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Spoonz - 스푼즈


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Baekho PD ambitiously prepared our own Idol Athlete Championships. There's a prize for the winner. Minki, you can do it! Look, Minhyun knows how to concentrate. Let's start! Wow, we haven't been on Idol Athlete Championships for a long time. Well, let's begin! Baekho the reliable PD of NU'Tube ambitiously prepared our own Idol Athlete Championships! - Shall we go again? - Okay! Our own Idol Athlete Championships! For our comeback, we need physical strength the most. In addition, we need quickness, concentration, endurance, and the most important thing, teamwork. Ah, they are all important. - I'm pretty quick. - Yes, they're all important. So I prepared games to improve our teamwork. Who would be the only ending fairy today? This game is also... To pick the ending fairy... - Yes, I'll give you 5 seconds for the engine... ending fairy. - Engine? Engine? There is a small game to warm up before the main game. It's 'Win Baekho'. - Ah, really? - Should I defeat just you? You planned it to appeal yourself, didn't you? Then, let's change it into 'Win Ren'. - Easy to win Ren. - Are you sure? I'm a flexible PD who always listens to you. Okay, good. - If you have any complaints, - I have one. Then name it 'Win Baekho'. What's your complaint? I don't like that you're the PD. He says you being the PD is the problem. - For him, everything is a problem with no reason. - When I was the PD, I realized that he is the problem. - Are you all ready? - Yes. We are ready. Shall we check your bags? - Yes. - I don't like mine to be checked! Don't touch me. Don't touch. So what is the game? Arm wrestling. Honestly... I saw you doing arm wrestling before. He's good. - Of course. - He's really good. Look at the size of his arms. He's good at arm wrestling. His arm is this thick and our arms are this thin... But you guys work out a lot these days, don't you? - Minki also started working out. - It's been 2 days. Yes, 2 days. Then, I'll go first. Okay. Anyone can come. Here are 4 of us so let's drain his strength so we can win. Cute. Then, Minki should go last. Now, let's begin the game. Wait! Wait! x3 - Yes. - Okay, okay. - Yes! - Show it, show it. Spoonz. What a talented PD. - Come this far. - Should I? It seems unfair to me. Yes. Oh, Jonghyun! - I'll use my body weight. - Okay. Then, ready, set, go~ He's standing with a smile on. That difficult? That difficult, really? Staffs! Please take away the props. Take me away. - I think Minhyun can win him. - No, no. - Minhyun is... - Hey, let's drain his strength. Hurry up. Hey, he's too strong. - Too strong! - Set! You can do it, you can do it. What are you doing? What are you? - What's this? - I mean... He's undefeatable. You should grab my wrist. - Huh? - Grab my wrist. - Okay, I'll do. - Aron's turn. - I'm not good at arm wrestling. - He's strong. If I thought I could win, I would have tried but... - Ready! - Hey, wait! He feels like a wall. What? What kind of wall? - a perfect wall. - Yes. Set, go! Oh, no! No, no, I give up. Minki, you should go. Only you can do it. x2 - And I grab his wrist, right? - Believe me, guys. It's been 2 days. Cute. Minki should go last. Wait! Minki, trust me. You can do it. Set~ Wait! It'll hurt my stomach. Why do you use your wrist? - Set... - Wait! - Okay. - I can do it. Go! Minki, you can do it! Minki, you can do it! What happened? You almost fell. Wait. - Did you win? - How did it turn out? Did I lose? Minki wins. - I don't want to win like this. - No! Minki! You won! Minki, you can do it! Minki, you can do it! Minki, you can do it! Someone helped me, just before. No, no one did! The winner of the warm up game is Ren. - Indeed! - It feels really embarrassing. - Indeed, our ace! - Awesome! - But doesn't it mean he has good physical strength? - Sure. So we're all warmed up, huh? Yes. Every winner of each training will receive a gift. What's that? It's a keychain. Good. The one who got the most keychains will be the ultimate winner. And for the winner, there'll be a prize. Okay. A gift set. - Set? - Set. - What is this? - Lunchbox set? A gift set. Plus I'll give you 5 seconds for the ending fairy. You can use