ENGINDO IZONE Vlive Just Just Just

Is it on? - Yes, it is. - Hello! - Hello! - Hi, everyone! - Yes, it's live. - Yes, it's live. - Yes, we're doing this right now. - Who are you? This is MIN JU and CHAE WON. - Radio with a face... radio? - Hello! It's been so long since I last did this non-voice-only V LIVE. Maybe I should go back a bit. - I should get closer to you. - It's okay. - Hello! - Hello! The car is not running. - The car is standing still. - Right. - Let me notice it first. - Notice. - We are not wearing a seat belt... - Wait, you don't have a seat here. - MIN JUis sitting here without a seat. - Don't I look so natural? - Here's no seat. - On the kneels... We're here for the live. Do you know that this is the first time that you and I alone do V LIVE? - Really? - I believe so. - I thought we did. - I know. - Maybe someone's coming. EUN BI! Hey, sit here. - Hey! - Hey... - Lights... - Hello! Hello! - What ard you doing, WIZ*ONE? - What are you doing? EUN BI is here. We're in a car. "EUN BI is here"! I barely have pimples on my face. - Do you have a pimple? - Yes, I found a pimple in the morning. So sad. Are you sitting? - Yes, so comfortable. - Really? You're n No! Don't worry. I thought she was worried about me. "I'm studying". - Can you guess what I just ate? - "Love you, not-witty-girls". - Long time no... What did you eat? - Not witty? - Egg soup! - Egg! Yes. - Vegetable egg soup. - I ate egg soup at a convenience store. So delicious. Did you like it? EUN BI, what are you doing? - Okay. - Me? - Yes. - I'm leaving. - Why? Nakji says, "I've finished my exam". - Let's hang out! - Let's hang out! Why aren't we sleeping? - We don't sleep. - Right. - We... - We're her - Instead of sleeping. - Right. More important than to sleep. - My eyes are dry. - "Who's the one next to you?" - One, two, three! It's EUN BI. - Too close. - Right. - Hey, you look the prettiest here. - Like this. - Like this. - I can't see clearly because of the dark. - It's a bit... - No! What are you doi - Not this? This mood? - It's got better. - Really? Thank you. No? - I think the previous one was better. - Really? Isn't it okay now? - It seems right. - It's better. - It's darker. - Can you see us clearly? - The light... Can you move the light a bit higher? - Wait. - Like this. Wait. I'm in the dark. Just two of us. For CHAE WON, I'll move it. Okay. Sorry, please give us a moment. Are we being so low? - Wait. CHAE WON is in dark. - Seat belt. Not like this? Oh, it's already done. Sorry, sorry. Don't you like it? CHAE WON, please take a look. - This mood - Is it okay? - Yes. - Let's talk while lowering our body. - Like this. - Look at this light. "The most uncomfortable V LIVE ever". Can you find any difference in me? I'll go and get another light. - Maybe we don't have another one. - Hey, can you get us one more light? I'll go and get one. - Thank you. - Where... - Really? - For V LIVE. - I believe we don't have one more. - Okay. - Can you guess what's changed in me? - Okay, I'll hold it. Guess what? Sorry, wait. - Are you okay? - I'll hold it. - Or I can. - Okay. - We're doing V LIVE in a car. - It's so difficult. It's difficult to do V LIVE in a car. It would have been better if we had a holder. Can't we just put it here? Oh, bang! They got it! - Yes, My bang. - And the hair color. - Yes. - And her hair got longer. Yes, my hair got much longer. - Yes. - Isn't it amazing? - My hair reaches my shoulder. - Wasn't it this morning that you asked me if your hair got longer? - Yes. - Right. "What are you doing?" V LIVEing. We're waiting for something. - "Freshly cut bangs". - Freshly cut bangs! - Wow, amazing! - I love my bang. - Oh my eyes! - Dazzling! - Dazzling! - What is it? - This is amazing. - Isn't it... something that mosquitos like? - This is... - Let's put it here. - We just got an amazing light. Wiat, this is amazing. Wow, amazing. Wow, let's show it to WIZ*ONE. Isn't it a tool for the traffic control? Can you see this, WIZ*ONE? It's like a laser sword. Good, I like it. - This... why is this screen getting darker? - I... - I'm sweating. - Oh my god, you must be tough. - What should we do? - Let's put it... - We can just put it here. Are you okay? - Like this. - Oh, good. - Good. - Good. - We can lower our body like this. - Like this, yes. - And a bit... - This... - It's a mess! - Sorry, WIZ*ONE! Wait, we should find what to do. No, no, it's nice. Okay. "MIN JU, I want to see your earrings". Now... Please pretend you didn't see them. - Okay! - Good. WIZ*ONE, isn't this angle nice? - Nice angle. - Good. - Finally! I'll bring you a blanket, MIN JU. Thank you, can I put it under me? - Okay. - Okay. Okay, good. - V LIVE in a car. - Is it nice? - Yes. - It's good. - We can talk to you now. - I think I'm sweating. - Me too. - So tough. - Air conditioner. - We're getting tired. We need air conditioning. - "Where are you going?" - Now... - The car is standing still. - We're not going anywhere. "I should sign up for classes tomorrow. Please wish me luck". Wow, I heard it's really tough. - To signing up for classes they want. - Good luck! I heard that it's really competitive. - Yes. - I wish you luck. - I should do that, too. - Really? - Signing up for classes? - You should go and do that! Fingers will play an important role. - It's not yet the date. - Really? What's that sound? This... So many mosquitos here. Oh, Soribada line-up has been unveiled. - We'll do our best. - Yes. My face is cut half. Come here. - I should do this. - Okay. - "I did a booking for the concert." Did you? - Really? - EUN BI, what are you eating? - What are you eating? - Dried sweet potato. - Dried sweet potato. - "I even like the top of EUN BI's head". You should not keep showing the top of your head. - EUN BI has beautiful top of head. - Oh my god. Good luck Arisa! They say there's something behind us. No, no, no. Ghost stories die hard. I prefer CHAE WON's darker hair. - I think so. - Really? It's pretty. This is how EUN BI and I say hello to each other. We should say hello with our weird eyes. - Oh my god. - Like this. - I love this. - MIN JU. - Yes. - But MIN JU doesn't join. - Right. - Sorry. - So let's keep it between us two. I love to see you do that. Oh, you both have shorter hair. My hair is shorter. - My hair got longer and she had it cut again. - Much shorter. Pretty. I love your shorter hair. - She did it. - Yes. - I did. They say you would be in MIN JU's dream. "Short, long, short". I still have long hair. - "MIN JU, shorter hair?" - No, no. We would have been cute if I, too, had shorter hair. I can't read. Every time we do V LIVE, it takes so much time to get a nice angle. - To find a nice angle. - I want to show you how I'm sitting. MIN JU is in a tough position. - Between this. - Do you want me to change seats with you? - No. I'm feeling comfortable now. - Do you need one more blanket? - No, I'm good. - Good night. - I'm good. Another blanket. - Thank you. - We have so many blankets in this car. "I just had dinner". What did you have for dinner? - Yes. - CHAE WON ate vegetable and egg soup. Vegetable and egg soup and... Can you guess what it is? Plum ade. - Guess... - Me! Apple juice! - No. - Then what is it? - Plum ade! "Pork back-bone stew". - Wow, it would be so delicious. - I have good memories. - I ate it a lot when I was little. - Do you have good memories? - Until when? - My dad... - brought me to the restaurant every weekend. - Really? - I eat it often these days. - It's been so long since I last ate it. - I want it. - Pork back-bone stew. - I rarely eat at a restaurant these days. I want to eat it. What's your favorite food? Pork back-bone stew for now? - She's serious. - Okay, take your time. - Okay, take you - Okay. - CHAE WON, they say your shoulders are cute. - My shoulders? I've never heard of it. - Your shoulders are cute. - You have pretty shoulders. - Thank you. "I ate Korean blood sausage soup." Oh, that's delicious. "Kimchi fried rice"! - "Pork belly." - I love Kimchi fried rice. Me too... Kimchi fried rice reminds me of EUN BI. - It was really good. - Yes. - Yes. - It's really good. - Good. - Better than those at restaurants. - Yours is better. - It was really good. - Different flavor. - Yes. - She's here. - What? - CHAE YEON. - CHAE YEON! - Who are you? Come on! - Oh, yes. - Come here. - We're four now. - You should come over here. - No, no. - Let's adjust the angle. - Why? Hiding the hair. - CHAE YEON... - Maybe her hair could be shown. - Only voice? - Yes. - For real? - Okay. - She... - They must miss you. - Can they see me? - No. - You all know that