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No one is here yet. No one has joined me yet. You should hurry up. OK. I have a few viewers. Hang on. Everyone. I should wait till more people join me. A little more. Hello, everyone. What's up? This is my solo V LIVE. Welcome, everyone. A little more. OK, OK. Hello, everyone. I am reading the comments right now. Hold on, hold on. Let's get started. In fact, I see you're writing, "Lucas, Lucas" in the comments. But everyone. I'm terribly sorry but I mistyped the title. I'm afraid my friend Lucas didn't make it here. I should do it by myself. Are you disappointed... No, not Mar-cas. You keep writing it in the comments. Everyone, everyone. Hang on. Wait, wait. Everyone. Do you miss Lucas? Leave a comment, everyone. Do you want to see Lucas? "Stop lying". "Stop lying". OK. Among all the NCT members, he's my only No. 1 friend. Lucas! Let's get it! OK! Come on! Make some noise! Make some noise! OK. Good. - Everyone, what's up? - What's up, man? - What's up, man? We have to do this V LIVE really well. - Why? - No reason. You like us, everyone. Everyone, wherever we go, We always say, "My friend". - Just the two of us have never done V LIVE before. - Right. - This is the very first one! - Yeah, first! My first friend, you know? - OK. - It's the first one. OK. Please do that. - What? - That one... - Questions? - First off, In fact, we have a lot in common. Both of us are tall. And we are... Why are you smiling? We were born in 1999. Born in the Year of Rabbit. Both of us love watermelons. Both of us like... You like chicken, right? We like chicken. There's something else. We can speak foreign languages, other than Korean. - Shall we start from English? - OK. - International. Then you speak English, I speak Chinese. And then change? OK. - OK. - Me first? All right, yo! Everyone! I just want you to know. We're friends. We're at the same age. Of all the 18 members of NCT. When can this happen? We are here on V LIVE. You are watching it. It isn't fake, man. This is real. I hope you like it. Yo! - Let's get it! - OK! - My turn, my turn. - OK. I'm not good at Chinese... All right. Now, everyone. Today, I will have V LIVE with this guy, Mark who was born in 1999. I heard that many viewers wanted us two to have V LIVE together. So we decided to have one today. OK. - So cool. - Applause. - And... - And what? Your turn to speak English now? Now... Now that Lucas and I are doing V LIVE like this we thought it could be a rare chance. - So I practiced Chinese. - OK. - Shall we start? - OK. - You can do it. - OK. Everybody! Everybody! Everybody! Calm down. Quiet. I have something to say. We are friends. Please look foward to see us. - Look foward. - Look forward. - You did a great job. - Please look forward to it. Please look forward to it. - Right? Please look forward to it. - Right. - Look forward. OK. - Look forward. - Then I'll speak English. - In English. - Oh my God! - Let's go! My friend! - My friend is so cool. - So cool. There's something I've got to tell you. Aside from the fact that we're the only ones who were born in 1999 in NCT, actually... No one has ever thought that we'd be of the same age. But now we're saying we are the 99s and friends. - It's our first time. - Right. Right. You made a debut first. I was left alone. I was still a trainee. So lonely. Let's talk about when we first met. Right. This is really amazing, everyone. - When I first entered the SM practice studio. - Practice studio. When I first joined, - We first met on the staircase. - Yeah. - It was this building. - Yeah, in this building. So it was really... How do I put this? - What was that? A bag? - I'm not sure about the bag. - I said, "Oh, Mark". - I bowed down a little. - I thought you were... - Right! At first, the trainees had to say hello. - Back then. - Right. - So I said, "Hello, my name is" "Lucas". And I was asked about my age. - Right. When you revealed your age. - Born in 1999. 1999? It was not just me. Everyone else was stunned. That was the beginning, everyone. I was like, "We're of the same age". In fact, Lucas and I didn't get to practice together a lot. I didn't know he'd join NCT. That's why I couldn't get closer to him. After the debut, and after "Boss", - Then... - Nice. - Nice. And everyone, today we have a topic. What is it? Honestly, both of us... It's time to grow. - Grow. - We're growing. We're growing (with the honorifics). So what do you want from us? - What do you expect from us? - Expect... How would you answer? What do you expect? How? In the comments? - In English, - What he was saying was that we, as 99, 99-born children, or 99 born people We are the only ones in NCT right now. So what do you guys