ENG sub Mnet TMI NEWS 1회 예능 천재 예나 사쿠라의 개인기 모두가 반해버리잖아 190425 EP1

You raised your hand It's not much I have a few small skills I can make water drop sounds Just like raindrops! This? (I can do it too!) Wow! (Fascinated) When the producers needed water drop sound effects, I recorded them - Really? - Really? Wow! - god One of god's classic hits You can hear Jun Hyung's water drop sound effect But I'm not that good at it anymore My lips are getting dry because I'm old Sad but funny TMI about Jun Hyung We should buy him some lip balm So is that all? The water drop sound? I can also impersonate Donald Duck - Ooh nice! Let's hear it! - Donald Duck Donald Duck booster ON Approved - Wow that was good! You know Donald Duck? Yeah How? I know what he looks like Oh He(the character)'s over 60, right? Donald Duck? Disney Land opened in 1952 And the character was first introduced in the 1930s (Oddly fascinating...) Yeah he's an oldie He's old Mickey is even older though A duck and a mouse are even older than me My childhood! He just destroyed your childhood Sakura... can make an elephant with her body? What does that even mean? But elephants are huge? - You need to concentrate - It's really cute Oh we need to concentrate? 1 2 3! How is she going to make an elephant? 1 2 3! Her mole! An adorable elephant! That's so cute! The Animal Kingdom - IZ*ONE- Many animals live in the TMI jungle A long legged cheetah runs across the trees And a squirrel eats breakfast And a loud snake! BAAM! And the elephant wakes up to drink water at a nearby pond The lion sees the elephant, and decides to hide in the bushes to wait for the right moment The other animals decided to save the elephant The monkey sends a signal to the elephant by playing the cymbals And the duck sends a warning signal as well So the lion runs away And peace remains in the TMI jungle