad news? The bad news is there is nothing unusual about the sample of soil you got under the cliff according to the test report. That is, taking the sample of soil as a reference standard, you can say there is no lode under the cliff. It means, the gemstone is real, but there is no lode beneath it. Unstamped? Is it reliable? It's a foreign testing laboratory. So is the cutter. To avoid leaking out information, I didn't hire domestic teams or individuals. Could it be that the gemstone is from somewhere else? Impossible. Even if that place was isolated, it's still possible this gemstone was left under the cliff because of flowing water or the changes to the Earth's crust as time went on? Where is the star sapphire? Gorgeous. Perfect. Oh. What will you do with the star stone? I know several collectors who can afford to buy it. I once cooperated with them. They're trustworthy. Collectors? What do you mean? Don't you understand? Her intention is obvious. Is it? If you insist on playing fool... We can't sell it now. See? You got it. Once such a star sapphire shows up, it'll draw lots of attention. We don't have time to deal with those troubles. Li An has been keeping an eye on us. But this stuff belongs to Xing Yue. Shouldn't we give it back to her? We'd better sell it after Li An's case is finished. She has all ears and eyes. We need to keep a low profile. Oh. Now that there is no lode under the cliff, Xing Yue will be of no use for us. It's time to find an excuse and send her away, lest she make trouble again. If you want money, sell the gemstone. Xing Yue wouldn't know about it anyway. If you have a guilty conscience, give it back and let her go home. We can't sell it for now or give it back to her. Why can't you give it back? You're afraid she'll have no reason to stay here if you do that, right? What she wants is the rough gemstone. This has been cut. She'll be roused if we give it back like this. What to do? Leave it to me. I've got a plan. Xing Yue, thank you for saving Yi Tian. I didn't expect the two of you are in a relationship. Mom, we're not. I've gone through it all. You don't need to feel embarrassed. Xing Yue, as your future mother-in-law, I'm sure to send you a present. You can get anything you like in this supermarket. Really? Thank you, Mrs. Yi. Xing Yue. May I take a photo of us together? Can I take a photo of us together? Why did she throw my mobile phone? Xing Yue, they're your fans. They are like this because they like you. Don't offend them. They'll be scary when they change into anti-fans. Smile. Xing Yue. Did you see that? Xing Yue is so cool. Xing Yue just showed us one more time how quickly she can respond. Thank you very much for your continuous support for Tian's Astrology. Come on. Let's take a group photo. Let's take a group photo. I'm in. Come on. Me too. Me too. Ready? One. Two. Three. Cheese. Okay. I want to take a photo of only Xing Yue and me. Xing Yue. ♪We have been hurt fatally. We are injured.♪ Xing Yue. Xing Yue. Xing Yue. Why are you leaving? Don't run, Xing Yue. Xing Yue. Xing Yue, can I take a photo of us together? Sorry. ♪To find true love, you need to pour your heart out.♪ ♪Love can be lonely and sad sometimes.♪ ♪Your self-esteem is where your trouble emerges.♪ ♪I've finally realized♪ ♪that it doesn't matter if I win or lose in the so-called war of love,♪ ♪as long as you say you love me.♪ ♪This is love.♪ Okay. Uncle Wen. Got it. Don't worry. It's our chance. The day after tomorrow is Mr. Liu's birthday. He's Chen Wenquan's best friend, so he asked me to get him a birthday cake. And tomorrow evening, they'll have dinner together. I don't think it's a chance. I'll go to see him tonight. It would be best if he wants to stay at my place. If he doesn't, I'll leave some clues so that he can have somewhere to hide when something happens to him tomorrow evening. He's friendless in Yunchuan. The only one he can trust is you. If you can make him come to your place, things will be much easier in the future. (Mercury retrograde, go away!) (Mercury retrograde, dissipate completely!) (Mercury retrograde, go away!) Xing Yue is so popular. Her memes can be seen everywhere on the internet. She's known as Goddess of Mercury Retrograde. Look. Xing Yue is so cute. I'll be her fanboy soon. Is Yi Tian crazy? Yi Tian, I treated you so badly. I'm sorry. Does it still work to say sorry now? Xing Yue, you've got a good way to earn money. You can open a store and this rich and stupid guy will be your supplier. It's not me. My mom bought these. Your mom? You met your future mother-in-law? Yes. My mom liked Xing Yue very much. I like her too. Now that you're living a happy life, what are you here for? I didn't want to come here, but Xing Yue insisted. It's annoying. Every time I go out, I'll be ordered about. I can't drink or eat. They always want to take photos with me, but I don't want to. Now you know it's annoying? Hindsight is easier than foresight. You said we can turn to you when we're in trouble. Forget about it if you don't want to help us. Xing Yue, let's go. Wait. Xing Yue, do you really want to figure it out? Yes. Do you know why they want to take photos of you? I caught a flowerpot because I was afraid it might hurt Yi Tian. Right. You caught a