ENGINDO Weekly Idol EP441 BOY Kim Donghan Roh Taehyun

(MBC Dream Center in Janghang-dong, Ilsan) The largest music award in Ilsan. It's JAJA, Weekly Idol Awards 2020, in Studio A in Janghang-dong. (Full of the audience) Hello, everyone. I'm the host Kwang Hee, the guy who loves music. It's great to meet you all. (Cho Sae Ho, Nam Chang Hee) Nice to meet you. Bonjour. Hello. The music festival that the whole world enjoys... begins here. The eyes of the fans all around the world are... on JAJA, the new music festival. The festival kicks off now. Now, two candidates of the Rookie Award... - are coming in! - There they are! (Rookie Award candidate Roh Tae Hyun X Kim Dong Han) - Welcome. - Tae Hyun! - It's great to see you. - Look at this, Dong Han. The best rookies of 2020 are coming in. Please take great photos of them. Please say: "Go for it" together. In 1, 2, 3. - Go for it! - Great. Please give them a round of applause. (Applause) It's JAJA, Weekly Idol Awards 2020, in Studio A, Janghang-dong. Thank you for coming to JAJA. Welcome! - Say hello to the world fans. - Please say hello. - Please say one by one. - Okay. - In 2, 3. - Hello, we're B.O.Y. It's good to see you. Hello. (Kim Kook Heon) (Song Yu Vin) (B.O.Y, a boyband that shines bring like stars) You came out as B.O.Y, Yu Vin, and Kook Heon. You formed a unit, finally! Amazing. You made your official debut! - Please congratulate me. Thanks. - I'm very happy. Congratulations. How do you feel to have made a debut? Before we didn't have a unit name, - so we didn't know what to say. - Right. Now we can simply say: "We're B.O.Y." - Right. - Then, What does B.O.Y stands for? "Both of you." - "Both of you." - So it refers to you two. It also means "Best of You," to be the best to someone else. - Great. - That's such a nice name. By the way, Kook Heon visited Weekly Idol... the most time in the shortest period of time as a solo singer. He's got a new nickname, which is Monthly Kim Kook Heon. I think you visited us at least once a month. Right. I hope I can keep coming every month from now too. This must not be the last time. - Of course not. - Don't worry. It's time for Dong Han and Tae Hyun to say hi. Wait. What are you doing? - What is this? - In 2, 3. - A tree... - And a cicada. (They act in the musical show "The Man in the Iron Mask" together.) (Roh Tae Hyun) (Kim Dong Han) (Roh Tae Hyun X Kim Dong Han, We'll give you everything.) I heard that you're playing a double role in the musical show. Actually, I've seen them singing and dancing on the stage a lot. But I'm curious how they are on the musical show. Would you please sing a song from the show... - and entertain our ears? - Sure. Then, let's watch this musical show... together at JAJA. (From "All Will Be Well" in "The Man in the Iron Mask") ("All Will Be Well": Christine spits out curses at Louis XIV, ) (and Louis XIV arrogantly sings, saying he's a God-chosen king.) (From "The Ascension" in "The Man in the Iron Mask") ("The Ascension": The song about LOUIS XIV's intention...) (to be Christine's man after sending her fiancé to the frontline.) It was amazing Give it up for them Okay, thank you Tae Hyun is a great singer You did a great job I'm deeply touched Amazing - You two did an awesome job. - Right. They changed their expressions while singing. Impressive. Thank you again for singing for us. Now, you've formed a duo named B.O.Y. The other day, Kook Heon told us that you shot... - a music video together. - Right. Can you tell us a little about your new song? Firstly, we confidently put a lot of effort into the album. It has five songs, and the title song is... - "My Angel." - "My Angel." We went to LA to find an angel. It's a great song. Please listen to it. It's the new song of this hot rookie duo, B.O.Y. Let's go for it. ("My Angel" by B.O.Y) JAJA, Weekly Idol Awards 2020 in Studio A... the fierce competition of the two rookies isn't over. Please stay tuned and root for your rookie artist! After beating countless rookie singers, these two teams are nominated for the Rookie Award. (B.O.Y vs. Roh Tae Hyun X Kim Dong Han) Since both of them are very amazing, - they need to pass various tests. - Right. We'll present an award in each part after the tests, and then we'll decide the final winner of the Rookie Award. The award ceremony begins now. (King of Concentration) The