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Shall we say hi? - You said we should say hi. - That's how it is... - I thought it is frozen. I almost had a cramp. We suddenly became quiet as it was turned on. We decided not to do that. - Because it takes time for them to come in. - We decided not to do it. - When they come in, - They are coming in now. - They are coming in. We can take it slow and say hi. Then, let's say hi in a slow version. - OK. - How do we do that in a slow version? - Let's say hi when more come in. - I can't check how many are watching this. - There's this thing. - It's been a long time since we did a group V LIVE. Now...it is lagging. Now, 50,000 viewers are watching this. - It is lagging? - There are 50,000 viewers. What are you talking about? - Are many people joining us? - Now, about 76,000.... - We can say hi when there are 100,000 viewers. - OK. Let's say hi to celebrate 100,000 viewers. Let me check it for you. This is how we look now. - Jimin. - We have more than 100,000 viewers. - OK. - Let's say hi. Let's say our greetings. 2,3 Bangtan! Hello. We are BTS. - We didn't have a group V LIVE for so long. Right? - It's been a long time. It's been a long time. - Group V LIVE after a long time. - How have you been? - I am doing good. - Please introduce yourself. - Introducing yourself for the first time in a while? - Yes. - Please introduce yourself. - Introducing myself? Hello, I am Jimin who is in charge of charm. Hello, I am your hope, j-hope. Hello, I am just Jung Kook. Hello, I am V of A,B,C,D. Don't make me laugh, I had my wisdom tooth removed. I am SUGA. - He had his wisdom tooth removed. - I am Jin. I am RM. Hello. Now, Including SUGA, we are on - V LIVE with all members together after a long time. - That's right. - This is such a precious time, right? - That's right. - For the first time in a while, shall we talk about - Talk about how we've been doing. - how we have been doing? - I am so curious. - We all spent our Lunar New Year. - That's right. What did you do on Lunar New Year, j-hope? On Lunar New Year, I went to my hometown and ate something delicious... That's what I did. What did you guys do? Recently, I've worked on my rehab exercise and had my wisdom tooth removed. - Wisdom tooth. - It's still bleeding inside. So I am licking it now. I had my wisdom tooth removed more than 2 years ago but the hole hasn't closed up yet. - Should it be closed up? - I think something is wrong. - Really? But when you look at it in the mirror, you will see it's almost closed up. - Really? - Mine still has a hole... - When I pulled out mine on the right, the hole wasn't closed up. - But it started to close up. - Is there anyone who played Yut on Lunar New Year? - I played Yut with my family for the first time in a while. - Game of Yut. That sounds good. I almost grabbed my dad by the collar. - It was really fun. - You're such a bad son. - I didn't do that. - You were so competitive when playing with your dad. - As a real fighter, with my dad. - Your dad is a fighter. - How have you been, Jung Kook? - I've been working out... - Working out hard? - That was my plan but... - On Lunar New Year, exercise... - I know you tried working out hard but it didn't last long. - On and off. - Exercise on Lunar New Year. I know that you didn't work out often. - But he works out hard whenever he can. -Really? - Did you eat rice cake soup on Lunar New Year? - I did. - I did. - That's the basic. - I saw that. V. - I was going to eat rice cake soup. - You were going to eat it but.. - I enjoyed my food too much that I got sick. - When you got sick. - So you couldn't eat it. - You couldn't? - It was hard. - That's too bad. - That could happen. What did you do, Jimin? I watched "Infinite Challenge" in my spare time... Don't laugh. I am binge-watching it. I watched the episode "Sin and Punishment". It keeps appearing on YouTube. And it's funny. - I've been watching it on TV... - I lose track of time. - It's no joke. - The video that makes your 5 minutes disappear. - Of course. - The video that makes you lose track of time? - Yes. I know you guys would know. That's really funny. How are the fans doing? - Now? - Yes. Please read some comments. - "Hi, Yoongi". - Yoongi. - "Taehyung". - Yoongi Min. - "Happy birthday, j-hope". - There's a hair on you, SUGA. It was j-hope's birthday. j-hope. - Thank you brother. - Happy birthday. j-hope got a triple crown. - What triple crown? - Triple crown for explosion. Am I Bomberman? What did you do on your birthday, j-hope? - On my birthday... - Acrostic poems using "Jung Hoseok". "Jung". I really think... - "Ho". - Hoseok looks like - "Seok" - Seokjin. - Isn't that the best compliment? - You like it? - Isn't that the best compliment? - OK. - Are you serious? - Isn't that the best compliment? - OK. I am glad. - You're good. You're quick-witted. - It's really... You seem to like it. That is the best compliment. You should do it too. Really? OK. "Jung". I feel pressure. I had a really hectic birthday. - He prepared this. - No I didn't. Wait, I really have no idea. - You improvised this? - I told you to prepare this in the group chat room. - "Ho". Out of curiosity, It's not going to work. Let's skip this. Everyone. Stop making acrostic poems using "Jung Hoseok". It's over now. - This is it. - Yes. This is it. Actually, there's a reason that we are all here today. - Right. - Yes. there is. - Do you know what day is it today? - What day is it today? - Today is the day after j-hope's birthday? - Right. - That's right. - That is true. - Right. - February 19. The most important day. The day after j-hope's birthday. It's a joke. Today is the day that we release our album "BE" Essential Edition. -"BE". - Essential Edition. That sounds good. From planning to production, we participated in overall aspects of the album "BE". - So this album is very meaningful to us. - That's right. And thanks to ARMY's love and support. "Life Goes On" debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. - It debuted at no.