ENG SUB INDO SUB 200307 2 Days Before Min Sugas Birthday

- Okay! - Voila! - Hey everyone! - Yes! Let us begin this live. - This is a surprise live. - Yes, it is. This is what we call a surprise live. - Surprise live! - I thought he would tell something special. - Do you know what day it is today? - It's 3x7=21! - It's March 7th. - Yes, 7th. - Two days away from SUGA's birthday. - And we are seven! That's why we're doing a live on the 7th. Wow, and we are seven. - Wonderful! - So quiet. - It's 7 o'clock right now, right? Is it seven right now? - j-hope! - What? - We turned on this live at 7:03 pm! - It's fascinating. - I know. - I got goosebumps. - Wow, j-hope. - He did it. - You're great. - Anything else related to seven? - I thought it's 7:30. Something else? There are seven heads here! I believe you didn't imagine we would turn on the live. I'm sure. Say something, you three. - Nothing to say. - Hey! "Hey" out of nowhere. - It's just an exclamation of surprise. - V, say something. That's just a clap. We can still feel that hold on, hold on. - Yes. - Hold on, hold on! We cannot help thinking about it. - We cannot. - Right, still into it. - Hey! - Okay. Let's get started. - Me? - Yes. - Me? MCeeing? - Yes, you'll be today's MC. - Anyways. - Do you need an MC today? - Because you're Jin. - Right. - We're going to just talk to one another like this. - Right. Do you mind if I interrupt a little bit... - We... - Why are you cutting in? - Okay! - Just cutting into the heart of ARMY? - Just cutting in! Oaky, we have not much time having conversation with ARMY. - Yes. - So we wanted to spend some time with you. That's why I convened this gathering. - Great. - Always... - You are always the one who does this. - I proposed. - Right. - Are you happy with it? Shout out loud! Though we are not seeing one another in person, we can take advantage of this Internet thing - Right. - We can see you through the Internet. We're so lucky. Yes, so we've been doing our promotion these days. Oh, are you MCeeing now? I'm not going to do that. - Okay, Jung Kook! - No, I don't want it. - No, no, no! - Go, Jung Kook! - No, no, no! - MC! - Just give it a try. Okay, promotion activities in Korea over last two weeks. - We've done so many things. - Yes. - Let's say How have we felt about it. RM, you go first. - Okay. - Let's give a presentation. - Okay, raise your hands. - Okay, teacher. - Yes, actually... Yes. We've done pre-recording several times without ARMY. It was a bit regretful. - Right. - But... We did recording for two episodes consecutively. - Yes. - Right. - So we feel some ups and downs in our emotions. - Right. - That's what I felt. - j-hope. - j-hope. - Actually... - Why do you have so many drawings on your shirt? - Do you know who bought it? - Hey, j-hope. - Oh my god. - It's been a while since you last wear it. - You're feeling good. - Good! - That's... that's the same as my jacket. - Really? - Really? - I too have... - Fake? - Jealous. Anyways, yes. So it was difficult to get cheered up. Due to your absence. That's what I felt regrettable about. But at the same time, I had so much fun, because we've practiced a lot. Yes, I enjoyed a lot. - Right. - And I imagined you watching us on the monitor. That was a driving force behind me. j-hope! - I... - JK. - JK! - JK. - I... - Are you crying? - Why are you crying, Jung Kook? - What, do I have to laugh? - Why are you making him cry? Do I have to laugh or something? - Why are you making him burst into tears? - Jung Kook, why did you get late in the morning? I got late this morning. - JK. - That... We're getting closer to the end of our promotion. I enjoyed a lot. I wanted to give energy to ARMY. Though you were not with us. We need to cheer ourselves up, and give you more energy. That's what I thought. - Yes! - Do your best! - Yes. Anyways, do you hear us well? Yes, I can hear the voices really well. - Worried about a long distance. - It feels like we're just next to them. We should get this point. - We... - What? - I know what he's going to tell. - We got so many awards. - Big applause! - Yes. - So thankful. As RM said, I also felt, your absence. - Right. - Yes. - That absence... - was huge. I felt some void in my heart. Nevertheless, we got the awards, it made me feel really special. I have no idea how to express that feeling, but that touched me in a different way. So I was so grateful. Our promotion has not been so long, but we'll try our best until the end. So that you can enjoy watching our performance. It was great at "Music Bank" yesterday. - Legendary. - That ending cut. - Right. - Normally, we could hear screams from our fans. - Yes. But just silence yesterday. - It was kind of embarrassing. - With Jung Kook. - Full of silence. - So quiet. - Yes, it was a bit embarrassing. Yes, looking at my face on the screen. - I couldn't stand it. - I believe ARMY loved it, though. - It was not easy. - ARMY power. - I imagined that scream. - Oh, you professional. - Anyways, - Staying healthy is the most important thing. - Yes. I wonder how you're going through this, but I hope you stay healthy. - Stay healthy! - Yes. - V? We've been to... James Corden Show and Jimmy Fallon Show, right? - Jin, it was so seamless. - Good job. - What? - So seamless. - Really? - No seam at all. - Yes, I like it! - Good job. - V! I got this question out of nowhere... Let's reflect on our activities abroad. V, how did you feel about it? Corden Show, Carpool... Jimmy Fellon Grand Central... - What impressed you that most? - Shot a music video... - Grand Central... What we've done at that place, that is the most memorable one for me. - Back then... - Slippery. - So slippery. - Yes. While getting our hair and makeup done, we saw that... - From the second floor. - Yes, when we saw that for the first time. - Yes. I got goosebumps back then. - So tall. - Overwhelmed. - That scale... - So tall and... - Yes, thrilling. - So overwhelmed. - Birds were flying everywhere. - Birds? - Inside? - I saw the nest. - Yes. - Yes, I heard people see that. - Really? - Nest? - Yes. - So surprised. - So many detailed on the ceiling. - It was way much bigger than seen on the screen. - Yes. And it was an honor to, be able to be on that stage. And at the Jimmy Fallon Show... - Was that the Jimmy Fallon Show? - Yes. - Right. - Good. - We just did "Black Swan" at the Corden Show. - So... - Also Carpool. But on the stage... Just "Back Swan". - That was really nice. - So much fun. - Great. - That one. - Waterfall. - Camera... - Right. There was a waterfall, and the water was falling. Waterfall LED. - That is worth remembering. - Right. - That color. - Blue. - We're easily likely to spoil our first performance. But