ENG SUB 170531 NCT night night with 세븐틴 Seventeen

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am not 100% fluent in Korean so there are some parts that I didn't translate, but I did my best to do this and I hope you can respect that. Subs starts at 7:39. Enjoy~ What will they talk about?, I'm curious We will ask them in N Na Na "Ask About Anything, Curious About Everything" We invited Seventeen to join us Wooowww Welcome~ Hello this is Seventeen Because this is a viewable radio, Please introduce yourselves one by one Hello my name is Joshua Hello I am Seventeen's Jeonghan I am seventeen's vocal team leader Woozi, nice to meet you Hello-.... I am the Main vocal, Seungkwan I am Seventeen's leader, S.Coups Hello I am Seventeen's DK I am Seventeen's Mingyu Hello I am Seventeen's Vernon. I am seventeen's Wonwoo I am Seventeen's maknae, Dino. Hello, I am Seventeen's performance leader, Hoshi. Hello I am Seventeen's Jun Hello I am Seventeen's The8 ***-nim says this is the first time that the radio is filled I am looking forward to Seventeen and JohnD JaeD's chemistry Thank you for coming today Since there are 13 people in front of me, What do I do with the awkward- I actually think we are really close (so many people are talking at the same time, I can't hear what they're saying sorry) We intentionally turn the A/C on in case you get hot Thank you, really It's blasting ***-nim says this Seventeen's album is really good, I don't get tired/bored even after listening to it so many times Perfection / Aah, thank you Just now the DJs said our song is really addicting Yes. I kept on singing *울고싶지않아* while showering Thank you so much ***-nim, "We have to see Woozi's aegyo from the very start". Let's do it! I'm curious Even though it is late, please listen to us well~ aah, so cute Ok then, The question from before, "what are they talking about on the way here" There was this question I'm curious, what are they talking about First of all, we talked about tomorrow's schedule We listened to songs on the way here We sang excitedly And I was thinking about what things to say to Jaehyun and Johnny I came here with worry You are very brozen I also ate a lot before coming here Ooh, I am relieved You have to eat before doing a radio It's hard to do it if you're hungry ***-nim says "Congratulation for getting first place yesterday!!" Thank you, its all thanks to Carats ***-nim aks "This song is a new concept who is the coolest member this time?" Everyone is cool, but this time our maknae, Dino Oh, Dino-sshi, I think you're a bit... Because we usually don't talk about things like this. I am moved. Please say all the things that you haven't been able to talk about With this, today "Ask About Anything, Curious About Everything" is.. Even though we are all curious, There are no actual place to ask them But we will ask them all the questions here For all "Is it okay if we ask them this kind of question?", We welcome all kind of questions Please sent us lots of questions It's a message from ***-nim Every Seventeen's fan meeting or when they won first place, all of you cried, But Wonwoo always shows his tough side Have any of the members seen Wonwoo cried? I have seen him cry, we were watching a movie together Wonwoo was holding his tears back / What movie did you guys watched? We were watching 'Hyung' in the dorm It is possible to cry A few years ago when we were trainees, We went somewhere We watched a movie after training (I don't really know what they're saying) I remember me and.. cried continuously That movie is really sad And that 'Hyung' movie, because D.O appeared there I watched it, I thought it would be a fun and exciting movie But I also almost cried It was sad Wonwoo, do you usually watch emotional movies like that? Yes. I am not the type who cry easily But if I watch emotional movies or books, I always cry Then, among the Seventeen members, Who is the most emotional, or who cries the most? If it's the most emotional member, it is Seungkwan Yes, I cry a lot What kind of things makes you cry? Just when I see the members working really hard Or when I'm being comforted. Instead because of hard/tiring things, I cry because of I'm moved or feeling good Then who cries the least? Jeonghan also doesn't cry that much / The8 too Joshua too For me, I don't really like crying in front of other people So you cry behind them? But when I watch a movie alone, I cry so much So you get emotional Then should we read some comments? / ah, yes ***-nim says "What thing that you have the most in your dorm fridge?" Don't we have a lot of kimchi? Because we are Korean! We have a lot of kimchi from our hometown *listing different kimchi from different areas* And then, we have a lot of Chinese snacks from our friends / That's right 2x We are also like that in our dorm, we have Chinese members We also have Japanese member (Yuta) Different varieties of sauces When it's the holiday, when they came back from their hometowns That is when we get a lot (foods) I really like that, chicken feet / aah, I know I really can relate! (they're saying about the stuffs that they all likes) You have to take care of that well If there are 13 members, it will disappear immediately uhh, and There are many questions ***-nim "Woozi who " (it is about his aegyo) He showed us earlier But he doesn't think he's cute What do the members think when you see woozi Do you agree? (I don't