JK: Lets.. JH: Ah this is what people has talked about alot.. JH: Ba.. Bang.. Bangtan Sonyeondan.. JK: I bought it with great effort! JK: Map Of The Soul Persona by BTS four album! JH: Ya, I really wanted to see it.. JH: I'm really big fan of BTS you know? JM: I'm the one, I even stole their outfit! JH: Oh really? JH: I'm so jealous.. JM: Yes you should be jealous.. JK: the box can.. (throws) JH: What is this? Let's open it together.. JK: Wait, this one! JK: I'll keep it.. JH: What? JK: I'll keep this and we can open this one. JK: Let's play rock paper scissors and the winner do it! JH, JM: Okay lets do it.. JH: Now.. JH: We'll open the CD that is wrapped by bubble wrap.. JK: Yes.. JH: So it'll be safe.. JK: It is all in different colours.. there are variety colour of the album. JK: this is Persona.. JK: This is finally BTS album.. JK: Let's open up lightest colour.. JH: Okay.. Lets unwrap it.. JH: Now Jimin has open an album. JH: While you open it i'll set these thing up.. JM: Oh they have something like this.. JK: Let's us sit down. JM: Ah BigHit is doing really good. JK: Now, I'm not good at opening the CD.. JH: How to unwrap this? it is not easy to unpack the album. JK: this one is hard, i'll open the other one.. JK: I'm so excited right now.. J: Who's photocard will be in? JK: Ah I wish I get Jungkookie photocard.. JM: But now.. JM: This time.. JM: I'm curious how the photoshoot results will be.. JK: Now it is all unwrap.. JH: Let's open it one by one.. JK: The lightest colour.. what is the version? Begins with version 1.. JK: From version 1! JH: personally of all the colours.. I like this one best. JK: this one is the most.. what is it called? light.. pink? I like the colour.. JH: Let's check for the photo card! the first photocard that will be seen is.. JH: Who is it? JM: It's BigHit Audition info card. JH: V's smile is very nice.. JK: This.. what is this? JK: Oh this is a story.. JH: It's like the story of Hwa.. JH: This version album is really.. JK: Looking at this small card reminds me of school's stationery.. JK: Do you remember it? The small horror story notes? JH: Yes I remember. JM: Ah! Yes I know.. JM: Oh Jungkook! JM: How can he be.. JM: Always have new style to show? So exciting.. JH: There's writing on the back? JH: Someone's I've been meet for so long but I want to know more about them.. [Jhope reads the notes behind the postcard] JH: Version 1.. JK: What is this? JK: It's a film.. JM: To start of.. JH: Yes.. JK: Don't you want to see this first? JM: They prepared a photo frame like this nicely.. JH: It came out a photo frame like that.. JM: It looks so pretty like this.. JK: On the desk.. JM: The quality is also good.. JM: Oh.. the members took the photo in a very cute way.. JH: You should set this up like this.. JK: Let's put them infront.. JH: Let's check the 2nd version album. JK: In version 2.. JH: Lets check again the version 2.. JK: Who's photo card would it be? The main photocard! JH: Hey you should pick it well, checking it is so fun.. JK: Wait, it is probably at the back.. JK: V! [Members are playing happily] JK: Because he's not here.. JK: Where's the small photo? Oh here.. JK: JIMIN! JH: Ah, why is mine not coming out? [Everybody is cute] JK: There are more.. JM: Oh this, this time, Jiminie dyed his hair.. JM: His hair is really pretty like cherry blossom colours.. JH: (Throw Jimin's photo) JK: Let's put it back.. JH: There is many shots of photo in the mirror.. JK: Version 2 is a bit.. JH: It's a bit awkward to take photos in the mirror.. JK: As you know, there is no mirror.. JH: You're right. JK: We have to pretend.. JM: Taehyungie comment is very cute! JH: What does it say? JM: "I want to eat grapes." JM: (Epiphany) I want to eat grapes... wooah~ JM: Shall we check again the photo from version 1? JK: We missed some parts.. JM: Firstly, the most important part is the group photo.. JM: Let's check if there is more group photos.. JM: I'll look for it.. JK: Individual photos not so.. JM: So this is the first photo group you'll see. JH: Wow it's really clear.. JH: I think it is really clear.. JM: So there is a photo group then continue with group photo.. JH: Jhopee! I felt it Jhope (Singing Just Dance) JM: Jhope, where did your lip color go? JK: It is the concept.. JM: It is the concept? Okay.. JH: Looks like a little bit sick.. JM: You're holding two guns.. Dangerous Jhope.. JH: Shooting Army's heart~ dang dang dang~ JH: to