Hello, everyone. I'm the MC of Weekly Idol, Eunhyuk. Hi, I'm the MC of Weekly Idol, Kwang Hee! Yes. Today's guests of Weekly Idol must be... the most frequent visitors to your sweet dreams. Now it's time for your dream to come true. That's right. This group has been improving rapidly. NCT DREAM, come on out! (Global Champion, NCT DREAM) Welcome. Hello. - Hello. - Hello. (The studio has gotten brighter because of them.) - Hello. - Chenle! It's NCT DREAM. Let us introduce ourselves. In 1, 2, 3. - To the world, this is NCT. - To the world, this is NCT. - Hello, we're NCT DREAM. - Hello, we're NCT DREAM. (Hello, we're NCT DREAM.) (Renjun) (Jeno) (Haechan) (Jaemin) (Chenle) (Jisung) (NCT DREAM) It's been so long since we've met. How did you all become all adults... in the meantime? They're really becoming adults. They used to be so small and cute. First, how come you're so tall? Right. - It's been a long time. - Yes. Haechan, how are your legs so long? You've got so tall. They won't stop growing. - Shouldn't we measure him? - Even Jisung. It looks like your legs are still growing. You've gotten a lot taller. I'll go and measure his height. Here. Are you wearing your pants up? No, I'm wearing them down. - Are you wearing them down? - Yes. Where is your waist? - It's here. - This is your waist. - Is it here? - Yes. I'm wearing my pants down to look humane. - Because they're too long. - Yes. - I'll measure his legs. - Yes. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Five spans. Now Jisung. - My waist is here. - Here? Don't you think your pants are too low? - It's hip-hop. - You must be wearing... your pants at your buttocks. That's why he looks like this with his hands on his waist. Like this? - Thanks. - He's good. I see. - So this is your waist. - Yes. Let's see. One... - You're starting with one span. - Yes. Jisung is... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! (The taxi fare must be 250 dollars to go that distance.) They're a span longer than yours. And we have something to celebrate about. Our cute teddy bear, Chenle, has become an adult this year. (Congratulations on being 20, Chenle!) I thought he'd always be a baby. That's why he's wearing a jacket while everyone else wears shirts. A jacket. - Right. - Now that he's an adult... You want to wear jackets when you turn 20. Right. You won't want a shirt. I got a bit greedy. It's a jacket. - Now Jisung is... - Yes. the only teenager among the members. Jisung, are there any differences between the teenage members... and the members in their 20s? When I ask them, they tell me nothing changes when you turn 20. But from what I'm seeing, since I've been watching them, - Yes. - and they changed a lot. - What has changed? - They tend to... bluff more. - Do they bluff? - They bluff. You don't start bluffing until you're 30. They're starting to bluff in their 20s. - Jisung. - Yes. Wasn't this bluffing? (Jisung bluffs the most in NCT DREAM.) NCT DREAM is the latest group of SM. Their new song is... just amazing. That's right. There's a line of idol group members in SM Entertainment... that I cherish, and they're all dancers. He's the last one. It's Jisung. Whenever he dances, he even controls his hair. Really? - That hair? - Yes. That hair. You made it brighter to stand out, didn't you? What about this time? Are you going to use your hair? - A person has bones everywhere. - Yes. You can't help but have edges on your body. But there's one part that doesn't have bones. - Your hair. - Yes, my hair. - And you control it. - That's right. He's bluffing! Are you serious? He says he can control his hair. - Jisung! - Jisung is so... He's something. - Then we should see it. - That's right. - NCTzens, - Yes. are you ready to get fired up? Once you listen to this song, a speed bump won't be able to stop you. - That's right. - It's that song. It's the song that awakens your instinct... to speed up. It's "Ridin'" by NCT DREAM. Let's go. ("Ridin'" by NCT DREAM will be revealed now.) ("Ridin'" by NCT DREAM) (Weekly Idol) These members of NCT DREAM... made friendship bracelets. You're lying. Who makes friendship bracelets these days? It's just that we're really close. We decided to make friendship bracelets, so we got all our nicknames on them. We asked Haechan... to find a place and order them. - Yes. - They were made, and we got them. We wore them, and they smelled like iron. Iron? I don't usually make that kind of mistake. But I found the wrong manufacturer. Chenle said he'll find somewhere else for us. He'll buy watches for us. (Flexing) While you're at it, why don't you make one for all SM singers? Can I get one too? My wrist feels empty. - That's how close... - Yes. the members of NCT DREAM are. And there's been a rumor... - that they're in a crisis. - Other than the bracelets? - No one replies to this person's... - Yes. messages. - That would make things awkward. - Who is it? Who is it? Are you crying, Jisung? We have a group chatroom. We send funny pictures on it. - Right. - And this person sends the most. About 80 percent of them look... like they're supposed to be funny, but we don't understand it. First of all, he's really nice. - So... - He's kind. He's just so kind to want to share funny things with us. - Yes. - That's nice. Renjun, do you reply to him? I always write: "LOL." You reply to him. If these things pile up, someone will get hurt. They'll have to go on for a long time. You should take some time to talk to each other about these. That's why we prepared this segment. You can listen... to what they think about you. - It's "Hug Me"! - "Hug Me." The members of NCT DREAM will now... take a question each from the container. Without revealing what the question is, you will go to the member and hug him... - from behind. - Yes. Renjun will draw the first question. Let's see. The color matches our clothes. (Colorful NCT DREAM) I'll choose the yellow one. And no one is