ENG SUB MULTI SUB Nizi Project Part 2 Episode 2

The personal level test finally began And there is stricter evaluation criteria If you are at the bottom rank 2 times, you're eliminated How much you improve after 1 month of training I will make strict judgments Improvement is important to debut The trainees began their stages For vocal practice I don't feel you worked on it at all No improvement Miihi's singing does not disappoint The moment you sang the first line I wanted to give you a cube Earns the first cube after an amazing stage Who will win a cube this week? Continuation of the individual level test Next participant Yes Part 1 rankings 13th place: Ayaka At the Tokyo camp, which trainees were memorable? The reason is difficult to explain but Ayaka's 4D tennis course was memorable A star quality test with natural acting confused A performance you won't forget Hello I'm Ayaka thank you bright A smile appears just from her appearance Did you practice a lot? Yes You can understand my Korean without an interpreter? Yes Can you understand if I speak without one? Yes There is no limit to the unpredictable charm of Ayaka After being selected, how did you spend your time? Other than singing and dancing practice I studied Korean First Korean lesson at JYP Can you write in Korean? nod Yes Why do you hate eggplants? Delicious...it's not delicious When is your birthday? Ayaka has been studying Korean I want to debut on Nizi Project The reason why she works so hard September 2019: final participant announcements Ayaka was selected as the last trainee I'm really not good enough I don't want you to be ashamed of your choice This chance was more important to her than it was for anyone else My song choice for the level test is Precious Love by Twice Vocal training thinking You did good on pronunciation practice Your pronunciation improved a lot However, your pitch is inconsistent You don't really know how to sing So it will be difficult from now on This test isn't the only important thing You have to improve your singing in 6 months The difference in my abilities and the abilities of the people around me I felt a big difference She painfully feels the difference in skill After all, dancing and singing Is very hard to do together It's hard but I'll do my best Saying that to herself again You have to sing it all in this voice It's difficult and there isn't much time Spending a lot of time trying to improve her abilities I want to smile And put on an effortless expression I want to appeal with expressions In order to avoid 13th place again And to improve I will change my mindset D-1 until level test final check What happened? Is something going well? Dance and expressions What's wrong? What happened? Nothing Ayaka put in hard work to improve I'm looking forward to it Please do Don't take 13th place again And in my own way I want to charm with my expressions The prepared performance is over What kind of evaluation will JYP give? What was your first dance move? Thoughts stop after a sudden question Something like this? The choreography she has been working hard on I was very surprised when you did that The roughness is gone Thank you It was better than Ayaka before The trainee that received bad evaluations Like Ayaka Honestly Ayaka Your singing and dancing abilities are unstable However You show the possibility of being a star You have received some good reviews Maybe from a certain viewpoint You might seem inconsistent Thank you However We are looking to see if you can debut as a singer If we just look at star quality and possibility You won't make it If you look at today's preformance Your singing and dancing has improved But its improvement I know Ayaka's abilities My expectations for you are lower than they are for the other trainees So You have to work really hard from now on But If you really work hard I think you'll improve a lot If you do your best And continuously work hard I think there is possibility If other people see you They may not understand the difference But as far as I can see You seem like a hard worker On your next stage I hope to see improvement Thank you I want you to work harder Thank you The stage unfortunately ended without a cube What will happen next? Next participant Part 1 rankings 7th place: Nina Hello I'm Nina thank you Nina showed her amazing singing abilities in Tokyo Although she was very young her stage was very impressive I thought it was really amazing She did so good in the vocal part When you hear Nina's voice I get goosebumps, her voice is amazing The trainees chose her as the best vocalist Your the youngest of the trainees right? Yes Is it hard? After experiencing 1 month of training? Whenever there is a lesson The fact that I can learn new things everyday Makes it fun for me What song did you prepare for today? Today I prepared Attention by Charlie Puth The song Attention Because of all the high notes It's not easy to sing You have to sing it very delicately If you can sing it well With power and your singing ablities You need to control your voice delicately If you sing it well it proves That you have no weaknesses when it comes to vocals The chosen song isn't easy for Nina JYP building Nina is practicing for her test If you listen to this song There is a strong rhythm But you're going a little faster than it The problem is you sing much faster in this song I'll sing slowly again You're in a rush to breathe Your sound is good but the breathing is too rushed And I want you to express your own feelings Continued to point out the details in the song Today I haven't done well in many ways I feel disappointed in myself Young Nina finds this song difficult Nina is practicing by herself Only a few hours left But it doesn't go as