ENGESPINDOVIET Donghaes HARU Happy birthday to Big DH Unboxing Jordan 11

DH: Today.. ( Hello, It's me Donghae ^^ ) ( Hello, It's me Donghae ^^ ) DH: What day is today? Thursday... BY: Friday-like thursday. ( A rainy Thursday ) DH: That's right. It's raining.. ( A rainy Thursday ) DH: Although, it's the monsoon season- DH: For a short while- ( It rained for a bit and my mood is good ) DH: (Came) to play basketball. DH: I come here just to vlog. DH: Over here, is someone that is reponsible of our basketball (group). BY: Hello~ ( Bruce Youn/ Youn JongYoun : Our basketball masternim ) DH: He's called Bruce! ( Bruce Youn/ Youn JongYoun : Our basketball masternim ) BY: Nice to meet you! DH: Is it Bruce Lee? BY: No, it's not. BY: It's E.L.F Lee. ( Sud.den. membership ) BY: I'm called E.L.F Lee tho.. DH: Who is that No.8? BY: Ah~ No.8? BY: The backview looks like my wife.. BY: She's been interested in basketball, recently.. BY: She even matched her uniform with the color of chamomile. BY's wife: Does it suits me? BY: Yes.. DH: The best...action-star actress. ( Kim HyoSun/ Basketball masternim's wife : The best action-star actress ) BY's wife: Awuh~ That was a long time ago. BY's wife: Now, I'm the wife of Chief Youn. DH: Ah~ He is the chief? BY: She is my real first (?) wife. ( Come here! ) ( Come here! ) BY: One and only ! ( A quick safe ) BY's wife: That's good.. ( A quick safe ) DH: Are you older? BY: Me? DH: No no... BY: My wife is younger than me. BY: 4 years younger ( The 4 years difference that I can't see the compatibility ) DH: I see.../ BY: Yes.. ( The 4 years difference that I can't see the compatibility ) DH: Cause just now she pretended to choke you. BY: Right! DH: Just checking to see if she's older. BY: Though she does act like a noona sometimes.. BY: In reality, I'm older by 4 years ( Way to go my younger brother~ ) DH: This time, It's okay if I don't appear, I will just record the two of you. ( Everyone, right now you are watching Donghae talk show 'Dong.Chin.Show' ) DH: You guys don't really take lots of picture together, right? ( Everyone, right now you are watching Donghae talk show 'Dong.Chin.Show' ) BY's wife: During vlogging.. BY's wife: We don't really appear together. BY's wife: Cause I'm always behind the camera. BY: I always appear by myself.. DH: Hyung- ( He likes to appear alone ) DH: Hyung, you need to treat sister-in-law well! BY's wife: I know right? BY: I will work hard. ( Thanks for saying that ㅠ ) DH: Get up in the morning and make scramble (eggs) for her! BY: Scramble? ( Scramble? ) ( Hahaha ) BY: Morning seems short... BY: Normally, if she does Intermittent fasting, she skipped breakfast. BY: Because she eats only one meal a day, right? ( How was it? ) DH: Did he do any breakfast for Sister-in-law? BY's wife: Depends on his mood.. He will make a cup of protein shake. BY: Protein shake~ ( Protein shake is good for your health~ ) DH: Even shaking it (to dissolve)? BY: I don't really do that. BY: The drink is ready, please shake it up... ( I put it ) ( Shaking it is self-serve ) BY: The trick is that she comes by herself. BY's wife: This is the kind of live I'm living. DH: That's nice.. BY: That's good. ( Do a good job! ) DH: Hyung, your hair is really impressive! BY: Ah really? BY: I tied my hair like this. ( Fresh ) ( Look ) BY: I'm thinking whether I should shaved them. DH: Oh hyung! BY: Like in 'The Last Dance'. [Series about Michael Jordan ] BY: Just like Michael Jordan's. ( Like Michael Jordan's hairstyle ) BY: I cut a bit everyday, that's why it's short. ( Like Michael Jordan's hairstyle ) BY: One day it will disappear. DH: Did you cut em yourself? BY: Yes. DH: No right? BY: I cut em by myself. DH: You're lying... BY: I cut em by myself. DH: Even on the sides? ( Been cutting by himself for 6 years ) BY: Yes! BY: I cut the sides by myself, but she help me with the hair at the back. DH: Sister-in-law helps you with the hair at the back? BY: Yes~ DH: That's great! ( Hyung-nim, Respect~ ) BY: I've been cutting my hair by myself for 6 years now. ( Hyung-nim, Respect~ ) ( Not bad, right? ) ( Actually, I have something to show to you today ) BY's wife: Give this to me~ / DH: Okay... ( Actually, I have something to show to you today ) DH: Because.. DH: Lately, I've been liking basketball.. BY's wife: True~ DH: Because I like em. ( Lately, I'm