want from us? We're the only combo. You can... Whatever you say we can remember it and hopefully it will come true. OK. I'll say that in Chinese. I just said that we're still growing. We might change. How do you want us to look? Please tell us. OK. The comments. - Is that what it means? - Yes. - But it's... - How about in Korean? - Please leave your comment. - Please leave your comment, everyone. Actually we... Would they want something cute? Cute? But 30-year-olds shouldn't do cute stuff. Even 25-year-olds can't. We cannot do cute stuff, everyone. - How about something like "Baby Don't Stop"? - OK. "Baby Don't Stop". But everyone, you might be surprised. - If we do that. - "Baby Don't Stop"? If we do it? You covered lots of NCT DREAM songs. - Right. - Honestly, I was a little surprised. NCT DREAM unit is based on age. When it comes to age, he's around that age. - I saw their performances. - Mark, if I... joined NCT DREAM, it would have been unbelievable. It's the funniest thing ever. The funniest group in Korea. 100% - I mean, in the world. - But... I'm a tree, next to me is a person, and tiny flowers, those would be them. It was really... Honestly... That would have been amazing. It could have worked. Why don't you do it later? - You did it during SM TOWN. - Right. But is that different? That's a little different. But it's nice. - Next time... - Next time. Next time... Hang on. I saw some comment. Seriously. That idea is amazing. - What idea? - Idea. If you joined NCT DREAM. It'd be totally new. Real Neo Cultural Technology. I can't even imagine. It's scary. It's like a horror film. - Let's try it later. - OK. - Like a fan meeting event. - We could do NCT U. Anyways, we the 99s. we'll do something like this more often. Like Lucas said earlier, What was it? If you come up with any concept or ideas, - Right, we... - I'd like to try that. We know Lucas is quite a character, he can rap. That's what we have in common. Oh, Lucas and Mark, Mark and Lucas? Lucas. Or Mar-cas? Like this. I just made it up. Everyone. Let me tell you a secret. To be honest, at first my position was Vocal. I'm not lying! For real! Don't laugh, everyone. I'm serious. What? I really can do it well. But that was so sudden. I mean, I just mentioned rapping. Anyone can be vocalists. But it's kind of my goal. - Mine, too. - I really hope I can release my own song. Shall we sing a ballad song together? A ballad. A sad song. Oh my! Sounds great! Sexy voice. And it's low. Then I should sing a ballad song. Then our rap. Some funky rap. - Everyone, please suggest something like this. - Right. Tell us what you want us to try, - then we can do it. - You really wanted to talk about the vocal thing. It's a secret, everyone. I'm serious, everyone. I can't show you now. I can show you in about 10 years. You might be surprised. Let's do that together after 10 years, okay? As we mentioned earlier, we can speak not only Korean but English and Chinese. I can't wait. I never expected you'd reveal that secret. That's... It's amazing! Vocal. Let's get it. By the way, that comment... nothing yet? What should we do... A lot of them are just laughing. What time is it now? - 9:30. - Right! Everyone! All the 18 members did V LIVE in relay all day today. We're the last one. - Right. - It's 9:30. Finale! We are the ending. Lucas made us laugh so hard. - Good job. - Yeah. So everyone. Don't just watch. Tap the heart. I'll give you 2 minutes. Hearts! I'm sure NCTzen have sent so many hearts all day long today. - Right. - Yesterday, all the 18 members did V LIVE. Everyone, keep up the good work till the end. Send us a lot of hearts. The more hearts we get, the more heart you get. Since we're the last team, why don't we say something to our fans? Let's talk about how we feel and say goodbye. - Bye, bye? - Because it's sleep time. We're the last team of NCT relay V LIVE. What day is it today? - Thursday. - Thursday. - Thursday. Thursday. Wait another day. Then it's the weekend. - You can chill. - What are you talking about? - It's the weekend after tomorrow? - The weekend. - Right. - OK. Everyone. I've been so grateful. