- Stay here. - I want to lie down. - No. - I want to lie down. - No. - What are you two doing? - I can't see it. What are you two doing? - Who is it? - You went in NCT DREAM. Hi. Hello. - It's not showing on the screen yet. - It hasn't? Hold on. We have to monitor. Monitoring is important. You're on the screen. Hi. It's on. Hi. Are we on the screen? Oh no! Monitoring is important. It's not working. - Look at this. - What? "JISUNG looks comfortable". - Says who? - The fans. - The fans. I'm comfortable. NCT. NCT. Everyone. "Hi DREAM". - Hello. - Why did we turn on V LIVE today? 1, 2, 3. - To the world, this is NCT. - Hi! Hello, we're NCT DREAM! Let's go! It's been two days since the first concert of NCT DREAM, "THE DREAM SHOW" has ended. - 2 days. - 2. - 2. - We meant to do a V LIVE soon after and - we finally was able to get together, so here we are. - Yes. Did you enjoy the concert? Yes! I can't hear them. Yes! Did you enjoy the concert? - Yes! - I can hear them now. - Can you? - The signal is bad in here. But yesterday... It's been 2 days since "THE DREAM SHOW" ended. - Yes. - What did you all do yesterday? Me? I got some rest. - Did you? - I just hung out. - What about you HAECHAN? - What? What did you do, HAECHAN? I'm working on something new for our NCTzen fans. Wow. What kind of present? - That's it. - They'll be able to see it soon. - RENJUN. - The cozy wintertime is coming soon. - RENJUN. - Yes. What did you do yesterday? - Honestly? - Yes. I did my radio show. The facts. I met some cousins and went shopping too. - Oh yeah. - And then I went to do my radio show. Your eyes... What about the eyebrows? - I went to the hospital this morning. - What did they say? - They said it's OK. - That's a relief. - That's a relief. - So don't worry. To be honest, I was worried a lot. What kind of worrying? I was worried too. - To be honest... - Out of no where... I was worried. - When the "We Young" LED went up, RENJUN wasn't there. - That's right. - Should we be talking about this? - Why not? - Why not? - It's a spoiler... But it's already in the past. Does that count as a spoiler? - Do you not know what the word spoiler means? - That's true. I was thinking, "Why isn't RENJUN here"? Do you know what else I was thinking? "He must be taking a long time changing again". That's what I though too. "What is he doing"? - "Isn't he taking too long to get dressed"? - Yeah. And then when we got to "My First and Last"... He wasn't out for about half of the song so I thought that he'd be out for "My First and Last" but... "Is he hurt"? So for "My First and Last"... I was watching prompt side for "We Young". I was curious on when he would come out. I was honestly worried for "My First and Last". I was worried but I didn't want to let it show so I tried harder to do well. At that moment, I was thinking... I had missed that same section for the rehearsals. - Oh yeah. - That's right. But then... I dress really quickly so I have time always have left. So I was the first one to... I had an issue with the mike so I was working on getting that fixed. I was listening to the VCR without thinking much. But after the VCR ended, I thought, "Why can't I hear the song"? HAECHAN wouldn't come out for a really long time. I thought something had happened. Apparently, there was something wrong with the mike. "How can you make it break because of the mike"? But... So during "We Young", JAEMIN and I... - Do I talk a lot? - There's a part we get it from RENJUN and throw it. RENJUN was out for "We Young". Only the people who really loved us could see it. You felt the weight though, right? - Should I stop? - It was kind of a push. Our HAECHAN. - To be honest... - Oh? - Oh? - Oh? No it's not that... - To be honest in the past 3 days... - You're OK now, right? - I'm OK right now. - Then that's all that matters. This thought came to me yesterday, and I'm not sure whether the others feel the same way or not but it felt like I should get up and go to our concert. - Me too. - I wanted to go. - What about you, JAEMIN? - Didn't you feel that way? - Me? - What did you do yesterday? - What? - Yesterday. - The guy with the pink hair. Yesterday? I... - I... - Recharged. - Recharge? What? - Recharge? Cellphone? I recharged in my bed. - Yesterday morning... - Yesterday... - You go first. - You first. - You go first. - Yesterday... Yesterday, I got up in the morning, got about half-way up and then laid back down. - I couldn't get up because it hurt so badly. - Yeah. - My back hurt too bad. - My neck hurts a bit. My back and hip ached. And then when I opened my eyes again, it was night time. When I opened my eyes again, it was 1. I got up at 10. - How are you supposed to get up? - JAEMIN called yesterday. He said he wanted to hang out because he was bored in the