hooked to basketball ) DH: Also, not long ago I've watched 'The Last Dance' ( Scream (for) Air Jordan!! ) BY: When unboxing, I will rip that apart like a man. ( Actually, this is my big brother birthday gift~ ) DH: Not this.. BY: Even the Styrofoam. DH: Hyung, recommended me this shoes, right? BY: I recommended this to him... ( Correct! ) BY: Last time.. DH: If you are going to play basketball.. DH: You need to have this! BY: Must! That's right.. DH: Need to have this! ( Basketball players' MUST HAVE ITEM ) ( Basketball players' MUST HAVE ITEM ) BY's wife: Must have item. ( Reaction ) ( Ready ) DH: Are you getting ready to react? BY: I'm going to... BY: I'm excited. Woah~ ( Already ) ( Excited ) BY: As expected- / DH: He came from New York.. ( Hyung is from New York, he for sure reacted well ) DH: You mentioned that you stay in NYC for 10 years, right? BY: Yes... DH: And then Thailand? BY: I lived for 2 years there. ( New York-10 years/Thailand -2 years ) DH: Then Indonesia? ( New York-10 years/Thailand -2 years ) BY: About a year and Europe for 7 years. ( New York-10 years/Thailand -2 years Indonesia-1 year/ Europe-7 years DH: Then it means that you're not a Korean citizen? BY: But I've been living in Korea for over 20 years. DH: But then- BY: Also, I'm older in age. DH: Ah! That's right! ( Ah, that's right! ) BY: My current age- DH: I thought we were the same age... BY: No, we are not. I'm in my mid 40s now. DH: Hyung stayed in Europe too? BY: Yes. 7 years in Europe.. DH: Where? BY: In Switzerland. BY: I studied in Europe. ( Ah, It must had been nice ) DH: You watched basketball games there too? BY: Yes. DH: Even playing too? BY: Yes. DH: Family gatherings too? BY: Yes. Actually, I played football often there. DH: Ah~ Swiss is like that. BY: Yes BY: Wahh~ I'm anticipating this. ( Anyway, let's do this unboxing! ) BY: Size 8.5! DH: There's a phrase- BY's wife: Really anticipating for this. DH: -that I like from Nike. DH: It is this 'Just do it'. DH: Just do it~ BY: That's right. BY: It's nothing much but necessary to say. ( Unboxing 'Just do it' ) ( Nervous ) ( Nervous ) BY: At first I thought this was for me. BY: Cause he said it was for hyung. ( Ah hyung~~ ) BY: and when I looked at the size, It was 8.5 BY: I want to put it on even if I have to cut my toes off. BY: If you want to put it on, you have to cut all of your 5 toes. ( Joking ) ( Joking ) BY: Starting from the big toe. ( Joking ) ( Joking ) BY's wife: That's too funny... DH: No, at first..At first! BY: Because he said it's for our hyung, so I was really touched. DH: No..at first.. BY: I stood up and even shook his hands. ( No, what actually happened was.. ) DH: No really.. BY: I was like Donghae-ah... DH: In our Cafe, BY: I will treat you well. DH: My hyung and Bruce hyung were sitting together. DH: Not long ago it was my real brother's birthday. DH: I told him that I prepared Nike Jordan- DH: 11? BY: 11 DH: High top. BY: Yes. / DH: I prepared that. DH: All of a sudden, he stood up and said, "Ya, Thank you~" BY: I even shake his hands like this. BY: Like how you would shake hands with your dad. ( I'm embarrassed by the unexpected gesture ) DH: Then I told him that it was my brother's gift. ( I'm embarrassed by the unexpected gesture ) DH: And because he was embarrassed- DH: His face got all red. DH: So I think..I have to buy another one for him. ( Getting embarrassed thinking about it again ) DH: What size did you wear? 9? 10? BY: 12! DH: 12..wahhh~ DH: His trademark... ( Jordan Trademark ) BY: It seems to be a letter written by Jordan. DH: The one that is shown at the end in "The Last Dance" ? BY: That's right.. ( Because of Jordan documentary. Air Jordan becomes popular once again ) BY: He wrote a lot in there.. ( Because of Jordan documentary. Air Jordan becomes popular once again ) ( Because of Jordan documentary. Air Jordan becomes popular once again ) DH: He told us to enjoy wearing this shoes. ( Then, I will do it again ) BY: It's really sparkling ( Pounding ) ( Pounding ) BY: This is amazing... DH: Yah Kream~ Kream ( Brand tag ) DH: Kream~ DH: This is really pretty... BY: Jordan Brand. DH: Hyung! You know about the shoes history, right? BY: Yes. DH: What is it about? ( This hyung is a basketball master. There's nothing that he don't know about. ) ( This hyung is a basketball master. There's