she had her hair dies. - But not the color, right? - Right. - Yes, they know that she had her hair dies. - But not the color. So pretty. - Her hair color is amazing. - So pretty. - CHAE YEON is here. Say hello with your fingers. - You must be so curious. - Camera is here. - Here. - CHAE YEON's fingers. - "CHAE YEON voice only". - This is a finger heart by CHAE YEON. - Heart. "A baby CHAE WON is so cute". - Isn't it cute? - So cute. - When she was little... - I downloaded that photo. - So cute, that photo. - I know. That photo you uploaded on Byulsta. - That's so cute, I agree. - A bit embarrassed. - I showed her... - That baby seemed like a different person from me. - But you've grown up without any change. - Yes, and so cute. - CHAE WON is still so cute. - She is happy. - She hasn't changed. - I always tell her that she's cute. - No. - Yes, so cute. - Today... At a shop, I told my manager that CHAE WON is so cute. I asked her why CHAE WON is so cute. Why are you so cute? I'm not cute. - She's happy. - So cute. - Not cute. - I have a question. Do we call it Byulsta? - Why is it called Byulsta? - Byul means star. - So I... - Yes. - Then we should call it Inbyul. - Yes, Inbyul. - What's Byulsta? - So Inbyul... So people call it Inbyulgram. - Why didn't you told me that I was strong? - Really? - Is it only me who calls it Outsta? - Really? - What? - Outsta? - Outsta? I used Outsta at a Private Mail. - That's a good idea. - Right. - Good, Outsta. - In and out. - Outsta. - Then people normally call it Byulsta? Normally people call it Inbyul. - No? - Inbyul. - I just... - Instagrabla. - You almost said the full name. - You seem embarrassed. - Instagrabla. - Instagrabla. - Good. - Twittbla. - They say we can call it the way we want. - I'll use Inbyul. - Me too. - Instagrabla for me. - Instagrabla. - Good. - It's... - It sounds like a luxury brand. - "Today's TMI, please". TMI? CHAE WON's shoulders. Why is it TMI? My nail art has been dettached. - I... - It's not that strong. - I... - Longer nails. - My nail... - I have one. - What is it? - I had my pedicure done. - Really? - I had it done. - Isn't it a real TMI? - Yes. - It's a summer color. - Really? - What color is it? - Are you going to show it? - Cute! - Please! - No. - You attached it perfectly. - No, my feet are ugly. - No, pretty. - Wow, this color is nice. - Really? - Her feet are sweating. Hey, that's a real TMI. - Because she's nervous. - Please forget it. - Edit point. - I like this sound. - I know. - Yes. - I tried it first. - Oh, this one failed to buy the light stick. - Why? - Why? - Really? - That can happen. - We... Next time! The light stick... our concert... - I really look forward to the concert. - me too. The concert would be really fun. - Really? - What - They say that the light stick has been sold out. - Really? What are you doing? Is it time for sleep? - It's already 11:40 pm. - It's time to go to bed. The server was down and it was sold out. - Really? WIZ*ONE! - Oh my god. Oh my god! - It's Tuesday. - Okay. "Why are you in the car"? - Guess where we are going. - Guess where we are. - Can you guess? - Turns out it's a parking lot. It's dark outside. - I can do others' voice. - Really? - Show us. - Do it if you want. - If you want. - I'll practice more. - She did it all day long. - I should practice more. - Their expectations will go up. - You know that. - Yes. - You'll then have to do it on a TV program. - I'm confident. Because CHAE WON said I was good. I'll practice more. - I didn't say you were good. - Then I'll show it to WIZ*ONE. - It's because you laughed so much yesterday. - Yes. - Laughed a lot. - CHAE WON recognized it. - No? - I agree, no? - No idea. - No? - I liked it. - Really? - Yes. Hungry. - "Today's my birthday." - Really? - Happy birthday! - Happy birthday! "I'm playing a game". - Game? - Kartrider? - I've been playing a game recently. - I'm considering starting Kartrider. - I've been playing a game. - YU RI... - She keeps asking me to play a game together with her. - YU RI told me... that I was a worse gamer than her. - But I won YU RI. - Really? - Yes. - YU RI beat NAKO - Really? - Yes. - It's not long since YU RI first started it. - Yesterday. - Yes. - Oh, I'm embarrassed. YE NA is a really good gamer. - I asked YE NA... - YE NA is really good. - She's really good. So smooth. - YU RI is comparable to me. - So... - Really? - I think I'm a bit better. - But I think YU RI will be better than me soon. - YU RI is good. YU RI seems to have potential. - Yes, potential. - I'm so bad. I was really surprised because YU RI did better than I expected. But I've thought that YU RI would make a good gamer. - I couldn't expect it. - YE NA is... - She's really good. - She's like my brother. - She's really good. - Yes. - I don't want to agree, but... - You... - I'm really good when I play it on a computer. But using a phone, I got worse. YE NA doesn't eat and play the game instead. - YE NA... - She didn't eat well so I put snack in her mouth. She didn't move at all for two hours. - But she's really good. - I'm her roommate, she doesn't sleep and play the game. - Really. - She plays the game really hard. - Yes, she's really serious. - She's always there in the game. - Always. - She's really serious. - YE NA is good. - "I cannot eat because I should watch the live". - Watch it while eating. - Bring it. - You should eat well. - Let's eat together. - Why do you eat this late? - Let's eat together. - Together. - Eat well. Let's eat together. "What's your favorite food lately"? - Plum ade? - No, it's my first time. Okay. - Let me think about it. - Favorite? - I still love chocolate... - Corn! - Corn! - What's that? - Super sweet? - Recently... co - Oh, that corn CHAE YEON brought? - Yes. - So delicious. - I loved it. I kept eating corn even when I got full. - Super sweet. - I've never tasted super sweet corn. - So delicious. - You can eat it without grilling it. - I heard that you can. - Really? - I've never tried it. - Me neither. - Love corn. - It's really popular recently. I love corn. - Good. - It's delicious. "It's good when you eat potatoes and dried seaweed". - It sounds delicious. - Really? Yes, I agree. - Sounds delicious. - Gamgim? - Gamgim. - Gamgim sounds delicious. Oh, super sweet corn should be boiled. Attached to MIN JU. (Korean pun) - Good, I like such a joke. - Clinging to MIN JU. - Clinging! Clinging to WIZ*ONE. - Clinging. There's something that I wanted to say... Do you know the language of a violet? - What is it? - I don't remember it. - What is it? - I learned it. - I used to know it. - Me too. Desperate love. - So nice. - I love it. We're in a desper - Yes. - Love it. - Love it. - Love you. You call me "Sudden EUN". Oh, is that EUN from EUN BI? - Didn't you know it? - I didn't know it. I like this nick name. - Sudden EUN. - Sudden EUN. - BI crossing line, sudden EUN. - Love them. - All these... WIZ*ONE and YE NA gave me such nicknames. I love them. - Perfect for you. - Perfect for you. - Isn't it good? - Thank you. - Sudden EUN! - I'm leaving. - Why? - Where are you going? Self-reflection. What's your favorite IZ*ONE song? - Me? - Yes. YE NA over flowers asked this question. YE NA over flowers. "SPACESHIP". Good. - CHAE WON! - CHAE WON! What's your favorite, MIN JU? "With*One". MIN JU! - Good? - Yes. - As always. Hey, please love "YOU & I". I love "YOU & I". - You don't know it, - You don't know that I participated in the songwriting of "YOU & I," do you? - Of course I know! - Of course I know! - Really? - Okay. - "YOU & I" was partly written, by MIN JU. - That's right - Please listen to it before you go to bed today. - "I forgot," How could you forget this? - No way. I know, it's our song. -Is it? - Yes. - Right, she wouldn't. - Yeah. Yes CHAE WON's voice from "YOU & I' is… Her voice is no joke. - Her voice really goes well with such songs. - You recorded… We used to make fun of you for a while. - What are you talking about? - Can you please sing for us? - You were staring at the ceiling when you were recording. - Recording as if you are daydreaming. Please show us just this time. -The guide was a like this - This is… - Please show us how you did it. - You closed your eyes looking up the sky. - The mike. - Recording booth. - Booth, speaker. -We'll try it again, CHAE WON. - Please show us a bit more emotion. CHAE WON, let's try the last note again. It was a little low. I'm going to save her. My head keeps going up like this. - That's right. This song is a bit... - You have to relax and sing it. A little bit of emptiness after the concert. - I think you did a great job. - I thought of that. - Right. - CHAE WON, can you do it again... - It fits so well with what I thought. -MIN JU , how did you do it? Looking at the ceiling? - Me? - It was hilarious. - That's it. - That's it. I did it without a sound. -"Producer EUN BI". - We'll try that again WIZ*ONE. WIZ*ONE, wait. Why do I wear the same clothes? - I'm sorry. - Same clothes? The three of us? - Maybe it's her favorite. - I like this one. - This cardigan! It's your favorite cardigan. - I like this one. I like these colorful patterns. - Yeah, it looks good on you. - I wear this a lot. I'm sorry. You guys pay much attention to me. - WIZ*ONE knows everything. - Right. - How... - Do you know how many times I've worn this? You don't know, do you? - Answer! 