ENG SUB TR SUB EXO V LIVE Chanyeol Birthday Unboxing Obsession

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear CHAN YEOL, happy birthday to you. CHAN YEOL... There are so many great things happening today. Yes, today... You have to blow out the candles. Blow them out. - Blow them out! - Blow them out! - No, not those lights... - We meant the candles. I meant let's blow out the candles. - One more time! - Try blowing them out for the longest time ever. You need as much as wind power as you can gather. No CHAN YEOL, you're supposed to do it like this. - Why did you blow them out? - Sorry, I didn't think it would work. - You're supposed to... - OK. CHAN YEOL, you've already blown out the candles several times today, haven't you? - I blew out so many candles out today. - A birthday punch. Birthday knife, birthday knife, birthday knife. It's a day of many happy occasions. We made our comeback and it's also my birthday. - Finally, EXO's... - So they can see our album well. - Did you clean up right away? - Finally, EXO's 6th regular album "OBSESSION" has been released. - The music video and the song is out. - Yes. Since it's 7, the song is probably... - It's 6. - Now I'm... - It's 7 today, right? - 7:40. - This is V LIVE, right? - I wrote the V LIVE title as... - What did you write? - X-EXO... - We're 3rd place. Will we be able to get 1st place? Great! - For our V LIVE title, - Yes. I wrote, "Will it be X-EXO", - "or EXO"? - Yes. - What are we? - What are we? - Right now, we're just EXO... Are we? - Just EXO. - We're EXO... - I'm X-EXO. - Sit. - What's different? X-EXO is right. - It looks good. - It looks delicious. BAEK HYUN sneezed on the cake earlier. Don't eat it. No! So? Why are we here today? - Our album has been released in two different versions. - Yes. X-EXO and EXO version. - To be honest, we don't even know which pictures were selected... - We haven't opened it. - We haven't seen it yet. - We asked to see it but they wouldn't show us. Did they want it to be a surprise? - So we're going to open it up now. - Yes. - Is it called un-boxing? - Yes. - Un-boxing. - Unboxing... - Unboxing! Un-boxing is hot these days! It's hot! - It's hot! - This is the EXO version. - X-EXO. - This is the X-EXO version. Shall we open the EXO version first? - The EXO version first. - Starting from the outside. - Show us the cover. - There's a photo in the back. Before you open it, this is what it looks like. It's wrapped in vinyl. - So this is how it's done. - And... - We have to do this if we're going to do un-boxing. - Do what? - You're such an insider. - What's that? Isn't that "Mr. Sunshine"? No, don't you know what this is? - You're an outsider. - Come on. - Even I know this. - It's hard to have a conversation with people who aren't YouTubers. Come on... Since the lighting isn't that great, I'll try to get focus on this. This is what it looks like. - What's that? - That's how you do it. You hold something up so they can see it well. For the focus. - And if you open it... - Wow. It's a box. No wonder it was un-boxing. - Un-boxing. - Yes, this is what it looks like. Open it. - Do this one first. - There's a flag on this one. These are the flags. Open it, open it. Un-boxing. Un-boxing. - This is how it looks. - 'Obsession' What's this? - Photo card. - Who took the picture of your profile SE HUN? - SE HUN... What's this? - Give me a photo card. - I don't know. - It's a hologram. - What's this? - What's this? - Put your hand behind it. - What's this? - Look at this. - And... This photograph made it in here. Lysn. This photo was taken by our manager - on our way to get something to eat. - This is SU HO. - You took it. - There's one of every member. Really? All of us one by one? This one is the group photo. - Wow. - SU HO. - What? - There's information about auditions. - One by one? - Wow, so generous. - Let's see. - Really generous. So there are individual photos as well as the group photos? There is a group photo too. - In my case... - Let's go out one by one and... - What? - I was wearing a sleeveless shirt. Abs. Can you see it? They used this photograph. The photos were taken in a vintage setting. It kind of looks like war might break out any second here. Maybe it's because I've already seen the X-EXO version already but the mood of the EXO version is a lot more gentle and fragile. - As for this underwear... - I don't like this jacket photo, to be honest. - It's not from our stylist. - Too shocking? - It's underwear what I personally own. - Personally... Looks pretty great. Let me be brief. This is the first page. And my individual photos are in here. On the last page - there's this big photo. - Are we eating or unboxing? OK. Next. Here's mine. This is the cover. - This is you. - This is called a close-up shot. It starts with a close-up photo. I don't think we should reveal everything - Looked like holding a match. - it'd take the