first award is King of Concentration. What's that? (What a weird name!) The award goes... (Nervous) Is it me? (Who will take the honor?) (Kook Heon, Yu Vin, Tae Hyun, Dong Han) to Kook Heon. Congratulations. To Kook Heon. Congratulations. (Applause) Congratulations. I never thought you'd receive this award. - Congratulations. - Congratulations. Cho Sae Ho will present the award. He'll give a nice badge to Kook Heon. This is a really great award. Please give it up for him. King of Concentration! Kim Kook Heon. I thought I'd be the awardee. Congratulations, Kook Heon. Please say a word. I just received King of Concentration Award, but I'm not so sure why got this. - Still, I'll do my best. - Okay. Great. Then, it's time to test. Kook Heon appeared in a show before his debut... and draw eyebrows with a great deal of concentration. Right. Do you usually concentrate on whatever things you do? I can easily focus on things I'm up to. I guess people found it impressive. So it's time to verify and test... his concentration level that many people found impressive. That's right. Kook Heon will maximize his concentration level. Concentration Max Triathlon begins now. Let me explain the first one. - Please look at this panel. - Okay. (What will he play?) You can see a large number of Hong Jin Kyeong's face here. (Countless Hong Jin Kyeong) You should... - You must find Kwang Hee here. - Wait! This doesn't look easy at all. - As you can see... - Goodness! Aren't these all Jin Kyeong? - It's hard. - There's Kwang Hee's face here. - No, my face isn't here! - You can find it. - This is impossible. - It is. This is serious. This is the second game. We prepared needles in various sizes. You'll have to run a thread through these five needles... - at once. - What? Run a threat through the needles. It's simple, isn't it? The third game is... - filling in Cho Sae Ho's eyebrows. - Okay. - I'm not doing your eyebrows? - My eyebrows... need to be done. I will end today's filming with the eyebrows from Kook Heon. Okay! Okay, you have to do it like this. - That's right. - Kook Heon, are you ready? Yes, I am. I think the first game will take about three hours. Your time limit is... - ten thousand seconds! - Ten thousand seconds... - Ten thousand seconds? - Ten thousand seconds? - It's 2 hours and 40 minutes? - Yes. Kook Heon, are you okay? Do you need some water? - No, I don't need anything! - You don't need anything? You can focus right away? That's amazing. Get ready, start! (The Concentration Max Triathlon) What's this? - What is that? - What? - Where is Kwang Hee? - This is like "Where's Wally?" - Or is it Willy? This is my first. - It's Wally. - You have to look from afar. - I really can't find him. (Concentrating hard) It's there. - Did you find it? - Yes, I did find it. It's there. This is my first time doing this! They're really similar, so it's hard to find the right one. (Meanwhile, Dong Han also found Kwang Hee.) I still don't know. It's like a Magic Eye illusion. It keeps moving. - Kook Heon, I don't look like her. - It's there. Use your eyes. (Where is Kwang Hee? He's right here!) Wow, this is so difficult! This is the hardest problem I've ever faced in my life! You need to broaden your vision. But it's kind of gross. No, it's not. Our faces... It's here! - Show it to the camera! - Show it to the camera! (Did he find the answer?) It's here. He's correct! - Move on to the second step. - The second step... I'm sure even Hong Jin Kyeong's Mom can't find it. The first one was really hard. This is also a difficult mission. I can see him concentrating. - His ears are really red. - How can his ears be that red? I'm curious how he thread a needle. The thread is tangled. - You can untangle it slowly. - Okay. Fans would want to see... Kook Heon untangling the tread! Kook Heon, please focus and look to the front side. Many fans are watching him concentrate. (He knows how to thread a needle.) (He looks handsome as he concentrates on the needle.) (Wow) (Concentrating) He's good at this! (He manages to thread the second needle.) He's really concentrating. He's doing well. This needle is small. (Trembling) - This is the last! - It's really difficult. Repair my pants when we get home. This one is hard. (Even his hands look nice.) He has good eyesight. (Eyebrows of concentration) It's easier than