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. - That was amazing. - Right. Since the release of the album "BE", we were nominated for the Grammy Award, - and there were a lot of happy and grateful occasions. - That's right. In return for your support, we are releasing this Essential Edition album. - Essential. - That's right. When you look at the album, there're stickers to celebrate No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. - Isn't it cool? - It's a bit... - Grammy Award and... - It looks so cool. - Grammy. - No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and this. Can I say something? It looks so... - so cool. - It looks so cool. - It's really cool. Is it how it is being released? This is how it will be released. It looks so cool. - This is really... - Isn't it cool? - It reminds me of the title of our song. - What? - "Dope". - "Dope" . It's dope. - We should show it to them. - Sticker. - Yes. - Honestly, we... - As I see this, I think that - It's cool. it's not a big deal but my shoulders are going up. - I should lower them down occasionally. - Shoulders... - That's why Jimin gets a sore neck. - You should massage them. - They keep going up. - You should get some shock wave therapy. - There's reason why Jimin gets a sore neck often. - Tell me about it. - That's right. - You should get shock wave therapy. - And... - There's something prepared? - Yes. We got cookies here. - Cookies? Cookies are here... - They are BE cookies. - They are BE cookies. - BE cookies. - Jung cookie. - Jung cookie. BE cookie. BE cookie in front of Jung cookie. There's something inside these cookies. - Yes. - Let's open them later. That sounds good. Shall we open them now? You said later but it means now. I think the person who wrote the prompter got confused. - Let's open them now. - I was startled too. Again, cut! Let's open it. Editing point? OK. - RM. Will you open it first? - OK. It has a line of a song inside. - So you will sing what you pick. - Is that so? OK. This shape looks so familiar but, - this is BE cookie. - BE cookie. - You ate the whole cookie before you opened it before. - No. I didn't but people thought I did. - You put it in your mouth and then opened it. - Don't lie. You just put it in your... - How do they make this? - I know what it is. Our... This is that. I got an episode about this. - What? - My friend sang this part... This is the part. - This is V's part. - Is it V's part? - I see. - You guys. He said he couldn't do it well. When I wrote this part, I thought to myself, "It's really hard to sing". - But this part is really hard. - It's hard. I think I had to edit it several times. - It was hard for me too. - It was fast. The trending beat these days. - What? - The latest trending beat. - Popular song. - Please open it quickly. - Is this the latest trending beat? - Please eat the cookie now. - That's the latest trend. Is that popular these days? -I didn't know it. I picked my part. - You got your part. - "Blue & Grey". - "Blue & Grey". - I gave it to you. You got a great sense. One of the most handsome members of our team. - Jin. - Me? - V. - Your hand... - I was going to give you this. - I am sorry. - I was going to hand it over... - That's right. - No, I didn't mean to... - You two are the most handsome members. - Both of you are handsome. - I feel sorry. I am sorry. - I am sorry. - V is the most handsome... - You may hurt his feeling. Be careful. - I am sorry. - You didn't feel hurt? You looked embarrassed... I was going to hand it over to him - Hey. - I mean, I got something to say. - Really? - Yes. - Really? I was going to say that the most handsome guy in the world. We've got breaking news. We have 70 million hearts. That's good. The population of Korea. It's about 51 million. - That's amazing. - What song are the lyrics from? "Wherever you are, it doesn't matter. We connect to 7G". - This... - That's my part. Right. This is RM's part. - This is the part of "Stay". - "Stay". - The lyrics of "Stay". - Jin, you don't know this? - Jin. - You sang "Stay". - I don't even know my own part. It can't be, Jin. It's not something to brag about. You don't even know your own part. Sing "Abyss". I am sad. I think I should do "Best Friend's Note" with Jin later. - That's good. "Stay". - Next. - Next. - Who will get playful now? Korea... Do better, Cut! - Again. - Let me do it again. The most handsome guy in the world, the representative of BTS. V! Hand it over again. - No.1 handsome guy, Jung Kook. - V, please hand it over to him. Hand it over to Jung Kook. V is almost a supply base. He keeps supplying things now. - You really got that. - Yes. OK. That was it. Good job. A new day will come again. Who's next. Lovey dovey of BTS. V! Please give it to j-hope. Let me open this. - It tastes like the snack I had when I was young. - It's delicious. This is good. You know...what was that snack? The old snack, round-shaped one. What was this? That's the line from "Telepathy". - A lot of parts are from "Telepathy" today. - "Telepathy" is popular. We got a lot of them. - "Telepathy" is very popular. - Shall we mix them? - I think they randomly put them. - "Telepathy" is... Is there anyone who