[RM] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [V] [JIMIN] [SUGA] [JUNG KOOK] [Run BTS -BTS x Manito Episode 1-] - Run! - BTS! Where are we? - This is the practice room. - A new practice room. Anyway! I've never seen anyone who attaches their microphone on a scarf. [Microphone on a scarf = J-Hope's fashion philosophy] I had to do it for fashion. - The creator of fashion. - When are you get rid of that acorn pouch? [The acorn pouch catches all eyes anywhere, anytime] No, this is very important. [All eyes on J-Hope's acorn pouch] - What's in there? - Now? - Yeah. - I'm expecting something big. - Nothing? - Nothing. - Then why are you wearing it? [The 94 line protecting his friend] [Curious] - That's just how it is. - What are we doing today? The theme of today's Run BTS! is "Manito and Games." [Manito] [Today's Run BTS! ] [Before the game, each will choose his Manito and also the mission against his Manito] [During the game, the mission must be carried out secretly. A mission success would mean he'll get] [the gifts for his Manito! If the mission fails or when their identity is discovered, there will be] [no gifts. The two in the 6th and 7th place will receive penalties regardless of the mission] [Presents that each member brought for his Manito] Everyone's arguing that his present is the best. [But it's for your Manito] - The best ever. - It's something I really need in my room. [Showing off his gift] - I bought something everyone needs. - Mine's what I need in my room. - I'm really curious about yours. - What if we don't need it? [Friendly young members doubting the eldest one] - You do. - Maybe it has water inside? - No. - Mine looks very expensive. - Oh. - Wow, really? - But when you think about it, it could be the most useless present ever. - Let's pick our Manito. - Yes, let's. [Manito: V → Jin] [Mission: Have your Manito tell you, "You're really smart"] [Manito: Jin → J-Hope] [Stroke] - What? - Huh? - You're my Manito? [V is suspected of being Suga's Manito] - Am I busted already? - I think so. He's the Manito! He touched his neck as soon as he selected a mission. Why? Why? Why touch my neck? [What's this?] [Mission: Have you Manito tell you, "Stop it now"] [Who is it?] [Manito: Jimin → Jungkook] [The members are swarming around Suga like hyenas] I think he's wearing perfume. [Heheh] I put it on this morning. Don't touch me. [Mission: Make a heart with your Manito toward the camera] [Complain] This is too difficult. How am I supposed to pull this off? [Deep sigh] [Manito: RM → Jimin] He said his gift is useless. It's easy! It's easy! [Mission: Make a V sign behind your Manito for the staff to see] [Confident RM dissing V] Stroking someone at the neck like Taehyung is too obvious. [Manito: Suga → V] [Mission: Make a finger heart next to your Manito] [Manito: Jungkook → Suga] You all sw the missions, right? Think you can do it? [Jimin disappears and then appears all of a sudden as Suga approached] Don't touch me! [Mission: Lock fingers and then hold hands with your Manito] When I saw just this, I thought it was the name of a dinosaur. [Manito: J-Hope → RM] [Mission: High five with your Manito three times or more] This is difficult. It's too difficult. [Manito: RM → Jimin, Make a V sign behind your Manito for the staff to see] [Manito: Suga → V Make a finger heart next to your Manito] [Manito: Jin → J-Hope Have your Manito say, "Stop it now"] [Manito: J-Hope → RM High five with your Manito three times or more] [Manito: Suga → V Make a finger heart behind your Manito] [Manito: V → Jin, Have your Manito tell you "You're really smart"] [Manito: Jungkook → Suga, Lock fingers and then hold hands with your Manito] - Did you all check your missions? - Yes. As soon as the first game begins, the Manito missions also starts. [Worried] How am I supposed to do this? [Focused] [Choosing the penalty for the 6th and 7th place] Choose the penalty for the last two. V, you're so not good at acting. It didn't even begin. [Maybe he's the smartest member...] Can't believe you're trying to fake things like that. You're so obvious. - I'll take recommendations for the penalty. - For the 7th place. - We arrange his clothes for the