20 times! - If you get it right, EUN BI will... - Beef. - A small gift. - A small gift! She is giving you a small gift. Remember that, everyone. A small gift, one Ferrero Rochette. It'll fly to WIZ*ONE. One, two, three. "I'm going to leave now". - Good-bye Youngju. - Good-bye. - Bye. - Bye. Bye. They are asking when you will wash this? You never washed it, right? - No, I washed it. - Please be honest. - But you don't normally wash cardigans that often. - Let's be honest. - I washed it. - You don't wash it. Be honest. - I washed it! - No, no. How can you... - Wash it every time you wear a cardigan. - Can I smell it? - Did you just hear that? - She washed it. - I washed it. - She washed it. She washed it. - She washed it. - You saw me wash it, right? - If EUN BI said she washed it, she washed it. That's right. - That's right. You washed it. - That's right. I'm scared. - She washed it. She washed it. She washed it. WIZ*ONE, you're mean. - You asked me if I washed it or not. - She washed it. That's rude. Excuse me! That's humane. "Cardigan EUN BI". Nice! Can we talk about something else now? - I was so absorbed in the comments. - Right. Everyone. - Is there any questions? - Question time! CHAE YEON is here - CHAE YEON. - Yes. - I told you to come to the back seat. WIZ*ONE wants to see you. - Aren't you bored? I know. CHAE YEON closed the door. - It's upside down. - No? How many times is this falling. The risk of it… There's a big difference between having the lighting and not. Yes, you can see the difference on V LIVE. - The difference between having the light and not. - Everyone, please forget about it. Please forget. - "Camera Suffering Era." - The difference between the lighting and no lighting. - Camera Suffering! - What did you just do? - I'm sorry. There was a comment saying, "Lokugar (backwards)". - Wait. - Wait. - I got a mosquito bite again. - Really? - I got a mosquito bite again. Actually, I have a mosquito bite on my foot. It's painful. And even on my little toe. - Insecticide. - It's not easy to get bitten by a real little toe. - Do you want me to give you? The one I put on? - You're a real lucky girl. She's been doing this... on my little toe... - I already put it on. They keep saying I'm a lucky girl after I said I got bitten. - Apply this. You can think that you are a lucky girl. - That's right. I'm a lucky girl. - Right. Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito on your little toe? - That's not easy. - Then you and I are meant to be together. - I'm sorry. - Well done. It's been a while since I woke up. Why did you wake up a long time ago? If I tell you this now... I have to go to the office right now. What we're playing is… - Cart Rider. - Can I say the name of this? Cart something. - Cart something. - Battle something. - Battle something. - Battle something. - I'm playing it. It's so much fun. I've been working hard on Cart something. You're working really hard. These bangs... This side hair must have grown a lot. Wait a minute. HYE WON just called. I'm not going to answer that. - How is this coming out? It's coming out as it is. - I'll try another one. I'll connect now. "- It's stopped. - I think this V LIVE will stop. I'm on V LIVE, so I can't pick up the phone. Let's use that to put the phone on the speaker. What are you going to do? - "MIN JU , that's athlete's foot". - We are here in the car. No! What's your name? - He says athlete's foot. Athlete's foot! - What's your name? - It's athlete MIN JU now. athlete MIN JU. - I'm going to search for you. Sentimental WIZ*ONE, it's not. - Is she coming? - I got bitten in the valley today. HYE WON is coming. Heart. I'm sorry. Guest ~ Just in case this thing falls, they might see it. - Please don't make me laugh CHAE YEON. - Why? But why are you covering your hair when you're not in the screen? - Just in case it falls. - HYE WONis coming. Is she coming? She's been bored for a while now. - But HYE WON... - Wait, who... - Everyone is coming down. - There's a lot. - SAKURA and NAKO. - There are 3 people coming. - Everyone's coming. - They are coming - The car will be packed. - Everybody was bored. - Right. - They are coming after seeing this V LIVE. -They are all smiling. - It's already full. It's already cute. Look at NAKO walking. But are they wearing that clothes? SAKURA can't be on the screen. Can't she cover up? - What? - You guys were here? - Yes. - Yes here. - Come this side. - It's a bit weird but. - This is not a spacious place but. - Where's the camera? - Here. - Here. - SAKURA, you can come here. - This side. - I... - HYE WON... - Wait. - It's HYE WON. - It suddenly feels hot. - Mosquito, mosquito! - Mosquito, mosquito! - NAKO you need to come this way. - But it was already hot. - Too hot. A/C. - NAKO you need to come this way. - I'll turn on the A/C. - Wait. NAKO is suffering. Please let her stay here. - NAKO, come this side. You can sit here. - Mosquito, mosquito. - I can go if we get this out. - It's okay. - Wait, we'll cover up the camera. - Should we block the camer? 1, 2, 3. - Go up .- Okay, please wait. - Please wait. - NAKO's moving. - Okay. - Are you ready? - Okay. - Should we try closing the door now? - I'm closing the door. - Okay. - Are you ready? - Ready? - NAKO are you ready? - Done. - Hi. - Hi. - Hi. - We are IZ*ONE. - Are you using this? - It's moving. - Oh my. - See I was doing this. Oh my, I thought the camera was going to fall down. How do I control the temperature? - She thought the camera was falling. - I mean. I was... in the air... - No. - It's okay. - My bad. - I'm sitting in the air. - Can we put it here? - Please. - I'll hold it. - I am hanging on the air right now. - Thank you. - HYE WON. - It's uncomfortable, right? - I'm sitting now. I was going to do a game V LIVE. - I know. - And I realized you guys were already on V LIVE. - Really? - Really? - I thought it ended. - I thought it ended too. - How long have we been here? - It's hot. - Yes it's been a while. - I'll try. - So I thought it already ended. - Right. - Really? - This is hot. - So were you guys watching? - I played a game. We had chicken. - We had chicken. We were so good - Right. - Where? - So good. On the game! - Dummy. - I thought you guys had it without me. Dummy. - What's wrong with my bang? - What were you doing? - It's much longer now. - I know. - Did you tell them? - Not yet. - I'm not wearing any lip sticks. - V LIVE of 5 of us. - It's been a while. - Right, it's a new thing. - I know. Right. I sang "DUMDi DUMDi" without noticing it. The song is great. SAKURA, can you show us your nails? You need to come this way. I feel good. - A bit more. - Until here. - We can see it. I'm so hot now. I turned on the A/C though. - Wait. - It's okay. This is the fun. - It's coming out. - How is it? - I think I'll need a hair cut. - Who is the best player? - Me! - YE NA. - What are you talking about? - Not NAKO. - YE NA is... - YE NA didn't play with us this time. - You admit that I'm good, right? - Right. - YE NA, NAKO is good. - NAKO is also good at SUPERSTAR IZ*ONE. - NAKO is good. - I admit. - I admit NAKO can play. - I was going to play a game. - Did you see this? - My phone... - What's this? - A way to say hi. IZ*ONE's hello. -CHAE WON. - Are you going to do that to me whenever I come into the room? - Yes ,HYE WON did you have a nice sleep? - No battery. - My phone. - I'll do this too. - Battleground is too hard. - Let's play it now. - I want to be good at playing Battleground . - I want to be good at playing Battleground . - You can learn it from SAKURA. But...we all played it quite well . I'm really good at it when I play int on PC. - Mobile wasn't bad. - "Wasn't bad". - Is it raining? - Is it raining? - I don't know. - You need to see EUN BI now. - I want to show them. If the camera falls. - So funny. - It's going to