ENG SUB 长歌行 第14集 The Long Ballad EP14(迪丽热巴、吴磊、刘宇宁、赵露思主演)


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♫ Nowhere to escape. ♫ ♫ No bough to alight. ♫ ♫ Retrograde with smile. ♫ ♫ Never give in. ♫ ♫ Forget about the youth. ♫ ♫ I’ve never been afraid of loneliness. ♫ ♫ I also shed the tears of regret. ♫ ♫ But my heart is still fiery-hot. ♫ ♫ To the distance. ♫ ♫ The miserable past is like a dagger. ♫ ♫ Though my wings are broken, ♫ ♫ I will keep flying. ♫ ♫ Following the light, ♫ ♫ I’ll forget you. ♫ ♫ The memory shaped my stubbornness. ♫ ♫ By virtue of the light in the dark night, ♫ ♫ I’ll return it with a long ballad. ♫ ♫ The river of life is under my feet. ♫ ♫ I don’t regret my craziness. ♫ The Long Ballad Episode 14 Assemble the Bear Division now! Quickly! But Mu Jin found me. This is from him. You can leave. Yes. [Anyone who takes reckless actions would be killed. By Great Khan] How dare he command me by the order of Great Khan! But Tegin! If it was really from Great Khan, our dispatch would mess up Great Khan's plan. I'm afraid of... Of what? If you don't march now, we will be despised by the Eagle Division forever! Dispatch now! Assemble Bear Division! Tegin. What are you laughing at? Are you done with your life? I'm laughing that the famous Tegin of Bear Division is actually a coward! Really? Tegin! You are killing him! Yes, I am! Calm down, Tegin! If you kill me, then you would lose the last chance to defeat Eagle Division. You'd better understand the situation. If you want to say anything, say it now. Don't waste Tegin's time! Commandant Li, the defender, is my brother. I'm the best chip for you to negotiate with him. How much are you worth? At least I am worth a half of Shuozhou in my brother's eyes. Are you telling me the truth? If I'm not, you can kill me at any time you want. Stop! Didn't we arrange to meet under the city. I just received the message. Tu Kashe and Ibukan was heading to Shuozhou with a man from central plains. We have to be quick. We have to arrive before they take reckless moves. Or all our plans would be destroyed. Dress up Tegin! Yes! Commandant Li, Bear Division has arrived. How dare they come again? Just a few of them. But strangely, a man from central plains is with them. Go! Go! [Shuozhou] Li! Look who he is. A'Dou! A'Dou... Speak, ask them to open the gate! Speak! Ask them to open the gate! Speak! Ask them to open the gate! If you beat him once again, I'll smash your bones! Commandant Li! As long as you open your gate, and come to negotiate with us, I will let go of him. Or, I will beat him to death in front of you. Commandant Li! - Leave me alone! - Commandant Li! Leave me alone! They are too close to our gate! Even if we just open a little, they can rush in immediately! The consequence is horrible! Yes! Commandant Li! You are such a beast! You even beat a child! [Shuozhou] I will be a general! A'Dou! No! Wait! I'm saving you now! Commandant Li! Commandant Li! No! Leave me alone! You can't! Commandant! Commandant Li! Set me free! You can't put the whole Shuozhou in danger just for him! I will be a general! A'Dou is saying something? I will be...will be a general! A'Dou knelt down not to ask us to save him, he is saying... ♫ We get separated. ♫ ♫ The grits through the fingers. ♫ ♫ The moment I clench, ♫ ♫ I've lost them. ♫ Don't be silly! A'Dou! ♫ Forget it. Forget it. ♫ ♫ I'm the only one left. ♫ Don't be silly, A'Dou! Stand up! You stand up! Stand up, A'Dou! Master. I... finally I can be a general! I finally become your subordinate! A'Dou! You will be a general when you grow up. I will take you away from here. You can't die here, A'Dou! I take you away from here! Master. I can do it. I can! No, you can't! A'Dou! No! A'Dou! Stand up! Daizhou is lost, no reinforcements! Liar! I will kill you! A'Dou! He said no reinforcement! Who are they? They are from Ashile Tribe who are in the disguise of reinforcements. Use semaphore, 10000 soldiers. These people from Ashile Tribe cannot approach Shuozhou! Commandant Li, Commandant Li! Use semaphore! Quickly! Be quick! Reinforce Commandant Li! Hurry up! Tegin! The plan of Ashile Sun is ruined by that boy. What can we do? Why not take the lead? The best hostage is killed by you. What a good plan! Take the lead? With such a few soldiers? Pullout first. Wait until they arrive. Yes. Retreat! Stop! Kill them! Bear Division! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Tu Kashe is such a bastard! He escaped! Sun, they are giving no thought to death now! This is bad for us. This is for A'Dou. Don't...don't kill me. This is for people of Shuozhou. The oppressed will rise to win. Tu Kashe made us lose our chance. Let's go. Go. The last is for my dead men! None of my business. No, don't kill me. [The tomb of General Dou] [The tomb of General Dou] Although I have no idea who you are, you are not an ordinary man. I live a poor life and no one cares about me. I'm afraid that no one would care when I die. If I can fight with master, it's worthy even if I would die. Master, you are my future. I will be with you no matter life or death. Since you take me as your master, we have to obey the ritual. From now on, you are my apprentice. We will never betray each other. After I make contributions, you will call me General Dou! I will be a general! [The tomb of General Dou] Congratulations on General Dou's triumph! Congratulations on General Dou's triumph! Congratulations on General Dou's triumph! [The tomb of General Dou] [Governor Mansion] Hand this letter to Ashile Sun. [To Tegin Sun] Master, we are fighting with each other now. Ashile Sun is their Tegin. Why would you write this? What? Are you afraid of me colluding with the enemy? I don't dare. Just kidding. You have been with me for so many years. Have I ever done anything with no assurance? I have thought about all the possible consequences. Everything is under control. Just hand him this letter. Yes. Governor. Governor. I have a plan. Go ahead. Governor. It becomes cooler and windy in September. We can pretend to retreat, and let Eagle Division take charge of Shuozhou. And set dried firewood in town. As soon as Ashile Sun's division comes, we set on fire. Take advantage of the north wind, they would be burnt to nothing. If their division keeps encircling the town, the food left in town can only supply for three days. According to your plan, jade and stone will be burned together. All the people in Shuozhou would become refugees. Commandant Li, you think the latter is worthy in this dilemma? I... So in your opinion, why do I want to defend Shuozhou? What I'm defending is not just a fortress, but the people here and their good life. If not, I wouldn't have surrendered to Tang right after Li Yuan's revolt. Now I think, Battle or surrender, just strategies. People live a stable life without being suffered from battles. That's the most important. These are what I have stuck to. Governor. Are you thinking of surrendering to Ashile Tribe? Did A'Dou and those dead soldiers die in vain? Commandant Li. Calm down. It's just an analogy. It's my fault. Fine, Commandant Li. It's late now. As for the strategy, I already have made a plan. We can discuss tomorrow. Yes. You dare to come yourself. I admire your courage. I'm very pleased to meet you, governor of Shuozhou, Gongsun Heng. Since you invited me here, you wouldn't set any traps. Besides, you are the same. What are you going to discuss with me? Just go ahead. If you take charge of Shuozhou, would you guarantee never harming the people here? If I take advantage of the north wind to burn the city, though I won't expect Eagle Division to die with me, all you get would be ashes of Shuozhou at that time. I think, Tegin won't be satisfied with this, right? If you wanted to do that, you wouldn't have waited till today. Nor would you threaten me like this. This is not a menace. It's just a request. I'm really curious why you would ask me this. We have been in battles for so long, the casualties of Shouzhou army are heavy. Am I a softhearted man in your eyes? When you Eagle Division burnt the granary, you could have burnt the surrounding houses together. I could only save people first. But you didn't do that. You spared their lives, and informed me so that I could come in time. That meant you didn't want to kill innocent people. These years, you led Eagle Division fighting in many