ENGINDO SUB BLACKPINK Greeting on Knowing Bros ep251

[BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA] Hi, how are you? Starting today, on my brother There is a rising star, BLACKPINK's Holic love I am BLACKPINK's Seo Jang Hoon's sister. (Surprise by Jin Jang Hoon) You have many Buildings! I hope it will be fun Why is Seo Jang Hoon? Among older brothers, He likes singing the most! Is it right? And he is the tallest! Also known as Seo Jang-hoon from BLACKPINK. Behind the main vocalist R0SÉ Glory! Glory! Attention please! Oh, your face. This is a fist! I'm Min Kyung Hoon from BLACKPINK! Me? Min Kyung Hoon He's the best dancer! [Awkward] Also known as Main Dancer Min Kyung Hoon Let's let Kyung Hoon dance properly Best dancer, come on! Kyung Hoon, you have to dance to the song! Drunk and standing up to dance (Dancing..That's awesome ..!) You did a great job at first (Next me!) Oh, JISOO. Also known as Lee Soo-Geun from BLACKPINK Lead Vocalist JISOO? Call me why? He's the smallest, but that's not the case! I roll up the mood maker. He's the most important person! Well! Exactly! Now, JENNIE still has nothing left JENNIE is .. Don't tell me, Blewing's Kang Ho-dong? That's right BLACKPINK's Kang Ho-dong, JENNIE! Not! Impossible! Yhaa..Just like me! Let's hear it! What happened!!! What are you doing? JENNIE, Are you good at wrestling as Ho-dong? Ho-dong's sister is very similar, She has swollen cheeks like mine. Heart balls! Heart balls! I'm Jennie of the baby type! Surprised! Baby Ho-dong (Feels just as good) What is wrong! Sang- min, what are you doing! It was hard to tear a leg. High effort. What was he doing? Are you going to clean it up? With the real Jennie. You think we look alike! You're not JENNIE, but you're Jegil (Damn) I'm Damn? LOL In Thailand too. Nothing like this, right? I do not think so.