ENG SUB 200601 Baekhyun Candy Man at Kim Shin Young MBC Radio

These days, people convey their love like this Mature cinnamon? Dorky mint? Hello~ I'm Baekhyun from EXO~ Nice to meet you. Firstly, clap your hands 3 times, start! This is your first broadcast on this promotion? That's right it is, really, a history It's awesome Truthfully, the first broadcast ....? It's not like .... Firstly, since it's a good time and I also wanna meet Shinyoung noona EXO This is the first broadcast Capture time I'm .... Baekhyun I'm a candy man, Byun Baekhyun. 1, 2, 3! Okay. Okay It's difficult It's been a long time seeing a candy man A candy man It's been long time, so, it's a little bit difficult This is your 2nd time being a solo artist It's a pity but Baekhyun also had a collaboration If it's Baekhyun, of course will be in Top 10 Thank you Lately, you had a collab with Bol4 "Leo" Firstly, Jiyoung recorded the guide and sent it to me Both of your agencies met? So, when I listened it, I really like it I'd always like Bol4's voice So, I agreed to do this collaboration Actually, I really like it You do? From Baekhyun song up to EXO, all is on the top chart That's right, thanks to EXOLs