battlefields. I have already heard about some of your styles. I believe that you have the ability, and the aspiration to save their lives. But, these years I have fought with Ashile Tribe for so many times. Ashile Tribe hates me and Shuozhou so much. Now, since I am going to give Shuozhou to you, then I have to be sincere. I will give you a gift which will satisfy all the soldiers of Ashile Tribe. I won't make you embarrassed, Tegin. Are you sure? You burnt yourself out. Is it worthy? You can't go back on your promise. Just a gift. Comparing to the safety of people in Shuozhou, it's nothing. I, have no regrets. I finally know how you get the name Tribune Gongsun Heng. No worries, governor. I promise what you asked for. I won't go back on my words. Okay. Then I will say thank you for all my people in Shuozhou here. [Governor Mansion] These days we are in so many battles, we have defended for so many days. It's been hard for everyone. It's not that serious, governor. You've done your best for the people here, It's much harder for you. Yes. Master is like our backbone. As long as master is here, people of Shuozhou won't be afraid of the enemy will unite together to defend the city. This time we lost too much. For all the casualties, we have to do well in comfort and compensation. As soon as we get our chance, we have to send someone to Chang'an to report our situation. And ask for support. These years, Shuozhou's harvest has been not good enough. Now our granary got burnt and the fields got damaged, one disaster after another. How can we get through this spring festival? What about the livelihood next year? You have to consider these things carefully. There is still a long way for us to go. Here, I would like to say thank you on behalf of the army and the people in Shuozhou. It's not that serious, governor. These are our duties. No need to say thanks. This is on behalf of the army and the people to express their gratitude to your deep affection. Commandant Li, it's hard to turn down the warm-hearted offer of governor. Drink it. Cheers. It's Millet Wine made by madam. It's so sweet and mellow! It's hard for you to have rest. Drink more if you like. Today is our family feast. Make yourself at home. Yuan. Put that wooden sword down. Can you play after lunch? Okay. Yuan just got this wooden sword today. She refuses to put it down. I asked her why. She said that she wants to be like brother Li, brother Dou and her father, to defend people and help the weak. Then Yuan has to grow up faster. As soon as you grow up, you can punish the evils with your brother Li. That would be so good! Yuan, say thanks to brother Li. If Yuan really likes this, practices some martial arts. If one day father cannot be with you, you can protect yourself, and won't be bullied by bad people. Why can't father be with me? Silly girl, Don't you get married this life? Do you want to stay with me, and be an old maid? Madam, a toast to you too. These years, I've focused on my job. Thanks for your hard work at home, taking care of the wounded, and all the rear services, as well as comforting bereaved families. You've been working hard. Even our Yuan, has been looked after and educated by you. I really don't know how to pay back for all these you have done for me. We have the same goal, we share the same feeling. No need to say thanks. You have your way, and that would be my choice too. I said you could do anything you want. Although I am just a woman at home, but I will keep my pace with you, and walk on the same road with you. Madam, you have to take care of yourself. Now autumn comes, take good care of yourself. Or when it comes to winter, your hands and feet would be cold again, and also suffer from insomnia. Don't worry about me. Winter is hard, but the spring will come. The spring will come. Come on. Let's drink. This one is for Shuozhou. Wish our Shuozhou a good weather and harvest just like before after this war. We have you, so we will. Come on. [Protect territory and rehabilitate people] Governor, you kept me here. Anything else for me? Commandant Li, please sit down. Please. This is the defense map of Shuozhou. All the inventory material, grain depots and treasury