expected I have almost no dance I have to show my charm just by singing I'm worried Tough times Nina has to endure alone I want to meet my parents I miss my family A phone call to Nina? Nina Mom Nina smiles when she sees the face A long time since she's seen her family What did you do today? Dad made waffles today oh Her legs are flapping Do you miss me? So much Everyone looks so sad I want to meet you I wear your jacket all the time It's very difficult It reminds me of you The youngest Nina cannot meet her family and feels upset because of it Ah I'm just nervous Only today Don't worry about your abilities, just do your best in the moment I do my best to do that When I heard some advice for the test They gave me warm and supportive words It boosted my confidence Feeling confident after her family's support I want to do 100% of what I practiced I want to convey the emotions and feel of the song I hope he tells me he notices the feeling Can Nina express the feel of the song clearly? Thank you JYP takes a meaningful look What kind of evaluation will Nina receive? The fact that you are 14 I think it's impossible Thank you You can sing meaningfully and powerfully When you sand I'll Be Back by 2PM I saw everything When you chose this song I thought you would try to show a different side 1st How delicately you can sing 2nd How much you can express the rhythm However, when you tried to show your singing ability The small details while singing You missed a lot of them Your rhythm wasn't good at all A series of unpredictable events For this type of rhythm I should be able to feel it more A monotonous rhythm without strength I though you would sing it like that I know that Nina is good at singing Instead of trying to show your vocal power The feeling of the song The concept and characteristic of it I wanted to hear you sing considerately I think this is the point for growth Maybe I was too much Maybe my expectations were too high But I was disappointed in this stage Nina finished the stage without a cube You have to show improvement rather than potential If you think about the little details There were so many mistakes I was disappointed If I fixed those points, the song would've been better I will show a new side for the next test Will there be trainees who show growth Next participant Part 1 rankings 5th place: Riku Hello I'm Riku thank you nervous Honestly, when the 13 of you came out I was looking for you Because you looked pretty enough to be mistaken Thank you so cute What song did you prepare today? I prepared Who's Your Mama by JYP A surprising selection This song is a bit Like a player You have to sing it with a fluttering sound Riku is usually A straight and serious look I'm worried about how you'll preform this song Riku showed her calm charisma through karate Riku chose a song that is different from her past image In the car Riku's expressions is serious For the song Who's Your Mama we have 2 people 2 people decided to do the same song You're doing the same song as Riria for the test Especially since I don't dance well Riria has a very smooth movement She uses less power And seems so relaxed while dancing I felt that Riria really suited this song So I became anxious Pressure grows higher with preforming the same song JYP building RIku is practicing for the trainer I found a problem Your expression is too solid She tries dancing again She can't express what she wants to It's a bit difficult for me I'm preforming by myself So being told my expressions don't fit That was the most difficult Could't express the concept of the song At that time I had a dance lesson For my selected song Tears overflowing I'm doing the best that I can But I still couldn't do well I couldn't do it right And while watching others around me I think they're amazing but I couldn't dance at all Feeling like she's moving away from debut But I'll end the crying by today And practice details by myself Today was a thoughtful day Riku is practicing again with determination I definitely don't want to fail here I've never tried so hard I practice all day Lyric sheet with Riku's writing Riku practiced without rest and gradually regained confidence For Riku If it goes the way that I expect it It gives me a chance to evaluate Riku Will Riku live up to his expectations for this stage? JYP stares at Riku without saying anything Out of all the trainees who have been practicing this month This reached my high expectations Your dancing that I've been watching so far Because this was an opposite concept I didn't expect much I though if it was possible for you to express the feeling of a player Because just dancing to the choreography Is different than dancing with expressions Even if I woke up now, I could dance perfectly That was the feeling implied into your dance Riku now You're able to add emotion into your stage Not just great dancing But perfection The song's message is completely expressed It's impressive You were dancing very hard But your voice and pitch were stable Your ability to express yourself, dance, and sing Everything improved incredibly Riku showed a lot of growth within a short time I can see that you worked very hard And I want you to continue to do so Come here Thank you surprised The moment when her efforts pay off Cube acquired I was surprised I have always wanted a cube I've been practicing hard until today I'm happy that my wish came true Is it possible to Riku to reach 1st place? Studio is peaceful after the acquisition of the 2nd cube Next participant Part 1 rankings 6th place: Yuna Hello I'm Yuna This boyish outfit suits you well It makes you look prettier Thank you The length of the socks are intentionally different right? Yes If you think about it You returned to a familiar