knows all the lyrics? We don't even know all of them. Who's next? The person who covers all the descriptions I've said. - Covering all... - That person. V! - Thank you. - Please give it to Jimin. - Give it back. - Oh. I am a bit worried because I keep teasing him. What's that? I think this is connected to the one we talked about before. Are all of them about "Telepathy"? - I think the person who made this... - She's a fan of "Telepathy". - The person who made them. - She's the fan of "Telepathy" I think. "Telepathy" is her favorite song. But there are too many cookies. - Are they all about "Telepathy"? - They are all about "Telepathy". - No. it's just that every cookie we picked was about "Telepathy". - "Telepathy". This is all because SUGA is doing this group V LIVE for the first time in a long time. Jimin. - If this one is also from "Telepathy", - Then, it's a fate. Give me one. - This is good. Give me more. - This is delicious. Why are you eating that when there is this delicious pizza? - I dropped this on the floor. - No. It's not. - What? - Is it also from "Telepathy"? - Just by looking "For a moment", - As it says "For a moment", First, I saw "For a moment" on it and thought "Telepathy"? But even the melody is different. - But still, it says "For a moment" again. - Tell me about it. This is confusing since there are only lyrics. OK, from now on, February 19 is the day of "Telepathy". - The day of "Telepathy". - Anyone wants to pick one or two more? SUGA said he wants to pick one. - Right. - Did I? - I will give you this basket. Please pick one until it is not about "Telepathy" anymore. - I hope not. - We have 100 million hearts. We have 100 million hearts everyone. If we express 100 million hearts with our body, - If you pick "Telepathy" again... - Please express it with your body. - Please describe it. - You should... - Stand up in the back. Please do it. 100 million hearts. - It's "Telepathy" again. - Really? - Really? - It's amazing. - So all of them are about "Telepathy". - Really? - Let me pick one again. - If it's about "Telepathy" again, - I will pick one that's not about "Telepathy". I don't want to give up. Let me pick one too. - I know. - Let me pick one too. I hate that. - j-hope. I got it. - What? - I got it. - "Dis-ease". What's wrong. I got a rhino. Rhino. Isn't it that? - "Dis-ease". - It's "Dis-ease"? - Yes. I read it for a while since it's written in English. What's this? What is this? What lyrics are they? They are RM's lyrics. This is fun. You blamed me for not knowing the lyrics. - Should I pick one more? - Shall I pick one too? It's difficult because there are only lyrics. BE cookie. BE cookie. I think there is a place that makes these cookies. BE cookie is delicious. I picked the same thing. - Everything I picked was about "Life Goes On". - It will be fun if we use this for Run BTS. Run BTS? It will be fun if members who pick "Telepathy" become one team. Team "Telepathy". Let's say, among them, only one says "Go home". That's brutal. That's my part. How did you know that? - Jimin, don't you listen to our songs? - Because he sang this song. - Of course I do. It's on my list. I love our songs. - Everyone. - Let's stop. Stop picking it. - Lately, in Run BTS... - Let's stop it. Everyone, in Run BTS, Tennis episode finally aired. - Right. - I watched it. - Tennis episode aired now? - Tennis was fun. - Right. I watched it. - I watched it yesterday. - Right. - Is it funny? - I really worked hard but the episode was rather short. - Really? Were you disappointed? - I was a bit disappointed. - V. - Did you work hard? - Me? I really did my best. - V really worked hard. - He did? OK. - Let's not give a spoiler. - OK. - Since it is airing now. - We have a lot of things to do. Shall we read some comments and talk with our fans? - Read some comments. - I gave you two phones but why did you have only one... - There are two. - I got one here at the bottom. - Let's read. - This is my phone. - Is it? "SUGA, I purple you". - "Eat the pizza", They said. - Right. - Let's eat the pizza. - Right. Why are we eating cookies instead of pizza. - Let's eat. - j-hope. You want this or that? - I want that gold potato something. - This one? - I think I want to eat that. - This one? - Yes. Doesn't j-hope like pickles? - Don't you like pickles, j-hope? - I like pickles. - I like pickles. - Last time when shooting, you... - you said you will eat pickles. - I am just reading comments vacantly. But eating only pickles is... Just like when you watch the fire, watching comments... "I love you so much, RM". "Wave your hand". "SUGA, I purple you". - "What kind of pizza is that?" - This is... Many are asking that SUGA got better now. I am working on my rehab exercise. I got so much better. - Are you well? - Are you okay? - This rehab exercise is... - How many times do you do it in a week? - Basically, I do it 3 times a week at the hospital. - 3 times. - And then I exercise more in my free time. - You do it voluntarily? - Yes. Sometimes the staff comes to help. "If you see this comment, please pinch your cheek and close one eye". - That. - That's out of trend. - That... - Was that popular? - It's impossible to do that. Look. - Was that popular? - See, you can't do it. - No, I was trying to do... - You can't. Look, you can't do this. It's impossible. Was that popular? - There's always a person who tries to ruin somebody's plan. - And this, and like that. It's about acting cute. Like this. - Something like this. To see this. - I can't do it. I watched V doing something like that on V LIVE. - You did it. - I did because I didn't know what it is. But it was to see me acting cute. So it is to make you do that. It's not funny anymore once you start to explain it. - You can't. - You should just to that. - You say, "Try it". - And if you really do it, you fall for it. What's that. - Many asked about this. - I got this question during V LIVE. "5-year old Jung Kook, 5 Jung Kooks". And last time I got this question, I picked 5 Jung Kooks. - Really? - 5 Junk Kooks are better. - The reason was that... I wanted to listen to this beautiful harmony of 5 Jung Kooks. But I am going to take that back. Let me pick again. - That's cost effective. Because... - I will pick 5-year old Jung Kook. Think about how much work they can handle. 