reacting to it. (Reacting all of a sudden) (Renjun has drawn a question!) - Yes! - Let's get it! Let's go! Renjun! (Screaming for Renjun) (Will you love me more?) Is anyone in your mind? - I don't think so. - You don't think so. Because we normally do this... - to each other very much. - Yes. - I see. - As long as it's not me. This is really scary. How many can I pick? - Is it more than one? - How many are there? - I have about 2. - 2 people? Hug the second one first. Haechan is ranked in second place. What is it? Who's ranked in first place? Is it me? What? What? - What is it? - What? I think I got it. The person who criticizes him... - for being boring? - For being boring? - Do they scold him? - Someone that scolds him. He was really close. These two always annoy me. I see. They make him feel frustrated. The member who makes him laugh the most. Are you delusional? What are you thinking? - Are you delusional? - He was just enraged. The member who clicks the most with him. - What? - Wasn't it? Was I being too optimistic? The most talkative member? Is Jisung talkative? Once you come to our dorm, - you'll want to get out. - Really? Yes, he's that talkative. He doesn't look like it, though. - He won't stop... - Making jokes. There's no end. There's no end. He always makes jokes. (The lead joker of NCT DREAM) That was a good one. What do Jisung and Haechan have in common? - They make you angry. - That's right. They get on your nerves. Haechan always tells me... to think before you speak, not speak before you think. (Think before you speak, not speak before you think.) Does he say so? It may sound weird if you put it like this. It's already weird. - Don't get this wrong. - The two of you click. How does Haechan bother you? I'm into copying people's tones these days. For instance, Jaemin says: "This is pretty bad." (Imitating Jaemin) (Still in character) It sounds like a TV show. How does he say? "This is pretty bad." "You're over the line." Does Jaemin really say like that? - That's so funny. - Yes, I do. Even when I'm just eating, they come to me and say: "This is pretty bad." - Out of nowhere. - That annoys me. - When you're just eating. - I know. - When you're just eating. - Why would they find it bad... - when I'm just eating. - I know. We moved on to someone else while talking about Renjun. - We should focus on Renjun. - We will focus. I'm used to this. It's okay. What do you think the question is? - Wait. - What? Who he's the most jealous of. (That's not it, Jisung.) - I'm sorry. - Is Renjun jealous of you guys? That was wrong. - It's hard. - But this segment will make us... - get along better, right? - Of course. Really? We can't guarantee that, - but it probably will. - Right. - Check it when the show airs. - Yes. - Next is... - Jeno. They could choose their color. - I know. - He's right. Did they dress them according to the colors of the questions? I know. I'm curious. He laughed so loudly. (Who doesn't listen to you at all?) Considering he laughed... It could be something embarrassing. Who he loves the most? Is it an easy question or not? - If he's picked for this, - Yes? he'd regret it later. Do you think so? That was such an honest answer. (Everyone moves not to regret.) - Where are you going? - Go back to your seat, Haechan. - Renjun, where are you going? - Go back to your seat. This is my seat. You stay put. (He's picked as a person to watch.) It's obviously Haechan. It's one of these two. He's deciding between Jisung and Haechan. Thinking who's worse. - It's always one of those two. - I know. I know. (Haechan is picked twice already.) It's his big day. He's done it to me a lot. (Confused) It's something like that. Oh, no. He upsets me a lot as well. There's a reason why I was deciding between the two. Haechan lives in a different dorm, so I feel this way when I'm with him. - When you're with him? - Jisung makes me feel this way... - all the time. - Always? Who makes a lot of excuses. Who makes a lot of excuses? - Who does that? - What kinds of excuses? These two make a lot of excuses. A lot. - What? - What are you talking about? We're a team. Chenle is sitting on the side... and attacks them a lot. (A professional sniper Chenle) (Nervous) There's a penalty in every game. When Haechan loses, he asks for another chance... like this. That's lame. Who he usually plays games with. (Doesn't he usually plays games with him?) What do you think? Who he usually plays games with? There's no such question. We all play games together. - I was too innocent. - This is the kind of moment... he should think before saying it. He should think before saying something. - Haechan, they're right. - Right. Think twice before saying something. Okay. Now Jaemin will pick a question. (Who makes you think: "What's with him?") (Contemplating) He's pondering. - Someone doesn't come to his mind. - I guess so. Any candidates? How many do you have in mind? It applies to everyone, though. Especially who? - Especially? - Everyone? We should've been nice to him. - We should have. - We should've been nice to him. Should I take this question seriously or not? That's up to you. - This is pretty bad. - Look up, Haechan. Open up your chest and be confident. - Seriously? - Jaemin likes being serious. Haechan, don't cross the line. (I love this kind of situation.) - It's not us. - We've been good. - I knew it. - Please, not me. Please. - Give him a warm hug. - Oh, my. - Oh, my. - He wins a triple crown. (Haechan gets picked 3 times.) - He won a triple crown. - He did. Tell us why you picked him, Jaemin. I always think this way about him. - Always. - I'm so curious. - For how many years? - It's been 7 or 8 years. - I think this way every day. - Oh, my! - Whenever we make eye contact. - Oh, my! If he thinks this way every day, it's not about something too mean. - He's sharp. - Who eats a lot. - Who eats a lot? - What if... - Wait. No. - That could be it. Am