dorms. But I was out eating with my first aunt, second aunt and cousin. I wanted to invite him over but I didn't want to make him feel awkward so I said I'd see him later. - He called you yesterday too. - That's right. - JISUNG didn't want to leave the house. - That's right. I'm so hungry. Are any of you sick? The back and legs.. - I bet their necks hurt. - Arms. - The arms too. - Neck. - Neck. - Yes, they had to stay like this... - More than anything else. It's really hard on the neck. I'm sure they were hurt. - What? - Apparently, I was the first person - to cry during comments for the entire 3 days. - We were like, are you crying again? Don't cry! - Don't cry! - It's confusing. I can't tell whether he's crying or smiling. The fans don't like to see us cry. Yeah. It's embarrassing, so I'll move on. - Did you know it snowed yesterday? - Yeah. I heard about it. - It snowed yesterday? - Really shortly. - Yes, a little bit. - When? - At night. - Night? - Yes. - You didn't see it? - Nope. - Do you know what happened? - What happened? - What? - Just tell them. - Should I? - Yes. - Never mind. - What? Go on! Are we doing the same V LIVE? We always get side tracked. We can't be on V LIVE for a long time today. - Just a little while. - Yeah, we'll be back. We have no choice. Apparently, there's a problem with the Wi-Fi in SM. I agree. - It seems to be breaking up. - Hold on. Is the video breaking up? The Wi-Fi in SM is weird. - Apparently it keeps breaking up. - The security level is so high. That's right. - So many people came for the concert for all 3 days. - That's right. - It was tough physically. - It was tiring. But mentally it was definitely... Yes, physically... I didn't think of it during the concert but after we were done... - After we said goodbye. - I didn't know it when we were in the middle of the concert. - The moment we walked in to the waiting room after saying goodbye. - That's right. Yeah. - And... - To be honest... Tell us. It may sound weird. So you go first. To be honest, I tried my best for all 3 days. - That's obvious. - Right? I really... It was just that... - I thought, "I must crawl out today" on the last day. - Yeah. I wasn't going to cry. - I wasn't going to cry either. - And? - My mom called. - What did she say? - She called me on the phone. - What did she say? When I was getting my makeup done, my mom called me. I said hello and she said, "Don't cry". She said I shouldn't cry because it doesn't suit me. So I told her, "I'm going to cry". "I'm going to cry"? - And you did. - I cried with her in the audience. HAECHAN looked like he was about to cry when he was talking. - His comment was... - Yeah. It was funny at first. I was like, "What is he doing"? It was too... Yeah, it was touching when HAECHAN talked. But later, I heard someone sit on the ground, That's so funny. and he was like this. I looked behind me to see who was crying JISUNG was crying so hard. He was crying so hard that I bet the people in the front heard JISUNG cry. - Really? - Yeah. - Oh no. - I was so surprised. - I heard him through the in-ear. I heard it too. - Because my mike was close when JISUNG was crying. - Honestly I... It was because you! I heard him crying in my in-ears. - His mike was here. - It was probably me. - I thought, "Why can I hear all that"? - I was so... To be honest, I got emotional when I heard HAECHAN's comment. JISUNG was like this. It was too funny. I should have been sad but the situation was so funny. - And JENO. - Yes. Please explain your outfit ripping on stage. - Why don't you rip it now? - JAEMIN. What? Why? JENO feels sorry for people like me. Why? I almost showed them my abs too because of JENO. Of course, I have them. Show us. Hey get him! - Everyone... - I heard you had a fight with your abs. We have something we have to do so we should go now. Did you all enjoy JAEMIN's video? - It was so fun. - JAEMIN sits in front of the computer every night and pulls out his head and writes. - Late at night. - Working so hard on it. - What is it? - The incredible thing is that we're in our studio now. - The floors are all wooden. - Yes. Yeah. - We can show them now. - Now... - Shall we show them? - But... - Should we show them? There are things we shouldn't show the fans today on that side. OK. The things we can show them... It's not the end of our concert. We'll be abroad. - Abroad. - We're going to meet fans abroad. I hope fans abroad will look forward to our concerts in other countries. - Yes. - That's right. We'll be soon in... - The next concert is in Thailand. - Then. - In Thailand. - See you in Thailand. - In Thailand. - Bye. - See you in Thailand. See you in Thailand! - RENJUN the angel is going. - "The Show" play! I'm going to turn on my wings. I ate too much. A lot of yogurt. Goodbye. Bye!