the first performance during our promotion this time... - It's called legendary. - And I agree. Don't take it wrong. The first one is kind of burdensome. - We... - We can be a bit awkward. - I understand, but they can get it wrong. - Not used to all the motions. - Because we get so nervous. - So... - We... Once we learn choreography, it takes a long time for us to master it. To be honest, so nervous during the promotion of "Fake Love", - Yes, during our first performance. - Right. Don't you remember? That was at the Corden Show. - Yes, so nervous then. - Everyone was nervous. - So high. - But this time, for "ON", and "Black Swan", so successful. Let's get started. - So much practice. - Yes. - Right. - Yes, we did practice a lot. At our first promotion activity in Korea, we used to be so passionate and nervous, - But this time, we'd already done it several times abroad. - Yes, already gotten used to it. - Yes. - Right. - Used to it. - I felt like we'd already done comeback in the States. - Yes. - We were being relaxed. - Yes. - Yes, not much burden. When we get on a car after practicing, we could feel sweats on our underwear. - What? What was getting wet? - What? Can you pronounce it clearly again? - T-shirt? - Underwear. That sleeveless. - Right. - Everything. - Under all! - That shows how we've been passionate. - Good. - V! - Unpredictable. - Enjoyed Carpool. - Yes, and we filmed a music video. - Yes. MV. - Right. - MV! - Tough time. That will be told by Jin. Jin! We filmed three music videos. One for "Black Swan" and two for "ON". That opening scene of "ON"... I went out for an early morning shooting. - Grass field. - I saw a wonderful view. So cold. - Yes, it was cold. - Some were lying on the ground. They were trembling. - It's cold after sunset in LA. - Huge daily temperature range. - Yes. - Too cold - Yes. - So I got a handwarmer. - I distributed them. - What I was worried about was... there was a scene where Jung Kook went underwater. - Too cold. - I saw his hands redden. - Yes. - You must have been cold. - LA... - Imagine we would film a music video in Korea in that clothing. - Right. - We could die from cold. - I agree. Don't you remember "Spring Day"? - Jung Kook. - That freezing cold. - It was so cold then. - Nothing. - Lucky. - Wow... the weather was freezing cold back then. That was the second most cold after "Spring Day". - I agree. - Yes. Jung Kook normally stands cold really well. I heard Jung Kook took a shower there, what was that about? - Shower? - It's not impossible for Jung Kook. Don't you have any sense? - No hippos there? - Why should there be hippos? Maybe two selves. No. The "Black Swan" MV is so impressive. - I like it. - Yes. - Good MV. - That place was... - An old theater. LA Broadway theater, as far as I remember. - Dusted one. - That... Yes, abandoned. Already... It's not operating anymore. But lights were still working. It was kind of place for filming. - Oh, that's why it still has electricity. - Yes. Yes, it was cleaner than expected. - Yes, it was like a studio. - But it has its own atmosphere. - Unique one. - Yes. - Old... - Than expected. - We thought it was not so big. But it looks bigger on the screen. - No, it was large. - Really? Sorry. - That place in "Black Swan"? - That... - Sorry. - You don't have to be sorry. Something special... Anyways, we're the ones who perform on the stage. There are a stage and seats for the audience... - That impressed me. - Yes. - After shooting! - I liked that MV. And those items there. - Daily old items. - The place itself was.. - Not the same as normal studios. - Right. Okay. What's your favorite scene in the MV? All of a sudden? We haven't talked about the main MV for "ON" - So seamless today. - Today... - Cute. - Hold on, I can't remembers. - Today... - Who knows that full name? - Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima. - Kinetic Manifesto. - This is the full name. - You were so hurried. - Right. Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima. - What, V? - Main version. - What? - Pardon? - Kinetic Manifesto Film. - I have no idea. So difficult. - Manifesto. - That weather was hot back then. - Yes. - Too hot. - Yes. - Too hot. - Cold in the morning. - Yes, cold in the morning. - I have no idea how they found such places. - Same. - There are those who do that. - We were facing the sun then. Many asked where that place was. - What place? - Some dam. - That one. Kinetic Manifesto Film : Come Prima. I heard many shootings have taken place there. - Really? - Artists. - Who knows the exact meaning of that? - I know. - What does "Come Prima" mean? Coffee? - It means "just like at the beginning". - Close. That would be correct. - What's this silence? - Just like at the beginning. Not that soju. - No soju. - Close, soju and coffee. - I like that dance MV. - Let's now talk about... our favorite - Let's talk about that. - Moving on seamlessly. - Oh? - So seamless. "Dope"... - After "Dope". - After "Dope"? No, no. "Save Me" and "Dope. - Plain air? - It's been a long while since we filmed that dance version MV. - Right. - They say it's interesting. You mean, Kinetic Manifesto Film, right? - Yes. - Yes, that one with the difficult name. - Yes. - Let's make the name shorter. - Pardon? - But that's... - Something film. - Dance version. - Dance version. - Kime... - MV dance version. - Dance version. - Dance version. - Yes, dance version. - Yes! - Dance version MV. - Okay, dance version. - I like it. - What? It was all natural lights. So we could go home after some time. - Yes. - Go home after 5 pm. - Yes. - Right. - 9 to 5. - It was regrettable for me. Our shadows change over time. - Right. - So it was regrettable that, we cannot use this scene if we use this scene. And some members who film later, they had a tougher time. - Why? - Because they could not, enjoy the full sunlight. - The sun went down so fast. - Yes. - Did we have individual shootings? Individual ones. - Yes. - No individual ones in manifesto. - Nothing. - Yes, we had ones. - Manifesto... - Did we? - That dance break... - I pretended we had one. - Anyways... - Anyways! - Hey, RM. - We... - We... - You didn't do your best! - Kinetic Manifesto Film. - We... - I'm listening. We filmed that MV for 7 days, which is long. - Yes. - In a row. - To be honest, I thought it would be tough. - But we had enough time. - Yes, we went home at 5 pm. - Right! - Yes. - It was nice. - Every one of us... - I liked it. - I liked it! - It requires many days, but good. - I agree. - It seems that, - we're saying it to our agency. - It's better than filming through the night. - Well... - We're saying it to our agency. - But... - Labor cost... - Better. - gets