I right? Look at his face. "This is pretty bad." He never misses a chance. Did I get it right at once? Sit down. Does he eat a lot? - If it's tasty, he eats a lot. - He enjoys food. - He enjoys food. - He knows lots of good restaurants. When I ask him for a recommendation, he orders it right away. Who pays for that then? - Haechan does. - Really? (A good story about him) He treats us good food. He's such an entertainer, so he always lights up the mood. Such nice stories about Haechan. Were their responses close to the question? Those are completely off. (Who makes you think: "What's with him?") I was happy for a moment. I was happy for a moment. - They're so funny. - That's what matters. I'll give you a hint. It's not about something certain. It's about something general. For example, it's not like: "My dream is to become a singer." - "I'm a person." - It's like: "What's his dream?" (What are you talking about?) I mean... What am I talking about? - What are you talking about? - What is it? Jaemin, you reminded me of the question. (What's with you, Jaemin?) Wait. It's about him. (What's wrong with me?) Jaemin, express the question with a gesture. So... (What's with you?) Who is the meanest. Isn't it "REGULAR"? - "REGULAR"? - It's "REGULAR." Who is the weirdest. Who's the most peculiar. It's not about something too mean. - Just... - Normally? anyone would think so when they see you. - Really? - Who... Who you want to hit the most. (Who you usually want to beat up the most?) - Is that it? - We should wrap it up here. - Haechan will be so hurt. - That sounds like it. It's not something mean. Not beating him up. Maybe a slap. - I meant this way. - Just a slap? Only a slap? Let's wrap it up here. I'm curious. Next is... - Jisung. - The youngest member, Jisung. I'm nervous. It'd be funny if Haechan is picked again. (It wouldn't be funny for me.) (Who would you want as a pet?) It's nothing like how I imagined it. It's a hard question. It's different from the previous questions. Oh, my. What do I do? - He's going crazy. - It's him. It's Haechan. Only one person comes to mind. - Just one? - Yes. Hurry. It's not us. - It's Haechan again. - Jaemin, you're too sure about it. - You think you guys are safe. - Is he coming this way? - What? - Really? Really? This is a preview. - It's just a preview. - Hurry! Why do you think it's a preview? He's playing him. Okay. (As everyone expected, it's Haechan.) This is amazing. - Haechan, it's not. - What on earth is the question? I want to see it. What's the question? Jisung, tell us why you chose him. I've always thought of it. - This way. - In what sense? His way of talking and acting. Just everything. Normally. (What's the question?) Who is the nicest to him? No way. "No way." Of course not. Of course not, Chenle. (I'm sorry, Haechan.) Who he wants as a little brother. Not as a big brother? As a little brother? He always says that to me. - That he wants you as... - I should've been younger than him. (Haechan should've been younger than me.) - I can't believe Jisung says that. - Then I respond: "But I'm older. What are you going to do?" Who he would set up with his little sister? Really. That's mean. - "That's mean." - Is that mean? It gives me chills. - Who he doesn't want to. - Is he far from it? You need time to think. - We're on TV. - Okay. Don't think after saying something. - Think before saying it. - Think before saying it. What made you think this way about him, Jisung? When he messes with me. I'm right. Who he wants as a little brother. - That's it. - That's it. That's it. Think of it in a different way. - Who's unexpectedly smart? - Unexpectedly? I'm obviously smart. - Smarter than he thought. - Smarter than he thought. Haechan is smart. - He's a quick thinker. - Right. - He cuts corners. - He's a good speaker. - I see. - That's why... - he's such an entertainer. - He's quick-witted. When we're all scolded, he finds a way out. - Exactly. - Renjun, we were covering it up and you just cut the wrapper. (Zoning out) We're covering it up pretty well. - I meant he's smart in a good way. - Okay. He has gumption. I had someone else in mind. - Who? - Yes? I was deciding between Jaemin and Haechan. You were a candidate. - In my case, - Yes. I don't really know myself. - So... - You don't know yourself? I learn about myself... when they tell me something about me. So we have to tell him everything. But... By the way... Wait. Jisung picked Haechan's question, right? - No. - What am I saying? - What? - Jaemin, - He's lost again. - I thought... of your question again. (Jaemin is a reminder of his own question.) What was the question? - Jaemin was the answer. - I'm so curious. - Should I change my answer too? - I see why. - Right. - I'd think of that question too. What's the question? If I was in second place... Who is different from on the outside? Different from on the outside? How different? What he's like now is different from what we thought. Right. NCTzen must be having fun too now. Looking at the difference is so fun. Right. - Finally, it's Haechan's turn. - Pick a question. Once and for all. Would it even matter? Choose the green one. (Who do you think is doing so well?) I hope I'm not the only one with this kind of question. You're not. The previous questions were similar. You'll be surprised when it airs. It must be about something nice. - It could hurt them too. - Really? Is it about something mean? It must be one of those two. (It must be one of you two.) - Renjun or Jaemin. - Renjun or Jaemin. I've been so nice to him. It applies to everyone. - Does it apply to everyone? - Yes. Especially who? Especially? (He picks Renjun.) - Give him a warm hug. - It's Renjun. He's picked this time. Renjun! Tell us why first. Usually, he has the wrong idea, but I want to tell him he's wrong. He could be thinking about something bad. I hope he's not saying I'm not funny when I think so. Being funny