finding Kwang Hee among Hong Jin Kyeong for him. Okay! - It's a success! - He finished the second game. This is the last. Give Cho Sae Ho a makeover! How am I supposed to do this? To shorten my time, I will use both of my hands to draw eyebrows. They're different colors! (Flustered) The colors... - Sae Ho! - You're doing a great job! - They're different colors? - Sae Ho, are you surprised? He's the best master of eyebrows. Sae Ho looks angry. I think the colors look fine. They're not too bold. He's like Song Seung Heon! Cho Sae Ho is becoming extremely handsome. - Completely fill in the eyebrows. - Completely? - Yes. - That's my specialty. Make them look cool as well. - Make them look cool? - His eyebrows are different colors. - Long eyebrows are trendy now. - Like he has long eyebrows? - Long eyebrows? - His forehead should look small. That's right. Make his forhead look smaller. Highly-arched eyebrows are said to bring you wealth. Highly-arched eyebrows? In 2020, he should be lucky... (His eyebrows are going upwards.) Draw his eyebrows so that he looks lucky. If the ends go upwards, they call them "Dragon Eyebrows". - They're said to be lucky. - Really? You live long if they're curled. So he needs long, tilted eyebrows that are curled at the end. I'm not so sure, but I feel like he's drawing on my forehead. - It's your imagination. - Sae Ho, it's your imagination. You gained some fat at your forehead, so... It may look weird, but he did well! - It looks okay. - It looks nice. He did a good job. When Kook Heon is concentrating, he seems different. We have to keep going after this. - The ends are a little... - This is... called as "Napoleon's Eyebrows". - That's really cool. - Actually, if you just look at Kook Heon, it's like he's painting a famous picture. - It's really good. - My angel! My angel. Sae Ho... Look to the front first, and then you can look at the mirror. It goes well with his clothes. (Surprised) It kind of looks like... - that famous picture? - I know what it is! I tried to give him personality. Sae Ho, try touching it. I'm trying to smile, but what have you done to me? Since there are three stages, you should sit here. You should stand here and explain your art. - It's like a French... - Yes? person making a living with his sewing. By sewing? I expressed a head of household. That's nice. We were able to see Kook Heon's concentration! Let's move on to the next award. - Let's give out the next award. - Okay. I'm curious which category this one will be. (Extreme Cover) This award is Extreme Cover. Who will win the Extreme Cover award? Maybe it's Kook Heon! Kook Heon for Extreme Cover? (Who'll take the honor?) Roh Tae Hyun, congratulations! Congratulations! Roh Tae Hyun will get the award... from Cho Sae Ho. Congratulations. - Congratulations! - Yes! (Dong Han is extremely moved.) Roh Tae Hyun is here as a musical actor, - but he's really good at dancing. - That's right! Many people have seen you dancing, and Tae Hyun... - beat so many dancers... - It's a dance. in other countries with his krumping dance. He shook the world with his dance. Can we see it here? He can dance to any song. Don't say that! Seeing his krumping dance is my joy. We also have a dance genius. Can you cover his dance? This is Weekly Idol's famous segment! It's time for Extreme Cover! (Extreme Cover) From now on, Tae Hyun... will watch the CKN trio's dance and cover it. Kwang Hee will go first. Music, please! What song will it be? ("I Go Crazy Because of You" by T-Ara) That's nice! (Zombie Hwang is dancing so wildly shaking his body.) (The dancing zombie found its prey.) He's starting right away. There is an order. Wait, okay! - Okay! - Did you see it? Let's start right away. Music, please! Get ready. It's the "zombie dance". - I will make it look cool. - Okay! (Worried) (Let's see how well you do it.) Krumping dance. (He starts to dance with krumping.) (The "zombie dance" is upgraded with power and technique.) (The little dancing genius with firm fundamentals.) [Kocowa Ver] E441 Weekly Idol "B.O.Y, Kim Dong Han, Roh Tae Hyun" -♥ Ruo Xi ♥- (His majesty's performance was incredible.) That was amazing! This is harder than doing a musical! That's why this is Extreme Cover! That was just a teaser. - Is he getting inspiration? - We're just the extras. It may be Roh Tae Hyun's first time