5-year old Jung Kook is still cute. - If there are 5 Jung Kooks, and one gets tired... - If there are 5 Jung Kooks, while real Jung Kook gets some rest, the other 4 will work instead. - AI? - No, but... among them, who will want to work... Why are you talking about me? Jung Kook, I think 5-year old Junk Kook is better. - I... - Of course. - I... - Jung Kook was cute even when he was 15 years old. How cute he will be when he's 5. - Eyes of a deer. - But cute Jung Kook had the expiration date. He became a real man now. - How cute he will be. - 15-year old Jung Kook was cute. - Who said he's a real man. Anyway, 5-year old Jung Kook will grow up to be me. - That's right. - OK. Let's ask Jung Kook. Everyone, wait. Let's ask Jung Kook. - Jung Kook wants... - 5-year old Jung Kook VS 5 Jung Kooks. - No, about other members. - What's it like when you were 5? 5-year old Jimin, 5 Jimins. - I will pick 5 Jimins. - As expected. - You'll fall in love with them. - I will choose 5 Jimins. I will make you do a lot of work alone. - Is that so? - Jung Kook, why did you... - What? - Why did you choose 5 Jimins? It will be fun if there are 5 Jimins. I think they will compete against each other to make us laugh. So Jimins will work for 24 hours a day. - Jimin, 5 Jung Kooks, VS 5-year old Jung Kook. - By the hour? - 5 shifts. - Of course, I will pick 5-year old Jung Kook. - Why? Even if there are 5 Jung Kook, none of them will work. "Jung Kook, where are you?" Jung Kook is not here. - Dumping it on each other. - 5 Jung Kooks are gone. It is like... Mr. Baek Jongwon in the past. Mr. Baek no.1, Mr. Baek no.2 , Mr. Baek no. 36... - until Mr. Baek no. 100. - This is....something like that. And there was something like this yesterday. Best to not know anything VS walk a dog you don't know. That was a really interesting question. - Best to not know... - That's called the balance game. - Best to not know... - People do it a lot. - Walk a dog... - Walk a dog that you don't know. That's what they call "Dog leash given to him". -Walk a dog that you don't know. - The wordplay is so funny. - Best to not know anything, walk a dog that you don't know? -What's the first? - Not know... - I like both. - Walk a dog that you don't know. - Don't you like them both? - It's wordplay. It's something like Vomit that tastes like tomato VS Tomato that tastes like vomit. something like that? That was interesting. I am sorry. We... We can't keep up with it. We are getting so serious. - Right.- We should just accept it as it is. - No, we just can't keep up with it. We don't want to fall behind when it comes to this. - We don't want to fall behind the trend... - But the fact that we don't want to fall behind - Right. - means we are old. - That's called FOMO. - Is that so? - I've never heard of it. - There's something like this. That's why we ended up being like this. - FOMO. -You know, there are some middle-aged men - who learned some fad words. - Right. "You rock!". It feels like we became one of them. - "Don't you know this word?" Something like this. - There's this thing. "'Bus Card Recharging"... Something like this. When asked "How old are you"? then you answer, "I am grade 5 and class 8". - Something like that. - Right. - There's no grade 5 and class 8 now? - No, I mean when you're 58 years old, you answer that you're grade 5 and class 8. It's impossible to poke your right cheek while closing your left eye. I got it. - A person like him is... - I know it. - You should do something else. - I am proud that he's a member of BTS. - It's impossible. - You can do it with some help. - Can you do this? - That's the mystery of human body. - It's been a long time. - You can't do this? - This too... Isn't it that? drawing a triangle while making a circle. Can you do this? This. - I can. - I can do this. - It's easy, right? - Can you do this? Can you do this? We should try something new instead of traveling to the past. Ninanina, you're gorilla. - No, I can't do this. - Ugly guy. Handsome guy. I think we are all... just staying in that past moment. - It's not that advanced. - We can't help it. - You should just accept it. - I heard that young people these days don't know this gesture describes a receiver. - Don't you have to do this? - Yes. They make this gesture. - Like this? - What's this? This. - I heard they use this. - You answer your phone like this. - It's hard to find a receiver now. - Do they do it like this? - We don't use it anymore. - They do it like this. Are you answering your cell phone like this? - Then, they don't dial 1633... - They don't know it. - "If you want to call..." - No. - No. - "Mom. It's me. It's me!" - 1541. "Mom, it's me! Answer it now! Answer it!" - "Mom". - 1541, 1541, collect call? - 1541. - 1541. - 1541. - Right. - "Are you going to recharge your eggs? No.1, 1000 eggs". "No.2, 2000 eggs, No.3, 3000 eggs". - Do they still have that? - Is that something we used to