be a disaster. - Oh no. - If the camera drops. - They will see how we are sitting right now. - Oh no. Oh no. HYE WON, they say they like your hair root. - Dye hair root. - Dye hair root. - Dye hair root. - Dye hair root. Can you hear something? It's not raining. - It's showing great. - It's not the rain. - It's the A/C. - It's the A/C. - It's the A/C. Should we turn it down a bit? - No, it's okay. - It hurts. - It hurts too. - Why are you sitting like this? - This is my best posture. - I know, this is so hard. - You can come this way for a bit. - But wait. - You can sit here. - The smell... - Big trouble. - Stop making MIN JU feel uncomfortable. - Sit here. - Right, that will work. - We will rearrange the seats. - The smell is weird. - We can sit like this. - Dummy MIN JU. - You didn't know? - I thought I was going to break my ankle. - But you can sit... - You can sit here like this. - Are you okay? - Hello? - She's tired. - We'll get a break. - Okay. - Break? - Okay. You're head is stealing all the focus. - CHAE WON. - Yes? - You can turn around now. - Thank you. - You're tired, right? - So we can make this higher. - And I can sit here. - It's still lower then what you think. - But even if it's low... - I want to play game right now but. - I'll leave now. - Okay. - Did you see what SAKURA sent us on the group chat? - Did you see it? - We all look good, right? - What? What? When did she take this? - It's like it's for a magazine. - Hold on. Sir, what are you doing? Okay, I'm good, right now, right? - HYE WON. - Yeah. - I'm totally comfortable right now. - Totally comfortable? - Yeah, I got three blankets. Here - What do you think? - As long as it's comfortable. - Good. - That's good. - They got my posture. Okay, NAKO, where are you hiding? - Perfect. - NAKO, come up. - NAKO is here. - NAKO is here. Let's do a phone game broadcast together. No. We need to communicate with WIZ*ONE. WIZ*ONE Communication. Come on in, HYE WON. - I'm coming in. I'm coming in. - Are you doing it? - No. - Wait a minute. But why isn't the Wi-Fi working here? - Are we doing this in real time? - It's real-time. - I'll have the chicken. For WIZ*ONE. - This is... - I'll have chicken for WIZ*ONE. - Okay, I'll do it. - Cheer me up. Quick. - Way to go. - Way to go. - Way to go. - Have some chicken. You said you ate chicken. If you win first place, you say you ate chicken. - That's right. If you win first place, say you ate chicken. - Hey, I'm really good. - NAKO? - I really wanted to eat chicken today, but… - Do you want to sit here? - No. - You don't know this? - So, I mean, chicken today... - No delivery. In Japan, it's called donkatsu, donkatsu. - If you win, you call it donkatsu? - We are going to start playing the game. Guys. - Pork cutlet! - We ate pork cutlet in Japan. - Really? - Everyone, we will play game. - Cute. - I've had a lot of chicken. - Liar. - Wait. - It's a lie. - You can't lie! - I ate a lot of chicken. Chicken - Just chicken! - If you win first place, you'll have chicken. - That's why I thought you were eating chicken, so I thought, "When will you eat it?" - Really? - Invite me. - Yeah. - If you win first place, tell them you're having chicken. - Katsu means to win. - So! - We won. We won. - We won. - Donkatsu! That's right, that's right. - Donkatsu! - Cute. They're in. They're in. Again, again, again, I'm sorry. - Is this describe as having chicken when you get first place? - Yeah. - Again. - Coral! - I'll invite you back. Is NAKO playing? - Invitation, sorry. - NAKO, too? - I wasn't looking. - Yeah. - Do we each get to decide it with our favorite food? - So if I want to eat Gang-naeng-i, I'll get Gang-naeng-i? - No. - What are you talking about? I mean, when you win first place. - It says I ate chicken. - It says I ate chicken. - Is that the formula? - It's a formula. - Here we go. - In Japan, Katsu means win. - It suddenly became a game show. - I don't know. - I don't know. - So, donkatsu. - Awesome! - Do you want to do it, too? - But in Korea... - Just chicken. - Let's do it together later. - I won. - You don't have it, do you? - Pork belly. - I'll just play the cart first. - Something like that. - Kind of like that. - Right? - I had Gang-nang-i sounds a bit weird... - Me? I didn't get my nails done. - Because it's a victory... - I'm a sticker... It came off. When did it come off? - I'm resting my nails. Did it start? - I'm going to pin this time. - I heard, because it's Katsu. - It's been a while. - We win. We win. - It's a mess. - I know. - HYE WON. - HYE WON. - I'll take the pin. - That kind of feeling. - Really? - Victory. - Victory. - I think you're right. - SAKURA warned me. - While playing games. - But I think it's too different, because the pronunciation is too different. When I play games... - When you play the game, you're really... - Everyone. - Two shows are combined. - You can talk about something else. - Right. - I'll give it a try. - The game is... - Yeah, it's possible. MIN JU, your earrings are so pretty today. - Earrings... - Looks like you're usually wearing these. - Really? - When I don't have a schedule. Well, I do wear these earrings a lot. Do you wear short-sleeved T-shirts and earrings like this? - That's cool, is that HYE WON? - You like a little unbalanced sense. - Right. - I'm wearing something like this these days. - Where are you going HYE WON? - It's kind of a head start. - Somebody keeps saying hello to me. - Me too. - Yeah. - Right? - You're all wearing a lot of bold earrings. - Scary. Here's a heart. Nabuki Yako, "Nabuki Yako". - WIZ*ONE gave it to me. - No, it's Yako Yabuki. Do not call me "Nabuki Yako". - Nabuki Yako. - Cute! - You're so cute. - You are so cute. - It was cute. - I'm just saying it. - But why do you keep say I'm cute? - No. You're not that cute. - That's right. You're not that cute. - Yeah. What's wrong with you? - Yeah. - You're not that cute. - You're not cute. I know. - Who ate ice cream? - I ate it. - I envy you. I told you I saw the ice cream. CHAE WON. - You can see it like this. - You said ice cream, right? - What? - But there was a drink. - There was milk. - What drink? - Can you hear me? - Yes! - I'm sorry. Can't you just say it? - No, you can say it. - What do you have? - Eggs. -Some porridge. - There's chocolate. - That's sweet potato bar with sweet pumpkin. - There's chocolate. - Do you want it? - NAKO, do you want this? - Didn't CHAE WON join you? - Hold on. - Here you go. - CHAE WON didn't. - She started. - Now? Battlegrounds? - Yeah. - I'm doing it. - Yeah, I'm looking at this. - And I'm out of battery. - Hold on. - Take the gun. Take the gun! - Were there people? - Wait a minute. - How do I open this? - Guys. - I've never tried it before. - What do you think? Just a little bit. - Hey, it's going over there. - It's been too long. - Guys. - It's down. I don't have guns. - It's chaotic, right? - You need a gun to start the game. - I'm out of my mind. - I have an AK. - There's no gun. Here, who said we were going down here? - No guns. No, over there. Hey, your destination is over there. Do you see the pin? Come on over there quickly. -I don't have it a lot here. - Wait a minute. No, come to the pin. It's over there. - Don't tell me that is... - Yeah, I'm coming. - Is anyone there? - Do you see the red light over there? Okay, okay. - There won't be anyone, right? - No one will be there, right? - Probably not. - Stop! If there is... What if there is? This is addictive. - I like M4, but I don't have M4. - But we're all like this. They're doing their jobs. There's no M4. - Oh my. - Back, back, back. - "You are actually playing a game". Yes we are. - Yes, I'm playing a real game. Why is that laser dot site over there like that? - I really don't know why they made it, it's a trash. - Stop! - Are you playing NAKO? - Is this what it is like? - Laser Dot. - What's that? - That's too much. - Which part of the chicken do I like? - Leg for me. - Me too. - I like wing. Wing, I never eat legs. - I like wings. - So.. - EUN BI, you're just like me. - It would be perfect for us to have a combo. - Let's go somewhere else. - I mean. - Chicken, which part do you like? - Do you like legs too? Or breast? - I don't like it here. - Are you talking about real chicken? - Yeah. - Legs. - Legs! - Legs. - Wait. - Legs. - Everybody likes legs. - No guns. - Didn't we order just chicken legs last time? - Hey. - They sell only the legs these days. - Go to blue. Blue. - Right. - Blue? - Isn't that combo only with legs and wings? - YE NA had chicken for breakfast. - Yeah. - That's right. - I'm just going to go over