nothing that he don't know about. ) BY: First of all, Jordan shoes- ( This hyung is a basketball master. There's nothing that he don't know about. ) BY: There are 3 shoes that is worth it. BY: The first one is Jordan Concord. DH: I don't have that. / BY: It's in black & white. BY: Black & white. DH: I know the meaning of Concord. BY: The next one is Space Jam. BY: It's Jordan movie too, right? DH: Ah~ Yes yes. BY: Space Jam. BY: There it has black & blue. BY: Then, the next one is this 'Bred'. BY: Why is it called 'Bred'? BY: Black & Red = Bred. BY: Because of that it is called 'Bred'. BY: In 1995, Jordan participated in the 95-96 season match. BY: Then in 96-97 season... DH: ( Staring ) ( Staring ) DH: Hyung, why are you sweating? ( Sweating ) ( Sweating ) BY: I memorized all of this. ( This is not easy to do ) BY: He wore this shoes and participated in 96-97 season match. BY: Achieved a great record of 72 wins and 10 loses in NBA history. BY: Just by wearing this shoes. DH: Oh my~ BY: This shoes is actually a legend. ( For the Air Jordan collectors, MUST HAVE this legend item ) DH: This is really legend... BY: Don't really have to talk about it. ( For the Air Jordan collectors, MUST HAVE this legend item ) ( Honored ) ( Honored ) DH: This is too pretty! / BY: Yes. ( Honored ) ( Honored ) DH: Now I understand the meaning of high top. BY: Yes. Compares to low top, the feelings is different. DH: Really different.. BY: True. DH: Woah... ( Can't stop staring ) DH: How's the cushion like? BY: In fact, these shoes were launched during the 90s. BY: and to compare with the recent shoes, the cushion is in fact different. BY: The recent shoes, the cushion has a hard feel to it. BY: But the hard cushion is not really a problem because- BY: If it's too soft.. BY: I'm not sure if the grip is good or not, but the elasticity is relatively weak. BY: Due to the air cushion, it will sink in and out. BY: Because the previous models doesn't really have this function before. BY: It was a bit hard.. BY: And because of the good performance, it is effectively better. BY: That's why our country players prefer to buy shoes overseas and shoes from the 90s. BY: This to me- ( That's interesting ) BY: -doesn't seems like it has an Asian feel to it. ( That's interesting ) BY: It's the original shoe type in the US. ( It even smells nice! ) [Did he just kissed the shoes? xD] BY: That's right.. ( I hope hyung likes it ) BY: It would be nice if he could wear em today. ( I hope hyung likes it ) ( I hope hyung likes it ) DH: Between Space Jam and this, it is the same style but different color, right? BY: That's right.. BY: Original. Jordan series is only these 3 styles. BY: Concord, Space Jam & Bred. ( So, this is famous ) DH: I don't have any of it but hyung have it, right? DH: Hyung, have all of it.. DH: I'm envious... BY: Huh? DH: I'm envious.. BY: I'm envious of Donghae... ( That's warm LOL ) BY's wife: Are you wearing that today to play basketball? DH: Actually..this is- DH: -because this is a gift for my brother. DH: I plan to give this to him. BY's wife: By surprising him? DH: Not really a surprise, because hyung knows about it. BY's wife: Ah, he knows~ BY: I want to be Donghae brother, just for a day.. BY: If I had such a younger brother in my life.. DH: For me.. ( I'm envious by this kind of brother ) DH: I'm envious of you having an angel-like wife. BY: You will meet one soon. BY's wife: As expected.. BY's wife: Donghae is the best! ( I suppose so? ) DH: Thank you, doctor. BY: Ayy, I had a really fun time.. BY: Our Donghae's hyung, Donghwa, will wear this shoes.. BY: Hope he able to enjoy basketball more and won't get hurt while wearing this. DH: Also back in Siwon's TV, you appeared for a short while.. DH: Right? BY: Yes..Like a coincidental appearance. ( If you are curious, watch it at Siwon's YouTube ) BY: I understand that this what makes me want to work hard in basketball.. BY: I will have fun and play for a long run. BY: Super Junior, fighting! DH: Because he likes our songs very much- BY: D&E, fighting! DH: Okay~ ( D&E too, fighting! ) DH: Later, I will have fun while playing basketball. BY: Yes! ( Today too, I will enjoy playing basketball ) ( The sneakers has been well received by my brother ^^) +English translations by: __nikisha K+ +Transcribed by: __nikisha K & Roxas+