in a group chat? It's not something stale. - It's not lame. - It's something special. In... No. Innocent... Who is innocent when he doesn't look so. Who pretends to be innocent? - Not about pretending. - Hey. Why do you distort it? - It was going well. - Why do you distort it? - Why do you distort it? - I know. Why do you distort it? - Leave it as it is. - Right. Don't distort it. Who is the most sentimental. That could be it. Based on what? Based on the decoration of his room. - How did he decorate it? - He's delicate. - Each room has a different theme. - I see. - Each room? - Renjun's room is... - well-lighted... - Yes. - and decorated. - Like a model home? It's well-decorated. Jeno's room looks... like a bicycle shop. - A bicycle shop? - Right. A bicycle shop. - Right. - How can a room look like that? There is a bed between two bicycles. Just like there are bicycles hanging at a bicycle shop? - Yes, they're hanging. - They're hanging. - They're hanging. - They're hanging on the wall. They're hanging. (His bicycles are always there.) Do you have two bicycles in your room? Yes, Jaemin's and mine. Why did you park your bicycle there? Why is your bicycle in his room? - Because Jaemin's room is... - Wait. Don't cross the line. Don't cross. Watch the line. Don't cross it. Be careful. First, Jaemin's room looks... like there's a hacker... and a kid living there. A hacker and a kid? - What? - What kind of room is that? They share a room... - Three computers. - There are two big screens... and a laptop. Also, there's another on the other desk. There's another laptop on the desk. The fourth industrial revolution is going on in that room. That's a little... His trash bin opens itself. (The trash bin opens itself.) Really? That's so amazing. Jaemin's room is filled with technology. A room of the fourth industrial revolution. It's equipped with everything you need for a movie. I know. - That's new information. - That's good. - Each room has a theme. - Yes. - Where were we? - Who were we talking about? Haechan's question... - Right. - It was Renjun. We keep stopping talking about Renjun. - Pay attention to me. - I keep forgetting. - We get distracted. - I'm sorry. - I'm sorry. - It's okay. Renjun, why do you think he picked you? As a team, we love one another... as much as we don't like another. - Ambivalent feelings. - Yes. A love-hate relationship. - I think that's why. - Look at him. Right. - Give us a hint. - A hint? First, it applies... - to everyone. - Everyone? Everyone fits the question, but if I have to choose one, I'd choose you. When you see what the question is, you'll learn how sweet Haechan is. Right. - The last question. - I have no idea. - If you're so curious, - Yes. - check it when the show airs. - We should. You don't let us know at all... - No. - until it airs? No way. You didn't know until now? No. - You're like me. - Chenle. I thought you'd let us know at the end. - We don't know until it airs? - Of course not. Go on. (Who do you think you know why NCTzen loves him?) Wait. Let me check the question. - We can help you with that. - I can translate it for him. Renjun, no. It's okay. Chenle, come to me. I can explain it to you. Come to me. - I get it, but I need to think. - Okay. (I don't want to be chosen again.) (Hugging the cute Jaemin) What is it? It's Jaemin? (Happy because he wasn't chosen) Actually, each of them has... - such strong traits. - That's right. - I chose the most certain person. - He was the most certain. What made you say that about Jaemin? - It's his usual self. - You noticed it in his usual self. Yes. Is it the member who wakes up late? He doesn't usually wake up? He wakes up when we're almost ready to go out. We're already late, but he still has to get ready. - There are members like that. - That's right. Only the late members are always late. We... You look like you didn't know about this. I knew about it. But you were all thinking the same way. We're all thinking the same. I have each member who does it in our dorm. When someone comes out late, there is always someone telling me to wake up. I thought it was them. Who is it? Jeno... - Jisung? - Jisung. - Do they call you all the time? - Yes. How do they call you? - Jaemin, we need to go. - That's not it. That's not it. Filter your words. - A filter? - Filter, please. Okay, I got it. I'll soften it. He's not that slow. - We play... - It's one of the members. pranks on each other in the morning. Are you sure it was a prank? I'm filtering my words. Okay. He's wrapping his words nicely with a filter. Accept it as it is. I meant it. (His innocence makes even the nice kid upset.) Renjun is fun. - He's an interesting kid. - Why don't you reply to him? - I'm telling you, they're weird. - Renjun is funny. (It's not my style.) Jisung looked like he has something in mind. - He's the laziest member. - The laziest member. I'm only getting odd guesses. This is a really good one. It's not too obvious. It's quite... Should we think of it differently? Should we think of nice things? Yes, it's a completely positive thing. It's difficult. Which part of him appealed to you? It's when he acts cute. I see. - He does it a lot. - He's the shameless member. (Shameless) - He's a shameless member. - Isn't this supposed to be good? If we say it nicely, it could become a good thing. That's right. Does he do that... to the members usually? He doesn't? - He does it a lot, seriously. - A lot? How does he do it? Please show it to Jisung. Are you starting? It's just like this. For example, if Jisung is playing computer games, then I look at my phone... and look at Jisung. He's cute. - He's playing games. - He does this when he's playing. - He keeps making that face. - Is he gargling? I thought he was gargling. He does that when he's concentrating. - Is that his habit? - Yes, it's his habit. It's when I miss an opponent. (His cheeks appear out of anger.) - It's cute. - So this