here for a second. I think there's someone over there. - Serious. - If there's anyone... He's not coming. Not yet. - I don't like it here. - But SAKURA, are you wearing AirPods? - No. - Do I need to let you hear this? No, it doesn't matter. I can't concentrate. They are there. Where? - Do I have to go? - Yeah. I don't have a gun. - I'll go first. - Hey! - Dead? - No gun. - Why? NAKO, hurry. - We're on our way now. - Late night snack recommendation? What can I recommend for you? - I wish I had chicken today. - I died before I even had a gun. - Pork belly? - Everyone, do it again. Again. - Wait a minute. - Pork belly! - Looks delicious, right? - CHAE WON's in. Let's do it again. - Where is he? - I don't know. I can't see. - What do you recommend for a late night snack? - Pork belly. - Is it in there? - Or... - Hey. - Chicken. - Late night snack recommendation? - Wait a minute. - Intestine! - Intestine! - Everyone, we have to do it again. - Let's do it again. - Why are they so strong? - Intestine! - I'll charge it. - Soy sauce marinated crab! - Webfoot octopus. - Late night snack recommendation? - Everyone, let's do it again. This is… - What do you recommend for a late night snack? - I just told you everything I wanted to eat. - You start when you have a gun. - Pork belly. I think I want pork belly today. - Pork belly. - Intestine. - Wwebfoot octopus with cheese. - No. - Come on. - Ready, ready. - Tteokbokki. - Tteokbokki. - Pizza. - Sashimi. - Raw meat. - Raw meat. - Ice cream! For dessert. - Samgyejuk. - I want some ice cream. - Samgyejuk. - Samgyejuk. - Ready, ready. - You had samgyetuk, didn't you? - Wait, I'm out. - What else? - Eggs, vegetable porridge is good. - You had it right? - That's right. - That's good, too. It was delicious. Black Bean Noodles! -Black-bean-sauce noodles - Eggs, vegetable porridge is delicious too. - Eggs, vegetable porridge is delicious. - I need to pull myself together and. - What else was delicious? - Meat is my favorite. Go SAKURA. - I'll cheer for you. - The porridge came in a 1+1 packaged deal so I still have one left. Who wants the porridge? - You can have it tomorrow morning. -You can have it tomorrow morning. - I should. - "Tell us a scary story." - You can have this tomorrow morning too. And in front of this. - What's this? - NAKO, they want a scary story. - Scary stories? - No, you can't tell scary stories in the car. - Where are they? - Let's do this. Let's tell scary stories. - Scary stories. - I do have a really scary story. - Let's tell a scary story. - No, no. - There was chocolate. - You want me to tell you a scary story? - Why are you so cute? WIZ*ONE, let's talk about scary stories. - You say I'm cute no matter what I do. - Scary story! - No. - NAKO is so cute. Okay, I won't. - I won't tell you you are cute. - We're the same age. - Yeah, 01s. - Not that cute. I'm just saying. - It's prettier than cute, right? - Pretty, right? - All night long? - Yeah. Thanks. - Instead of saying cute... - Shall we do V LIVE all night long? - I'll say pretty. - Good. - How is it? - Good. - NAKO, why are you so pretty? - Wait. - It's so pretty. - We can really do this. Guys. - You can't believe it when pretty people do that. - Can you handle it? An all night long V LIVE? I'm serious. I said you were pretty before. -Really? -What did you see to tell me that I'm pretty. I have been saying you're pretty all along. Just looking at your picture. - You're lying. - Are you serious? Earlier. - It's today's? - Yeah, today. - Were you eating chicken? - Today I… - You lookedpretty today. - No. - You're eating chicken? - You're pretty today. - No, I think you're talking about Battlegrounds. Really? You're eating chicken in Battlegrounds? - WON YOUNG too. - Right. - It's Battleground. - What are you talking about? - It's about your Battleground. - What are you talking about? No, you're not. You're not saying you're eating chicken? - No. - No? Why is my bangs so weird? - I'm fine. - But now... - I... - What is it? - Is it in the mood to tell a little scary story? - It could get in the way. - Wait... - Why? - Yeah, there's a dark, light in the back. - Tell me a scary story. - Tell me a scary story. - Come on, now. - On the back... - Let's make it one. It's on the back. I see something in the back window. No, no. - Hi. - Can you see? - There's a girl. I see a woman. - Right? - A woman? - You're lying. - Say hello. Guys. Lie, lie, lie. - I see a real person... - SAKURA, aren't you doing it? - Yeah there were. - Yeah. - There was someone. - There was someone. - WIZ*ONE. - Why? - The staff? - Tell me a scary story. HYE WON - A scary story? - Behind you, WIZ*ONE. -What? - Behind WIZ*ONE. - Scary stories? - Don't lie to me. - Seriously. It's this bright... It's not that bright. I'm telling you, look at me. - Scary story? - I've been looking behind you, but there's nothing behind you. -Shall we tell scary stories and play the game later? - All right. - I'm sorry, but when you guys look away. - I saw it. - Good. - Shall we tell scary stories and play the game later? - Let's not tell scary stories. - Okay. - Don't regret it when you get off work. - Well, turn off the light a little bit. - Let's do it. - But it's midnight. - Cause you're bored. - Turn off the lights. - Scary story... - At midnight… You can't talk about this at midnight. - She was scared just now. - Shall we tell her a scary story? - You have to turn it off from the front. - Okay, hold on. - No. - You can't say this at midnight. - You have to do this at midnight. - You have to do this at midnight. - If you do it at midnight, it'll really show up. - Does anyone know a scary story? - Let's get started. - They're scary people. - Look. I told you, right? - Hey, hey, shut the door. - CHAE YEON did it. - I was so surprised. - I was so scared. - Oh, my. - You did it, right? - I'm scared! - Mosquitoes are the scariest. Three bites on the legs. - That's good. - I pressed the wrong button. The door opened when there was no one. - Surprised. - What? - Mosquitoes are coming in! - Ja-young. - Hey! - Why are you doing this to the manager? - Come on! - I didn't know. - Hey. - Having a personality problem. - Why are you angry? - Wait, scary story? - Let's hurry up and tell scary story. - I don't usually ride that kind of car. - You know the scary story? - There was. - What was there? Do you know that ghosts do everything backwards? - I was scared, but she was so... - I didn't know you were the manager. Really. - Hey! - Are you okay? - It hurts. - I'm sorry. - It's okay. - I'm sorry, guys. Anything ghosts. - No, it's not a personality controversy. - Reverse it. - It's a mistake. I made a mistake - Does everything backwards. - It's dangerous. CHAE YEON is upside down right now. Hey, CHAE YEON is ... - Hey! - You're the scariest one. Now. - I'm scared. I'm so scared. - You're in danger. - Hold on. Ghosts reverse everything. - Yeah. - I'm sorry, but can I use the light a little bit? - SAKURA, I need your help. Thank you. - It's going to be a little hot. - So... - It's fun to tell a true story. There's a couple eating in a restaurant. - Clapping like this? - You're really not funny. It's so cliché. WIZ*ONE knows that. - It's hilarious. - WIZ*ONE knows it. - I've never heard of it. - You tell me. - I don't usually listen to scary stories. - You know the scary story? - Really? - I know a true story. Then I'll remember it for too long. - Okay. - So I usually don't listen to scary stories. - Yeah? Mine is a true story. - A true story? - Yes. - HYE WONlooks like she's going to tell a really scary story. - Tell us! - I'm scared. - You're really scared? But I don't know if I can tell you this. - Then let's not do it. - Is it that scary? Come here. Just do it to me. - You're doing this on purpose, right? It's not a true story. - It is. - Just tell me the part that bothers you. MIN JU , can I come between you and NAKO? - Of course. - Those four? - Last time... No, it's not. - It actually happened. - Did you say that earlier? What you said when we were shooting last time? - Can I stop EUN BI? - No, I told you earlier. - I told you earlier. CHAE YEON wants to move. Thank you. You can come over it CHAE YEON. One, two, three. SAKURA, do you want to come over with me? Do you want to share the blanket together? - No. - Yeah? All right. Done? - You okay? - Hi. - Can I talk to you? - All right, CHAE YEON? CHAE YEON, you look like a ghost right now. Are you going to do that? Without looking at the screen? - But can I really say this? - Why? - Something scary? - See that hair? - Ask her. - I can't see. Can