do a lot in a phone booth? - Why is "BE".... - The fact that we are talking about the latest trend means... - That's right. It's over for us, we're already old. - It's because we're talking about the "BE" album... - Right, everyone, in fact, I have something to tell you, the "BE" album has been released. - "Essential Edition". - Wow. There's even a sticker! Just mention it one, each of you when you talk... - It's out. - Let's just say it's out. - Now, "BE" - it was released before... - Yes. - Now... - But the sticker is kind of awesome. - "Dynamite and Life Goes On". - Not the sticker. - But... it's thinner, isn't it? - It's thinner. - Right, the price is lower relatively so... Isn't there anything else to appeal other than the sticker? - Well, other than the sticker? - We made it. - This. - Not what we said before. - This. - It's thinner. - Actually, the previous album has a bit pricy. - Yes. - You agree, right? - It's more affordable. - Yes. - So there's a merit price-wise. - You can buy it without it being a burden. It's neater. - Yup. - It just looks neat, when you look. - It's neater. - Is this attached to the cover? On the plastic? - There's more than 5 million viewers. "Everyone, I miss you all. All seven were living together after a long time"? - Right, we're not dead. We're alive. - Yes. - We're living. - All seven were living together. Now, well... Still alive. "Do you know one word that describes you"? - "You really"... - Starting with Namjoon. - Yes. - A word that describes you. The word that describes is, actually, when I growl, the guys all think of me... which is an interesting phenomenon... Let's read more comments since it's been a while. - Back row, read please. - I'll read it. - Good. Someone in the back, read. Can I open this? - Open it. - Open it, open it. But this, Sticker. I don't want to rip the vinyl because the sticker is here. They made it so you can't open the album. - You don't want to ruin this. - What, Jin? You can cut it out and stick it to the album. Most are saying "Oppa, I love you"... Most comments are "Oppa, I love you". "Oppa, I purple you" and "Oppa, I love you" - are what most are saying. - I think that oppa as in "oppa," - Please answer this question, SUGA. - should be in the Oxford English dictionary. - Many asked this question. - Yes, what question? "Marry me, SUGA". - What do you think? - If there are many, how many... - Right. - No, no. - "I want to ask for pizza". - No, no. - Pizza, please. - "I want to ask for pizza". - You want us to take care of the pizza, we'll take care of it. - We'll give you. We'll take care of them. - You don't have to worry. - We'll send you a pizza giftcon. The "eat Jin", mix it up and show us a mukbang of pizza. And express what it tastes like. - Now, now... - Wisdom tooth. - Wisdom tooth, then Jung Kook can do it. - It's hard to eat. - No. - Diet, diet. - I can eat... I was rehabilitating yesterday and tomato juice came out of my mouth. Blood continued to come out. - Because I was using muscles. - Weren't you eating toast earlier? - Toast is OK, you can take bites. - Why, why are you throwing up? - Why are you spitting blood suddenly? - What is it? It came out this much. He is showing it in person, here. - Why? Why? - He's showing that this much came out. Blood came out like this, yesterday. - The rehabilitation must have opened it up. - What was so funny? Clothes! He's wiping his drool on my clothes! It's strawberry extract, not drool. - He's wiping the mix of strawberry juice and drool on my clothes. - Strawberry extract. - Why did you burst laughing? What was it? - Extract. - Nothing. I didn't burst... - The... - Something in your windpipe? - What? - My windpipe. Please read the comments. - Comments. - We'll acrostic poem with B and E. - j-hope is good at it. - Right. - What? - Let's go since it's j-hope's birthday. - Why? - It was your birthday yesterday. - B and E. - B and E. - I'll go first then. - OK. - "B". - Best. - "E". - Essential album. - Good job. - This is... - Everyone is thinking. - I'm thinking... What? What? B, B and E. - Jimin are you ready? - In English. - I can do it on the spot. - OK. It's not on the spot. - Go ahead. - "B". The sound when an airplane flies. "E". Eeeeeeeing. Sorry, our members don't show much reactions. - Jimin. - Cold. - So funny. - But it's always difficult to do it in a situation like this. - Right. - Want to try? - In fact... - I already went. - You did? - Yes. - Best Essential Album. - Sorry. - It's best to do it in English. I can't speak English. - "B". - "B", BTS. - "E". - ET. - Nice and neat. - It's out of nowhere, it's ridiculous. - Is it? Nice and neat. Do it in English. - Namjoon, end it in English. Do it well. - Yeah. - Do an awesome one. - In English. 1, 2, 3! "B". BTS and ARMY. "E". Everybody. - Everybody, what is that? - What did you get for the random photo card? - Random photo card? - It's not random, is it? "BE" is not random, is it? - Now... - But "Essential" is... - This... Yes. - They are all here. - Must be. The photo card was where Namjoon's photo was, like this. - It's not random? - You get one each? - I don't know. All were included this time. - Yes. - This... - This is what we saw last time. Each appeal... these photos... Jimin was doing his thing here and there are no words for it, look. - Me? - Jimin, you killed it. - What about Jimin? - Kill what? - Kill what? - It's just a reaction. - The shoulders are just wow. - Where? Let me see. - He aimed for it. Jimin aimed for it. - I... - This is what you wanted, right? - No, it's not that. - You did. The outfit was normal but Jimin cut