experiencing this. You have to start the dance exactly the same. Music, please! (I praise Unnatural Chang Hee!) The chairs! (He starts with a very short leap!) (Unnatural Chang Hee accidentally fell to the human world.) He's dancing to the beat! (I invite you to the thorny path of dancing.) What is that? - What is that? - He's cute! (Unnatural Chang Hee's lower body is dancing wildly to the music.) This is the end. Roh Tae Hyun, show me. I thought he was wearing stockings. - You're in trouble. - You have to prove yourself. Does he usually dance like that? Okay. You're in trouble. Will Roh Tae Hyun be able to manage to do this? This is why it's Extreme Cover. Roh Tae Hyun's Extreme Cover, music, please! (I overcomet this crisis with dancing.) You can do it! (For get about the pseudo Unnatural Chang Hee. This is real.) (He perfectly controls the joints that are needed for the dance.) (Paying attention) Move your hips! (He does a hip dance with restraint.) (Suddenly embarrassed) (Extreme Cover is a complete success.) You proved yourself. You did well. Roh Tae Hyun is amazing! - Dong Han... - Yes? - Don't you want to try it? - Me? Me? When I was in JBJ, I was a dancer along with Tae Hyun. - I will try it. - Okay! - Chang Hee, do it one more time. - Just once. Usually he only dances once a day. - Really? - But for today, since it's the award ceremony, he will do it one more time. Music, please! What dance will he do this time? One! What is that? One! (His small foot goes up first.) What is he doing with his foot? Look at his left foot! (He dances to the music with flashy moves.) - What? - It looks nice. What? He's like a nutcracker! Isn't that Samba? This is it! - The genre doesn't matter at all. - Show me, Kim Dong Han. Dong Han, can you do it? You said that you would do this. He took off his shoes! Music, please! (He's ready with his shoes off.) (He takes in the music with his whole body.) (One foot) (One foot) (Rolling) That's amazing! (He rolls his body to win against Unnatural Chang Hee.) He's doing well! (He ends it with a final turn.) - It was hard, but he did well. - This is really... I admit my complete loss. Roh Tae Hyun, congratulations on winning the Extreme Cover award! That's nice. (Roh Tae Hyun's dancing skills are irrefutable.) - It's getting hotter in here! - That's right! - Let's move on to the next award! - Okay! (Top Face) The award for this time... This is the Top Face award. The honorary winner is... (Drum rolls) Song Yu Vin, congratulations! - Thank you. - Song Yu Vin! Congratulations. For the Top Face Award, Song Yu Vin... is the winner. Thank you so much. Thanks! (We're thankful for Song Yu Vin's face.) During Yu Vin's interview, he said that his advantages over Kook Heon... could be concluded with just his face! Are you always that confident about your face? Well, of course! He looked at Kook Heon once and thought... Well... Should people be surprised? - Yes, people are surprised. - Are they? I'm just joking. Song Yu Vin is handsome, but his fans also like... that his face changes a lot. That's right. When he talks to his fans, he's like a trustworthy guy. When he's talking to older guys, he's like a cute puppy! He's very hot when he performs on stages! His face keeps changing depending on the situation! Yu Vin, which face do you like the most? Is it when you're smiling or when you're nervous? When I'm serious, I think I look handsome. Show us. (Yu Vin tries his best to look serious.) His eyes go up when he's serious. Are you trying to look serious? It's not easy to look serious. - It's like you're gazing off. - Today, in Weekly Idol, we prepared this so that Yu Vin can... show his countless charms with just his face. It's the Window of Good Looks! Please open it! Window of Good Looks? From now on, Yu Vin... will open the window when music is on... - and come outside. - Okay. Make facial expressions that go along with the concept, and show us your face. Meet You, are you ready? - Yes! - Make us become your fans! It's Song Yu Vin's Window of Good Looks! Show us your cute face! (He starts by being cute.) (Cute) Sunglasses! Sunglasses! Does anyone have sunglasses? (Is he a human or an angel?) He looks so innocent! This is really hard. Close the window. This time, we will see Yu Vin's puppy-like face. Cute puppy-like face. (Everyone is looking forward to