think that was what they were saying sorry) When I see it, His gesture and action are cute He knows it too when he does it He is aware of it but if you ask him he does aegyo the best He knows it but, But he pretends not to know it is possible Originally, my personality is not the type to talk a lot I'm not the type who pretends to be cute But ever since we debuted, many people Ask me to do it. So when they ask me, I just do my best. I am very brozen about it But there are fans really like it when you do it shamelessly I think we should learn too / JohnD, aren't you good at it? For me, yes I am good / Please show us once What?? *does aegyo* Let's move on to another question / Let's hurry up You have to do it without feeling embarrassed There is a really fun question ***-nim says "Seungkwan-oppa, you are a Castella DJ right, why is the name Castella? Is there anyone just like Seungkwan-oppa who wants to (I'm not sure what he said) What is Castella? Just like the 'Love Letter' or ' Just like Nct's Night Night / Yes, just like that Castella is soft, Is there any members who wants to be a radio DJ(??) Is anyone here greedy about it? In my case, 'Mingyu's Hot Choco?" 'Jeonghan's warm milk" You must drink warm milk before you go to sleep Let's move on You have the sense, you can make it up right away ***-nim "If I watch Seventeen's video, they seem to have played all kinds of games. Is there a game that you play recently?" What do we play recently? / Recently... Just like what you said before, We play rock paper scissor, when someone lose Personally, we also play rock paper scissors a lot But even with 9 people, it is hard *explaining how they play it* Sometimes we also play new games *listing different games* Please don't do rock paper scissors (joking) JaeD also loses a lot So I changed it to roulette(?) This is the perfect timing to listen to Seventeen's 'Don't Wanna Cry' I want to listen to this song We will come back with part 2 after listing to Seventeen's 'Don't Wanna Cry' Nct's Night Night second part have just started ***-nim "Joshua talking in English that appeared in the teaser It was so good" What is this about? This is really cringe I was talking on the phone with a girl I will do it Do you want me to be the female character? The girl doen't have to answer He is the only one talking / aah, I get the point (in English) "Hello How are you? uhh, not sure why I called you Nevermind". This kind of thing This is why a lot of people like/ recommend this Before sleeping like, just laying down Josh, very good (LMAO) I want to be good at English / me too "I am confident, I can do this too" Is there anyone who wants to do it in Korean? hey... Are you sleeping? Together with Nct's Johnny (sleeping in Korean sounds similar to Johnny's name) doing a radio I'll hung up Just Joshua... This time, Seventeen's members will personally answer the questions whichever? / Yes! DK! ***-nim "I think it will be fun to do yaja-time with the Seventeen's members Do you do a lot of yaja-time? Who is the scariest dongsaengs? Just by imagining it The scariest dongsaeng... I think the maknae Dino-sshi, Do you agree? / No, Because I am the maknae, I always If I become the hyung, I have the confidence that I will treat them well.. That's what I think Instead of being the scary hyung, I will take care of them I will help them a lot He learnt a lot from his hyungs Then which hyung that you "Oh, I want to be like him"? I am looking forward.. Ah, so it's like that... Actually, all of them are good If it's from watching and learning a lot.. Leader, S.Coups He divided all the parts equally I always feel like this, The maknaes are smart, I'm joking. Please read text question ***-nim says Jeonghan is always sighing What are you thinking about? ( I don't really understand this part) If we go up the stage, we all sigh Like yoga(???) Before going up the stage / Yoga?? We do push-ups / Ah, right We do 10 push-ups That's good / Because we need to get our tension up We also jump(?) When the tension goes up Before we go up the stage, We do that a lot in "Very Nice' era Hoshi-sshi, please read the next one Ah, yes *reads the name wrong* Ah, I am sorry That can happen! "When will the BSS's unit song come out?" What kind of song is this? BSS is DK, Seungkwan, Hoshi My surname is 'Boo' DK's real name is Seokmin. 'Seok' Hoshi's real name is Soonyoung. "Soon". So it's 'BooSeokSoon' It somehow happens and we have funny characters What kind of concept are you going to do? We have 'Orange Caramel' in our company right? Men version? Like 'Catallena' I will be looking forward to it Wonwoo, please read the next one ***-nim send this, So this is my story? 