CG! And BGM. Wow, PD! - Isn't it too much, PD? - If I win this time, I'll use CG to make me look like Iron Man. You can tell that... to them. The first game is the 'Steel Case Quiz'. - Steel Case Quiz! - What is the 'Steel Case Quiz'? I think you have seen it on TV before. - Ah, you do it like this. - Yes, yes. You briefly see the item to guess. That's easy. Give me the steel case! It's under there. Do it yourself, PD. Do it yourself, it's under here. Guys, let's use hand sanitizer before the game. - Just a little! - Okay. For our health. - That looks easy. - I want to eat black noodles. Would it be difficult? Wanna try it as a warm up? Yes. - Me! - Cindy! You should say 'me'. - You should say 'me'. - Cindy. Cindy is right. - But there is a memo attached to it. - Yes. - So we have to guess that, too? - You must guess the word. - Me! - Me! Me. - I said it first. - Okay. It's Cindy with a memo. And on the note... Wrong! - The letters are not that easy to guess. - Me! Just look! It's Cindy. With a memo saying I love you~ No. Really really really really~ RRRR? No, really. Let's go again. It's quite long! Quite long. Ren! Let's play the song we both like. Is it a lyric? Yes, lyrics. Well, Ren was the closest. I know the lyrics! Because it's my part. This is it! Let's play the song we both like. - Very close! - Ah, it's 'LOVE ME', 'LOVE ME'. Close, but one letter is different. Call me back, we both! Ah, Ren! Me! - Ren, it's Ren's turn! - It's Cindy with a memo saying 'Let's play the song we both love'. Ding-dong~ Correct. - But you know that it was just a warm up quiz? - I know. Ah, it was for the warm up? Yes, we warmed up. So the quiz will be like this, huh? - It was difficult to guess because of one letter. - I know. I should have said 'Let's play the song we both love'. And we said it 'Call me back'. We both said 'Yes, yes'. Well, let's begin! Set~ Too fast! No, I saw nothing. Why did you spin it? Because I saw it on TV before. Ah, really? - I don't know how to do it. - You should show us longer. x2 More. x2 More. x2 More. x2 - Wrong! - Me! Me! You are my everything? - No! - Wrong! You let me go... something... No, I saw nothing! Of course, you didn't. I couldn't see it again because I was looking at him. One more time, please. If no one said it right, you need to show us again. Me! Me! Me! Me! I know the answer. Me! Time out time out Is it you or me? I think I called it first. Yeah, go. 'You don't want to regret after missing out on me?' No. Nope! Ding! - Aron! - No? Me! Me! 'You'll regret for losing me' Nope. Me! Me! Who is it? Minhyun? Minhyun 'You may regret losing me' - Oh? Right. - Ah, right. - It was close. - Me! Me! You may regret after letting me go. Correct! It's a small difference huh? Set team, do this please. Do this please. - This is the real game. - Right, you got one. Then aren't they giving us a keychain? The PD is supposed to give it to us. - We got this right. - What? - What do you want? - Aren't we supposed to get the keychain? It's difficult. Can I just pick one from here? Pick pick pick pick tok Can I take a keychain? Dong-ho? PD - PD? - PD Kang PD - PD - Why do you keep calling me? Can I take a keychain? Should I take a keychain? - Aren't you giving this out? - Aren't you supposed to get it when you get it right? You have to answer it to get one. JR got it right. - You take one. - Okay Dongho is good at this. He is very fast Right huh? I can't see at all. It's difficult. You have to put the subtitles here saying 'You viewers should try guessing the answer as well' You know what that is, right? I'll go It's really fast so you have to look at it closely. Can you control the speed? Can you control the speed? Me! Me Mingi Choi! - I did it first right? - Mingi Choi! Choi Mingi stupid Correct. You have to call it quickly. Hey, change spots with me. Really? I'm to cornered. - Oh, really? - Sure. - Ah, me too, you go to this side as well. - PD, you are too hurried. Is that so? I can see well from here. Right? - You guys changed spots? - Should I try it? You guys changed spots? We'll go for the next game. What? Right away? Done! I got two keychains, I guess I won. No, we have many games left You've won a lot. Ah, hold on, Jonghyun You have to take one of these. Why? You