it.) (He's doing his best to fulfil the given mission.) (Song Yu Vin is the cutest for Meet You.) (Yu Vin's face is amazing.) That's nice! You have to close the window again. - Now we want to see Sexy Yu Vin. - Sexy Yu Vin... Your face should be really sexy! Sexy Yu Vin, open it! The song... (He's sexy charms overflow.) (His handsomeness should become history.) (Broken) It's a little... (He failed to control his power.) He's so fatal! That was amazing. (A calm finish) - That ruled the stage. - He did a great job. - This is broken. - It's fine. We just finished Yu Vin's Window of Good Looks. He's charming. Let's move on to the next award! - Kwang Hee? - Yes? I'm excited about the next award. The next award... (Best Sizzling Sounds) Who will win the Best Sizzling Sounds award? (Who will win the award?) It's Kim Dong Han! Kim Dong Han! Gosh. You worked so hard. This is really hard to win. You did so well! - The award will be given... - Sizzling sounds... by Cho Sae Ho. By the way, what is Best Sizzling Sounds? What kind of award is it? Dong Han, among many idol group members, is one of the best foodies. His very serious when he eats meat, so his nickname is Meat Fighter. - Meat Fighter! - What is Meat Fighter? When I eat a lot, I ate up to... - eight servings of meat! - Eight servings? - Really? - I ate eight servings. I ate it with extra servings of soybean paste stew and rice... and I finished it with naengmyeon! Dong Han is full of confidence, and we want to test his skills. Kim Dong Han's Finding the Sounds of Meat! Finding it! From now on, Dong Han will listen to the sounds of meat being grilled. There are rib eye, pork belly, dakgalbi, and pork rind, and he will guess what meat it is by listening to the sound. By only listening to the sound? He can only listen to the sound. Will he pass the mission? Let's start right away! We will start Best Sizzling Sounds. Dong Han should sit in his seat. If you guess all of them right, we will give you a sumptuous gift. Please! So, the first... ingredient will be grilled. Listen carefully to the sound, and guess what it is. (They can't take their eyes off the meat.) (It's pork belly.) The first meat is on the grill. It should be hard because he can't compare the sounds. I think I know what it is. You know what this is? If you know the answer, tell us! It's pork belly! Why is that? First of all, you took a long time to unravel the pork belly. Also, the moment you placed the pork belly on the grill... I heard powerful grilling sound... because it has a lot of fat. The answer... is pork belly! Really? You're amazing. Let's continue. - Next. - You should get it right. - There are two kinds this time. - Okay. We'll grill them one by one. You can guess each of them in order. - Do you understand? - Yes. - You can do it! - Listen carefully. He guessed all of them right until now. Open your ears! This is the first one. (He grills the chicken first.) - This is really difficult! - It's difficult. They sound... - They sound the same. - They're all the same. I'm removing the meat. That's nice. That was so short. This is difficult. This is the next meat. Chang Hee removed it quickly, so it's hard to guess. (Chang Hee makes it harder to guess.) (It's the wonderful sound of rib eye being grilled.) Okay, I know the answer. - He knows the answer? - Wait a minute! The first answer... What are the characteristics... of the first meat? The first meat... (Please tell us the characteristics of chicken.) has a great marbling. (The chicken with great marbling) The marbling... You think it has a good marbling? What about the second meat? Tell us the characteristics of the second meat. The second meat... has great sauce, and the its texture is... more chewy than the other meat. Which region is famous for this meat? - Is there a famous area? - Isn't it Chuncheon? You have to eat it in Chuncheon! Tell us the answers in order. What is the first meat? The first one... - is rib eye. - Okay. - The second one? - The second one... - is dakgalbi! - Dakgalbi! (Come on.) - The first one is rib eye, - Am I wrong? and the second is dakgalbi! Dong Han, you're great! The marbling is really good. Hold on! Do I have a chance to change my mind? You can change it. You have to make your decision yourself. You can change it if you're willing to take risks. I'll definitely go to