ENG SUB 하루 12분 비브라토연습 루틴12 minutes of Daily Vibrato Practice Routine

I learned so many good vibrato exercises from Flo & Ji’s last videos! Starting today, I will begin to master vibrato by practicing diligently everyday. Hahaha. Ugh, I remember that there are so many good exercises but now that I am trying alone… I don’t know how to practice. Should I just give up on my vibrato? Hello everyone. We are Florin and JiYoung, Flo & Ji. Today I will introduce my “Daily Vibrato Practice Routine” which I made with the vibrato exercises we practiced together in the last two videos. let´s practice together Wow! It’s so great that I can just practice along with the video!! Then, shall we begin? Violin Together! Now, before starting our vibrato practice, let’s relax by breathing. put down your instrument and close your eyes. With your eyes closed, relax your posture and start breathing. Breathing is a natural thing, but now be conscious while you inhale and exhale. As we breathe, search your body for any tension. Start at your head, feel the muscles of your neck. Next, relax your trapezius muscle, shoulders, upper arms, lower arms, and both hands and fingers. Going back to our neck, we slowly relax the back muscles along the spine. Make sure that the weight of our body is equally divided between both of our hips and legs so that we are balanced. Let’s feel our legs all the way down to our toes before we open our eyes. One way to practice this is to hold the instrument between your shoulder and chin and pluck the E string with your left hand. After plucking the E string shift to a higher position before plucking the next string and repeat until you get to the G string. Then do the reverse as you shift back down. Harmonics require ideal hand shape. Once you play a beautiful harmonic, maintain that shape as you practice violin. One exercise to help find the ideal elbow angle for every string is 4th finger pizzicato practice on each string. Ask your finger, if they are comfortable The following silent exercise will help you develop a feeling for a light finger pressure. Place your finger as if playing a harmonic in the string(finger pressure grade 1). For the second note, push the sting ever so lightly towards the fingerboard (finger pressure grade 2 or 3) 5 vibrato exercises for violin posture Check So let's take a look at some of the exercises to practice first finger joint flexibility. As you shift to the high position, make your finger stand up, and then as you shift back to a low position, make your fingers flat. Let’s practice this with each finger. Now this time, start with your fingers standing up, then practice sliding them down flat as you advance a half step. Then pull back the same half step to the standing position. Let’s practice harmonic vibrato as a extension of relaxation training. Alternate between harmonic and true tone notes. Play with constant vibrato. Relax your hands, fingers, and thumbs completely while you vibrato the harmonics. Then slowly press the string with your finger to switch to the true tone vibrato and continue And then slowly, again, you release the pressure and return to the harmonic. 4 vibrato exercises for The flexibility of first joint of your finger Check!! Now to practice steady rhythm vibrato with the metronome, we are going to practice the wide vibrato with various rhythms. Practice with a different finger everyday Let's try practicing the wide vibrato with this piece Now, let's practice the tiny rolling vibrato with the first joint of your finger requiring a little “brake” Now let’s practice wide Vibrato, narrow vibrato and the normal vibrato which is in between the wide vibrato and narrow vibrato. So now we are going to play this piece with each of the three types of vibrato that we just practiced together. 14 daily vibrato exercises Check!!!! Practicing together makes it easier, right? Please practice with this video daily. You will be able to see progress if you do even a few days diligently Please don’t forget to subscribe and push the like button if you liked my Video.