are in the first place, because you got two questions It's one for the winner Oh it's not one per question You have to win the game to get one? Ah.. Okay okay Are you going to keep objecting like that? Let's not confuse the PD. - Right, you shouldn't do that. - I'm getting a headache Okay, demonstration? - We'll shoot two rounds each. - Yes. - You have to knock it down. - Okay. - I know that. - We'll knock it down. If I may give you a tip, you have to hit the top part to get it knocked down. - Okay. - Right. Okay. Two rounds. Now, how you shoot this is simple. - We know this. How to shoot. - PD's demonstration - Hey, this is pretty difficult - PD, can you back up a little bit. Where's the line? Here? Right. Like this.. Like this.. Missed it~ The PD is only supposed to make the demonstration. I don't need to be good at this. Your posture is wrong PD. - PD, you have to respect the posture. - No, this was too high. - Do we get practice shots? - You learned it. We don't have practice rounds. We'll go right away. Hey, I don't think I can do this. - You can. - Just try to hit it at least. Now, the order, order Let's decide by rock paper scissors. Order Rock paper scissors Okay, rock paper scissors I'm.. Hey, this doesn't go down. Third turn? - Let's try to hit it at least. - I'm second I'll go for third. Third. Second? I'll go last. Then JR's up first. Hey, Ren, please be out of my way. Give him the arrow. - The arrow? Do I have to give it to him? - You have it here, give him two Now, JR - Uh? Hold on, You shot once. - No no. - You shot one. - No. - NO. - No? First player - Yes, let's go chop chop. - Yes. Oh, he looks cool. Oh, cool. - Bye guys - It's not that easy. Now, one round Now, one round I'll break the head of the Ping. Missed it~ JR 0 Points Mingi, you know how it's done right? NU'EST's Legolas - Ah, Legolas - Legolas Let's go Legolas NU'EST's Legolas You are Legolas? Golas! Are you going to do tumblings? No, I can't do it anyway so I'll do the ceremony If you hit this - Thumbs up - Okay - Should I go? - Yes, go. Why are you doing that? It was close. - It wasn't bad. - Do whatever you want. Mingi, you are really trying hard. Hey, Mingi is making this content fun. Right, Mingi's good. How should I do it this time? Like Bae Doona from The Host? What's 5? - 4, 3, 2, 1 - Hold on! But to be honest, it's too hard. -It's hard. -Because this is not that strong. -Huh? -I mean this is weak. -Just pick it up, please. -Bring the arrow back. You know what? I learned how to shoot an arrow. Hey! I will give you a tip. Oh, you don't have to. This is all about concentration, right. It's not. It actually is. You just couldn't fully concentrate. No, it's not what this is about. Look, look, Minhyun is totally focused on what he's doing. Look at him now. He's gonna hit the target now. See? He didn't make it~ Look, but it was close. He did hit something, though. -What I'm trying to say is he can make it eventually. - I got the knack of it, I mean it. Awesome! Hey, you know it's much harder to do this, right? I'm telling you, it's harder than just hitting the target. -Did you intend to do it? -He made the arrow stand. Did you aim to do it? -I didn't. I aimed for Ping though. -Hey, you made the arrow stand. But I don't think they're gonna fall down even though they get hit. I told you that you don't have to fall them down, remember? If you hit them, you get 1 point. Okay. -By the way, Minhyun hit two of them with one arrow, didn't he? -So he got 1 point. -Oh, I got 1 point? -Yes, you got 1 point. Thanks. Uh? You hit this one. You hit its ear. 1 point. -Is it okay to hit what's underneath? -Of course. I told you it's okay Then you should've told us from the beginning, let's do it again, let's do it all over again. -I'm serious! Why didn't you tell us before we did it? -You had to explain it to us again. What are you talking about, I told you before that you just have to hit any one of these. PD. -2 points. -Nah, we should do this again, we should do this again. PD, you didn't say that in the first place. -I.. -Hey, this's not falling down. -Third place? -Let's just hit the target. -Ill be in second place. -I'll be in third place, third place. -Second place? -I'll take that. I'll be the