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This is the most expensive guitar I have In the band, 'The KOXX' I play the... Not the guitar... But the keyboards Also a DJ and a producer Named 'Shaun' I worked on TWICE's song 'CHEER UP' OMG Is the sample file gone? Seriously? OMG Hold on a second Let's talk about something else So... This is the remix I've recently worked on It was of the song, 'Ribbon' By BEAST I didn't change the rhythm a lot Had the same rhythm And just tried to give a different vibe But I guess you can say Everything has changed... Whenever I'm working on a remix I really like to Change the entire song Like upside down! So when you listen to the remix After listening to the original piece It's going to sound totally different I wanted to play you the TWICE song... But that's gone... I've recently heard a singer named 'DEAN' sing And I really admired his voice... Thought it would be amazing to work together... I think the most important thing About a festival is Music you can chill with? And letting people smoothly enjoy the party Is also really important If you want to check out DJ Shaun's performance I would say check out a festival than a club So I'll be waiting to meet you all in festivals! That will be it for today! Don't I have to show you something I don't know... Something cool? Give me just a second Which one do you prefer? The second one? What kind of vibe do you want? Something chill? What do you think about that? Is it okay? I'm feeling it I think we're relying too much on the chill vibe I'm sweating right now And The ICONtv theme song is ready! I worked... During an interview I'll be looking forward to meeting you all So please send me lots of support And please stay tuned For my future pieces! Thank you Was that good enough to wrap up the interview? This is it? What a bummer... Thank you so much for the theme song!