fun out of it. So I'll be brief. Like this. There's this cool place where I took these pictures. That's it. Among many photos, this is my favorite, so let me show you this. - This is my favorite photo. - So good. On the next page, there's a different photo. Hope you look forward to it. - This is cool. - Bye. Next. KAI. Flag. That's all. Are we done now? - CHAN YEOL. - I haven't. It's me. - I... - Nice pic. It's my birthday today. - Cute. - Last but not least. - Poster. - Can you guess who? - Let's take a guess. - Me! - How did you know? - Because I'm looking at myself. - It comes with a nice poster. - Is it hit or miss? - I guess so. - You're sharp. - Next. - You're so sharp. Who is it? You? - Let's open the X-EXO version. - Let's take a look. There is nothing on the cover. - E-EXO. - Looks like some sports team. - Cool. I'd like toe show you this. - It's our 6th studio album. - No. 6. - No. 6. This is cool. I'm going to meet and fight with these guys sooner or later. - X-EXO. - Tell us who wins. - I want to protect you. - I don't think you can ever beat them. - For real. - You know what? - There's new X-EXO account, - Right. aside from EXO's account. Did you know the way they write is different? - Really? - Right. - It's different. It's a shame. I don't do social media, so I have no idea. Anyways, the way they write is different. - Regular EXO account is nice. - Look at CHEN. X-EXO is kind of arrogant. - What's with this? - Arrogant? They won't last long. Why don't we get into character and talk like that? - If you're too cheeky, you can't last long. - All right. It's on. I'll be cheeky. - Hold the camera properly. - But we are EXO now. - Right. - No, we're X-EXO now. Hi. So these are the pictures. Personally I like X-EXO photos better. - Are you being cheeky? - I look like EXO now, though. - All right. Look. - It's okay to be cheeky, right? - Yeah. Is it my turn? - We're X-EXO now. - That one is enough. - Seriously. - Look carefully. - It's me. - I'll drop it like this. It's me. Just look. Look. How's it? This photo is my favorite. - You are X-EXO now. - It's my favorite. - There you go. - Did you see that? There you go! - Hey. - SU HO! Go! - Let's see how cheeky you can be. - Be as arrogant as you can be. Be a bad guy. - Like really bad. - For real. - Be cocky. See it for yourself. You went too far. You went too far. - I was just kidding. - Come on. - Get into your character, SU HO. - So lame. Geez, why is he so handsome? - What? - Come on. - What was that? - What was it? - What's wrong with him? - Geez. - He's got a nice body - What's wrong with you? - What did he say? - Looks amazing with red hair. Come back. - No, let me show you more. - Hurry up. - I really like it. What did you say? - And photo card... - Nasi Goreng! - This looks fun and exciting, right? - I can't do it, though? - You haven't already? This should have been revealed in a teaser, but our agency picked... - BAEK HYUN's photo card looks cool. - Cool. - Of course. - Nice photo. Looks dignified, right? - Dignified. - It's all different. - The poster is random. - I know. I mean this is... - 3 random photos. - The line is - Different. - Abs everywhere. Come back to your seat. As for this album, I'm not saying this because it's our album. It's different. - How? - Huh? It comes with lots of stuff. These days, an album has more than just CD. - These days. - If you're curious, zoom in. X-EXO. Nice. It's actually not been long since an album comes with so many stuff. Well... - I mean... - I'm just guessing here but... - what do you call it? - Hologram. - It's translucent. - There's this red box on the cover. - Right. - That's true. There's this red background here. And the EXO version has the same box. - You can put the card here with the background. - How? Let me see. - It's the background. - Let me try. - This could be a background. - Awesome. - This is one sales gimmick. - So observant. - I found it amazing. - Good observation. I think you're right. The regular EXO version has the same thing. - I can't help but buy this album. What a sales gimmick. - Sit down. Sales gimmick! - Now that I'm looking at the album. - Why are you drooling? - I was so amazed. - I loved it so much. - I think this is what it's for. - Sit down please. - If you place it here, it looks regular. - That makes sense. - Ordinary? - Anyway - These days, an album comes with lots of stuff. - I'm full. - With a bundle and whatnot. This is because lots of fans buy a copy of album these days. That is why we work even harder for the fans. Since they buy our album so we work even harder. So that's that. The CD looks like this. - Very simple. - It matches with the cover. - I love that. - This one is EXO, and X-EXO. - With the line. - Yeah. Our album came out. And we're making a comeback. We have two things to talk about. First off, we will have pre-recording this Friday. It's called "The Stage". At