I tell you a scary story? A scary story. - A true story. - Let's not do it. - Why? - Do you know? - I don't know. - You don't know, I don't know. - NAKO. - Hey, I can see everything here right now. - Sorry. I can see everything here. NAKO's scary story is really scary. Can you tell me this? - That's for you. - Too much? - I'm so scared. - Come on. Don't be scared. Come on. Come on. Don't! Come on! I'm scared of her. If you keep talking about this, there's someone like this. - Can you do it? Her eyes were really weird. Guys. Please look over here. Just once. Isn't that scary? - I'm scared, but I'm scared to talk. I... - Yeah? I'm afraid if it'll come. - You're scared, aren't you? - I'm scared of people. - You'll get in trouble if you say you didn't wash my clothes. - Don't. What's wrong with you? Why are you clapping like this? Do it like this. - It's so much fun. - But when you clap... What is it? - Leave when you clap. - If this doesn't work, they say there's a ghost here. - What? - So when you do this, it's kind of... - Nothing's ringing? - Yeah, then. Then it's here. - Is it ringing? - It's ringing. - It's not here. - I'm getting goose bumps, you know. - NAKO, you know what? Mother used to do that thing in the apartment. - That's a real scary thing. - She's scared. NAKO said she can't talk about it. - I'm scared that person might come. - What is it? - Something really scary. - No way. - Really? - Yeah, but... - It was really just scary. - I'd rather not listen. - Wouldn't it be hard to come all the way to Korea? - No. What's wrong with you? I'm so surprised me! - MIN JU, I'm scared because MIN JU is scared. - Don't. - Really, please. - I just really just... I'm so scared. - That's a real surprise. - Let's not do it. - I'm scared. - I'm scared now. - Are you scared? - I'm so scared of CHAE YEON's blanket right now. Don't look at me. What's wrong with her? Take her with you. - I'm scared. - What's wrong with her? - Yu-jin... - Hey, do you know it's really scary. - Which one? - White. -CHAE WON, do you know the ghost? - What? Never make eye contact. - Why? - Like this. Like this. - Don't. - She's so scary. - You know the ghost that comes like this. Like this. She's so... Please. Okay, I get it. - NAKO said she gets it. - Don't. - Why do you keep... - You knew that. - Why are you looking at me like that? - Look at her turn her head. - Her eyes are weird. - NAKO, were you scared? - Were you scared of NAKO? - But you know what? - I know. - They are all scared. No, no, no, no, no. It was your eyes. - Really. - I can't. Can't you just look at them in a weird way? But I didn't know that Ja-young was here. Here's the line... What is it? The window is all shaded dark. - Someone out there... An explanation broadcast. - You can't say your name. She's the manager. Help me. This is HYE WON's personality. - I didn't know it was our manager. - From now on. - I thought CHAE YEON opened it. - Let's get started. HYE WON's personality. HYE WON didn't know that. - The shading was too dark to see. - Where is CHAE YEON? I didn't know who was there. - I'm scared of her. - I thought she opened it. She's weird. This is our CHAE YEON. I'm sure no one knows. It's our CHAE YEON. This is our HYE WON. The sweet HYE WON. "The seven of you are broadcasting". What? - I'm getting goosebumps. - I know. Aren't you scared of that? When you use the practice room by yourself. - That's really scary. - When you turn off all the lights. - I'm always on the phone. - I'm so scared. - Isn't it a little creepy on your own? - I think that's really scary. I called CHAE YEON once when I was leaving. I felt so weird even if I was on the phone. - It's a little weird. - It must have been weird to do it to CHAE YEON. - Me? - No. - That's right. - I was especially scared of that practice room. There's a practice room that was close to the previous dorm. - That practice room was so scary. - What's really scary about that practice room is... - That's a real story. - That basement? First basement floor? You know, when I'm in the basement practicing with a pad, I always film it. - I don't know. - But that's the only place we go to, right? If you practice for about an hour, the monitor turns off on its own. - Really? - So I've been... - Isn't it because of the battery? - Our teacher said at the time... - Didn't the battery run out? - No. - Really? - It just cuts off on its own, it presses the video button on its own. It's turning black all of a sudden. - This is real. - And there's a sound coming from the wall. - So I was so scared that I called YU RIright away. - From the wall? - What did the teacher say? - The teacher... - Chaewon has to go. - I'm leaving. - Yeah. - Good luck. Good luck. - Then come, SAKURA. - The teacher told me. - SAKURA can't go. - Last time. - Hi. Keys? They just left after they had all the keys. But the next day, when he came here, someone else... - I already have goosebumps. - ...asked why he didn't lock the door? - Why he didn't lock it. - Asked if he didn't lock it. So he said he did and checked the CCTV. And saw that the door did it by itself. - Alone? - Alone. - I hate this. - The practice room there. - Kim Min-ju is so funny! - MIN JU reaction is real. - That practice room. - That practice room? - Where my ipad turned off? - Yeah. Wait, what's wrong? Don't do that! There? Where NAKO said she heard SAKURA's voice. - Right here! - Yeah, I was next to her that day. You know the practice room. There. I was just practicing with the members. - Wait a minute. - I took a break. I sat down. But SAKURA suddenly said NAKO. So I looked back, and there was no one there. But there is a member next to me. I don't know if it was SAKURA's voice from behind. - A voice that sounds looks like her. - I heard a voice called NAKO. So NAKO asked me, MIN JU, did you call me? But I went to the bathroom to throw away the water. I felt so bad. - And SAKURA... - You and I... - You two together... - No? - No. Did you go to the bathroom with NAKO? - Right, what was it? - Clean up. - I went. - Right. I'll said, "NAKO, isn't this a little weird?" first. - I said first. - I said. Then I'll... - That was the day NAK heard SAKURA. - I told you that. - That's right. That's the day. - I mean. - The day I felt all weird. - All weird? Yeah, so I thought it was weird, but NAKO asked me if I was called. I went to drain the water, and it felt so weird. - I'm so scared. - A little bit. - The way to the bathroom is weird. - Don't. I have to practice there. - Hey, there's a real... - That puppy... - It's MIN JU . Hang on. I was going to do call EUN BI. - Hey. - EUN BI. Don't do that. I have a real story. It happened when I was recording the guide. - I heard this. - Where are you? - You're gonna talk about that, right? That recording. - Yeah. I was recording the guide. I need to do the doubling while listening to it. - But that ghost voice keeps on... - Does it? Kept interrupting me. That's why you're interrupting my song. Same voice. Wasn't that CHAE YEON's voice? No, it's not my voice, it's just singing along over my voice. - I'm getting goose bumps. - But you keep interrupting me. That's why I couldn't concentrate. I'm supposed to do the same doubling on top of it. - There's another voice. - Keep interrupting. I couldn't sing that song. - But you can't hear me anymore. The director can't hear us. - That! - Really? No way. - That's why I took off my headset. I made it the loudest, and then I did the guide. Because I've been interrupted. - A strange voice kept singing together. - Over. - No way! - I'm going to practice in that practice room. Someone told me this. CHAE YEON alone... No. - It's here. - But the human body can't sleep. If your immune system weakens and you get sick. I think it's starting to look weak and stuff like that. - Maybe everyone is... - But... - Did you see it though? - There's one more. - Me? - Have you seen it? I don't think ghosts are so distinctly shaped. I was just really sick for a while, and I wasn't feeling well. What is it? I was lying down to sleep. But this is my bed, and my best friend was lying here, next to me, in front of me. But my close fiend fell asleep first. So I lied down with my phone like this. I wasn't sleeping. How should I say this? You know, that's how it feels like. Who's in the back that's just creepy? A creepy sense in the back. What is it? Feels like something's going on. Something like that, that's how it feels like that's what it feels like. So I got goosebumps, so if I just go this way. It's creepy in here. - It's like this. - I lied down like this. - Are