Chuncheon to have it. Okay, I won't change my mind. - Okay, you don't change your mind. - The first one is... on my right hand, and the second one is on my left hand. In 1, 2, 3. Turn back. The first dish is dakgalbi, and the second dish is beef sirloin! They are dakgalbi with good marbling... and the beef sirloin which we can eat in Chuncheon. I guess a lot of people will visit Chuncheon... - to eat beef sirloin. - Right. Actually, we want Dong Han... to become a professional grill man, so we'll give plenty of meat to him as a gift. (Plenty of meat) - What is it? - What is that? - Thank you so much. - It's a lot. All right, we have prepared plenty of meat for you who are nominated... - for the Rookie Award. - Right. There are some pork belly, bulgogi, - and chicken too. - Right. You can have as much as you want. - Thank you! - Help yourselves. - It's a barbeque party! - I'll grill the meat here. It'll be good to share your own ways to enjoy with ssam. Dong Han always eats in ssam in a big size. I do. Actually, - it's my special way to enjoy it. - Show it to us. First of all, I grab two sheets of lettuce. - Two sheets? - Two? With these, I put pork belly... Watch out your jacket. - I got it. - Okay. - He always cares such a thing. - I know. I don't like to see his jacket touching the sauce. Since the pieces of pork belly... are small, I'll put seven pieces. Really? - I didn't put ssamjang yet. - Right. I'll roll this sausage over in ssamjang. - Rolling the sausage? Shall we try to make the same ssam as Dong Han does? - I'm not done yet. - Okay. - You know bulgogi is a bit salty. - Really? - I'll put bulgogi a bit in my ssam. - Do you put bulgogi too? - Is it possible? - That is way too big. Can you put it in your mouth? Dong Han, your mouth will be ripped. You'll become full with just one ssam. - Just one bite of Dong Han. - I make my ssam like this. There's a special way to fold it. You should fold it gently. - Fold it gently! - Right. He's professional. - Is he eating that at once? - In 1, 2, 3. Really? Isn't it too big? - He's putting it all in his mouth. - I told you. - We made it! - Dong Han! You eat really well. How does he do that? I can't do that. - It's awesome. - He put it in his mouth easily. He did it perfectly. Everyone, you should make your ssam and enjoy it. Tae Hyun, how do you make your ssam? I don't eat meat with lettuce. I think it's such a waste of time. And it's annoying. - That's it! - Gosh. Try some. I mean, grab some. I saw it on TV. - What are you doing? - Just put it in your mouth. Dong Han helps Yu Vin eat. Now, please help yourselves. (It's time to enjoy the meat in their own style.) (I'm already full just to see you eating.) (Help yourselves and cheer up. Let's move on to the next segment.) I'd like to congratulate everyone who won the award! I think those who won the award today... will become famous k-pop stars... across the world... - beyond Korea. - Of course. - Wait! - What's wrong? I think it's too sad to wrap up like this. The winners will give surprise performances. Right! - The winners may not know about it. - We don't. You're going to give fantastic performances... - with the cutie song. - My goodness. (The time has come in the end.) Who will go first? (Standing up slowly) You look really different now from when you were eating ssam. He's so cute. It's creepy. (The true friendship. My friend's creepy cute tricks.) - I'm just kidding. - They're real friends. - Let's get it started. - They're the real friends. Please turn on the music. - He's cute. - He's way too confident. They say I look pretty when I eat, yamyam! And also say I am the cutest, thanks a lot! My chubby tummy It's pot-bellied! Oh, no! (He sings lying on the floor for the first time in Weekly Idol.) (Chubby belly) It's all yours from now on (He did really well.) He did well. (Embarrassed) Kook Heon and Yu Vin... - performed "Yamyam Song" before. - Yes, we did. Hyojung, a member of OH MY GIRL... and the minister of cutie of Weekly Idol, brought a new cutie song titled "Oh My Song." Every OH MY GIRL member sang this song. However, it's first time... for this song to be sung by other idol members. - Right, it's the first time. - It's such an honor. Please enjoy "Oh My Song"! We should imitate her. (Everyone is paying attention.) (What should I really do?) (He's practicing it