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You are so funny. Because you've helped us a lot. Keep watching V LIVE and sending hearts. You are so... - I really appreciate it, everyone. - Right. I'm thankful too. I can't be here if it were not for you. I'm truly grateful. Right. Everyone. Come on, leave a comment! - I think they will keep working on it later. - Really? When do we see each other next time? - They will probably send it after this. - OK. I'm afraid I've just laughed so hard. Lucas is so hilarious. From yesterday, 18 of us have done V LIVE in relay. Thank you for watching, everyone. Thank you for sending us hearts. We will do our best in return for your hearts as NCT friends. Like "Friends" - It'd be fun to try the "Friends" concept. - Right. After a decade, a sad ballad song by Mark and Lucas. So funny. Please look foward to it. And... So shocking. Everyone. Two of us... We're just funny guys on V LIVE. But we rock the stage. Check it out, everyone. Check out our performance on YouTube. We look awesome during our performance. That was so out of the blue. In my opinion, when you get closer to the camera, it means you'll say something big. If you get closer to the camera, I need to be nervous. I'm not wearing contact lenses, so it's hard to see. By the way, our V LIVE... And Lucas... - What? - You're so funny. We'll do this more often. Look at your hands! Seriously. Baby's hand. Baby's hand. Did you see the picture? - Seriously. - A picture on the internet. - Which one? - Which one? - I have big hands. Place it like this. A big hand. Then your hand is chicken hand. - Was there picture comparison? - Yes. Comparing your hand and my hand? That was hilarious. I laughed for one day. No, you should really watch that. - Send it to me. - That is super funny. OK. It's getting too late. By this hour, I think people are having a meal. What? Right. Yesterday, Doyoung - treated all the NCT members pork belly. - Right, right. - Right. - I was really surprised. I ate so much yesterday, but he ate more than I did. - I kept eating from start to finish. - Right. I think Doyoung mentioned it on some radio show. Because of the singing in an SM workshop, - Right. - He got a prize. He'd promised he'd treat all the members. All 18 members got together yesterday. Yesterday, he kept eating till the last moment. He started eating the earliest. He kept eating till the end. - I should eat a lot. - Right. - I might get taller. - Right. I might get taller as well. You should eat a lot. OK, OK. Now everyone. Before it gets too late. - Thank you so much for sticking with us till the finale. - Right. Thank you so much. See you soon. - OK. - Why don't we... - What now? - Let's watch this. What? The comments. What do you want us to do? We don't have to read it right now. - You should tell us! - Why are you so obsessed with it... You're so obsessed with it. - It's already... - What if they leave comments now. If they keep... Everyone, Lucas is anxious. Even after this, please make sure to leave your idea on social media. - Something suddenly came to my mind. - Here it comes! - Where? Where? - Here. Like what... "Bear concept". What concept? "Rap battle". What does it mean? I don't get it. Rap... Hang on. - This one. - 100-year-old? No, this one. Read this. - "Timeless". - Yeah. - You should read the whole sentence. - "Please sing". Right, right. "Timeless". "Timeless". That surprised me. "Timeless". I know. They want you to sing that song. That song? No, no. If I sing, Doyoung and Taeil can't. I can't show my singing skills, everyone. Everyone. Let's get serious. They promised to suggest their ideas. They promised to suggest their ideas. - OK? - OK. - It doesn't have to be here. - Then lastly. - Lastly what? - Lastly... - Lastly... - That one. - Wrapping up? - No, not now. A little later. Right now? Oh, now? Hurry up! - Hurry up, everyone! - It's not now. - Then when? - They will, in the future. - In the near future? - No, no... - Then what... - Later. When this V LIVE is over. - And then later. - Over? After this V LIVE. After saying goodbye, they can leave a comment. - So... - Then we can... - Yes, we can check at home. - I get it, everyone. - I'm sorry. - What a relief. - What a relief. - I need to show you something. - OK. - I was really surprised yesterday. I was really surprised yesterday. - That picture. - What? what? - The best picture of all time. - Why do you reveal that here? Wait, who is this? Who is it? - Looks like me. - Right. Do you want to keep this picture? Do you want to keep it? Please tell me. - I want to keep it. - Then I can do it today. Search this picture on the internet today. - On NCT's - You're going to post it? - Instagram and Twitter. - OK. SNS. - SNS. OK. - SNS. - Now. - OK. - Last but not least. Thank you so much today, everyone. Hurry up! Send us hearts for 5 seconds. 5, 6, 7, 8, OK. All the 18 members of NCT are done doing V LIVE in relay from yesterday. Thanks for that. Thank you so much for sticking with us till the end. Next time! We'll be back. OK. You want next time, everyone? - Yes! - OK! - See you next time! - See you next time! Korean. Korean. - See you next time. - See you next time, everyone. - Chinese. - See you next time, everyone. - 1, 2, 3. - See you next time. OK, everyone. Thank you. Bye!