flowerpot with bare hands and also caught a mobile phone after throwing it. Women here are unable to do that. And they've never seen any other woman do that. So they're curious. If it goes on like this, more and more people will know about you. They'll take photos of you not only when you're out there, but also when you're home. By then, you'll have no freedom at all. And all your secrets will be revealed. It'll not only hurt you but also hurt your family below the cliff. No! Xing Yue, if you really want to solve this problem, from now on, you need to hide your true self. Don't show others your skills, your speed or your agility. Don't say weird words to strangers. Just show them how ordinary you are. Then they'll forget you soon and pay no attention to you. Ordinary? Right. Drinking coffee, eating Western food, doing shopping, going to the cinema and others. In a word, live like an ordinary woman. Nobody will be interested in a boring life they themselves are living. So they'll forget you soon. Isn't she ordinary? Shut up. I was not talking to you. Xing Yue, think about it. Do you want to change yourself? Xia Na, follow me. What's up? Why are you mystifying? Do me a favor. Take this opportunity to transform her. What? Transform her? She's ill-mannered and blunt. She'll get us into trouble. Now that she wants to solve this problem, it's a chance for us to tell her how to hide her true self and how to tell a lie in this world. It's a rare chance to change her. In this case, she'll restrain herself in the presence of strangers and become an ordinary person. Now that we can't get rid of her, we have to change her, or we'll have to clean up the mess each time she makes trouble. She'll even affect what we're doing. Okay. Got it, boss. Gao Zhenhe had this room elaborately decorated for you. He did it for me? You don't need to be that moved. Actually, it's not for you. Come over. Look at this. Here. And this. The vines are fake too. Can we change them into real ones? This is my home. I can do anything as I like. Stop complaining. Xia Na, help her with makeup. But... Xing Yue, you don't like it? Yes, I do. It's his home, but this is my room. Did he do that for me? You've thought too much. He didn't do it for you. He likes forests too. So do I and Qin Shu. We all like forests. So, do you understand what's going on now? No. Go out with Xing Yue? Because of you, she's a minor celebrity on the internet. And she's been labelled as Goddess of Mercury Retrograde. What we should do is to let her look like an ordinary urban girl so that people realize the so-called "Goddess of Mercury Retrograde" is just a marketing strategy. It's her public persona. Like I often claim to be "Uncle Susan?" I asked you to go out with her because I want her fans to understand Xing Yue is actually an ordinary girl outside the live streaming studio. Only when she's live streaming could she do those exaggerated movements to attract more followers. She pretended to be fierce and tough and said those weird words just for her fans. It makes sense. Why didn't I think of it? In this case, nobody would ask about influence when we live stream. I don't need to worry about that, since everyone knows she's playacting. When people divert their attention, I won't let her live stream with you anymore. Does it have anything to do with you? In my mind, Xing Yue is just like my younger sister. I think you treat many girls as younger sisters. Turn around. Gao Zhenhe, do I look good? I'll publish articles on the internet, saying that the marketing plan for Xing Yue was completed by Young Heart Cultural Communication Company. Yi Tian, you need to live stream with her again after that. It's better to prepare a draft for her in advance. I'll go over it. I'll also ask someone to manage comments when you live stream so that everyone knows better about Xing Yue's public persona. Then people will gradually lose interest in her and finally forget her. You're an expert. Do you understand? Neither can I, but Xia Na said this is in contrast with your character. In contrast? What does it mean? It means it's not your style. Unhappy? Yes. In this place, nobody can stay true to themselves. I can't either. It doesn't matter, Xing Yue. You don't want to be bothered when you come out, so you need to hide your true self at such occasions, but you can stay true to yourself when you're at home or with me. If you want to shoot arrows, I'll go out and do that with you. If you want to climb trees, we can do that in an open country. If you want to run or jump or kick lights in my house, there is no problem, as long as you're happy. I can't kick lights. Darkness will bother you if they're broken. It won't. Don't worry. But it really bothers Gao Zhenhe, so I can't kick lights. Darkness bothers Gao Zhenhe? When it bothered him, he was like an injured deer. He was very miserable and pitiful. Come on. Do you really mean Gao Zhenhe? Yes. Stop kidding. A deer? Yes. I think he's more like a wolf. A deer. A wolf. A deer. A wolf. A deer. There are two foxes here. What does it say? Title of the work: "The Human World." Created by Chen Fei. I think I know about this painting. It's worth a lot of money. But why is it called "The Human World?" Does he want to express