be honest, it's annoying to have your hair stick on it, but you did a great job.. JM: Yes? Well it is actually fun.. JK: It's cute.. JH: I'm curious until when will Jimin wear this necklace? JK: He's not wearing it now.. JH: The necklace is like your life.. JM: I want to wear new necklace on stage, that's why. JM: This one turns out really stiff.. JM: V! JM: It's a selca photos.. JH: Let's just look at our photos, don't look at member who isn't here. JK: Suga. JM: So there is a photo like this.. JM: It's like we're having fun on our own.. JM: The concept is like that.. JK: Kookie! JK: Isn't he cute? JK: As expected, he is cute. JM: Were this cookies is your intention? JK: Cookie? They told me to hold them.. JK: I do what they told me to.. JM: Namjoon hyung is cute here.. JK: Everyone is cute here.. JM: Kind of mature, boyish, ah what is it.. JH: Namjoon is shy doing this pict.. JM: He's doing well but act like he doesn't. JK: It's a group photo.. JM: There are group photos.. JM: and if you look closely, you can see the member's facial expression slowly breaking. JK: This, yes, but you can't see the sides one well because of the center one.. JK: But Army will.. JM: They took out the bad one.. JH: They didn't take this out.. JM: They were all funny photos.. JH: The left ones.. JM: This one is okay for me.. JH: Now version 2.. JH: Version 2.. is mirror, mirror.. JK: Self portrait.. JK: Me as how good I want to look.. JH: There is a lot of photos.. JH: Let's open the first photo, it is a group photo JM: They put the photo neatly, right in the middle. JK: I like it that way.. JH: Clean is good.. JK: I like the clean look. JM: This is the photo where everyone looked at the mirror. JM: It's Jhope again.. JH: Why it is all Jhope? JK: The start will always be Jhope.. JK: Jhope doing this.. JH: This hyung cried.. JM, JK: V! JM: This time.. JK.. JK: It's cute with the earrings isn't he? JM: You just can't get to your sense.. JM: There are more group phoots.. JM: Like this.. JK: There are photos taken with the notebook.. JH: I think this hair colour is pretty. JM: This is pretty, I want to show this hair color again but this color only can be shown in the photo.. JK: Jin hyung is fixing his hair like many times, I saw it.. JH: Right. JM: He is doing the same like in the photos. JM: Namjoonie hyung.. he's not like this.. JK: He wets his hand and be like this.. JM: I don't know why but he's fighting with himself in the mirror.. JM: Namjoonie hyung looks incredible sexy.. JH: Now lets take a look at version 3.. JH: The first thing to check is.. JK: Photo card.. JK: this time we should get Jhope photo card. JH: Yes it should be Jhope.. JH: Ah NAMJOON.. JK: The editor's photo. JH: There is an editor's photo? JK: The small photo, there's the small photo. JHOOOOPE! JH: Did all the photo came out? JK: All has came out.. JK: But I didn't came out in the small photo card.. JM: I wonder what kind of shape of your map of the soul looks like? JH: When you open the first page. JK: The first one is always.. JM: Namjoon hyung's face! JK: First page is group photo.. JH: We did flower cups. JM: this photo looks fresh.. JH: Version 3.. JH: In the small room. JK: It's cute. JM: I want to live in this kind of house.. JH: What is this? JH: All of a sudden, JK: it's a magic shop door. JM: It came out.. JH: It looks like I'm always the first one to came out.. JM: Kinda like.. JM: kinda like good student in the first year of high school feeling.. JM: stole his dad's necktie, oops not stole, but borrowed.. JM: V, taehyungie is really handsome.. JK: #1 handsome man. JM: its like the ocean is in his hair.. JH: Yoongi hyung, when you look at him taking photos, JM: the left side of his lips goes up JM: and if you look exactly like this, he's not smilling but if you look just at the lips, he's smilling.. JM: it's an expression I really like.. JK! JK: Ah I wish I looked exactly like this right now but I don't have the confidence at the moment.. JH: Why? JK: My side of hair is gone JH: You are the one who cut your hair? JK: Yes that is why, I am not confidence.. JM: It looks fine so don't worry.. JH, JM: RM.. JM: Namjoonie photo is always good.. JM: His body portion is good.. JM: Jin hyung still looks great with an elephant.. JM: I hear a lot from everyone around that Jin hyung is so handsome! JH: Jin hyung is real handsome.. Jimin! JH: Always the necklace Jimin.. JM: is there is no comment? JM: It