double. - To be honest... - But it requires two days. - It's the amount that could be shot in a day. - Yes. - Yes, but we spent two days. Then the cost goes up. - More time means more money. - It... Yes. - Realistic! - Yes, SUGA? Good. - Right. - Favorite. - Some wonder that one. - What? That drone. - The one which flies. - Like this. - Is there such a scene? - Yes. - Yes, yes. - Your scene and dance break. - No, no. - Is there a scene in which that drone was controlled? - Yes. - Yes. - At the end of the video. In a contents video, we can see it flying like this. - Really? - We'd never tried it before. - So I loved it. - For me, it was really impressive. - Seemed so excited. - Yes. - I heard he's really famous. - Yes. - He filmed things like buildings. - I saw his works... Great. - Gliding on the buildings. - So he wears glasses. I was afraid if drones hit me. - I heard that it doesn't hurt you so much. - Really? - He's a BTS in his own field. - He's a great pilot. - BTS. - There are guard lines on the wings. - So it won't make you feel hurt. - But... Drones are so fast. That would make me hurt. - Of course. - But you can evacuate from it. Let's give it a try. - Slow. - Slow. - We can talk for a couple of hours. - Yes. - Endless. - So we're talking about our favorite scenes. - Yes. - Please vote. - Favorite scenes. - I love that one. - Drones. - And my face. - Drones. - I... - In the "ON" MV... - Let's take turns. I like a scene where j-hope raps while Jung Kook is lying behind him. - Right! - I agree. - I was sleeping. - Jung Kook was grumbling. - And a crow flies by. Jung Kook came on time for that. - I... - To lie down. - Before j-hopes' shooting... - Sad. - Didn't need makeup. - Makeup done. - Went there for that. - I was lying down. - In fact, - it doesn't matter you lying or RM lying. - Or SUGA. Anyone in that clothing would be enough. - Dunno. - You did like this. You don't have heart in it. - Heart! - That matters. All episodes. - Yes. - That important word, heart. Favorite scenes? I have some scenes that I come to my mind. I remember Jung Kook ran. - You're a good runner. - It was like a movie. - Yes. It's hard to run like this. - Yes, that's what comes to my mind. - Let's be honest, you enjoyed it, right? - I remember that. That computer graphic. - That CG... - It was a bit like "METEOR". - Yes. - I thought it was like gaming effects. - I thought it would have required a lot of money. - Gaming effects. - Everything can be related to games. - Okay. Anyways, and that nature. - It was like... - A national park. - Yes. - Right, trees all around. We were not allowed to cook there. So we had to go somewhere else to eat. - Yes. - But I still remember... We got endless snacks. - Yes. - Right. - But... - That snack was really good. - I loved it. - But those things that I cannot eat. - Avocado, seafood... - That sausage was a real one. - I loved that shrimp tempura. - Right. - Shrimp tempura! - That was... - Tempuras on a plate. - A large number. - Great sauce. - Shrimp tempura... - That... - I loved that sauce. - American style. - Yes, American style. - Snack time. - I ate them after they got cold. - I don't enjoy seafood. - Yes. - You looked happy watching us eat. - So delicious. - Yes. - Jung Kook couldn't eat them due to shooting. I got him one, but he refused it. - You did? - So I ate it up. - No, I ate it. - One that I brought you? - We normally eat foods like stir-fried rice cake. - But those snacks were American style. - Tempura... - I was in shooting. - Sad? - I love Korean foods. - Anyways. - I enjoyed the time spent in the U.S. - Me either. Okay... - What. - What? - So cute. - No, let's continue. - Okay. - What? - Nothing special. - It's funny to see you try to MCee. - I liked that. - Yes, V? - I like that part. In the "Black Swan" MV, - Jung Kook does this. - What's that? - From below. - From the second floor... - Lying down? - No, just moving his upper body while leaning. - Like this. - I love that mood. - That one! That was not planned... - Yes. - I did this, and the director asked me to do that again. Holding my legs like this. - And I leaned backward. - Sounds dangerous. - Right. Like Michael Jackson. - Yes, it was cool. - My shadow Jimin. - Was my shadow j-hope? - Yes. His and your shadow. - Shadow... - RM's shadow was me. - Shadow disappearing when Jung Kook went home. - Who was that? - Yes. - Maybe acting? - No, that... - That was me. - But Jimin.. - Was that our members who are good dancers? That was done by those who were staying there. - Oh, yes. - Really? "You should do that". Jimin was done with his own shooting, - But... - Held by him. I tried to leave. But he said "Let's shoot one more scene". - "Okay." - He... He danced and played with shadows. - You would be able to see that. - Later. - We filmed that video. - Really? - Yes. Director tried really hard to respect our opinions. - Yes. - We've worked together for a long time. - Yes. - Love that teamwork. - That... - He always asks us to give him some ideas. - Right. - Always. He says "I have no idea left, give me some" even when he has plenty of ideas. He has plenty of them. And he asks for ideas again. - "Just stand still". - "Do anything you can". Good teamwork. "Jin, do what you've been doing". No detailed explanation. - "Just do anything". - "Do what you've been doing". "You can do that". I can see something over there... That awkward one... I wondered who will say that. I will. - I'll do that. - I wondered... - how should we start. - I did it. - Be careful. - I'll do it for you, guys. - Hey, RM. - What's that? - That one! - What's this? - What is this? Dragon ball? - Our seven capsules. - seven capsules. Okay, we should untie these. - Do you remember what you've written in them? - We... - I don't remember at all. - We wrote a letter to... - us seven years later. - I don't remember what I wrote. - Why do we open it already? - Message for seven years later? - No. It was like New Year's resolution, goals to achieve... - Okay. - Are we going to open them? - Seven years... - It's only been a week. - It was the goal for this promotion. - Yes. - Goal! - Seven capsules. We're opening these at the end of our promotion. RM, let's read them before destroying them. That won't work. Like a potion. - He's so... - Let's start from j-hope. - Watch out for your finger. - Oh no. - It's caught. - What should I do? - What should he do? - You should try it like this. - That's why I did this. - Like this. - Okay. - How can it be pulled out? - I did it. - Okay. - RM is having a hard time. - How can I take it out? - Can I go first? - Wait, I think I cannot. - Really? - One who gets it out first will go first. - I'll go