airport. - Whoa. [The acorn pouch?] For the 6th place, how about wearing this pouch during "MAMA"? [Alarmed] [Funny] No! I'm gonna wear this. [J-Hope has get 6th place to wear his acorn pouch] Then you gotta be in the 6th place. You should be in the 6th place then. Go ahead. The one in 6th place will wear that pouch. Or maybe eat three ramen noodles the night before the next V LIVE... [RM still wants J-Hope's acorn pouch] - A bloated face? - Wear this for the next V LIVE. Hey! I'm gonna wear this! With a bloated face... [Jimin finding Jungkook very cute] Jungkook, why are you so cute? [Ugly shoes?] [Please listen to J-Hope...] - And wear this shoes, too! - I'm gonna wear the pouch! How about this? For the 7th place, wear hanbok for "MAMA." - Not bad. - Whoa... - This isn't bad. [Suga hates the idea even before wearing the clothes] I just imagined myself wearing that. [Idea bank Jimin!] [That's me] - OK. - Then that's it for the 7th place. [Penalty for the 7th place, decided by idea bank Jimin!] Going to "MAMA" wearing a hanbok. Whoever gets this penalty will so be in a trouble. [Isn't that a good thing?] Hundreds of articles will be written about it, no doubt. Now let's decide on the penalty for the 6th place. You each have your LINE character, right? - Wear a costume of your character for next month's shoot. - Not bad. [Too good to be a penalty?] Isn't that a good thing? You get to promote your character. That's really cute, and you get to promote your own character. [The 1st place's character] - How about wearing the 1st place person's character? - Nice. [Members admit that he's an idea bank] - You're a real idea bank today. - What's with me today? - Let's go, man, - Jimin Bank. [Impressed by his own ideas] Man, I came up with them, but they're really mean. No. It's a proud thing. - It should be a proud thing. - V might lose on purpose. - Yeah. [V corners by the members from the beginning] You like that. He's excited over the idea of wearing a hanbok. - Then let's go. - OK. [Let' do this] - Ready, go! - Run! - BTS! The first game is the photo zone game. [With the keyword, jump to go inside the photo zone while the camera timer is set for 10 seconds] [The face and shoulders should be in the picture. Expressions, poses should match the keyword!] [If your face is not in the picture, or if your poses or expressions don't match the keyword, you fail!] [Order: Jimin & V → J-Hope & Jungkook → RM → Suga & Jin] [Who's up first?] Who should go first? [What concept is this?] To the front, with confidence! [First up is the 95 line, Jimin & V] - Let's go, 95s. - Give it to us. [Keyword: Flower cup] - 1, 2, 3! - Flower cup. This is easy. [Dissing Jimin] [Dancing] Jimin might not be in the picture even after jumping. [Focused] [Jump!] I don't think they got it. [Laughing hard] [Guess who the flower is?.jpg] [Everyone approaches the monitor, as if possessed] [Jimin disappearing while laughing] - Everyone. - Did they succeed? - No, failed. [Everyone's busy laughing] It has to be above your shoulder line. [Jimin's shoulders] - This is Jimin's best picture yet. - Hey, these are my shoulders. You got the best meme ever. [J-Hope is about to cry...] [Failed, as their shoulder didn't show!] Come one. Let's go for a second. - You guys need to do it at least 10 times. - 10 times. [RM carrying out his mission behind Jimin] How is that face... [Continued mission] [Engaged in a discussion without knowing] - So above here? - Yeah. Here we go. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Bullet] Bullet! Bullet! - What's a bullet? - Above the shoulder line. [Ready Concentrate] Just the face won't work. [Jimin almost levitated] Hey. [Are you OK?] Whoa. [Cracking up] [What's that?] [Members bursting out laughing like crazy] He looks like Count Asura. [Jimin's hard work] Jimin's gonna do all the work today. - Success? - Is that a success? [Suga refutes with seriousness] But it's cut off to the left. [Generous] Let them off the hook, since there are two. [Jimin & V succeed] - OK. - Let's go. [Jimin stakes his life on a single picture to avoid penalty] I'm staking my life here. [Keyword: Awkward Smile] Awkward smile. Awkward smile. [I'll show