already.) (How do you think about this cute gesture?) (He's flustered by this super cute song.) (What should I do?) I think I can't do it well. I'm counting on you. It's a piece of cake for Yu Vin. (A deep sigh) - I need to focus. - Go for it. Please turn on music. He's doing so well. In 1, 2, 3. I like you so much Oh, my Oh, my You're so pretty (Meet You is so pretty.) Oh, my Oh, my (His friends barely look at him performing.) Why don't we date? What do you think? Just give me your answer Tell me that you like me - You did it very well. - It's Yu Vin! I knew it. - Yu Vin, good job. - Awesome. Yu Vin did a great job! - He got the point of this song. - He did. He did very well. From "Yamyam Song", the song that topped the cutie song chart... to the new cutie song titled "Oh My Song" of 2020, the two winners sang the songs very nicely. Now there's only one award left to be announced. It's the Rookie of the Year Award. The Rookie of the Year Award was the more competitive than any other years. B.O.Y versus... Cicada and Tree. Which group will win? I still don't know who to give the Rookie of the Year Award. There's one last chance left to win... - the Rookie of the Year Award. - Right! It's Eat It Or Not. Eat It Or Not! Eat It Or Not! When you see the five same pictures, you should grab that food... and eat it quickly instead of ringing the bell. It's such a big match for the Rookie of the Year Award. Let's see who eats the food the fastest. Let's start Eat It Or Not now! (Eat It Or Not! Let's go!) From now on, the team that eats more food... will become win the Rookie of the Year Award... of JAJA 2020 Weekly Idol Awards. Yu Vin will start first with Chang Hee's cuckoo's song. Let's run the game more quickly. - Go! - It's now. (He listens to his member.) - It wasn't right! - You're wrong! You just lost one point. There are nine seaweed pictures on the table now. Let's start. (There's no reason at all to grab seaweed.) - It's seaweed again! - Dong Han lost one point! Kim Dong Han! Please flip your card more quickly. (The same picture won't come out.) My brain isn't working properly now. He's shrinking. (There are ten chicken pictures on the table.) No way! - Kook Heon made a move in haste. - It's not now. (Finally, there are five bananas that he has been waiting.) Grab the food now! (Tae Hyun also reached his hand out to grab it in a hurry.) Right! - Nice! - Grab it! It's really difficult. - Kook Heon earned one point! - No way. - It's confusing. - It is. - Cheer up! - It's my turn, right? Let's do it. (They're playing the game calmly.) (Surprised) The chicken and the banana look the same. All right. (There are five bananas on the table again.) - It's now! - Now! Dong Han won a point! So now the score is zero to zero. Let's keep on playing the game. Start! (They play the game very quietly.) Let's play it more quickly. Now. (There are five seaweed pictures which will break this silence soon.) This is the time! - Goodness! - You're good at playing it! Great! - What are you doing? - I don't know. It's Tae Hyun's turn to start! (The game starts again from Tae Hyun.) This is the time. (Shortly after, five banana pictures appeared on the table.) (Tae Hyung grabs the food first.) (The score is tied again thanks to Tae Hyun.) - He was fast. - It's Tae Hyun! Now, it's a tie! Start. (It's hard to predict who'll be the winner.) Flip your card quickly! (Everyone is swayed by the card with five seaweed pictures.) (The card with five tomatoes) I think it's now. (The total number of the tomatoes on the table is about to be five.) (When Kook Heon flips a new card, there will be five cherry tomatoes.) (I'll get the cherry tomato. I can't let you do that.) Wait! Check the cards on the table! (There are more cherry tomatoes than before.) You just lost one point. - It's so fierce. - You should check the cards first. There aren't many cards left. - Let's play it quickly. Start! - I'll go first. This is competitive. It's this one. - That's right. - Oh, no. Put the banana out. (Finally, this is a crucial match.) It's now! (Spacing out) (Yu Vin presses the "Now" button. Kook Heon Rabbit eats the tomato.) - Kook Heon. - This is the moment. Let's go, Dong Han. (Maximizing concentration) - Hey, Kook Heon. - I knew Kook Heon could do it. That was amazing. - It's over. - It's the end now. We have last three