first. - You did take it out? - Okay, V! - Let's start from V. My wish is that all the members, my family, friends, and ARMY stay healthy. - I hope everyone would be happy. - Good. Louder please. Okay. - Let's listen attentively. - Please listen to V. - Jimin, focus. - I wish everyone isn't hurt. Members, family, friend and ARMY, I hope everyone stays happy. - It's important. - Yes. - What should I do? - Do you believe it's been kept? Things are not that good... - Yes. - Recently. I still believe there will be good days coming. I agree. I'll go next. - Did I write this? - I took it out! - I failed to keep it. - Did you take it out? - This. - What was yours? - Why did you pull that out? - I failed to take the paper out. - This... - I think I can take yours out. - This... - Where's mine, Jimin? - I have a problem. - Should cut it. - Do you have scissors? - Yes, but it's not being cut. - But I believe you remember what you wrote. - I don't remember. - It writes that I wish to be loved by you. Sorry, I'll cut it. - Step on it. - Be careful. - I think it would be better to cut it. - Not okay. - Can it be cut? - It's heartbreaking. Nothing's changed. How about making a crack? No, I can do it. - It's dangerous. - Be careful. - Done. RM, you should remember that. - It's so hard. - I don't remember it at all, sorry. - Really? - Yes. - It's too hard. - I think... I didn't write something special. - Okay. - Be careful. Too hard. - Wow, it's so hard. - That must be bulletproof. - Wow, what a class. - This. - You can cut this. - I cannot put scissors into it. We have a problem, everyone. Jin, go ahead. - Okay. - But... - Jimin, it's okay, give me that. - What a mess. - No, stop it. - Come on, I'll read that. - Try to remember it. - Let's say what we remember. - It's even harder to take it out. Anyways. During the promotion, what I wish was... I wanted to go to work in my MV costume. - We have "Ingigayo" left. - What are you talking about? I'll take pictures of you. - I thought we've done our promotion. - No, we have one left tomorrow. You can have a runway there. - Yes. - There haven't been cameras but... - Understood? - No. - In that costume. - Hey. - Everyone's eyes are fixated on this. - What costume do you want? - Me? - Yes. - "Ba Anything. I want that Western style costume. - "ON" costume. - Western? - That would be cold. - Yes. - The weather... - That would be... - Or... - RM's costume was a real one. - Hey, then... you can wear it at the airport. - You can try that. - That costume should be cleaned up. - Do you want mine? - You can wear the costume at the airport. - Okay, "Black Swan" at the airport. - All-black suit. - This is a promise. - You should keep this. - Right. - Let's see. - But... - It reads... Go to work in a MV costume if we get number one at "Music Bank". I didn't write number one. It's wish... - promise that should be kept... - Thanks. - We want to see you get what you want. Because we're family and friends, Jin. Okay. - Ok - Great. - What did you write? - But... - I thought we would go to "Music Bank". Do you like it? It's just... I wanted to make our fans enjoy. But maybe they don't enjoy that. That can change things - "Jin, why did you do that?" - Since that camel feet... - another legend is being made. - When was that? "Idol" promotion? - Yes, "Idol" camel feet. - That all-white costume. - Camel feet. - Camel feet. - "Idol". - You should try that one day. - Please. - Okay. - I'll give it a try. Mine is Show everyone how well we "7" can get along after "7" years of teamwork through "7" album. How about starting English studying Vlog? - Give it a try! - Doing that would... - help me study English. - Wait, what? - What did you say you would do? - Vlog on studying English. - I can keep track of it. - SUGA's English. - You should have started already. - No. I'll start it after this promotion period. His Vlog might be less than one minute long. - Today's Vlog. - Why are you getting embarrassed? - "Today's vocab". - Don't get embarrassed! I'll keep on track every day, but I won't post them every day. - Maybe a video per year. - Every day... - No, no! He just forgets it and takes a selfie just before going to bed. A, B, C, D, E, F, G... How to learn English well. Before we start studying, - we often find good examples. - Yes. - Many tips. - Master English just in a month! - I found what would be effective. - Just trying hard. - That's the truth. - You can become lazy. - You know. - We often wonder how we can get there faster. You should just BEGIN! - Yes. And cleaning up the desk for an hour to start studying. - Anyways, SUGA's Vlog. - Did I really say that? - Please look forward to it. - I'm not sure when the first video will be posted. Anyways, I'll do that. Staff members from our agency say they'll film it for him. - Okay. - Hey, this should be kept. - I... - You should make a promise. How long will the video be? I'll keep track every day... after 100 days... or 200 days I could make a video. - 10 years later. - "I studied for 100 days"! "I did it"! "I'm 38 years old". Anyways, I'll give it a try. Done? I'm the only one left? - No. - Me. - Several of us. - We've just done with 3. - Four more left. - Okay. - Who's turn? - JK. JK! I wrote this. I'll become a better person and artist, so that ARMY will be able to see a better me. - And English! - And English! - Okay, join the Vlog contents. - Okay. Wait, and this "And English" thing... - It seems that you copied from someone's. Did you? - Yes. He copied mine. - He cheated. - "And English" in a small font. I told him why on earth he was copying this one. - Can I say something, Jung Kook? - Yes. You've talked about studying English for 5 years already. - I'm doing this. - "Ten years later". - "Finally"! - "We..." "100 days"! Okay, I'll start from something simple. Show the best performance to ARMY. - And be thankful. - You can show them right now. - That's what I wrote. - Being thankful to manager? - No, express my gratitude every day. - Every day! - But... - It would be nice if you show the best performance right now. Sorry, I didn't do it every day I forgot about it. Sorry! ARMY is the best! Oh my... - True apology. - I'll go first, j-hope. - Okay. Jung Kook tried hard to open this, but nothing special in it. I wish a great luck, as our album has number "7". - Lucky. - Lucky. - What luck? Rather than luck... - Anyways. - Don't talk about luck! It was so lucky to be awarded thanks to you. Just kidding, despite difficult times, and it's lucky to be able to continue our promotion activities. - Yes. - Right. - To be honest... Maybe we would not be given any opportunities to, - Right. - show anything to ARMY. We've already talked about