you!] Awkward smile? [Out of tune] Jimin didn't get in. He didn't jump right. [Jimin disappeared without a trace] No way! [Objection] Wait, I have an objection. That's not an awkward smile. [A strong argument about the smile] - That's not an awkward smile. - That is an awkward smile. [I won't accept it!] [Excited] That's not an awkward smile. [More than half say it is!] That's an awakward smile. [Keyword: Wink] 1, 2, 3! [Became timid] - Wink. - V, you're good! [Wink] [Confident] V's really good. [Fighting] [Jump!] He's not in. [Members burst out laughing] I can't hear the sound though. [The perfect wink.jpg] Wait. One of V's shoulders isn't showing. One of Jimin's eyes is gone. That's a fantastic picture. Despite the fact that I can't wink well normally... [Jimin & V succeed!] - Did V get it or not? - He got it, he's go it. Jimin looks really cute. You look like a fairy. - I'm an angel. - 1, 2, 3. [Keyword: Fear] - Fear? - Fear, fear. [Fighting again] [What did I just see?] [That was amazing] [Home Alone?] [Succeeded, no doubt] He's got it! He's got it! - OK! - Wait, wait. No. - No, you gotta accept this. - His shoulders are in. [Jimin succeeds amid praises!] - He's got this. - He looks really scared. You gotta admit this one. [Triumphant] - Such a good expression. - Should we do it again? [Don't touch me] - Hey! - Why? - Don't touch me! [Keyword: Comic] I like you. [Disturbing not allowed] - Comic? - Don't touch me, really. OK, I won't. I won't touch you. [Giving hints] Listen to the sound. Concentrate on the sound. [Again?] [Comic] This isn't comical. - It's being scared. - Jimin's right! [Both succeed with a big laugh!] OK! Jimin's just too funny. Both of them got it this time. [Impressed] Jimin's really getting it today. [Impressive presence] - Man, you did it all. - It's got some presence. [Keyword: Cute] [Chatting] - 1, 2, 3! - Let's act cute. [Jimin's kind explanation] Let's do this together. Listen to the sound. [Pfft] [Cute] [How does the picture look after the jump with a weird noise?] What's with that noise? [Do you see my fists.jpg] You failed. [Both failed. Cuteness cannot be found anywhere...] - Both of you. - Both failed. [Keyword: Heart] [Ready] - I can't hear it. - Move, move. Go to your place. Don't bother me. [Jump!] [The beauty of empty space.jpg] And then there was none. [Failed on the heart!] Failed, failed. - Next. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Expressionless] [Can't believe this] [Laughing] I can't be expressionless. - I can't make this expression. - Concentrate. [Fighting] - Oh. - They got it. [Expressionless 80 + raised cheekbones 20] - Wait, wait. Taehyung... - Taehyung is smiling! He's smiling, too. [No, it's definitely expressionless] No, I'm expressionless! [In denial] It's because my hair's floating up. That's called expressionless! Honestly, only Jimin's got it this time. [Jimin succeeds!] It's only me this time. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Sadness] Listen well to the sound. [They don't know the virtue of a win-win] [Nice jump] [And the result?] Both of them are not in. [All sadness in me.jpg] We look so sad. [I'm very happy] [Speechless at seeing the 95 line being sad...] - Taehyung's definitely go this. - I can't see Jimin. Only Taehyung's got it this time. [Rebuttal] But wait. The first picture had a similar angle to this one. [No one recognizes his obvious mission] Then we gotta accept the first one. Show us the first picture. No, you weren't in. Those are my shoulders. [No can do] - Your clothes just went up. - No, no. [Rumble rumble] [Spacing out] [Upset] Look, they're my shoulders! [Two of them succeed!] - We'll accept it. - Accepted! [Up next! J-Hope and Jungkook] This is so funny. - Are we doing it? - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword Hurrah] Hurrah. It's hurrah. [Jungkook, it's me] Be quiet. [Intimidated] OK. [Hurrah] [Amazed at Jungkook's jumping skills] Jungkook really jumped up high. [Hurrah] Wow. [No one can argue against him] - J-Hope! - J-Hope! - This is... [Can't argue against it][Both Succeed!] All right, all right. [Sorry... It made it...] That will be edited. [Everyone thinks it's funny] This is a little too... [J-Hope is so funny] - Next, next. - Let's go. [Shocked] - Did I really look like that? - It's hilarious. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Rabbit] - Rabbit. - What about rabbit? [Messing with him] [Focused] No way! [What's this one? The members burst out laughing] No way. [I'm the rabbit of this group. jpg] Come on. - Not this one. - He sure looks like a rabbit. [Everyone except J-Hope says yes] - Yes! - His face is like a rabbit. [Upset] No way. [Only Jungkook succeeded] - Yes. - Yes to rabbit. [The reason J-Hope failed is laughing hysterically] [Can't believe it] Poor J-Hope. You shouldn't push. [Yeah yeah] No pushing from now on. [J-Hope must be a angel re-born] No more pushing. We'll let this one pass. 1, 2, 3. [Keyword: Dreamy] Dreamy. [Jump] [How did confident J-Hope do?] That was really dreamy. [Dreamy] [Huge difference] [So hilarious] Jungkook. [The members are laughing at themselves] [This face has so many stories] It looks like you have a lot of history. J-Hope. Wait a minute. We can't see Jungkoo's shoulders. It's sideways. His shoulders are in the photo. His shoulders are in. [J-Hope and Jungkook are being complimented] J-Hope and Jungkook's acting skills... - Jungkook could be an actor. - It looks like a scene from a movie. [Now the question arises] Why don't your bangs move? [Confident] - I jump with ease. - Really? - Try it. - Let's say they both failed. [Jungkook's really good...] No to this one. [Worried] [Both fail!] - It looks like I'll be last. - Look at that. It looks like he's peeling onions. [Only RM cares about his friend] - The score is important. - All right. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Acting cute] We're good at that. [J-Hope & Jungkook are almost one person] - No bothering allowed. - No bothering. [They flew!] I fell too soon. [Cutie] [Jungkook is so good at this] This is awesome. - Your expression is unbelievable. - Wow. [So hard] - I can't jump in time. - His expression is awesome. [Analyzing the situation like a pro] Did I jump too soon? [Both good acting, but failed] We want to give you 1 point for your acting but... - Yeah. - The shoulders didn't make it. That's my shoulders. [The other members laugh at Jungkook's joke] Those are my shoulders. Let's go. - Go! Let's go again. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Blank face] - Blank face. - Blank face. [The actors are acting right away] [So funny] [Hush!] We can't hear you. [Do they have springs attached?] [J-Hope and Jungkook are so good] [Members keep laughing] [Blank face] - Yes to both. - Wow! - Hey, J-Hope! - No no. [Noisy] J-Hope! Are you like a collared-lizard? [Kind of uncertain] A definite yes to J-Hope but... Both of them didn't jump as high as their shoulders but we should say yes to J-Hope. [Strict] But no to Jungkook. [Only J-Hope succeeded] J-Hope did it perfectly. [Please be quiet] Since everyone is laughing so hard, we can't see... I mean hear well. - OK. - Please be quiet. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Sobbing] [Like a choir] Sobbing? We're looking forward to this one. You got to cry hard. Sob. You have to really sob. [Huh?] Too late, too late. Too fast. Too fast. [Perfection] - Yes! - Yes! [He's almost sobbing too] This was perfect. Jungkook doesn't look like he's sobbing. - This isn't sobbing. - They both passed. [Both passed~] - Yes. - Isn't he sobbing? [J-Hope & Jungkook both succeed!] - Yes. - Yeah, go. - Let's go. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Flower cup hands] [J-Hope does cute things well!] This has got to be cute. [V is disturbing them] [Will they succeed?] Yes. [Flower cup hands] Yes, yes. [Perfect] So well done. [They're good. J-Hope & Jungkook both succeed!] [Questions] They jumped separately. - But they both did so well. - They're so good. [They jump separately but both make it in the photograph] [Boasting] I jumped so well. [Jimin agrees] [J-Hope goes against gravity?] - In air. - He defies gravity. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Heart] Heart. - We look forward to this one. - OK. [Looking forward to it] I hope they make big hearts. [So well focused] [Jump!] [Suga can't figure it out] I really don't understand the timing. [Hearts] [Perfection] Wow, both succeeded. [Perfectly done!] Yes, yes. [He's amazing] Jungkook's bellybutton is showing. - Jungkook is... - Won't he fall over later on? Then that photo is out. - If your face doesn't make it, that's out. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Smile] Smile. That's not hard at all. [We're good with this one] We'll be fine. [So confident] [Jimin thinks J-Hope is so funny] This one is easy. [Jump!] [Upset] I went too soon. [Amazed] Jungkook is really good at this. [Smile] Well done. J-Hope looks the same from the last photo. [Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V] [It's like copy and paste] - Wait! - What's wrong with my hair? [Questions] That's not a smile. [Yeah, he is similing rather widely] He's practically laughing. [Argues] Jungkook looks like he doesn't know what's going on, not smiling. He looks like he's clenching his jaw. [J-Hope follows Jungkook] - No, it's a smile. - All right. [J-Hope & Jungkook both succeed!] It's a smile, a smile. [Admiring his own jumping skills] - I jumped so well. - You did. If your face doesn't make it in the photo, that one won't count. - Shall I try? - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Rage] [Everyone looks forward to the last word!] - We look forward to this. - Your face can go out. [Getting ready to show rage] Argh! [Rage!] [Rage] - All right. - They're really angry. [They succeeded the last one too!] Perfect! We bothered each other too much. [They realize it now] Yeah. It could have been either one of us. [Seriously taking off his shoes] [RM's 3rd try] What? Namjoon is taking off his shoes? They're too heavy. [Meaningful comment] Everyone, are you doing the secret admirer mission? Right. [V approaching somewhere] Don't come. I know what you're up to. [The little one loves Suga and Suga can't be bothered] Leave me alone. [Innocent] [Working on their mission (?)] 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Merong] Melon? - Merong, I think. - Merong. - Merong. [Where are you RM...] He's not in. [Not even a strand of hair] You're not in. [That's right...?] Isn't that Jimin's hair? [So funny] Why Jimin's hair is in? Okay. [V is crying (?) over here] Okay. [Hey, friend] Your timing is... [So weird] - I thought I made it. - The timing was way off. [Don't cry, V] 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Cute] Acting cute? I've never seen this timing. [V has disappeared while laughing so hard] The sound of beep is too low. [Jimin jumped with RM behind him] [Too funny] [The timing is late] Too late. [Hehe] Why am I so quick? [Failed, because only Jimin was captured] [He is serious] Am I too late? - I'm too quick, right? - Too quick. What should I do. Wait. Jimin jumps better. Each of you, jump with me one by one. - If you like. - Next timing. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Superman] Superman? [Ready to jump with him] [Behind, Jimin and Jungkook are ready] [Even syncing their pose] [Everyone's timing is different] You are too quick! [Do re mi] - Not accepted. - My shoulder is in. [Shoulder location is not clear] It's my arm. [Unfair] Ours was not accepted in a similar situation before. Yours were accepted. [As RM succeeded, J-Hope completed his mission automatically] - Accept. - OK. [Quick acceptance] - You both succeeded. - Alright. Namjun, jump alone. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Heart] - A heart? - Heart. - Get the timing. [Jump!] Well done. [Heart] Bro. Wait, that is not a heart. [Suga accomplished the mission secretly] Isn't this a heart? [Slightly different, but still accepted!] It is a heart, too. By the way, I'm worried that your soles would hurt. - I'll go. - Doesn't it hurt? [How can I teach that. RM asked how to jump without pain] How should I jump? Just jump. Okay, let's go. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword wink] [Wink expert RM?] Namjun is the wink expert. Seriously. [I am serious.] [What?] [Cute] [Why the hands...?] - What was the hand thing? - What was it? [Cute] [Wink] Why did you do the hand? [Succeeded with cute hand gesture!] - Cute. - We only ordered the wink. Nice! Let's go! 