cards left. (Who will be the winner?) Now. (Five drumsticks appearing in the last round) (Puppy Yu Vin flies over towards the drumstick.) It's Roh Tae Hyun. The game ended with Roh Tae Hyun taking the last piece. What's the result? Here's the final result. Congratulations, B.O.Y! B.O.Y wins! (I'm so happy.) This is Weekly Idol Awards 2020... - at Studio A in Janghang-dong. - Yes. - It's JAJA. - This is JAJA. The winner of the Rookie Award... is in this envelope. - They've showed us various talents. - That's right. I'm curious who the winner is. Do we still have to do this even when the results are out? We're doing it one more time. We have to pretend like it's not us. We have to act as if we didn't know we won. Weekly Idol Award at Studio A in Janghang-dong! The Rookie Award goes to... (Rookie Award) (Who is it? Who could it be?) Congratulations, B.O.Y! (JAJA 2020's Rookie Award B.O.Y) B.O.Y, congratulations to you! (Deeply touched) - Congrats. - B.O.Y is... - What is this? - What's going on? What's all this? What is this? (Surprised) They have showed us your various charms, so the 2020 Rookie Award went to them. - Congratulations. - Thank you. Many fans have showed love. We would like to request a speech in acceptance of the award. - Is this mine? - Please say a word or two. Many people are congratulating you. You seem surprised at the unexpected award. (Everyone is congratulating B.O.Y on receiving the award.) The only award I've ever received... is a Cleaning Award at school. But I feel honored... to receive this Rookie Award. Congratulations! I'd like to thank the staff... and persons related in supporting the B.O.Y. Let's do this, B.O.Y. Let's walk towards a rosy future. We'll walk towards a rosy future. We love you, Meet You. I love you. Congratulations once again, B.O.Y! (JAJA 2020 Rookie Award Congratulations, B.O.Y.) We sincerely thank all the artists... who have graced the JAJA Awards with their presence. We've prepared something special... for the grand finale of JAJA. We will end this ceremony... with a special performance of the winning team. Please give them a round of applause. (High expectations) ("Love In The Ice" by B.O.Y) (Sentimental voices of B.O.Y make our hearts pound.) (Weekly Idol) We prepared an awarding ceremony for this week's Weekly Idol... with these two teams. How was it today? Every time I visit Weekly Idol, I always have fun... and go home with a full stomach. You always prepared food for us. I love it. What about you, Tae Hyun and Dong Han? First of all, I'm very grateful to be here... as a musical actor instead of an idol group. Thank you very much. We're performing a musical named "The Man in the Iron Mask". It will be played until January 26. So I hope many of you... who wish to have a good time... will come and enjoy it with us. My last show is on January 23. That was a nice one. Please say something to your fans before we finish the show. We are going crazy because of Meet You. - We love you. - I love you all. It felt so good to build teamwork... with Tae Hyun... for the first time in a long time. We are going to try our best... to be the persons to visit... whenever and wherever our fans want us. Sweet. You started the year with receiving awards. We sincerely hope... that 2020 will be the best year... when your names will all make an uproar. This has been... Kook Heon of B.O.Y. Yu Vin of B.O.Y. Tae Hyun of "The Man in the Iron Mask." And Dong Han of "The Man in the Iron Mask." - Thank you all. - Goodbye! Thank you to the four of you. - Thank you! - Goodbye. (Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week.) Who We Are, hello, we are VERIVERY. (The leader Dongheon starts first.) (First warning) (And another warning just before he spoils everything.) No, you can't. (Heon is daunted by the members who try to stop him.) (Kangmin starts drawing too.) (What is this?) (I got it.) (Their sketches show how great their chemistry is.) (Hoyoung, the best painter of VERIVERY starts drawing.) (Painter Ho Young's delicate sketch) (It looks like a shuttlecock from all angles.) (The conclusive hint of kind Hoyoung) (What stories of VERIVERY are drawn?) Sketching Weekly Idol... For the next week! Are you curious about this sketch? At 5 p.m. on January 15, Wednesday, we will see you on Weekly Idol! See you! (Weekly Idol) (B.O.Y - My Angel)