it. - It's a relief. - It's so lucky to be able to continue activities. - Yes. RM, don't you have any plan to study? - I... - Why do you want everyone to study? - Do you have any plan? - He doesn't have anything to learn more. - Spanish... - What is he, a genius? I should learn more. I thought RM has already mastered everything. RM? Please learn how not to destroy things. RM... I think it cuts out for RM to study physics. - Don't you think that would look nice? In his glasses. - RM... - No, he will destroy things in a lab. - He... - Maybe drawing? - No. - That would lead to a problem. - Scary. - I will study English harder. - Okay, good. - You should be cautious. - Studying English. - It's j-hope's turn. - Wow, he studies more even though he speaks English that well. - Let's move on. - Letters in green. - Yes. I want to make ARMY feel that the 7 years was worthy. What do you want in detail? - How can you do that? - Well... - Just... - Please explain it using your body. During our promotion, I wish you feel good to be BTS' fan, that's what I wanted. We've been BTS for 7 years. - Right. - So that 7 years, I hope, would be a meaningful time for you. I hope so. - Not yet. - Oh, really? - Need more. - Yes, you need more. You should try harder. Okay. Okay, let's talk how we feel. - Done? - "7". - Done? - Yes. - Done? - "7". - I feel like I should do something. - Okay. Who wants to go first? How I feel about reflecting on that 7 years? Yes, the 7 years. - How I feel about wrapping up this promotion. - Short. Recently, we're watching our debut videos a lot. Why are you opening your eyes like that? - Okay... - Expert says... - Videos that have not been disclosed. - Yes. - A lot. - Yes. - Many videos that have not been disclosed. It's been 7 years, and I now understand why things were so tough for us back then. Why? It's just hard to see us do something. - I agree! - It was not us who went through difficult times. - It's just hard to see us... - Right. - I agree. We went through times that were not so easy. - Why... - Viewers must have had difficulty watching us. That's what I want to say! - Yes. - I wondered why we couldn't get successful, even though we were trying our best. - Back then... - There were good reasons. - A bit of a burden. - Bitter. - But there are always reasons for the outcomes. - But thanks to those difficult times... - We would be able to be what we are today. - Yes. It may not have been possible without those times. - That's important. - Those times served as a foundation for this album. Yes, maybe we've given up at around 5. - Let's make album "5". - Our last album, "5". - That would have happened. - Adding some meanings to number "5". We could have done it for 7 years, because we could reflect on ourselves, and media often help us look back on our past. - We always keep vigilant. - Right. - Yes. - Many media outlets. - We're doing well. And we should try much harder. That's what I thought. Especially while preparing for this album, we referred to, our previous albums... - Yes. - Right. - Right. - Those reminded me of our past. I felt really happy when this album was released. We'd done working on that album long time ago, right? - Yes. - Last year. - We remained patient. - Yes. - Looking for the release... - We worked on this one for a long period of time. - Yes. - Yes. - Right, I... We have a 10-month period, so we could practice harder. That led to a better-quality album. - We finished recording last October, right? - Yes. We practiced our choreography really hard, - Right. - so when I watched that practice video, I saw everyone's level has been upgraded. That's what I felt. As Jimin said, Jin and RM have seen their dancing way much better. Wow, Jin, he's become really a good dancer. I'm not saying RM is not good enough. - But... - I didn't feel upset but... - I feel like I should feel upset. - You two are really cool. - Jin. - And SUGA. - SUGA? - Dance break. - What dance break? - MB. - Biting his lips. Please show it! I've never thought... - that SUGA would do that. - Please tell us that story. SUGA's gestures were possible thanks to that practice. What? What? Tell us! - What? - You are talking about it, right? - Yes. That lyrics, "even though knees are getting on the ground"? SUGA practiced that gesture for more than 1000 times. - How? - More than 1000 times. No, 127 times? He was doing something continuously. He practiced that part really hard. Because timing is really important for that dance. You must not lose a single note, - He will not do that. - to successfully do that. - So thorough. - Timing really matters. So thorough. - That was really surprising. - Jin's part. - I have my favorite. - What is it? "Rain be" your eyes... - Really? - I really love that part. RM, we've been dancing for 10 years. - A decade. - We've become better. - Even the nature changes in a decade. It's difficult to evaluate myself. - You can do that. - But you look so cool when you do this. - "Black Swan". - This part. - "Black Swan". - This, this. - It's fascinating to step on one foot. On one foot? - You can see me lose balance in that practice video. - You can easily see toes. - Toes! - During the promotion activities... That 7 years is indeed meaningful to you. - To RM too! - Yes, meaningful. - Meaningful. - Time full of meanings. - To everyone. I remember j-hope dance for "Like a G6". - Do you remember that? - So long ago. - I got goosebumps. - A decade ago. - Wow. - I first met RM. And... With Jung Kook! - Ending - RM was a good dancer. - Our teacher said... "Why did they bring these boys? There's nothing I can do with them". I... I was a good dancer. - Before j-hope joined us. - Yes. - Firm foundation. - Oh my. - Stop talking about that. - Let's talk about our latest album. - In the end... - No! Don't want to see it. - In the end... It was a perfect gesture. Yes, this. - RM... - How about talking about 7 things that we like? - Pardon? - 7 favorite things. So seamless. Let's get started. - 7 favorite things. - Seamlessly. - RM. - RM! - Stolen. - No way! - Stolen! - What? - Leaving? - Mom. - Dad. - Dad, sister. - Kidding. - I got goosebumps when I heard RM. - 7? - Only 7? - Stolen. I would do that first. RM, j-hope, Jung Kook. - Jimin. - Jimin. - V, Holly. - Goosebumps. SUGA! How about Jin? Holly is his - Holly... - Because Jin is holly. - Okay. Jin, your turn. - I... - To be honest... - too many. - It's... - ARMY. - That's necessary. - And.. Dad. - Mom. - Mom. - Brother. - Brother. And BTS, Big Hit Entertainment. - One more left. - One more? - Business relationship. - Producer Bang? - Who's the last one? - You should choose PD Bang Sihyuk. - One more. - Earth. - Earth! - We are