Bitmaru studio, we will have pre-recording. Also, there's this place which had a soft opening today. It's called "the PLACE" where you can see our photos It's in Itaewon. - Our photos are - exhibited. - Exhibition. - It's in Itaewon. - I have to check that out. I see. So please show us lots of love and support, everyone. We're coming back after a long hiatus. - It's almost been a year after "Tempo" and "Love Shot". - It's been a year. Yes, it's been quite a while. First off, we would like to thank all the fans - who've waited for a long time. - I'd like to thank you all. I also want to say that you've been waiting for so long. Have you checked out the music video? - I did. - In comments, - "Can't check it out because of this V LIVE". - Yes, I saw that comment. After this V LIVE, if you haven't, makes sure to check out the music video. Other than "Obsession", we have lots of great songs in the album. I like "Jekyll" and "Trouble". I also like "Groove" We all have our favorite track. I hope you don't miss out on any songs in the album. We made a comeback after a long time. I know that we can't always be satisfied. I'm sure any artists would feel the same way. - What? - I don't think any artists would be 100% satisfied with their album when they release it. - I've always felt that way. - As I expected. - I've always felt that way. - As I expected. We all share the similar feelings. We just want to do better and not be 100% satisfied. We also feel that way. But we didn't want to be too late... We tried not to keep EXO-L waiting after this year. That's why we're here. What the date today? - November 26. - 26th. - It's 27, actually. - 27. - How come you don't know. - It's CHAN YEOL's birthday. - You don't even remember the date. No, that's not... - I'm disappointed in you, CHEN. - Hey, it's my birthday. We came back on the 27th. We have all the events including year-end concert planned. EXO-L in Korea, we will be having a fan signing event. We will appear on variety shows and music shows. I hope we have a wonderful time together with EXO-L. And our fans overseas, we do have overseas events in December. Please wait a little longer, we will let you hear great songs including "OBSESSION". I would hate to cut it short but we are on schedule - so we have to get going now. - OK. Let's go around and really briefly - say that we're thankful and bye. - All right. - CHEN? - We had a schedule as a group today in a long time. - Yes. I was happy to do that. Most of all, today is CHAN YEOL's birthday and our album came out and we're on V LIVE to talk with you. I'm just so excited and looking forward to our promotion. Thank you. Since we're making a comeback in a long time, I'm so excited and nervous. I hope the fans like our album. I'm curious how you'd like it. I can't wait to be on stage as well. Please wait for our performance. I hope we build lots of great memories with this album and I hope you do too. Thank you. It's my first time to become the center in the intro. The intro is cool. - Stop it, please. - I am the center in the intro. - Please stop... - I have to get up with the strength of pelvis. It was something that no one but me could do, that's why I do it. He's really flexible. I'm flexible than you think. I can bend it backwards, not forward. I can't, forward. Anyways, Since you've waited for a long time, I believe it might feel special to the fans. We had "Radio Star" filming today. We finished it well. We will do our best during the next schedule. It could feel short, but I hope we wrap up this year well. So mischievous. You guys are so mischievous. - Pranksters. - You guys are so mischievous. - So mischievous. - You guys. It's BGM. Go ahead. I'm so glad to make a comeback for EXO-L in a long time. I'm really looking forward to our promotion. Even though... Even though we don't get to see each other really often, we'll be able to meet you on social media or V LIVE. Through various channels. Bug off. Please stop. It's actually... The lyrics are something I want to say to the members. - Anyways. - You're talking too much. I didn't even get to say anything yet. I didn't get to say anything. Anyways, EXO-L. All the tracks are great. Make sure to check them out and see you soon. Thank you. Hope you enjoy our album. As I always tell you, make sure to buy a copy per person. Got it? Hello, everyone. It's time to say goodbye now. It's an honor to spend this winter with you. As we kept you waiting for a long time, as you kept you waiting we will make sure to have a wonderful time at the end of the year. EXO-L. You don't have to buy a copy per person, like SE HUN said. Everyone, buy a padded jacket instead. Let's stay warm in this winter together, everyone. Please keep supporting EXO and X-EXO. - Looking forward to building great memories. - Please support X-EXO. Altogether. We are EXO. We are one. Thank you. Love you all. We love you all!