you lying down? - Because this is how you lie down so you don't get goose bumps on your back. So I lied down like this, turned my head like this, and tried to sleep again. Something suddenly pressed my head like this. - Like this. - I really can't sleep alone tonight. - Really? - I wasn't sleeping and I couldn't move my head. - Didn't you think you were a hotteok? - It's really scary. So I was wondering if I was dreaming. I thought I had a nightmare, so I moved my hand like this. But my hands were moving so well. I was in good shape, so I stayed there like that. I closed my eyes like this, and I opened my eyes, and I looked forward. There was a black figure standing under the bed like this. And then I heard a lot of voices. - That's why I'm so scared. - HYE WON. HYE WON. - But I actually see it when I'm not feeling well. - Really? - But I'm... - Did you see that? - There's some kind of black mannequin standing. Always. - I mean, it's black. - On my body... - Wait a minute. I'm getting goosebumps. - Really? But there are times when you're not feeling well. - When you're having a hard time! - If you can't sleep. I'm lying down. - He's standing on top of his body. - Isn't he paralyzed? I had sleep paralysis in Japanese. - Just moving your eyes. - Yeah. - But it wasn't a mannequin, it was just black. You know what? You know, when you're washing up, you feel like something's behind you. - He's up there then. - Wait a minute. - Really? - I know that. - And what is it? - Seriously, so don't look up there. - Why? - They say there's something like that. - You know, when your head gets heavy, right? She's washing her hair like this. - Hey, wait a minute. - But I always have thick hair, so it's a little heavy. But I can't forget that story. I heard this when I was really young. In the bathroom, always in that shower booth. - With that neck hanging. - Don't do that. - I really can't take a shower alone. - They say there's things like that. - I'm really bad at this. - I'll be right there. - So when you wash your hair. - You want me to wash with you? - You know, people who bend their heads like this. You know, when you wash your hair, you close your eyes. - You wash it? You're watching. - You're not looking. - You're not looking? - No, YU RI. - Do you remember when we filmed for M/V for Japan? When? The time I slept on the bed. - I was thinking about that. - When was it? - Right. You had a scary dream. - There! - I told you a person fell from a building. - Buenos Aires. - Buenos Aires? - Buenos Aires. And a person died there. - Right. We were sleeping. - Really? - We were sleeping together. - Right. - Most of us who slept there got nightmares. - I slept there, too. - I know. - Something's weird about that. - Scary. - Something's going on there. NAKO, dust the shoulder off, please. Right. We should dust the shoulders. - But not with your own hand. - Do mine, too. - Someone died? - Something happened. - I told you. - Shake it off. - Something happened that day. - I just remembered that. - I'm scared of sitting in the back. - I didn't take a nap because I was scared. - Right. We all were very scared. - I really was scared. - I had a good night sleep. I love teasing, but I get easily scared. - That's your karma. - When I don't feel well, - Come over here. Sit here. - I often have night terrors. - Feels like something's in the back. - I haven't had night terrors. - Scary. - Wait. - Then, there will be no one behind be. - When I'm healthy, I don't get night terrors. - But I get one when I'm tired. - That's true. - When tired. - When we're tired, we get night terrors. - Because we don't have enough sleep. - Right. - I think that's why. - It's not a ghost. - It's just because we don't get enough sleep. - You get night terrors because you're tired. - I'm sorry. - That's a relief. - Where are you going? Your seat...The front. - I'm sorry. - You can see them when you're tired. - I sometimes see them. But it's scary. Can we switch the topic? - Good. I'll sleep with you tonight. - Sounds good. - I'll sleep with YU RI. - I don't think I can sleep alone tonight. I'll cuddle with HYE WON. It's a bad thing not to have a roommate. - Some days I'm too scared to sleep alone. - It's good to have a roommate. Last time I went over to their room. - Really? - It's really scary to sleep alone. - I feel bad all of a sudden. - I feel bad. "What's that outside?". Can't see the outside. - Can't see the outside. - HYE WON, there's one thing I wanted to tell you. Your jaw line was amazing. HYE WON's jaw line is always amazing. - Wait. What was that? - She likes it. What? - I'm serious. - CHAE YEON, you got a cut in the hand. - Right. It hurts. - You're bleeding. - I feel so bad. - I'm sorry. - Can I have a bandage? - It's too scary. - What's over MIN JU? MIN JU hates it. - Stop it, please. I'm really scary. - It's too scary to talk about. - Right. - I'm scared to see a hair. - I'm scared. It's my hand over MIN JU. This...It was so scary. This hand! Stop it. Stop shaking it. Stop it. - Locked here. - Fluttering. It's not my story. I heard it somewhere. - Is it a scary story again? - Wait. There's no one in the back. - That's why I'm sitting like this. - Oh my god. - They saw - I'll be doing this. - Okay. a ghost, who told them to bow twice. Bow twice. - The ghost? - You shouldn't bow twice. - I know. What does that mean? - Does that mean anything? - You know what? - Bow twice? It's a superstition going around on the internet. Taking an elevator, going up to a certain floor, another floor, and again...Do you know this? - I know. - I do. - You do, don't you? - I do. - It opens up a new world or something? - I've tried that. - You did? Did it open up a new world? - Crazy. How could you do that? - I just... - Alone? - It's just... - Scary. It opened up to the floor. - Nothing happened. - I've tried "Charlie Charlie". - What is Charlie Charlie? - Is it here? Like this. Isn't it like Bunshinsaba? - It's like Kokurisang. - A bunch of friends sit in a circle under a blanket, and there's yes and no on the paper. - And say Charlie Charlie. - It's the same. Someone's tried it. At least one person is moving like this. - I've tried it. - Really? - Right. - Like this? - You did? - There's a person like this. - So, my friends... - Is Charlie Charlie here? - There's always a person like her. - Right. - It's like Bunshinsaba, isn't it? - It's here? And after... - What if it answers in English? And what if it's really long? - And it said yes. - Wait. I got goose bumps. - When it was yes, they took away the blanket and left the room because we were scared. - I can't do that. - I was really proud. But I was scared, too. - It was you, though. - What is it? - I can't do that. - Bunshinsaba is scary. - It is. - I can't do things like that. - You know with a cell phone... - It's okay with friends. - But I can't alone. - Alone... - When going to bed. - You know a phone ghost? When they were told to bow twice, they threw up. - You? - No, not me. You shouldn't bow twice, because it means... They didn't, but when they realized what happened... - It's scary. - They threw up. - They got exhausted...And what's interesting is - Scary. when they saw the ghost, animals around them started to cry. Isn't it interesting? - I heard it. - SAKURA, don't make the face. It's scary. - Really scary. - You know what? - Scary. - A mirror and the one across the mirror. - I know. - I do. - I do. - Inside a mirror, inside a mirror, and inside a mirror. - Someone's watching. - I don't think that's true. - How many times after? - I've tried that a lot. - I couldn't see any. - I've tried that. - But I couldn't. - At our dorm. At our dorm, there's a mirror. - Inside a mirror, and a mirror... - Don't. - Don't. - I don't think so. - Can we talk about this kind of stuff? - We shouldn't have done it. - We've already done it. - I know. - Don't include our dorm. - If we talk about... - Our dorm is spacious. It was a lie. It's a made-up story. - No, SAKURA, don't... - It was all made up. - I'm scared. - It's a lie. - It's scary, though. - Right. - I'm scared. - It's a made-up story. - Then, let's keep the PC on. - Because it's scary. - Sounds good. - Let's switch the topic. - I'm really scared. - Can I go one more? - No. - It's just a little scary. Just a little scary. How about that? What would I say to that? - Can't say no, can you? - Go ahead. It can't happen in an ordinary home. - It's nothing to do with a house? - EUN BI could get scared. - She has no idea. - EUN BI is not scared. - Really? A music studio. Go ahead. - SAKURA could