is it. It was like a frog. A frog. What do you do then? Jisung, I love you. - He did that yesterday. - I tell him I love him. You tell him you love him? - I do it once in a while. - Are you surprised? Jeno is jealous. (Jeno is just jealous.) - Was that jealousy? - All right. - That was good. - Who is this man? Since he became an adult... (Chenle is the shooter of NCT DREAM.) Did you get to know about each other more? I think it'll be best for us... to watch the program quickly. I really want to watch it. Please watch the show cheerfully. - Let's go to the next segment. - Yes. It's a song of dreams and hope for NCTzen. It's time for Weekly Idol's official cute song, "Oh My Song." ("Oh My Song") - Finally. - Yes. It's about time. It's time for you... - to spread your dreams and fly. - Yes. From what I've heard, you compete against yourselves on who's the cutest. That means... a couple of members are doing it. Who are those people? These people right here... including Renjun. - It's the three of them. - These three... It's amazing. (It makes you clutch your neck.) - There's a reason behind this. - What is it? If Jaemin does it, my blood pressure goes up. When I reach my limit, I get annoyed and something tells me I need to win over him. That's why. That's how... the battle started. In that case, we shouldn't just be listening. Shall we start with Renjun? Can I do it while facing Haechan? - He'll sit in front of you. - You want to face him. I think that'll help increase my blood pressure. You're not going to die alone. Good idea. - Let's all die together. - Your part is... "I like you so much. Oh, my. Oh, my." Next is my part. - We then take turns. - How are we going to do this? - They're distributing parts. - Do we have to do this as a group? It's a collaboration. - It's a collaboration. - Do it as a unit. Please play the song. In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my Why don't we date? What do you think? - You can do it, Renjun. - Don't stop me. You should've finished it. Renjun couldn't finish the last obstacle. - He faced his end. - I get what you mean now. Let's go with Jaemin this time. - That's too easy. - He'll do it like he was breathing. Of course. Are you confident, Jaemin? If given the chance, I'd like to do it with Haechan. What did I do wrong? Is it to stimulate yourself? Are you going to do it twice? I'll do it twice then. This is the real battle. Jaemin enjoys this. - Does he? - Yes, he likes it. He's ready. Please give me the song. In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much I can't see the lyrics. (I can't see the lyrics.) (The lyrics screen went off.) You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my (Everyone is rolling on the floor laughing from Jaemin's cuteness.) - That was cute. - That was amazing. (Scratching his head) - He made a request adorably. - That was very natural. - That was real. - The screen isn't showing. That was the real one. SM has such talents. - That was great. - Thank you. - That was amazing. - It was witty. - It was a good idea. - It went off. (He overcame his crisis with cuteness.) This is the happiest I've seen them since the debut of NCT DREAM. That was great. - Why are you crying? - He's really crying. Is the screen ready? Be careful not to turn it off. Please play the song. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my (Oh, my. He's stomping his feet.) Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer (Look at me and tell me if you don't know what to say.) Tell me that you like me (Jaemin is the cutest.) He's crazy. Good job. He's the best. How did you bottle all that inside? - Seriously. - Your cuteness was serious. - It was serious. - Your cuteness crossed the line. That was incredible. Despite doing this, he's getting ready to do it again. Really? - He's doing it again. - Are you doing it again? - He's not going back to his seat. - Please come out, Haechan. - He's planning to do it again. - Let's go, Haechan. - That wasn't enough. - You can do it. In my opinion, Jaemin should perform "Oh My Song" than "Ridin'." I think this will reach the Billboard. - The Billboard? - Yes. - All right. - Let's do it while holding hands. - They're holding hands. - Let's put our heads together. We're going to ask for music on the count of three. All right, 1, 2, 3. Please play the song. (Please give Jaemin and Haechan the song.) - This is legendary. - In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me I like you. (A perfect "Oh My Song" by Haechan and Jaemin) What's wrong with them? Let's make this into a segment for two people. - This is a good idea. - I feel proud. SM has a lot of talents. Who do you want to call next? - Let's go with Jeno. - All right. - He's the icon of looking better. - Yes. - Do your best. - Please play the song. - Good. - In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my (His soft puppy fingers are pretty too.) Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me [Kocowa Ver] E460 Weekly Idol "NCT DREAM" Synced with Subcake Android -♥ Ruo Xi ♥- Jaemin looked very satisfied. - He had a mother's smile. - Did you want to do it with him? Shall we? What was that? What is this kid? Shall we do it? It's quite burdensome to do it even once. - Jaemin is... - He's doing well. We need to always do it like this in the beginning. Let's put our heads together. Come on, put your head against mine. In 1, 2, 3. - Please play the song. - Please play the song. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me I like it. That was good. Good idea, Jeno. - He's so funny. - He's the trainer of the members. I agree. Jaemin is... - He brings out the best in people. - That's true. You should come every week. We have someone who's very nervous. - Oh, my goodness. - "Oh My"? Oh, my, indeed. You can do it. You need to do it well in one try, or Teacher Jaemin will come out. - Teacher Jaemin. - If we don't like it... You need to finish it at once. Please play the song. - In 1, 2, 3. - Perfect score. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me (Chubby cheeks for NCTzen) How was it, Jaemin? Are you satisfied? - I think it was satisfactory. - I think he needs a little lesson. Jisung's performance was the mainstream type of cuteness. - I did my best. - Change it to an everyday type. - Is the teacher coming out? - He gave the prescription. - He's going to bring it out again. - There's the prescription. The treatment will begin soon. - Think of it easily. - Oh, my goodness. - Come to the front. - Let's hold hands. This is incredible. - The audio director laughed. - In 1, 2, 3. - Please play the song. - Please play the song. - They've become one. - In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty Oh, my Oh, my Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me - He covered his mouth. - That was legendary. Teacher Jaemin is the best. - The teacher... - Yes. brings out the best in everyone. - That was awesome. - That was great. That was "Oh My Song" by NCT DREAM. (The best "Oh My Song" in the history of Weekly Idol) This is like a textbook segment in the history of idol groups. It's 2020 "Random Play Dance"... that's riding again in 2020. "Random Play Dance." As you all know, NCT DREAM is directly under us. They have perfect choreography, perfect gaps, and perfect angles. They're perfect in every way. - He's right. - They're great. I think you'll see them succeed in one try... - like you've never seen before. - What a burden. - They're getting it in one try? - That's right. - We're giving only one try... - Yes. - to NCT DREAM. - Oh, my goodness. - Is it over if we make a mistake? - It's over. You won't make a mistake. - We didn't think of making any. - Of course. I think he has so much faith in you. - From what I've heard, - Yes. there's a talented member in choreography. I heard there was an extraordinary member. I have respect for him. - He is beyond human. - Is it that much? - How did it take him so short... - Why? to forget the choreography? - Does he forget? - It goes on reset. Who is that? What do you think, Jaemin? I don't think it's that serious. You don't know what you're talking about. It is serious. - It's quite... - But I admit it. It's making me nervous. But you memorized them all, didn't you? I'm not so sure. This is dangerous. - But still... - Yes. - You wouldn't have deleted it all. - Of course. They're perfect in every way. I'll watch you strictly. Yes, sir. Please don't make me blow the whistle. I hope you'll do your best. Yes, sir. If you succeed in one try in the "Random Play Dance," we'll order all the food... that NCT DREAM wants to eat. What would you like to eat right now? - Ice cream. - Something sweet. - Chocolate cake. - Cake. - Chocolate cake? - Chocolate mousse cake. Let's pull the trigger... for the "Random Play Dance" of NCT DREAM. - Let's go. - Play the song. - Let's go. - Look here. They can do this right away. (The hearts of NCTzen are pounding at 100 km per hour.) Nice. (Leisurely) That was cool. Go, Jeno! I'm not going to carry this. Jaemin, it's yours. That was close, Jeno. (Renjun saves Jeno.) - They passed it safely. - They overcame it. Let's go. (A hundred points for their perfect expressions and formation) ("My First and Last" by NCT DREAM) (Loading) It's verse one. (Chaos) (What's happening?) (I know this is the last.) What is this? Help him! (Dance whatever.) - Oh, no, Jeno. - No! (Eunhyuk blows the whistle in the end.) I don't know what part this is. That's how it is. Let's wrap up the "Random Play Dance"... - of NCT DREAM. - That was practice. That was a practice game. We usually give three tries. But because your teacher gave you one try, - Please give us one more chance. - You can have the cake. Come on, eat up. We'll give you a chance to see it one more time. - Really? - Yes. - Good job. - Gather up. Originally, I said... you only had one chance to show the talents of SM. - But this wasn't easy. - It's so hard. - Shall we do it one more time? - Just one more. I'm from a different company. I'm from BONBOOENT. - I see. - We should do that. Please leave some space for the camera to film you. It's nothing. What do you mean it's nothing? Think about how sad NCTzen will be. Of course. We're okay. - But it's for NCTzen. - Close your mouth! Shall we give them another chance? Shall we try the cake first? Do you want to try it again? You are something. All right. This is your second try. - We need to get this. - We need to succeed this time. We only found out what it feels like to fail. - But Jaemin is doing well. - Yes, he is. - I thought he'd be the black hole. - He isn't. This is the second try of NCT DREAM in "Random Play Dance." - Please play the song. - Good luck. They knew it immediately. - All right. - Good. Good job. (A good start with small steps) (Going toward success and controlling their speed) (A smooth sail as they widen their steps and the tempo goes up) (Haechan takes the center as soon as he hears the song.) - That's good. - It's the second verse. - It's verse two. - Good going. (The dreamers are dancing with innocent looks.) (Firing up the hearts with their perfect footsteps) It's verse one. That was amazing. Let's go. (Let's fire it up for NCT DREAM!) (They're not going toward failure anymore.) (Making a successful path for NCT DREAM) (Confused? No!) (Wait for us, chocolate cake.) - Good job. - They're doing great. (A perfect formation at a glance) (It's a success even if you think about it slowly.) (Success is not difficult for the dreamers.) (Nervous and anxious) - It's verse two. - It's the last. - It's verse one. - It's the second verse. It's the last part. (Chenle moves as he flies to find his tracks.) That's it, Jaemin. Jaemin! That's it. (Joining them naturally) Jaemin got it. Thank you all. Thanks. - That was neat. - I can see it. (NCT DREAM is dribbling to