is a bit awkward if I say it myself.. JH: Jiminie is.. Jiminie.. JM: Yeah! Let's go to next album.. JH: We have opened version 3, next version 4.. JM: Ah~ this photo card! JH: Good, what does it say? JM: I hope we have a full time of happiness. JM: I wrote it.. JH: It is like a lyrics.. JH: This is version 4.. Let's open the first photo.. JK: The first photo is.. JK: The first must be photo group.. JK: This is Dionysus.. JH: Dionysus.. JH: This outfit was .. JK: Fancy.. JK: I was wearing a bag as a necklace. JK: Start with Jhope.. JM: I feel like I skip a page. JM: It feels like it would come out on a movie.. JM: It looks cool. JK: Like a classical movie. JM: Yes its like a classical movie. JM: It looks very cool, luxurious.. JH: This bag.. JK: To be honest, JM: I think its cute.. JK: I don't know why they gave me this bag.. JM: No, No, you're really cute. JM: Oh JK, a glass of wine.. JH: Did you really drink it? JK: I didn't, it is even not a water.. JM: Oh~ Jamin~ JK: Ja Hope, Ja K, Ja Min.. JM: 3 Ja! JM: Jajangmyeon! Double portions. JK: Ah~ he's making it obvious he hasn't eaten grapes before! like this.. JM: Dionysus ate grapes like this.. JH: Your fingers are very plump! JM: Ok, we should move on! JK: 3 ja! JK: We can just stop right here.. JH: If you see 3 ja you can close the book. JM: I think there is more 3 ja in it.. JM: 3 ja! JK: This one came out really nice.. JK: We are cool. Ofcourse, we are 3 ja.. JM: Now we, JH: We are not done yet. JH: Oh, poster~ They give you poster too. JK, JM: Poster.. JM: Oh it is many. JH: It is many.. JM: There is same photo right here.. JH: Yes. JM: It'd be cute if it can be hang in the wall, JH: Oh Yoongi hyung.. JK: There is same photo of posters. They have two each.. JH: there are different versions like this.. JM: I'll take the one we saw.. JM: It gives different vibes when the picture is big.. JH: It feels different.. JK: We can take the posters with us. JK: We challenge unboxing like this.. JH: It's interesting, we tried unboxing like fans experience for the first time. JH: It's exciting. JK: We are now writing our photographs. JH: That's right. JK: And we don't get examine the album in detail before writting the autographs.. JK: If we really saw this for the first time, we would have shown more genuine reaction. JM: Because we have seen this already, this is how I feel, I hope our fans enjoy our album but JM: it is hard to comment when I see my own face.. JH: I feel there are a lot of elements and contents our fans will really like. JK: Looking at these photos makes me remembered of the thought while we are shooting JK: When we had photo shooting my mind was like JK: I should make good photos to make ARMY happy. JM: It's good thought as the purpose of the album JH: The album is very precious for Army so we have to do well. JM: We know nothing but Army.. JK: I'm a fan of ARMY.. JM: Anyway same like Jungkook, it is full of pretty photos just for you. JM: Please keep loving our album and support us! JH: Thank you! JH: Bye! JK: I'll be more stylish and handsome. JK: I'll keep this well. JK: I will keep this myself or give this to my parent. JK: Oh, wait a minute. JK: Where was this from? JK: Oh it was from here, I got it.. JK: Now I'm going.. Thank you JK: I am going to give this to my parents but I can't I have to unwrap this. JH: Ah seriously, actually, the photo card look different. JK: Unwrap it right away~ JH: I think unwrapping is the hardest. JK: Until we got my photo. JK: I'll look for the photo card. JK: Ah Suga. JH: Ah it's Suga hyung? JH: How to unwrap this well? JK: Unwrap it well. JK: Suga hyung and RM hyung came out. JH: I can't unwrap this.. ah I got it JH: Now, I have unwrapped this version 2 JH: Let's see who's photo card is here? JK: Here Jimin hyung, I hope we all have a full time of happiness. JK: Mine isn't out yet, is there any photo of me there? JH: Ah this is V's, "I want to eat grapes~" JK: The last photo card is.. JK: Ah Jhope.. JH: Ah Jungkook's photo didn't came out.. JK: Where is mine? JH: That's why Army buy more albums (to collect photo cards) JK: I saw them exchange the album each other.. JH: It means photo cards are valuable for them.. its hard to collect the all 7 photos. JH: We should look for Jungkook's photo card in other time. JK: Army please find my photo card.. JK: When unboxing the album, bubble wrap is necessary.. JH: Map Of The Soul Persona.. Please support many love!