human cruelty through two injured foxes and a frozen land? It's artistic. This is real art. But few people really know about art. Those guys? They know nothing about art. Let me show you how to pose as an expert. First, when you look at a painting, you need to watch it carefully. Shake your head when others are nodding. Give a nod when others are shaking their heads. If someone asks you for your opinion on it, just ask him or her, "What do you think?" What do you think? Give a smile after he or she answers the question. Don't forget to say, "Really?" Really? You're an absolute expert. An absolute expert. I need to answer my phone. Enjoy yourself. Mom. Can you take my daughter-in-law home for dinner tonight? Don't say that word. She hasn't said yes. Do you really like her that much? Of course. I've gone through it all. As soon as I saw Xing Yue, I know she's frank, honest, kind-hearted and not hypocritical. I like her. She won't play tricks on you or be a burden to you. And she'll protect you. It's not easy to find a good girl like her. Do you think she's into me? Try to chase her and you'll know the answer. Miss, can you tell me what you think of this painting? What do you think? I think bold colors are used and the foxes' expressions are true to life. Not bad. Really? I don't think it should be called "The Human World." I don't feel any family affection. The two animals are not warming each other, but hunting. They're each other's prey. You're right. This painting was originally called "Father and Son." -I want to express human cruelty. -Mom, I got to go. -Only you got me since its exhibition. -We are looking at paintings, talk to you later. I'm Chen Fei. Nice to meet you. If it's convenient, I hope I can have your phone number. I want to treat you to a meal. We can have deeper communication. Okay? Mr. Chen. I've heard a lot about you. Hi. She was talking nonsense. She knows nothing about it. Thank you for your offer, but we must go now. Don't talk nonsense. -I didn't. -Don't do that again. I wasn't talking nonsense. She's so young but she refuses to be affected by others' comments. She has her own thoughts, and she's brave enough to say them out. Amazing. The disappeared lode case once made a stir in Yunchuan. It was mainly related to two guys. One was Gao Heshan. The other was Xu Li. (Chen Wenquan, Xu Li, Gao Heshan) The former is dead and the latter is missing. Such a big unsettled case ended up with nothing definite because Xu Li's whereabouts was unknown. Unexpectedly, after so many years, GM Organization found Xu Li who's got a new identity. He's called Chen Wenquan now. It's our good chance. The jewelry industry is a small market segment. And it was not easy to get information in time 20 years ago. So, nobody could know what happened at that time unless they witnessed it. I'm also sure Gao Zhenhe has no idea that Chen Wenquan is Xu Li. Li An is astute. It seems she's hidden something from Gao Zhenhe. I'm curious. How could a living person vanish all of a sudden? During his lifetime, my dad once told me Xu Li is heartless and cruel. He wanted to take everything without sharing, so he killed his good buddy Gao Heshan who found the lode with him. What's weirder, he was involved in a kidnap case and disappeared like that. Many ways had been tried to find him, but there were no clues at all. So the case was left unsettled. Some people say he went abroad. Some people say he was imprisoned. Some others say he's living a luxurious life with that lode. Who was the one that kidnapped him? How did he manage to survive it? He just disappeared. Nobody knows what happened. Stop there. Don't run. -Don't run. -Stop there. Stop there! -Don't run. -Stop there. Don't run. Stop there. Don't run. Xu Li, stop trying to run away. As long as you tell us where the lode is, our boss won't make things difficult for you. There is no lode at all. It doesn't exist. I have money. I earned it by selling stones. It's yours now. Please let me go. Stop him. Don't come here if there isn't anything important. Your work will be affected. Sir, are you feeling better? Yeah. Uncle Wen, my studio is small, so I'm not picky about customers. Sometimes, we're up to our ears, but sometimes, we have nothing to do at all. I overworked some time ago, so I want to have a good rest. Right. Have a rest when you feel tired. It's a cultural communication company, right? What exactly do you do? How are you doing? Our company... Take a seat. Let me show you. Look. Young Heart Cultural Communication Company. I'm General Manager. Xia Na is Deputy General Manager. Qin Shu is responsible for technology. I can only understand you're General Manager. Slow down. Be careful. Sir, you're becoming more handsome. I'm old. I don't understand your stuff. Take this nursing home as an example. It looks like a heaven of peace and happiness, but we all know that it's been out of line with the world outside. As society is constantly progressing, I feel people like us have been abandoned. We're just sitting around and waiting to die. Uncle Wen, have you thought about moving out? It's boring to always live alone. As you said, you may be out of tune with society over time. Where can I move to? This is my only home. I have nowhere to