make NCTzens' hearts beat.) All right. It's a success for NCT DREAM! - Come on, DREAM! - We can do this! How did we do it in just one try? Good job. - I wanted to see more of it. - Yes. - You could do more, right? - Sure. - We could do ten more songs. - Is that so? We are giving a delicious cake... to NCT DREAM for their success. - This is great. - There's ice cream too. - Thank you. - Thank you. Let me once again say... that they showed the group dance of SM. - Enjoy your cake! - Help yourself. - Thank you! - Thank you! (Eating) (It's cool.) I almost danced the one that was for our concert. Me too. - Is it good? - Yes. It's delicious. It's perfect. (Let's move on to the next segment.) When you last visited us, you played the partner game. - Do you remember? - Yes. - Renjun, do you remember? - Yes. - With the sun and all. - Yes, that's right! I sang "The Moon Portrays My Heart." That's right! You did, thank you! - I should remember. - He didn't remember when we began. - Should we be partners again? - Sure. - I can tell you're lying. - Really? That's why today we will have a complete partner game... with just the NCT DREAM members. It's called "The DREAM Flower Has Bloomed." We'll begin with the most important part of the game. Choosing your partners for the game. - Your partner is important. - That's right. - This is the red string of destiny. - Yes. Each member will pick one string... and find their partners... by themselves. - It's a bit romantic to do this. - It's destiny. The words attached to the strings are... - the traps. - I see. The words in the middle. Everyone, pick a string... to find your destined partners. (They are about to meet their partners.) I want the middle one. The strings are so squishy. Renjun, who do you think will be your partner? I think it will be... Jaemin or Chenle. - What about you, Haechan? - I think it's Jaemin. I think it could be the person right next to me. That could be true. I'm so smart. Let's check the results. On the count of three, lift your strings together. - In 1, 2, 3. - Who will it be? (Who will they be partnered with?) - What is this? - What happened? I think I'm on the same team as you. I'm partnered with Jeno. (This is how they are paired.) - See? I'm with Jaemin. - Wait. Wait a minute. - The head? - The head? The two with the biggest heads in the team chose "Head." Chenle, don't criticize yourself. - You don't have to say that. - That's not true, Chenle. I just found that interesting. The broadest shoulders in the team chose "Shoulder." The two broadest shoulders got together. - Your shoulders are really broad. - No, not me. - Renjun, your shoulders are broad. - Yes. We both have weak backs. Oh, no. - Jaemin, why do you look... - I'm doomed. - Look at his belly. - You're crossing the line. - He crossed that line. - Don't cross it. Next, we'll come up with the names for each team. We'll just go with "Broad Shoulders." - Team Broad Shoulders. - Okay, next. - Hello, I'm Big Head One. - I'm Big Head Two. We're Team Big Head. No, your heads are not that big. We actually have a team like that. I'm Big Head One. and he's Big Head Two. Mark is Big Head Three. - Stop. - You even brought up Mark. Mark also has a really big head. Chenle is on fire today. Lastly, we have... Our team name is... On three. Team I'm Doomed. - "I'm doomed." - I thought they were swearing. Team I'm Doomed. So we have Team Big Head, Team Broad Shoulders, and Team I'm Doomed. We'll be playing the game with these three teams. When I say: "The DREAM flower has bloomed," the team who can move the heart... using only the body parts they chose... and ring the bell at the finish line before I finish the sentence wins. That's right. If you move after the sentence is over... or you drop the heart, you lose right away. The winning team will win a special prize. I'm so excited. Which destined partners... will be the best partners? Let's play "The DREAM Flower Has Bloomed." - Let the game begin. - Let the game begin. - Follow the instructions. - Stand at the center. Push hard. Just keep it between our heads, okay? (They're discussing the tactics.) Let's start. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." (Let's go!) (Team Big Head's heart falls out.) - Jisung! - What did you do? - You're disqualified, come here. - Step outside. They're further ahead than I thought. But should the two teams start from the beginning? - I think we should. - We need to restart without them. Since one team dropped out, we'll return to the starting line. You can catch people who move from here. - Us three will see who moves. - We're the referees. - The two of you can stand here. - You can't move at all. Not at all. - Go Team Broad Shoulders. - Okay. - You can't move at all. - All right. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." (They dropped out in an instant.) Yes! Don't move. - Wait. - They moved. - What do we do? - They moved. - Did they move? - Okay, reset. - Who moved? - Did they move? - Yes, they all moved. - Let's do it again. You can't move. - Team Broad Shoulders moved. - Everyone failed, let's reset. - Let's reset. - All three teams dropped out. Chenle said all three teams failed. - Chenle, let's do what you want. - You can do whatever you want. - Let's restart. - We'll do it again. Get ready. This is your last chance. - I won't go easy on you. - Okay. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." (False start!) - He started early. - He went first! Who did that? - He cheated! - He went first! - He went first! - Do you have proof? If you're going to do this, take it to SM Town! Do it among yourselves! At SM Town, we do not recommend these games. The rules I played by when I was a child... allowed me to do anything as long as the two hosts didn't see me. Then do it in your neighborhood. - I'm sorry, - They have different rules here. but everyone else saw it. - Do it there. - Everyone saw you. - Okay, I understand. - This is really the last round. Chenle, this is the last one. - Okay. - Let's do it properly. Even if all three of you drop out, it's over. It's the last round. Eunhyuk, do a good job. - Here I go. - Hurry. (Flinching) - He moved. - Disqualify him! Drop them both! He said: "Drop them both." Why are you crossing the line? - Drop both of them. - Chenle, don't cross the line. - Let's have a fair game. - For real this time. Lift your head. Let's start. All right. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." That looks risky. Team Broad Shoulders look like they could drop out any minute. Be careful. You should move forward. (The atmosphere feels very tense.) "The DREAM flower has bloomed." - He looks painful. - What are you doing? - What's that next to me? - Hurry up. What's this? (He's trying to save the heart amidst all the chaos.) He moved. Jaemin moved. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." Team Broad Shoulders, you're out. Come here. Let's continue. Catch those who move. - This is hard. - Right here. (Should I say it or not?) - I feel so exhausted. - Hey. (Eunhyuk, hurry up.) Should I say it? "The DREAM flower has bloomed." "The DREAM flower has bloomed." "The DREAM flower has bloomed." (He senses danger.) You moved! You moved so much. - What are you talking about? - Wait! There are so many cameras on you. "The DREAM flower has bloomed." (Ringing) - Hold on. - We won! That last ding was good. So who won? You did a good job. Team I'm Doomed won the game! Let's hear their winning speech. Since we are the best at crossing lines, we crossed that finish line first. We're so happy that we could do that. We'll do our best at crossing lines in the future. Who dropped out the fastest? - Renjun. - Team Broad Shoulders. Team Broad Shoulders, who do you blame? - Him. - It's him. - You're blaming each other. - Chenle, do you like the results? - I do. - Do you? - Yes, at least we're not last. - He's right. However, we can only give gifts... - to the winning team. - That's right. We'll give the winning team their prize. Please handle it with care. - Are you going to bring it? - Yes. - What will the prize be? - Eunhyuk, you'll have to help me. - Should I? - Yes. - Please turn around. - Is it a cat or a dog? - We can't... - It's not Mark, is it? (Mark has been summoned again.) They said it was a prize! - He comes out with a ribbon. - Do you think Mark is our prize? If you're listening, you can leave. - Are you ready? - You can go home on your own. Stay with your backs turned. I hope it's beef. They're really giving us that? - That's expensive. - Turn around! Ta-da! (The prize is revealed.) - This is your prize. - Your prize! This one's called Maxi. This one's called Mus. - Haechan. - You look like you're doomed. They look so down. Show us your celebration. Beep. Get on your horses. Let's go. Please explain what the prize is. We've prepared the hottest item... to help you get home safely. Maxi and Mus. - Maxi and Mus. - Yes. - He's Maxi, and he's Mus. - Mus. - Do you like him? - Mus. - I'm so jealous. - That one's Maxi. - I'm jealous. - That concludes our game. Although we hate to say goodbye, that's all the time we have with NCT DREAM. It was like your birthday today, Haechan. Tell us how you feel. I had a great time... finding out just how much the members loved me. I also won the partners' game. I'm not surprised by the results at all, it was natural. I will also come prepared for the next round of games. I'll look forward to it. It's been nine months since I last came to this show. It was very nice to see you all. With Leeteuk... (What did you say?) - Leeteuk? - Leeteuk... I meant Eunhyuk. You're crossing the line. - No! - Goodbye. - Jaemin! - Oh, my. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm just passing through. He's Eunhyuk. I apologize once again. His ears are burning red. - That was funny. - He's just nervous. - That was funny. - That's okay. Thank you to Kwang Hee and Eunhyuk for taking such good care of us. - We'll come back to see you again. - I see. - We'll miss you a lot. - We'll miss you too. I'll miss you so much. - Right. - He's so funny. I like the fact that now we have a catchphrase. Kwang Hee and Eunhyuk. Stop teasing me! - I'm just thanking them. - He's Eunhyuk! I had such a great time with you two. I hope our fans will enjoy this as much as we did. I couldn't come to the show the last time we performed. I feel like today made up for that missed time. - The hosts, Kwang Hee and Eunhyuk, - Oh, my! - How did you memorize our names? - treated us so nicely. I would love to come back. I feel so refreshed today. That's very touching. I will do my best on the show... with Leeteuk next to me. I'm sorry, I called your name wrong. - No! - Goodbye! - Even if I'm called Leeteuk... - I'm sorry. - it's basically the same thing. - I'll try again. We'll cheer for NCT DREAM's dream of world domination... not with guns but with dances. - That was... - NCT DREAM! - Good luck, NCT DREAM! - Thank you, Eunhyuk! - Thank you, Kwang Hee. - Goodbye. - Give Jaemin a hug. - I'm sorry. - What do we do? - Oh, my. (Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week!) Hello, we're TOMORROW X TOGETHER! (The spoilers begin!) (What should we draw?) (He shows it with his body.) (Did it get across to him?) (They're all confused.) (He reveals it after all.) (When are you going to finish?) (SOOBIN says a lot of things in an instant.) - This is you! - Oh, is it? (That's so funny.) (What will YEONJUN's drawing be?) That's a rice cake. - What is it? - A rice cake. - It's a knife! - He cut the rice cake. Wait a minute. (What do the rice cake and 943 have to do with each other?) (You'll understand 304 percent of it if you watch the next episode!) Sketching Weekly Idol... for the next week! Are you curious about this sketch? At 5 p.m. on May 25, Wednesday, we will see you in Weekly Idol! (Weekly Idol)