it. As you know, everyone, my left shoulder is narrower. - Yes. - So the outfit slipped. - I really didn't know. - You have good shoulders. When I wear a backpack, only the left one slips. That's probably because it's bent. Earlier, your shoulder kept going up so while pressing down - it just went down for a bit, right? - Yes, that's it. - Scoliosis. It's not like that, everyone. Smiling so brightly. Also, the sticker comes off easily. You can stick it on the album if you want. - I'm not lying, this really looks so good here. Wow. - Stick it. - It's so. - j-hope gets mad when I do that to his clothes. - That's not it. - Don't discriminate. - j-hope. - No, it's because you wiped your hand on me after washing your hands. He got water on his clothes. He wiped drool on my clothes. - It's strawberry extract not drool. - A mix of strawberry extract not drool. It was extract and drool. - Everyone. - What we talked about today is what is in trend now and... - Right. - acrostic poems and how he spit strawberry extract. - Right. - The trend now. - We keep talking about nothing. - The important thing is our "Essential" album is out. - "BE Essential" is out. - It's out. The important thing is its release. This is what's important. Right, this is important. This is nice and neat. - It only has what it needs. - Personally, I think this is a bit more awesome. - Yes. - Yeah, this is a bit more... - Album. - If there's a bookshelf, - Yeah. - People won't really know it's there. - I think it's better because it's small. - It's lighter. - You can carry it lightly in your bag and take it out to look if you want to see the faces of BTS, - and then move. - This sticker comes off? It comes off? - Yes, it does. - It comes off. - The sticker comes off. I attached it. So how should I put it? It's like a book of sensibility. In the past, there was this textbook in 3rd grade called the "Sensible Life". - SL. - The background is similar to this. - Sensible Life, I haven't heard it in a long time. - The wallpaper. - Wasn't it white? Do they still have Sensible Life as a textbook? - Joyful Life, Sensible Life. - Joyful Life. Right Life. - Right Life. - Joyful Life, PE. - Does that come off easily? Book for learning math, society. Everyone, I can take it off. You can do it too. - Social Atlas. - Social Atlas. - Social Atlas. Right, right. - Social Atlas. - But - the album turned out well and - This... the fans' response is good. - Right. -And to release a new album to show that appreciation - I think is such a great thing. - Right. - Right, in fact... - Very grateful. - The best thing is that our faces all gathered here today - Right. - and did V LIVE. - That's very significant. - And also, recently, we are working but - there wasn't much time to show that. - Right, in fact, there wasn't much we could show externally. - Right. - That was a shame since fans are waiting. - Yes. Like it's extending like a break? - Actually, we just wanted to use it as an excuse to do V LIVE. - Right, right. - Yes. - That's right. - It will be on sale, but will there be something we can promise to ARMY? - A promise? - Like Jimin earlier? - Is there something we can promise? - Below here, not nominee... With what we received. - But we can't promise that. - Now that... - Hope. But I wish we promise that. If possible, it will be our wish... - If possible, we can ask to add another sticker to this album - One more sticker. - and to be release again. - Right. Seriously the very last time to release again. It will be the last special edition. - The real last. - The final one. - The real last album. - The special album's... - Final's final's final's final. If it's a promise, what is the promise for? - Well, I read what was written, - Yes. Let's decide. What would be good? What should the promise be about? - Will the album get lots of love? - To target the album... you can start with the corner, and it will be easy. - Or there's that. - Isn't target? For everyone, we will make a song - and come back with it as soon as possible. - Actually, that is I think something that everybody is looking forward to. So at the earliest date, - we should do another V LIVE... - As a group? - That'd be better... - That's good. - I think it'd be the best promise. - Right. - Since they'll be waiting. This, it's about something... - Right, actually... right. - You need to go over your goal to make a promise... - You need to have a promise... - Right. You use that promise as a reason to do something, right? - Or tune in on V LIVE one more time. - Actually, now, Run BTS is available and we're shooting lots of things but being live like this and communicating is rare... - As soon as possible, a V LIVE... - Just another V LIVE... - whether it's individually or as a unit... - Yes. - OK. - OK. - or group, just to a lot of it... I couldn't do V LIVE because of rehabilitation. - OK. - I'll turn it on soon. - V LIVE is something you can do together. - Stories about rehabilitation, how it's going... - Yes. - Like a VLOG? - I started 2nd stage of shockwave therapy. You should make a documentary. I was going to do it, but when I was going to film it... - Too... - While sweating a lot. - I looked too, too... - pitiful. - Was it like "Screening Humanity"? Seriously. - So... - The "Screening Humanity" style. - A hospital in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. What was the BGM for "Screening Humanity"? - I looked too sad so I couldn't film it. - Trying hard, as always. But I've seen him go through rehabilitation. - Really? - It looked really hard. Seriously difficult. - But. - That... at the time was