the world. - Peace it is. - That's why there's "earth" in your lyrics. - It's perfect. It's "moon". - V. - It's not "earth", it's "moon". There's "earth" in the lyrics. - But actually that's what I wrote. - Okay. - Right. - I forgot that I wrote that. - V. - Things that you think you like the most. - Yeah, 7 things. - Yes. - 7 things that you like. - Just say what you like. - Yeah. I like cockle bibimbap. - That's good. - Delicious. - Cockle bibimbap's so good. - Soybean paste stew with Blue Crab. - That's delicious. - Beef brisket and pork belly. - For real. - What's beef brisket pork belly? - You know what to eat. - Beef brisket and pork belly. - Soybean paste stew with Blue Crab, and beef brisket and pork belly. - Nothing upscale, yet. - Really? - Yeah. - But they're all expensive. - So... - Beef brisket is expensive. I think there was a main meal, and he ate 5$ worth soybean stew with Blue Crab as a dessert. - Okay. - Beef brisket was a good one. Next, - gimbab with vegetable. - gimbab with vegetable! - I like that. - And you shouldn't cut it, and eat as a whole. Yeah, you seem to enjoy it. - You just use your teeth, right? - Next. - And... My mother's sandwich. - Mom-sand! - Mom-sand. So delicious. My mother's strawberry juice. - Korean beef. - Korean beef? - Isn't it 8? - Korean beef. - I think I said 7 things. - Korean beef. - Korean beef! - Korean cow! - It's good. - I've focused on food. - Food! - Best food! - Korean beef smells good when it's raw. I've eaten various kinds of beef, travelling around the world. - But really, Korean beef is very delicious. - It's lovely. Do you know Korean beef? I don't know which grade is the best one though. 1AA... 1++, I guess. - But there are so many pluses at the end. - 2 pluses are the best. I once saw 1++++... Next, Jimin. - It's hard to pick 7 things. - Jimin! I want to pick something that's not related to our work. - Good. - What's in your mind right now! - What should I do... Nowadays, I enjoy unboned sliced raw fish with a glass of soju. Unboned sliced raw fish is good! - It's really... - What's up with your voice? - You're doing that? - Spicy fish stew, spicy fish roe soup, codfish soup. You might end up throwing up, but... - Why are you... - So it's all food? You sound like an old man! - My ears are reddening. - Only a few left. - Next. - And... I like watching movies while eating all that. Why am I so embarrassed? - You can be honest. - You know why? - The way you speak is embarrassing yourself. - But I am embarrassed. You won't be if you don't speak it like this. I... - "See these bullet marks on my left chest?" - "I like eating sashimi with some soju". - "There are 6 marks". - You won't be embarrassed If you speak like this. Speak normally. I enjoy driving with my friends these days. - Driving! - Driving. - And... - And? I don't really do something these days. No, you have what you like. - What? - Pork cutlet? - No, Lemona. Oh, do I? - Do you like Lemona? - You like that and Hyundai Motors. - Yeah, that one too. - FILA, FILA. - Galaxy. - Don't you like this too? I'm done. That was my last three. The next member should mention FILA. FILA, FILA. - That's it! - See! - That's FILA! - Are you watching? - Are you watching? - Are you watching us, Mr. Sponsor? - That was my idea. - That's crazy. Call 02-3444-010 please. - Next, Jung Kook. - Next. - So that's how we should do it. We're working hard, Mr. Sponsors. Your favorite things. - What are they... - You like sleeping. - No, no. - You like being late. - Being late. ARMYs. - They're the first. - How about being late? He's insisting. - And my family. - Family! - Your family members... - Tell us about them. - You should - You really should. - You will make them sad. - Mom, dad, brother, Gureum, and me. - You're including yourself? - And? - I should love myself. - Love myself. - Sincerity. - And? - BTS. - You almost made me sad! - Yeah, yeah. - And your family. - That was three, and the rest... You did all 7, including your mom, dad, Gureum, and yourself. - So I'm done? - Yeah. You're making him sad. You weren't included. - You made me sad. - SUGA's done. - Done! - You made me sad. - Okay. - Jung Kook, you want to continue? - You done? - It's j-hope's turn now. - You done? - I was told so. - Why do you seem sad? - He wants to continue. - Please continue! - We're in an awkward situation here. - No. - Please continue. - You had 3, including ARMY. - His family, BTS. - BTS. - Food. - You had done only three. - Food! - He likes food. - I... - That's too broad. - Food is... - I can like more things by that. - He's smart. - Really? - The way I should make a wish. - I like eating so much these days. I gained 7 kg in the U.S. - I promised to lost weight, but... - Why are you speaking like that? "One bullet mark on my chest here"... You remind me of that line. - "One mark here"... - "Here's one too". "Your Honor". - Concerts. - Yeah, you should include that. I'm so happy while doing a concert. - Commitments? - Concerts! - Concerts. - What else... - Why can't I hear clearly? - ON. I like that. - Vitamin. - What? - Vitamin. - I like vitamins. - Vitamins! - Vitamins. - He likes nutritional supplements. - He's just saying some random things. - We don't normally think of 7 things. - A massage chair! - TV! - Filming a video. - Yeah, filming a video. - Done! You're done. - Filming a video. - Why are the members deciding what you like? I like a lot of things. But it's really amazing that Jung Kook often films videos of his family members. - Yeah. - That's cool. - Family members... - Don't you like studying English? - Stop. - Remove filming a video and add studying English instead. - Stop! - It sounds about the same. - Okay. - What was your family name? - "Aren't you two from the same family?". - "What was your family name?". - "What was your family name?". I'll be a bit specific. Add Jin to you list, j-hope. - j-hope. - First... - Jin. Meeting our fans. - That's one basic thing. - An amazing thing. - That's the most important. - Second, performing on the stage with you all. - That's another basic thing. - Specific. Other 5 specific things... One, playing a game at home after work. - j-hope's good. - I enjoy it these days. - Good. - j-hope's good. - You seem to - enjoy playing games. - I like that, and... Also, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. - I love it. - Morning coffee! - I love drinking some ice coffee. - I just love it. - I've come to love coffee too. - They are very small things. - A cup of coffee and... - And... Listening to the songs that I like. I like that too, listening to the songs that I like. Oh, I want to say something that I like. - Is there any artist that you want to collaborate with? - Hang on. - Now is not your timing. - All of a sudden? It was so natural though. - You were almost like a Billboard interviewer. - Billboard interview. You should answer such questions in the U.S. - What's your favorite song these days? - On the red carpet at Billboard Awards. Who's your favorite American artist? These days... - Sasha Sloan! - I didn't expect you would actually answer it. - I wasn't listening. - Anyway... - I like "Zabana" too. - Sasha Sloan. - How may did I say? - 5. - 4. Did I say 4? - 5. - Did I say 5? 