be scared, too. - But. Can I just say it? - Yes. - I... I learned how to write a song. - I never said it. - What? - I thought it's a scary story. - It's out. - I have to say it. - Announcing it for the first time. So? - Is it a scary story? - So, I studied song writing with a writer. It was early in the morning. But we had to get it finished, so we stayed up there. Watch your finger. And we got to talk about ghost stories. During a break time. About how many ghosts come here. - Ghosts? - Yes. When we're working on songs, - someone knocks on the door. - That's crazy. But, there's no one outside. When we were talking, - someone knocked. - Really? - I heard it. NAKO heard it? Everyone heard it. - There were 3 people. - And no one there? There were only 3 people. - And it was very late at night, there was no one. - No way. There was a knocking sound. And we were like...again? - And went back to work. - It said I'm here? - It reacted? - Maybe. - Wait. - That's too weird. - But when that happens, they get good results. - Right. - Or the songs... - It's commonly said. - I know that. - It gets a hit. - When we see ghost, we get a big hit. - Right. - Really? - It's cold in here because of air conditioning? - We recorded songs recently, too. We recorded the voice. When we did it... Wait. - Why? It was you, wasn't it? - Screamed. - Something's here. - I was startled. We went around. We recorded for very long. And we listen. But it keeps like - When... - I heard it. - You're lying. - I didn't say anything because we're in a hurry. - Really? - But I heard it a couple of times. - On the day we talked a lot? - Really? - Right. Wasn't it because we were out of breath? But I was the only one there. - That's right. - Inside the studio. That's right. I was scared, but moved on. I'm relieved because it's not the same thing. - I see. - It can't be true. - That's why studios are scary. - And we go in alone. - Is it okay to talk about this kind of stuff? I'm scared. I've never thought of such things. - It's not a right timing? - I'm scared of recording studios. When I saw the black mannequin when we did "La Vie en Rose". Really? Do you sleep on a bunk bed? Right. - I'm really scared. - How... - What? The ladder. It was standing behind the ladder. That's too much. - Hope it's edited out. - Wait. - Weren't you right next to that? Wait. I'm scared. Please shake my shoulders. Did you see the face? I didn't see the face. I see black mannequin. MIN JU, as you feel scared, you're pushing me aside. But it's scary there's no one next to me. I'm right here. - You're here. - I'm here for you. Thank you. - NAKO is here. - I have broad shoulders. - Let's talk about funny things. - Let's talk about funny stories. - I'm stuck here because of shoulders, right? - I'm stuck, too. - So am I. I could dance "Billie Jean". We've been talking about scary stories for long. - It's really scary. - Let's change the topic. - Good. - I don't feel good. - Funny stories. - Shall we change the topic? NAKO, can you please talk about that? The bird you had... - No, not that one. - Not that one? - No way. Really? It was really interesting. I have a video, but no. - Right. It was really interesting. - But it's... - It's really interesting. - It happened somewhere else, too. - Really? - So, it's just... - That's... - Birds tend to... I think it's nothing to do with birds. - Really? - Yes. - But still. - Mom was confused. Look at MIN JU. Not this one. No? - HYE WON. - Yes? - What? - No. - Still episode 1? - Yes. - Then, no. WIZ*ONE, have you ever thought we are weird? - I was looking at it too. - But later... - No, no. - I almost died. A nodding doll. A snowman. A snowman. - A snowman. - Cute. - Scared? - A snowman. A snowman. You're so cute. - So cute. - Cute. A snowman. Wait. No. When something like this happens, aren't we supposed to talk about scary stories? Isn't it something everyone does? - You don't feel good. - No. - But people in this business tend to be stubborn, so can't see ghosts often. - Maybe not me. - I haven't, but... - I haven't seen any ghost in my life. - Neither have I. - You haven't, have you? You can't say you did. - I...People could remember it in diverse forms. - Right. I heard people say they saw one, or they heard a story. - Or they were confused. - It happens when there's a natural disaster. Right. - Can't say I saw one or now. - And it comes out when there's a large crowd. - You must have feelings. Something's weird. - When there's a crowd? - Right. There are days I feel like something's going on. - I can feel them touch my body. - A ghost - loves music. - Right. I heard that, too. It's hot as I turned it down. Right. It's hard to keep the right temperature. Did I turn the heater on? - Oh my god. - I'm sorry. - Hey. It's too hot. It's too hot in here. So cute. I want to show your hip. - I'm sorry. - Cute. I turned the heater on. - Let's talk about funny stories. - Good. - What kind of stories? - When we talk about funny stories, - A dog. - they should be really funny. - Right. That's hard. - I know. - It's funny when it comes out naturally. - It's easy. A funny story? Wasn't it loud yesterday? It was. What did you do? I'm sorry. We played a game with YU RI. - It's... - I'm sorry. - You did it until at night? I was surprised. So, today... - Funny... - Heater sounds the scariest. - That's true. - We always talk about funny stories with YU RI. I actually realize how young they are and how pure they are through the sound I hear from their room. - So. - Cute. - But. - Weren't you tired? - I'm okay. I'm not that sensitive. - Hey. - I can sleep even when it's noisy and lights are on. I can sleep with lights on. That's who I am. A funny story? NAKO, guess what it is. I'm giving you a quiz. MIN JU, cover your hands. MIN JU's nails. Don't show them. - Couldn't see them. - How many nails were broken? 2. It's 1. Was it supposed to be funny? - I put it on before. - The answer is one. - One! - Completely different size. - One is broken. Sizes are different. NAKO, another quiz. I don't like doing my nails much. - Neither do I. - What's EUNBI's nail color? - I'll take them off when I'm not on TV. - It's red. White. - Right now? - It's white. - EUNBI? White. - Bingo. - A light color... - It's off. - Quiz here. What's YENA's nail color? What is it? - Who? - YENA. - YENA's color. - Right now? - Isn't it yellow? - CHAE YEON! It's a fluorescent color. - Has it changed? - It's fluorescent orange. - It's fluorescent. - Right. Some of them were taken off. - Right. - Really? - About 3. Her thumb. - I. - We don't have funny stories. - We talked about scary stories, and... - I don't know funny stories much. - And now. - I know. We should say something funny. We started it suddenly and do a game, - and talked about scary stories and... - I know. Right. There's no theme. - Right. - It was all over the places. - SAKURA, do you know why I'm doing this? I just said I dyed my hair. And they don't know the color, so I'm covering it. I was like this for high touch, too. It's... - I see. - I didn't have one... I couldn't show it all. I was changing clothes. I know. This comment is really funny. What is it? "HYE WON, if you're not a ghost, make a v on the screen. It's scary". You know there's a comment like this. - Here it is. - Everyone, if you're under attack, wave a carrot. Like this. If you're doing this, wave a carrot. - Like this. - Why a carrot? - I don't know. But that's funny and cute. It is. - It drew my attention. - But why aren't we doing a V? - Why? - They asked us to make a V if we aren't ghosts. Are you a ghost? Are you? I'll do it for her. NAKO, do I still look like CHAE YEON? NAKO, do I still look like MIN JU? You are so MIN JU. Right. - I'm MIN JU. - NAKO. - Yes. Do I still - Yes. - You are EUNBI. - She is EUNBI. You have a stray hair. - She's so EUNBI. - Bye. - Goodbye. Wasn't it too abrupt? Wait. But it's - really time to go. - It is. - It's time to go. - Who's going? - Then. - Everyone? - We should practice. There's no ghost, - have a great night. - Right. - Wishing good night after such talk? - I'm sorry. - We are so bad. - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry. - But I still wish you good night. - Then, listen to our song to sleep. - How about that? - Good. - Listen to a refreshing song. Listen to a refreshing song before going to bed. I recommend "DREAMLIKE". - Right. - Good. - "ABOVE THE SKY" would be good, too. - Good. - See you in your dream. - See you in your dream. - Goodbye. - It was good. - It was. See you in your dream. - Bye bye. - See you in your dream.