nothing. - What I'm doing now is much harder. - It is? - Yeah, much more. - At that time, he was soaked with sweat. - Rehabilitation is not easy. - My arm really felt like it was not mine. - Doesn't it hurt? - Also... - The chair hurts so much. You too? - My tail bone... - The chair... My pants are stuck to my butt right now. - My pants are stuck to my hip bones, it really hurts. - I don't feel anything anymore. The chair that is set up here is as big as my face. I know why you kept getting up time to time. - The frame to celebrate #1 on the Billboard. - What are you doing? OK, you don't want to do it now. This show is spinning out of control. I think... We got the frame to commemorate #1 on the Billboard. Do we have an episode about it? - The black frame. - Right, actually, yesterday, it was in my studio... - when it came out. - I actually haven't got it. - Really? - You didn't get it? - Where is it? - I have it at home. - We all got it. - We all got it. - Really? Who received it? Maybe my dad? - I've sent it to the family house. - Did I get a call? Anyhow. - I have it at home. - Father... - I kept it for myself but my mom took it the moment she saw it. - She did? The frame is really cool. - Really? - Does it look cool when you hang it up? - Of course. - You didn't see it? - Didn't you see it? - You didn't see it? - It should be at home, right? - It's there. - Father... - You must have taken it. - Right? When the frame was made, we were taking about colors... - The background should be black or white... - What color the frame should be. - It should be pink. - There were pink, white and black. Pink, white and black. - It came in pink at first. - Right, it was originally pink. - There was a heated argument over it too. - To do it in one... - Right. Black is the best. - Yeah, we said black. - The safest. - Did Jin push for it? - No, I didn't. - It was pink in the first design. - It came in pink originally. - Right. - I wanted white, but all the members said black so... I also said black. Since it's something meaningful, we thought it be better to unite the color. It was cool. Or all seven could be different colors and it'd be cool to get them together later. Like Dragon Ball. But it's hard to make or produce it... Make on for "Life Goes On"? - What? - "Life Goes On" was also in 1st place. - So, make one? - Should we get one? - Right. - Are you paying for it? What? Pay with our money? - Anyhow. - This won't do! I got the script! - What does it say on the script? - Well, there is one a page of the script. It only say what we're going to do. - Nothing's written here. Nothing at all. - j-hope. - Yes. - j-hope, Jung Kook.... Did Jung Kook upload to Weverse? - No, no, Twitter. - Was it Twitter? - The photo. j-hope, did you see the picture? - The drawing of "Dynamite"? - Why was it drawn? It was amazing. - What was the material? - Right. - I was really surprised when I saw it on Twitter. - Were you tracing? - Was it traced? - Did you really draw? - During j-hope's birthday... - Just looked... - Look at Twitter. - There's one that he drew on Twitter. - There's one on Twitter and... - Another on Weverse. - Right? There's one on Weverse. - What did you draw on Weverse? - I think he drew first on Twitter and then - You didn't see it? - I think he drew first on Twitter and then, - You didn't see it? You don't see Weverse? - I only look at comments. - he got bored. So I think he added another head. But that... - A fan created a real version of it. - Jung Kook. - Isn't it really good? - Jung Kook. Are you drawing one for each birthday? - If that's the case... - It's Yoongii's birthday soon. You shouldn't do these things without thinking. I won't see him again since I'll be really upset. - If he doesn't do it. - Seriously. - Sure. - Then what are you going to do about work? Jimin, don't expect anything. His face is turning red now. - His guy. - Seriously, draw me one. - I won't talk to you when I work, I'm serious. - Do it for me. - I can, I can. - I won't expect anything. - OK. Jung Kook made a promise. To draw a picture for each member on their birthday. He says he'll do it if there are more than 7 million viewers... And we just passed 7 million! Jung Kook! - 7 is important to us too. - It is. And we just surpassed 7 million, so do you have plans to draw? - Everyone! If the number goes over 8 million, - But... he'll do one for Producer Bang Si-Hyuk. 8 million! And Jung Kook has a sense of responsibility - so he always keeps his promises. - Right! - Of course! - It's like it's better to die than passion. - Right. - And talking about Mr. Bang, - Better to die than passion? - You shouldn't do that. - you know he was really sulking, right? What if we don't go over 8 million? - Then well... Hope you get home safe, Mr. Bang. - The... But I'll choose the picture. - OK, OK. - OK. - I'll choose the picture. Then I'll really pout about it. - Jimin, you... - Is it attractive? Is it attractive? - Stop it. - Then who is that we? - Who am I? - How many years has it been, everyone? - It's been 8 years, 8. - But that the most fun. - Right. Then bring something new to Twitter. I... that! I wanted to upload Namjoon's... - "Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life". - In "Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life", the hair. - A bit... Dandelion, dandelion? Dandelion. You can't recognize it's Namjoon. It's time to wrap it up, I think, everybody. - Dandelion or not... - It's a joke, the drawing should look awesome. "Bangtan Boys American Hustle Life", the old times. Let's say something each and wrap it up. Now about