2 left then? I like taking a nap if I have time. - Napping's good. - A nap! - It's amazing. - It makes me feel good. - A nap! - He really needs to get enough sleep. - But I have a hard time sleeping at night then. I don't. I can go to sleep well at night too. - An hour long nap is good. - And... It might not be so good for my health. - But I like eating at night. - Nice. - Night snack! - I can't live without it. - I'll tell you how you don't harm your health after eating late. - How? - Eat at night and sleep in the morning. Sleeping hours later after you eat, you mean. - It means we can't sleep. - Then... - That will help you digest. - That's not eating at night then, it would be dinner. - Yeah, it would be like dinner for you. - Right. - So, eat... - That's eating night snack in a healthy way. - Nice tip! - That's nice. - You didn't know? - Well... - Those were my 7 things. - A great tip. - An amazing tip. - Something you must know. - I thought you find it hard to wake up the next day. - Yeah, I do. - But I like eating late. - At least you're happy when eating. Yeah, it's amazing. - It's like spoiling yourself, right? - He usually find it hard to wake up the next day. But I agree. I feel more tired - the day after I ate at night. - Hard to get up. - Eating late makes me sick. - But we're willing to pay the price. - I'm fine after eating late. - RM, your 7 things. - RM? - First, our team! - Team! BTS, ARMY, Big Hit. - And... We're all one team. - Right. - So the team is... - He seems to have a lot to mention. He's calling all that a team! - You're worse than I. - You can just count Big Hit, and... - And... - That will... - I chose 7 foods. - Now I'm in an awkward situation. - I just wanted to meet your expectations. You should also mention Tim, who helped us during the U.S. Tour. Thank you, Mr. Tim! - Thank you, Mr. Tim! - You two are the same age. - Tim! - Thank you! - They're born in 1994. - A yo, Tim! - That was one. - So, team was one. Next, my families, friends, and relatives. - They're the important ones. - Aren't they included in the team? - They are. We're one! - They're team 2. - Team 2! - Team 2. - What about team 3? - Who's in team 3? - You have team 2, and... - Team 3. - Who's in team 3? - Bicycles. Bicycles and taxi. - The means of mobility. - They have wheels. - He loves riding bicycle. - Team 3. - My mobility! I went to work to Yeoido yesterday by bicycle. It was good. But you never buy one. There's downside to buying a bicycle. You should carry it around, taking it back to home. But now I'm just riding it to wherever I want to go. - You can just leave it there. - Yeah. You can just leave Ddareungi at a nearby rental place. - But that... - Really? - You can just leave... - Can't you just leave your own bicycle there? - Leaving my own bicycle? Say that you ride your bike to Jamsil. Will you just leave it there? - Where are you going? - What? - You said so... - Let me think of it, where I'm going. - That's not to talk about here. Anyway, Seoul Bikes. I love it. - And I love painting. - Painting! I know you do. I love coffee! I can't live without caffeine. - Can't live without it. - Then you would like caffeine boosters. - Is there caffeine booster? - Yes, you can have it before work out. - Really? - You have 2 left. - Okay. - I love beer, too. - Beer! - Right. You even brewed beer. - Right. I love beer, and the seventh I like is sweets. Sweets. Sweet snacks with honey. - Chips with honey. - Snacks! - Snacks! - That kind of sweets? The red bean butter bread. You know the kinds. What is it called? The...brown sugar? Brown sugar...I passed the phase. - I'm no longer interested in brown sugar. - Really? - Dalgona coffee is hip now. - Right. - It's in fashion. - I want to try that. - Stir it for 400 times. - Dalgona is put on top of coffee. - What? - I mean... - What are you talking about? - I heard you need to do lots of things. - No. You put sugar, coffee, and hot water. And stir for a very long time. Then you get foam and it turns into something like dalgona. - Take some of it and put water in it, and drink it. - Why are we listening to this? - Wow. He knows. - I've never heard of it. - Is it over? - Where can I get it? - No. - You have one more. - No, it's over. - On coffee. - Is it over? - I thought you put dalgona. - Why do you feel so bored? The seventh is dalgona coffee. - I mentioned food only. Can I get one more chance? - Okay. - Go ahead. - V's 7 favorite things. - Anyone else who wants to go again? - Communicating with fans on Weverse. That's right. You're good at it. - Communicating with ARMY through Weverse. - He's really good. - And gaming. - Gaming is good. Playing games with ARMY. That's how I relieve stress. - ARMY can relieve stress, too. - Relieving stress. - It's one stone, two birds. - Don't you feel stressed when you lose? I always win. - No. - He's talking about himself. - He recently lost. - But V is good. - He's good. - If you feel stressed when you lose, - that means you are not good at it. - It is? Okay. And I like eating squashed apple every morning. - Squashed apple. - I was told it's really good for health. - And it tastes good, too. - Apple's good. It's better to eat an apple than eating the juice. - Juice is not... - It's convenient. - That's how I like to eat. - Challenges right away. Eat an apple! - Why are you eating apple juice? - We shouldn't be eating juice. - Right away. - It comes out right away. - Did I do 3? - Eat the skin, too. And the 3rd one is to eat asparagus after work. - Asparagus. - Recently you can order side menu for wine, too. - Asparagus? - Grilled asparagus. - You seem to have delicate palate. - Grilled. - That cost only 3,000 won. But you have to meet the minimum cost to order. - When we were abroad, V and I... - You have to think of delivery cost, of course. - Are you talking about grilled asparagus? - Asparagus. - Grilled asparagus. - Grilled asparagus is good. - It's good with sauce. - I never thought you would eat asparagus. - It goes well with steak. - It's like... There's steak fried rice. - It goes well with that. - It's good. - And... - I think he's been talking about food