are indicated here. And this token, you can deploy all the defenders of Shuozhou with this, as well as all the people in my mansion. Why are you handing me these? Defenders of Shuozhou can only deployed by you. Why are you handing me this token? Defenders of Shuozhou only listen to governor, that because I am here. Governor, what do you mean? I have determined to surrender tomorrow. Ashile Sun also promised me that he would keep my people safe. The cost... What's the cost? Cost... The cost is my head. Governor! Please give me some more time. I can come up with a wonderful plan! This is already a wonderful plan. Governor! For these years, Ashile Tribe never occupied Shuozhou once. So, to defenders of Shuozhou, as long as I am here, they would never surrender even if they have only one left. But to Ashile Tribe, I have defended the border for so many years, their Great Khan has been defeated by me for many times. He has hated my guts. Now only by giving him my head, can I eliminate his doubt and piled-up grievances. And only in this way, can I get people's lives back. No! I don't agree. We must have other choices. If I can hand over people's life to the princess of Tang, that will be my best end. Princess Yongning is clever and smart, you have many things to do next, and still have a long way to go. You can't die now. You know who I am, Governor? The guy who chased you called you Princess Yongning. Princess Yongning, any last words? I fought with him before. From his kungfu skill, I knew he must be a guard from the court. He traveled so far to Shuozhou just for killing you. But he had no official document for arrest. Apart from the former crown prince's subordinate, who else would you be? Actually to me, it's not important who you are. For the first time when we met, you saved my wife and Yuan with a trick, I knew that you are not an ordinary person. No matter what you wanted from me from the beginning, I was sure that you meant no bad to me and Shuozhou. So I would like to keep you beside me. But, I can't wait till the day you achieve your goal. Governor, my name is Li Changge. I'm the daughter of prince Li Jiancheng. I have not been Princess Yongning since a long time ago. Now I just want to fight by your side. Please recall your order! Changge will spare no effort to defend Shuozhou! Princess! Princess! No. Princess! I've been loyal for my whole life. At this moment, I can't arrogate. It's me who should kneel down now. Princess, you have such a deep affection towards the people in Shuozhou, please receive my worship. Governor! Please stand up, governor. How can I receive this? Stand up please. Please. Princess, I still have something to ask for your help. Till now, only this issue worries me. My Yuan is still a little girl. I know. After I die, my wife would not marry others. So princess, please. Try your best to take care of them. I will say thanks for them here. Governor, you should watch Yuan growing up. Governor! Recall your order! Recall your order! Governor! I will bless them to be safe and sound in the heaven. Senior Qin. Take princess down to have a rest. Governor! Governor! Governor! ♫ The heart gradually responds, ♫ ♫ gradually revives, ♫ ♫ gradually swims towards you. ♫ ♫ Before bidding farewell, ♫ ♫ we expect an encounter. ♫ ♫ Entwist your figure, ♫ ♫ and lock it into my tender dream. ♫ ♫ Before the daybreak, ♫ ♫ through the obsession of love, ♫ ♫ the longing flows. ♫ ♫ There’s always a moment ♫ ♫ which burns down the wastelands in my heart. ♫ ♫ There’s always solicitude ♫ ♫ which freezes everything between you and me. ♫ ♫ Meet each other in different time. ♫ ♫ Encourage each other in different worlds. ♫ ♫ My longings become a cocoon, ♫ ♫ layer after layer. ♫ ♫ it turns into eternity. ♫ ♫ The cocoon in the dark night. ♫ ♫ There’s always a moment ♫ ♫ which burns down the wastelands in my heart. ♫ ♫ There’s always solicitude ♫ ♫ which freezes everything between you and me. ♫ ♫ Meet each other in different time. ♫ ♫ Encourage each other in different worlds. ♫ ♫ My longings become a cocoon, ♫ ♫ layer after layer. ♫ ♫ it turns into eternity. ♫ ♫ The cocoon in the dark night. ♫ ♫ It is sleepless. ♫ The Long Ballad