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Thumbs up] - Thumbs up? - Thumbs up. [Much expectation towards RM] Make it funny. [High expectation] I have high expectations. [Thumbs up] [Oh~] Slightly unclear. [Thumbs up] Accepted. Let's move on. [Like this] He stayed in the air like this. He jumps quickly and stays in the air long. [Keyword: Flower cup] Flower cup. [Will he make it funny enough to satisfy Jungkook] Make it funny. [Jumping with him with eyes] I'm not sure about this. [Frustrated] - Only his mouth is in. - He is kind of cute. - Let's move on. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Annoyed] - Annoyed. - Sounds fun. [Sharing tips] [Getting annoyed] Push your chin. [Ready] [Jungkook is happy thanks to RM] [Full of annoyance] [Perfect acting] [You are not really annoyed, are you?] - Accepted. - He is annoyed. [Perfect success!] - Very annoyed. - Accepted. - 1, 2, 3! - What is it? [Keyword: sobbing] Sobbing? You can do it in a similar way. Slightly upgraded. [Getting ready to act] [Eye-catching] Not sure. [Sobbing (?)] Bro, are you sinking? - You are like a terminator. - Facial expression was perfect. [Sobbing was done, but failed!] He did sob. [If only there was a point for face acting] I want to give him points for face acting. You may end up being at the bottom, bro. [Keyword: Expressionless] - Expressionless? - Wearing hanbok would be perfect for this. Are you pissed? [I do not think.] He is expressionless. [Because I do not think.] Isn't this annoyed face? I think this is the expressionless face. [V is clever. He is using mission statement.] He is smart. He wants to wear hanbok. [RM always looks funny] Not in, not in. [Succeeded with a perfect expressionless face!] He's in. - Okay, okay. - This is an ID picture. [Going even further] - Use this for your passport. - No, thanks. [4th try! Suga & Jin] Now, Suga and Jin. Basically the odds are against me. If I am the last, I'll wear hanbok and sunglasses. - OK, do that if that happens. - I will. Let's go. [Suga asking members] Please be quite. We have to listen. [The oldest bros] 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: refreshed] - Refreshed. - Refreshed. [I am refreshed!] Very refreshed! [J-Hop, distracting them with noise] [What was that?] [Puzzled] Why am I not there? You jumped too early. [Jin was fooled by Suga] He faked it. That is a jackpot, bro. [Members are amazed by Suga's fake action] - He is smart. - I thought he jumped too early. [Sensitive] Quiet! I can't hear. [He wants to keep the photo] Can I get a copy of this photo? - I love this photo. - It is refreshing. Quiet. [Both failed, only made members laugh] - That's not accepted, right? - Correct. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Goose bumps] Goose bumps. [Busy to act and keep members quite.] - Be quite. - Fake. Quiet. I can't hear. [Members disappear one by one as they laugh.] [What is this?] [The oldest made younger ones laugh] [(Both of them) Just the tip of heads] Be quite! [Clearly failed!] Be quiet, please! Quiet, seriously. [Gasping] I mean, we did that much before. I didn't think you couldn't hear this. - I can't hear anything. Quiet. - Be quiet. - Okay, quiet. - Hush. [Too funny] This is so funny. - Don't. - Quiet. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Sulky] [Self-hypnosis] [We are the most sulky on earth] Sulky. [Can't stand it] So funny, really. What. [Jin jumped twice and where is he...] This is not sulky. He's mad. [That's a mad face!] When I'm mad, like this... [V criticize Suga] Bro, your face is flat. - I'm mad. - That's not being sulky. [Jimin asks the leader to judge] Namjun, come and check this. Is this being sulky? - This is too cute. - This is too cute. [Suga puzzled] This is not being sulky. [Jin wasn't in, Suga was too cute, failed!] If you didn't smile, that would've been accepted. - Moving on, next. - 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Rabbit] Do this. - quiet. - Jim! Keep it quiet. [Funny] [Off beat...] What is that. [Rabbit] [Jin succeeded finally!] Done! [Older ones are mad at younger ones] I told you to be quiet! Right, you! Be quiet! [Oh my god, this is too funny] [Younger ones are scolded for no reason] We were quiet. This group is great, seriously. We jumped twice! Be quiet! [Will they be the bottom 2 as RM predicted?] I think the two are the bottom two. Be quiet. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Sentimental] [A good example of being sentimental, Jungkook] Just like what I did. [Hush!] - quiet. - Be quiet. [Now?] [Is it now?] [Jumping after the shutter sound, Suga and Jin] [And there was nobody.jpg] This is not related to distraction. [Jin is going crazy. Nothing works.] So funny. [RM still working on his mission] Our noise is not the problem. [What should we do with you] [Stop...!] Please, for us, be quiet. [Fighting back because they were quiet] We were very quiet. Be quiet. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: roar] Roar. Be quiet. [I want to, but it's too funny] [It seems they jumped well] [Everything is too funny for V] [Peekaboo] [Roar!] [Suga points out that his height is the problem] This is not me, but because of my height. [Jin succeeded!] Jin is accepted. [We can see the future slowly] Suga, you are going to wear hanbok. Suga, think of your hanbok. [Not yet] Be quiet. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Superman] Superman. [What?] [Members are trying not to laugh] [Hush!] Be quiet. [Laughing hard] [Jump!] [Suga is mad to bro] [There was nobody 3.jpg] [No one is in the frame, failed!] Are you spies? How can you be this bad? [The most said words by Suga: quiet] - Be quiet. - Seriously! [Too funny to stay sober] He must want to wear hanbok] [Suga failed all 7 attempts] I didn't succeed anything. [He is crying] Be quiet! [Hush] quiet. [How can he be like this?] He wants to wear hanbok. I can't do this, this is too funny. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Batman] Batman. [Ready with pose!] You know? [Jintman] [Off beat as always] Suga got it. [Wow] [I am the Sugatman!] [Suga's first success among 8 attempts!] Perfect! [Seriously funny] [The photo is so funny] You got 1 point. [Too busy laughing to acknowledge his success.] Now 1 point. Make way. [Chin pain from laughing] My chin hurts. [Very inspired] Give it to us. 1, 2, 3! [Keyword: Sobbing] The last one. [Fist] [Will it satisfy us?] Suga is good at sobbing. [Jump!] Boing, boing! [Very sad] Why are we not in? [There was nobody 3.jpg] [Timing seemed correct, but failed!] I thought you got it. [In doubt] How can you be so bad? They suck. The 6th and 7th are clear. [The last keyword] Let's make this last one perfect. quiet, quiet. [They have been quiet, but now even more so] - Be quiet. - Don't laugh. - Don't say a word. - 1, 2, 3! - This is the last, right? [Keyword: Bye] [Now, bye] [Muted laugh] [Quiet] [Hehehe] Quiet. [Jump] They suck. Seriously. [Screaming with laughter] [This is the true bye!] [Suga and Jin showed true bye, and failed!] [Too funny] [They are laughing so hard they can't lift their heads] [Jimin... Are you crying?] [Title: Bye (feat. Suga, Jin)] The photo's title is Bye. Use this as thumbnail. Game over! Bye! [Suga and Jin did their best] We did our best. - I'm crying. - I knew this team would be the highlight. Bye is the best. [He's crying cause he sucked and it's too funny] He finds it so funny that he sucked this game. Let me tell you the points of the first game. [BTS best photo show] [We learned how to wink from books.jpg] [I opened my eyes and the semester began.jpg] [Someone told me this would be cute.jpg] [Save me] [Run BTS! RM 6, Suga 1, Jin 2] [J-Hop 7, Jimin 7, V 5, Jungkook 7] [The second game] - Run! - BTS! The second game, everyone. [Full of will] What is it about. - I'll do my best. - What is the game? The second game is Spotting the difference. - Spot the difference? - I'm the master. [There is penalty, so everyone's more sensitive!] - I can't even find one. - Cider, correct! Those people wear hanbok, I think. [Fierce competition] Why does this make me so nervous? I did. What is the last game? [Shout! The last game] - Entrails! - No! [The loser is more important than winner this time] How can you get it wrong. It is not your fight. [Fierce competition to avoid the penalty.] Isn't it a refrigerator? [Run BTS -BTS x Manito Episode 1-]