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A charmer you can't resist❤️ Who is this idol? There’s no chance of getting out Even him breathing attracts more fans Today's One Day One Idol VIXX KEN Today's One Day One Idol: VIXX KEN In 2012, VIXX debuted with ! They're tall like models, average height of 180cm BUT these rookies debuted with cute concept! Later, VIXX became famous as "concept-idol" and attracted countless Starlights❤️ Among them, there's a man who's given me heart attacks with his huge gap btw being cool and being like an old lady... And his name is KEN❤️ KEN (Lee Jae Swan) // DOB: 04.06.1992 - VIXX's main vocal, musical actor, ★solo artist★ - Hobby: drawing (Stan's POV) Lemme introduce our Ken...no, Jae Hwan He's a vocalist recognized by the famous ent. for vocalists, Jellyfish! And his position in VIXX is MAIN VOCAL! There's no need to talk more about his talent❤️ I've been expecting his solo album CON❤️And here it is 8 yrs after debut❤️GRATS Wait...is it really his first solo album...? It's so sorrowful...this is crazy...😭 I was wondering how he could pull off such song since he's been a bright, lovable boy He's actually shown his huge love towards fans since debut - "I sang thinking about my babes" He expressed his feelings of not wanting to say goodbye to Starlights with such sorrowful ballad...! Our Jae Hwan is a genius cutie pie😭😭 Also, since it's his first solo album he focused more on his voice! So he doubled the amount of practice Everyone, here come the videos proving it! Lee Jae Hwan sining ballad is always right! Jae Hwan who loves Starlights so much thought, ★I should give cover vid to fans as a gift★ I'm grateful only with the existence of the cover but the cover is in high quality😭 (((He is the high quality himself))) Should listen to his voice at least once everyday😭 Oops the wrong video...! 1combo Lee Jae Hwan 2combo Ballad 3combo Sweetness overload Am I on my way to heaven...? He opened a Youtube channel so that he can communicate with Starlights And lovely Jae Hwan provided us a virtual room tour as his first video There's no idol like him srsly...😭😭 He films all moments of him being silly or professional - "I think I'm like a chameleon" I... Chameleon Lee... will show you everything★ When he's singing alone at karaoke When he's eating instant noodles When he's making Dalgona Coffee with all his effort When he's drawing a caracature of himself And when he's practicing piano! He films and films I'm just happy to be Starlight..😭 Jae Hwan's MBTI is ENFJ - "I'm a Protagonist" I think mine is the same...^^ I think we're the perfect match❤️ Why isn't his MBTI "LOVE"..." I mean everything about him is lovely😭😭😭 Now you might be hoping this video not to end Then you can simply join Starlight❤️ Even him breathing attracts more fans PROVED! ❤️Love ya Starlights❤️ Today's One Day One Idol: VIXX KEN