last. -Then JR, you go first. -I'm in first place? Hey, let's move on. -The winner of this game is Aron! -Aron! Aron! What we're gonna do this time is. Horse-riding. -We know what horse-riding is. -We know what it is, riding a horse -Riding a horse. -Where is the horse? Edward? Here it is. Maximus? Maximus? Ah, this is Edward. Isn't it Maximus? -Maximus is prettier -Keyser soze! Edward. This guy is gonna help you today. Well, let me show you first. Hey, Edward, let's go. Do your best. Go! -PD, just get out, please. -PD is really bad at that. -PD, you're not mad, aren't you? -Go for it. Hey, I think this is gonna be hard, huh? What should he do to make it? Oh, he made it! PD, you're not supposed to break things. Now, you've got a rough idea of how to do it, right? Are you ready? I didn't ask Edward But you. Are you ready. -Ah, yes. -Okay. -Let's go! -Go~ Hang on, hang on, sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, wait a sec. Now, get ready. If you don't get ready, I'm gonna just start a stopwatch. -If you don't get ready, you're gonna be disqualified. -I fell too hard, didn't I? Okay, I'm gonna start the stopwatch. Ready and go~ Huh? He's doing pretty well Again, again, again. Go back, go back to the starting point! Go back! Make sure you don't break anything. If you fail, you gotta do it all over again? OF course. JR, you don't have to do it again from the beginning even though you fail. Good bye, everyone. You're so bad at doing things using your body. The end! As this guy is going through puberty, he's so unpredictable. Edward is hitting puberty. Okay, ready and go~ -You want some BGM? -Is it that hard? This guy is not listening to me. Hey, he's not doing as I ask, huh? He doesn't behave, seriously. Jump, jump. He's good. Aron's really fast, it's only been 13 seconds. It's like a movie. Wow, he's so good at that. He's really fast. 34 seconds and 50. Let's go! Maximus! Edward doesn't listen to anyone. Minhyun Hwang, are you ready? I'm ready but this guy is going through puberty so.. Well, ready and go~ He's quite good, huh? -Oh! -He's fast, fast. Again, again, you need to put it back. Do all over again. Go back, you have to go back. You are going that far? He's really fair. Minhyeon is really honest And good. Now, again Fail You should start here. - Okay - From the jump - Wow, he's good. - Minhyeon can do this because he's tall. Why are you not eating that.. 1 minute. Jump! Worked. Now, 1 minute 9 seconds 62. The onion ring is tasty - Ready, set~ - My legs hurt. Hey, what is this Hey, what is this Shouldn't we let this go? Hey, this is an accident. He's cool. This is even harder. Wow, what is it? What is this guy? Done Now, 30.. 37 seconds 88. - Mingi would be in the first place if he did it at once. - It was close. Did Aron win? Yeah, but take this Mingi. I'll give it to you. It's beautiful. Now, the MVP is Ren so the final winner is Ren. I told you there was a gift. Wow, this is a real gift now. The gift is.. an iPad? - It's pretty heavy huh? - an Apple pad? Open it Hold on, you can be excited. 'NC SOFT'. - Right. - NC SOFT This could be an electronic device. I'm so excited. Now, open it. Now, I'll put it in here. Now, what would go well with Ren's box? I'll put the gift here. Hey, this new arrival Wow - There are lots of new arrivals - Really? Right. Ren! Here is Ren. This water bottle - I think I'll use this neck pillow really well. - This is also a new arrival Put the new stuffs here. Thanks. - It looks good on you - And and and Thanks. - So you don't get lonely when you sleep - Really... You didn't need to do that Let's stop at that. We have to do that. a 5 seconds... Ah, right. 5 seconds of ending shot What BGM should I pick? Should I put it on? Really? Then, put the horse's hoofs sound and for the CG. Make it look like I'm riding on a horse In a cool way Is the BGM ready? The horse is here. You do the BGM. - Go? - Yes! Ok, the CG kicks in. - Yes! - GO! 5, 4, 3 2, 1 Done He's in an accident. Yes. Even the CG's done. Even the CG? Thanks. Please love NUngTube's center, our own Idol Athletic Championships. One two three Bye~ Do that, the slate Let's finish it by hitting the slate. Yes! The slate goes. One two three Again again, go again. It's too scary. I give up.