go. Look at this place. Manhattan Mansion. This is where I live. It's very quiet there. The property management and security measures are very good. You can move to my place. It'll be easier for me to take care of you. No. Forget about it. It's good to stay here. I don't want to bother you. As the saying goes, there were no dutiful children at the bedside even if you're my own son, let alone you're bound to me by no ties. I want to be your friend for a few more years. I'd better not bother you. Uncle Wen, it's hurtful to hear what you said. In my mind, you're like my father. How about like this? A small apartment is for rent near my home. If you think it's inconvenient to live with me, we can be neighbors. No. I don't want to live alone. Nobody could notice even if I die. This place is great. I'm used to it. Look at those old men and women. They've become my old friends. Every day, I say hi to them while walking the birds or watching flowers. It's great. Why didn't you take the girl you're into here? Which girl? Who said I'm into her? Do you know who I meant? Calm down. Don't... You're wearing a couple ring. Drop the act. I'm wearing it because it was made by you. It has nothing to do with her. Alright. As a young man, it's natural to enter a relationship. Don't be shy. Okay. Uncle Wen, I'm leaving. As for moving to my home, you can think about it. I'll wait for your good news. What's the name again? Manhattan Mansion. Manha... Okay. I've remembered it. Alright. I'm leaving, Uncle Wen. Don't bother to come over if you're busy. Got it. Focus on your work. I'm leaving, madam. Bye. I've confirmed the time. Tomorrow evening, they'll meet up at the usual place at 5:00 p.m. The nursing home closes at 9:00 p.m. It means they have to go back before 9:00 p.m. Chen Wenquan is usually the last one to leave and he'll drink more alone before going back. That is, 8:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. is the best time for action. But the problem is, will Chen Wenquan turn to Gao Zhenhe when he finds someone wants to kidnap him? He's been hiding in the nursing home over the years. It must be because someone has been looking for him. He has no friends, relatives or children. Once he realizes he's in danger, there is only one place he can go to. The place I told him today, Manhattan Mansion. Our guys will keep chasing him and threatening him. They won't let him go unless he enters this housing estate. But then again, if he doesn't turn to Gao Zhenhe in such an emergency, it means someone else can help him. That's also good news for us. Because on this occasion, those he can ask for help from could only be his old friends or his family. He must have a soft spot for them. This nursing home has many security cameras. We shouldn't break into it unless we have no alternative, in case it might alert him. How about placing our guys in the nursing home? I've investigated it. They have a strict personnel vetting procedure. It's impossible to do that within a short time. Look. Here is the front door. Outside the front door is a street extending in all directions, with lots of security cameras. It's not a good choice. Except the front door, is there any other way? Yes. The back door. There is an alley near the back door. Everything about food and amusement can be found there. Those old men in the nursing home often gather together there. I've made a plan. Our guys will keep waiting at this place. It's true we can't go in, but Chen Wenquan is sure to come out. Well done. This time, we must get it done ahead of Gao Zhenhe. ♪It seems the god of love is guiding me.♪ ♪My heart beats faster and my breathing picks up speed.♪ ♪When our eyes meet,♪ ♪will you notice my feelings?♪ ♪This world felt so boring♪ ♪until I met you, the most special person on the planet.♪ ♪Every day is a surprise.♪ ♪Trivial matters can be unforgettable.♪ ♪The rare gemstones are bright and dazzling.♪ ♪They harbor love.♪ ♪They're inlaid with love.♪ ♪The stars in the sky are reflected in the moonlight.♪ ♪They declare love.♪ ♪They embellish love.♪ ♪You've made me fall in love.♪ ♪First love.♪ ♪Losing our heads in love.♪ ♪The sweetness is impossible to describe.♪ ♪This must be fated.♪ ♪I don't understand♪ ♪why I always lose my cool in front of you.♪ ♪It feels like a fated miracle.♪ ♪We always attract each other somehow.♪ ♪Doubtful at first, I'm sure now.♪ ♪My mind has finally become clear.♪ ♪Fixing my gaze on you,♪ ♪I want to do everything with you.♪ ♪What is love?♪ ♪I didn't believe in love that much♪ ♪until a girl♪ ♪entered my life.♪ ♪When it comes to her,♪ ♪I'm always curious.♪ ♪I'd even wake up from a dream, laughing.♪ ♪How incredible all this is.♪ ♪I can't take my eyes off her.♪ ♪She is as pure as a gemstone.♪ ♪I hope to pluck a star from the sky for her.♪ ♪Listen attentively in the moonlight.♪ ♪May I have the honor,♪ ♪with your permission,♪ ♪of confessing my love through this romantic promise.♪ ♪The rare gemstones are bright and dazzling.♪ ♪They harbor love.♪ ♪They're inlaid with love.♪ ♪The stars in the sky are reflected in the moonlight.♪ ♪They declare love.♪ ♪They embellish love.♪ ♪You've made me fall in love.♪ ♪First love.♪ ♪Losing our heads in love.♪ ♪The sweetness is impossible to describe.♪ ♪This must be fated.♪