Mr. Bang... Sorry. - Now starting with j-hope, say a few words. - Me first? - Please. - Well, first of all... - This again... - Coming back, this is a V LIVE to commemorate our album release. - Right this. - Everyone, it has been newly released. This has stickers, and it's meaningful and it's a very significant album for us. It's released so I ask for your love and interest. - Also, it's really nice to do a group V LIVE in a while. - Right. I thought it'd be nice to make time to communicate like this. Everyone, to everyone... - Sorry. - Don't hold back and just cough. You're going to rain on me again! Something was caught in his windpipe... Anyhow, we really want to show how we're doing to you as often as we can. We will continue to do more shows so... - I love you. Take care of your health. - OK. - Yes, should I go? - Sure. - OK, I think that there are now 7-million ARMY watching. - Right. - I think the 6.9 millions watching don't know what this V LIVE is about. - Right. - Right. - This is - because out album has been released. - Right. Anyways, this release was possible because you were rooting for us and giving us your love - so I'm always grateful. - Yes. Also, I know the days will get better soon. - Right. - With nice weather. - With nice weather. - I hope the days get better soon... - Spring will come! Yes, this year! - I hope to see you! - Right. - I hold on to that hope. - We have to see you! - Right. I'll wait for that day, everyone. - OK! - Love you. - Our ending... looking at the comments now - there are lots of "I love you" coming up. We should also... - Yes. reply like, "We love you too". - OK! Let's shout it after saying a few words each. - OK. The timing was a bit too fast. - We're still going around. - Right. - I just wanted to say let's end it like that. - Aren't we all saying something each? His ears are red. - Jin! Are they really red? - You seem really sad! - No, it's because many are looking at me now. - Do you need to go to the community service center? Look elsewhere! - The community service center is closed. - That means he's really upset. - Jung Kook, a few words. - OK. What's important to singers? - What is it? - To sing well and dance well and release good albums and - communicate with fans. Aren't those it? So... - You're right. - we... - Why are you moving like this? - Me? - Right. - Can't stay still. - Are you on a seesaw? How, how. Do you need to go to the bathroom? We, what is it... Good songs are coming out, one by one. So, we'll come back soon with great songs to meet you. I think you should look forward to it. - Next, V! - Yes. First, ARMY, I've missed you so much and I think it was really great that we had this time to communicate with ARMY through V LIVE. We'll be back soon for another show like this so ARMY, stay safe, and people say it's really cold because of the last cold snap - so stay warm. - Multiplication cold. We will come back someday with good music. I love you! Yoongi Min. I think it's been a long time, and I'm doing my best to rehabilitate. Rehabilitation is really not as easy as you think, seriously. So, - I'm doing my best to rehabilitate to come back to you. - You can do it. Yes, I've gotten a lot better now so I'll try my best to show you a performance with all members as soon as possible, everyone. Watch out for cold during the last cold snap and see you soon. - We should. - Jin. - Jin. These days, I've been - really bored with no concerts and not being able to do things. - Right. It's only possible to try my best at whatever I'm doing. I just want to meet ARMY soon. I want to see ARMY soon. See you next time! In this present situation... well, things are getting better. Let's believe and we are grateful that we could release this album with all the love that we received with these cool stickers thanks to you. We have been practicing hard and like Yoongi, rehabilitating and exercising... - preparing good music and doing our best. - We are taking care of our health well. Yes! We'll be so very grateful if you could wait just a bit more. Take care and be health during that time and I love you. - Lastly. - OK, Jimin. Show your cute head. - Now your faces up-close... - Right. - We should show them, right? - Jimin, when do you plan to give the shoes back? - It's Taehyung's. - It's mine. - Everyone, a few words. - It's the same? - If you unpack the "BE" album well, you can use this as a bag, everybody. - j-hope. - Doesn't it look like a clutch? - Don't over do it! I don't think anyone will use it. No one will use it, OK. - Let's all get in... - OK. and wrap up, can we do it? - A bit... - My butt hurts. - Me too, really bad. It really hurts here. - It really hurts here. - It really hurts here. - There is no cushion. - Here, seriously. - Stretch. - It's just wood. - It's really hard. How should I hold it up? The angle is narrower than I thought. You got so big. - Huh? - I won't be in the shot. I won't exercise anymore. Wisdom tooth. - I need to lose weight. - It went over 8 million. Now you need to draw Producer Bang too. - Can't escape. Look forward to tonight! Is it Producer Bang? You're starting with Producer Bang? Producer Bang will be included. It's been a long time since the seven of us did... It's nice to see us all fit in the camera shot. How should we wrap it up? - Wait. - We... - Careful, careful. - I'm good. - Let's finish with Jin's idea. - What was it? - We love you. - All together. - We... You say it first! - What? - You know, like, we love you. - I love you. - I'm hurting, it's hard. - It's difficult. ARMY, we love you! - Stay healthy! - Bye-bye. Get out! Show me!