'I am attending middle school' 'I heard a lot of rumours about you' 'They said you are really handsome, you are really good at dancing' (I think she attends the same middle school as him) which one of these rumours... This is going wild / Wonwoo, which one are you (?) I was not a popular student. I was very quiet Among that, (IDK this part either) Wonwoo was a dancing machine.. / No At that time, me and my friends went to a festival together(??) There was a video Just like this, Wonwoo But Seungkwan is... Please read this one 'I went to the same kindergarten as Seungkwan, I remember that he used to wear a monk dress(?) I heard about this story a lot I haven't say anything about this in broadcast.. He only talks about this between us I attended Buddhist kindergarten This kind of things But how does this person knows? Who are you? Well that person said he attended the same kindergarten I'm really curious because we play random pick(???) if a monk is picked, If that happens, you have to shave your head / in kindergarten? But for me, I picked 'king' So my hair was styled like a king (I am actually not sure what they were saying, sorry) But you met him again like this / Next, Hoshi will read it again Please read the next one / Yes ***-nim sent this, "Member who doesn't accept Hoshi's ...?" (I think it's about his jokes) I am sad about this I can relate I think it is similar / My friend? JohnD is like.. America SNL? What about you? (What type of humour) Namyang-ju (his hometown, I think) Hoshi-sshi, they can't meet out level Because it's too high / Like a different dimension (To) make your heart comfortable Actually I'm from Namyangju CiTy, so it's 'NCT' ah, I like it.. Yes, it's from a different dimension DK too, please read another question 'I heard that DK talks in his sleep' Do you do that a lot? yes, it is really serious The most that I remember is when he was sleeping, he suddenly DK, what are you doing? / "what do you think? I'm warming up my throat" He showed a bit of his aegyo just now DK, what do you think about this? / recently, it was like "I want to eat bread" So when I was sleeping, to confirm it, Because I was so curious (I think they're saying that they recorded it for him to see) *when he was sleeping* "aah, I want to eat bread" I was so fascinated In my case, I was on my phone beside him When DK was sleeping, "Hyung we need to go to do broadcast, hurry" Me?? You are very professional You are ready even when you are sleeping For the next question, Woozi / ah, yes Which one? The one that you want to read ***-nim, S.Coups (he talks too fast TT) Did you learn from watching movies?. The way you talk is making my heart flutters For me, There are barely anything that I remember, because In fansign, For the fans that looked tired The way that I talked I talked that way (that makes their heart flutters) Naturally For me, it's "Did you eat?" but when in front of fans, they ask them in a sweeter way That is obviously Because they like it Then how do you do it? For me, I ask them in a very formal way His manners.. Next question "when is the loudest time for Jun?" Just when the camera is off? His nickname is 'quiet beauty' It's not Jun's nickname, it's the nickname that he wants! It means that he is a beauty when he doesn't speak. But there's none, he is never quiet I would like to apologise 'Quiet Beauty' is the image that I want He is very honest You can fall for it It's good that you are honest We will come back after listening to a song Seventeen's 'Crazy in Love' I really like it / we will come back We just listened to Seventeen's 'Crazy In Love' We had a conversation while listening to the song, DK and Jaehyun How.. What kind of relationship are you with each other? yes / Just at school... We attended the same school How did you feel when meeting DK at school? Me / Yes, what kind of feeling? I was a trainee too at that time. We were both trainees... Ooh, like 'friend' Then what about you, DK? / for me, because Jaehyun is too handsome It was like.. I couldn't "you are shining" Because of that, I couldn't be close with you Last year in Leeteuk's radio too, we talked about this / we are close! Really slightly getting closer with each other They got closer, but only a little bit If you do this, you will make it even more awkward.. But that's the point, awkwardness Then, we will go to the next question There is that choreography.. Is your knees okay, I am worried Let's start from Jeonghan, from the front First of all, when we were practising all of us were like that the first time But then, For the sake of broadcast, Eventohugh it hurts, So it is okay now And the stage floor is like cushioned slightly, so it doesn't hurt I'm relieved, the fans seem to worry a lot I think you do not need to worry ***-nim, "yes of the yes" "Seventeen made a popular word recently" DK made it I said when I attended school / What does it means? when I feel good "yes of the yes" DK do you want to eat meat? / yes of the yes Just like that / It is pretty addicting "yes of the yes" Joshua, how do you feel after hearing this? Actually, I don't really know how to respond to this... I can relate to you, Joshua Next question.. "did you get rid of the box inside Vernon's room" please / for real I got rid of it S.Coups was like "you really need to get rid of this" After hearing that I was like "Ok" I cleaned everything for 5 hours It's really clean now And we're promoting now And I did it to another box / it's exactly the same It's usually like this, right after cleaning.. Our room is also like that He always told me to clean it But it's the same That's right I relate to this too / Just like this, we talked It's time to part ways aah, the time flew so quickly I feel like I just said a few words and it's over Just like this, DK and Jaehyun their time to get closer to each other flew too fast It's a bit disappointing Leader, S.Coups say something to your fans for the last time yes, first of all Thank you Carat for listening to us even though it's late Please give many love to Seventeen's 'Don't Wanna Cry' Thank you so much for coming today thank you too / It was so fun thank you!