for an hour. - Good. - You have 3 left. You've talked about 4 things. - You have 3 more. - I'm done. - You just wanted to talk about them? - Total of 10. - 10 things... - I thought he would come up with more. Anyone else who wants to go again? - Anything else you have other than 7 things? - Steak fried rice? - Asparagus. - You said you have something. - I forgot. - What was it? - Apple juice. - No. - I had something. - You are into Bluetooth speakers. - Right. - Why do others know better about what I like? Whenever I see him, he has a different speaker. Do you collect Bluetooth speakers? - He's a collector. - Can we get what you don't use? It's getting bigger. - It used to be this much. - Maybe someday he'll bring something like this. - It's getting bigger every time. - "What is it"? "It's Bluetooth speaker". - I have this big one in my room. - He may bring a home stereo system. Like the boombox. I collect CDs. - Which CDs? - Jazz. - Right. - Who's your favorite Jazz artist? - 1, 2, 3. - I shouldn't mention the name here. - Incorrect! - Really? - No. - Okay. I have no idea. - I just like their music only. - Okay. Good. Let's wrap this up here. How long have we done this? Around 1 and a half hour. - 50 minutes? - Wow, it's been that long? - 55 minutes. - I get why I wanted to go to bathroom. Me, to. - It's right out there. - It's crazy. I'm not sure if we are here to do a broadcast or just to talk. - It's been fun. - Don't you like talking? - Not at all. - I was just curious. - Not at all. - It's like talking with ARMY. - It was fun. - We came here to do this. - We missed you, so... - Right. - This is exactly what we intended to do. - Right. - We turned this on because we missed you. - We started our promotion, but haven't seen you. - Right. - So here we are. - It's a unique situation. - So... - You seem like unicorns to us now... - It's like... - I know. - What was it? - You can't see me? - Wow. - Everyone seems interested in acting. All we have a phone over there. But I feel like ARMY is over there, listening. - I get to imagine that. - Close your eyes. Around you... How many people are there? 4,2 million people? - There are 4,2 million people watching now? - 4,2 million ARMYs are around you now. - Can't see them all. - Can't you feel them? - 4,2 million? - Amazing. - Can't see the end of the line. - Can't you feel them? - I do. - I don't. There's none. It's not easy to feel them. So firm. Too cold. - Anyway. - Anyway, everyone, it was great to do this broadcast. - We would've been very sad - Right. if we didn't do this. SUGA, happy birthday! - Over there. - SUGA. - Happy birthday! - There's comment now. "Please celebrate SUGA's birthday". Hey. What did you do last year? - I was on the plane. - No, it was two years ago. - SUGA, blow the candle. - We didn't? How I remember it is I met my old beauty stylist. - Really? - Don't remember what I did last year. Today's V LIVE title is - two days before SUGA's birthday? - 2 days before SUGA's birthday... He joked about it, and it's the title. - SUGA, happy birthday. - Seriously. - Happy birthday. - SUGA, for you... - You are the hero of today's broadcast. - Suddenly? - Your gift is on its way. - How? - A Bluetooth speaker? - Lunch box? - I feel like I begged to have this. I thought something's been prepared, but there's nothing here. - What are you planning to do on your birthday? - You're supposed to spend the time with us. We should. - Let's take a photo and post it. - Don't run away. Sounds great! Okay! Let's make a promise here. - I was going to... - Promise. - I never heard of it. Let me tell you. I was going to my hometown, and we're supposed to go up on a stage tomorrow in my hometown. - So... I was going to spend the time with family. - Right. But they are not there. They are in Seoul now. - Family is... - You should spend the time with family. - Okay. - Or... - I just said it. - Right. - We are family, too. - We are. - It was our small wish. - It was. - I just remembered the wind. - Wind? Then, Jin will buy. Let's eat beef. Jin will buy. Jin's treat! - Let's take a photo. - Hey. - The receipt. - Let's have wine. - I... - Jin. - You know what? We eat a lot. - Jin, please. - I'll eat more than the time I paid. - Okay. - That day... - V spent a lot. - Really a lot. - Curious. - Jin brought this up, so... - Right. - Jin will buy. - Have Jin pay. - Okay. - Each of us bring a bottle ourselves. - Great. - Jin will pay for beef. - Thank you, Jin. - This is how... - Thank you, Jin. - Who's Jin? The oldest one usually pays. - Of course. - Now he's the oldest? Mr. Bang! - Mr. Bang is not your family? - I love buying food for younger friends. Mr. Bang... We don't share blood, though. - That's true. - Technically not a family. My family name is Min. It's originally from Yeoheung. - I don't know which Bang his is. - BTS Bang. - Mr. Bang. - But we are not brothers. He's our boss. When we have time, I hope we eat together. I hope you pays. - But... - I'll clear my schedule if Jin buys. - Dinner... - How can I think of money when it comes to our members? - I'll be early if Jin buys. - Because... Did you know how much I paid last time? - I thought... - If you want... I can feed you a gold bar. - You promised? - Okay. - I do want. - Gold bar? - Define gold bar. - Jin! Jin! - Define gold bar. No. Gold Jin! Gold Jin! His family name, Kim, also means gold. - Gold. - That's right. - Right. - Feed gold? - Changed the names. ARMY, thank you. He's the best MC. - It was so natural. - What are we doing now? - No. - Then, on my birthday, we'll be having beef that Jin buys. - Shall we do V LIVE broadcast on that day, too? - I have a plan on that day. - Let's do V LIVE. - I have a plan. - Jin will break up the plan. - What's the plan? Is it more important than SUGA's birthday? - It's a plan to eat with SUGA. - Of course. - He can't run away. - SUGA got him. Jin... - Then we will... - Let's finish this up now. - Okay. - See you at Ingigayo. Isn't it on tomorrow? - V, please say the final comment to wrap this up. - Right. - ARMY is here to see us. - That's right. Tell them to wait. - Can you do that? - Please wait. That would sound good. - Right. - We missed ARMY so much we came here and turned on V LIVE, hoping ARMY will enjoy this broadcast. We brought several themes and talk about some anecdotes for you. Hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much. Why didn't you say wait? - Thank you. - Please do wait. - Do wait. - Please say wait. - Otherwise we won't end this. - Good. Do it up close. - In front of the camera. - Did you go over there to do that? - We won't end this. - Okay. - Say wait first, we'll follow you. - Okay. - Wait. - Wait. Goodbye!