place (Korea) right? Right What the other trainees didn't understand Did you teach them about it? Is it like a company guide? I taught various things 3 year JYP trainee I don't know how to use this How to play music There are 2 lines You can use them both Yuna helps Nina, who is not used to the practice room thank you She helps the members anytime, anywhere Reassuring trainees with her presence What performance did Yuna prepare? The song I prepared for the test is I Don't Need a Man by Miss A I've been bright until now I wanted to show how a cool Yuna looks Yuna is practicing her song for the test Let's do it with singing Choreography while singing Overall It feels good The rap was good too Your movements are stable And your using the points well "Boy" sounds good Stable pitch even at high parts The volume is just right Yuna is steadily preparing her vocals In part one I recieved insights that I didn't like I work hard so I do better than in Part 1 I want to achieve better results I'll do my best However Yuna on the testing day Sad expression My voice Why can't I hear my voice I was a little nervous My voice became a bit quieter I was overwhelmed I feel nervous now Yuna seems to be nervous each time I expect To do my best every time even more now I felt relaxed but nervous at the venue After looking at the stage I felt a little nervous I thought I was nervous after all Pressure for pulling off the stage Can Yuna overcome her nevousness on stage? Uncertain sound What kind of evaluation does JYP have? nervous Yuna is like When you speak or sing It seems relaxed It looks like you are having fun But your voice always Doesn't come out as you want it to When you sing on stage Do you know why it's so unstable? Maybe I didn't breathe properly Which caused it to be unstable To put it simply After breathing deeply with your lower abdomen You have to use your stomach well Your throat will be relaxed And you'll be able to hear the voice correctly It's doing that now, but it's too late During your training period I think you've already gone over this The reason you couldn't do it today Was in the middle of the performance You were singing with the strength in your throat It came out weak You couldn't sing like you wanted to And you couldn't show your dance at all either Yuna is nervous after being criticized Until now The fact that you weren't enjoying the stage Is what I pointed out It was the opposite today In terms of skill, I was disappointed today Good work, thank you Yuna's stage ended with a regrettable evaluation Next participant Part 1 rankings 3 place: Maya Good luck JYP watching Maya's selection The song Maya chose I feel like it suits her well What song did Maya select that surprised JYP? I've never done a concept like this A mature concept Was what I wanted to show Maya selected a different concept to challenge herself All these are completed Dance trainer points out small details I think its ok to make the move bigger Big movements I have very small movements That's what JYP pointed out There are many problems with the dance The expressions and acting are great But all the movements are small I want you to fix that To fix it It was difficult for me Maya did not forget her own weakness Why did she chose a difficult song? You will be eliminated if you reach the bottom twice All my previous rankings were in the middle But now the top trainees are here If this continues I might be last Maya wants to show growth for this test to avoid elimination Maya has good lines and expressions but lacks power Maya started physical training to improve her power I did 2 minutes of plank Let's sing while running Nice I do aerobic exercises of 30 minutes And I do 2 sets a day Running around and around Gradually developing power for dancing My movement have stopped shaking A performance that you wont be worried to see I think That's right Maya has to improve her stiffness with hard work It's 2 days before the test My first time standing on stage I haven't had that experience yet I'm nervous and worried I thought it was the 1st step to my dream I will do my best Maya's Touch Was a really good song selection Maya has an actress vibe The song Touch suits her well Will she recieve a good evaluation? After finishing safely, what will JYP's evaluation be? You know what I used to say to you right? My movements are small No, it's a good thing You said that my expressions were good Acting Today, thanks to your acting I can't see any mistakes I really think that's your strength Thank you Above that Your dancing was so good Thank you Your lines while dancing were good Words that made the performance she worked hard on worth it Movement was accurate and the speed was good Maya showed improvement after constant efforts I think it was definitely better than before And your body control has improved I tried to fix what you talked about in Tokyo I put it in the back of my head as I practiced Your not doing any body exercises right? Plank Plank for 2 minutes And then ab exercises Everyone is good at dancing But if the center of gravity is changed, it will look bad So to be better at dancing So as Maya said just now Core exercises and plank are very important I also spend about 1 hour a day Exercising to build muscle This way the center of gravity will not move Your limbs will not sway What was impressive right now Is that her moves are so clean and accurate I asked Maya Because it looked like she was in bad physical condition But her dance was so good Achievements after constant efforts Everyday It looks like you're working to be a singer I want to give you an A+ Thank you Come here Maya is the 3rd trainee to win a cube Made with sweat and hard work everyday Cube acquired THANKS FOR WATCHING!