To go directly to the live conversation section to minutes 00:46 subs start at 00:46 [MC] Hello! Welcome everyone to this live show. I'm your host. Today, we invited four cute girls. Please welcome Blackpink! [MC] Please greet your fans [JS] Hello everyone, we are Blackpink [MC] This is Blackpink's first time communicating with Chinese fans through Weibo. Please greet the fans individually [JS] Hello everyone, I am Jisoo [L] Hello everyone, I am Lisa [JN] Hello everyone, I am Jennie [R] Hello everyone, I am Rose [MC] Now that these pretty little sisters (I promise it's not as creepy as it sounds) have already greeted everyone... Before the live started, I had some good news to tell them [MC] After this comeback, not only are they finding success in South Korea and other countries, but on China's Weibo, they were a hot topic too. MC : Same discussion [MC] Are you aware of this? [JS] We heard that Chinese fans loved us a lot. [JN] We heard we rose up on realtime charts [MC] Yes, Chinese fans supported you guys a lot [BP] Thank you very much [MC] (MC just explaining their conversation in Chinese) [MC] Please introduce your album [JS] We've come back after one year with our first mini album, "Square Up," meaning to get ready to fight. We adore our first mini album. Thank you for loving us [JS] This time, it's a bit stronger, and since you can see a charismatic side of Blackpink, please watch over us and love us [MC] Your title song has come out. In today's live broadcast, we keep getting asked if we could maybe listen to you sing live [JS] We can show a line of the point part [MC] Your point dance is so charming, could you show us a point dance that Chinese fans could follow along with? [JN] We'll first explain it then show it to you [JN] First make guns with your hands [JN] Next, with the dance, "Hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du du" and then put your hands down (?) [MC] Let's do it with the beat. Does everyone understand the moves? [MC] Can you do it here right now? [MC] You guys did so good. When I watch live shows, the song keeps getting stuck in my head [MC] During this live show, we've prepared a lot of spectacular content, so we hope everyone will keep watching our live. [MC] We've just done our opening, but there are already 330,000 fans watching in realtime. [MC] Although you are just talking to one person, there are actually 330,000 people watching, so please give a lot of eye contact with the camera [MC] Thank you to the 330,000 fans that are currently watching. Today, I hope we will show a new side to Blackpink [MC] We've prepared games [MC] We'll start our first game [MC] (the name of the game is) I draw, you guess [MC] You guys are good at music, dance, etc... How are you at drawing? [JS] In terms of drawing, Rose... [R] I like drawing [MC] Among the four members, maybe Rose is the strongest at drawing, but this game requires all 4 members [JS] Teamwork? [MC] As a team, you're going to do a relay [JS] Sorry guys [MC] Please each take a pen [MC] First, I'll explain the rules of this game to everyone. Each member will be given 5 seconds to complete a drawing [MC] Fans, please leave the correct answer in the comments [MC] Ready? [JN] Ready! [MC] Fans, are you ready? [MC] All the fans are ready. They're saying "Everyone, we look forward to it." We'll start from the easiest one. 3,2--- [JN] Are you going to count for us? [MC] Yes [MC] Ready? [MC] Ready, start! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! [MC] Wait a moment. [MC] The start is pretty good. Jisoo's turn [L] She already drew half of it [MC] Half has already been drawn [JS] You're lying~ [MC] Ready? [JS] Wait a moment, I'm flustered [MC]Start! [MC] Wait a moment, please show it to fans. Two people have finished. [JS] I think we can finish here. [MC] (to fans) Please type the correct answer [MC] The other members can individually finish it. Ready? [JS] It's finished [MC] Jisoo said it's already finished. All that's missing is for Rose to add the finishing touch [MC] Finally, you said you drew the best. You can finish it up well, right? [MC] Ready? Start [JS] It's well drawn. [MC] She drew 8 strokes. [MC] A lot of the fans already have the right answer. The correct answer is Blackpink's lightstick. [JS] Success! [MC] Right now, fans are saying that they're enjoying this live show with their lightsticks [MC] Usually, celebrities will leave their signatures after doing this, so we will ask Blackpink to autograph this too. [JS] I want to autograph prettily [MC] Right now, fans are saying that they focus when drawing. Fans are asking what you're drinking. [JN] Really? It's peach juice (teaching them how to say "tastes good" and "peach juice") [MC] We've got their 4 signatures, and they've finished our first prompt [MC] During this time, there were 390,000 fans watching you draw [MC] Let's move on to the second prompt. [MC] It's getting gradually harder [MC] Ready? This time we'll give you time to think because it's a bit harder. I'll give fans a hint. It's 4 words. [JN] Wait a moment [MC] Lisa, do you understand? [L] No [MC] I think the members are going to have to explain it [MC] This is a proverb, so maybe Lisa doesn't know how to explain this. We'll see if they can complete this [MC] They've already come up with a plan. [MC] They're changing the order this time [R] It's hard [MC] Ready? Start [R] It's started? In 5 seconds? [MC] Last time you drew 8 strokes, but this time you drew exactly one stroke. [MC] I also don't know what this is [JS] This time, Lisa--- [MC] Lisa, ready? Start [MC] Finished one drawing [MC] I think they can't see it [JS][ I just figured out what it is [JN] Really? [MC] Right now, fans are saying, "The chicken that you guys like?" [MC] And this (fan) says ___. Actually, I already saw the answer come out [BP] Really? [MC] Please finish it [JS] I'll do it [MC] We didn't even count down, but you're finished? [JS] Yes [JS] I think you guys won't know what this is [MC] The last thing that was drawn showed how these two were equal [MC] Amongst the fans, the correct answer is coming out. Lastly, please finish the drawing. Actually, it looks like you won't be able to finish the picture. [JS] The wrap up is the most important [MC] She's drawing the cornerstone [MC] Let's see this simple drawing. It's been finished like this. Can you see? There's a big circle. Is it a circle? [JS] Blackpink are singers (meaning that they're not artists) [MC] Actually, amongst the fans, the correct answer has already come up: Two birds with one stone. [JN] Really? They knew from seeing the bird? [MC] I think it was the bird and the big rock? [JS] Yes, it was a rock [MC] Fans said the rock was the most outstanding part. [MC] Like this, we've finished this drawing too. Please sign this too [JN] Should we do it inside the rock? [MC] It looks like a cup. They're leaving their names on a cup [MC] Fans are saying that the drawing is pretty, just like the people (Blackpink). [JN] Are the fans wearing glasses? (are their views of Blackpink distorted because they're fans) [JS] As expected of Blink [MC] We've completely finished the second drawing too [MC] We're going to do the last drawing now [someone?] It's getting tense now [MC] The last one is a little harder. You have to guess an emoticon [MC] It might be your first time seeing a Chinese emoticon. [MC] First, they're going to guess what the emoticon's meaning is [MC] Ready? [JN] Yes! (I don't know why it skips around a lot here) [MC] Wait a moment, fans are saying that they're experiencing a little lagging. There are 400,000 fans watching in realtime, so the space (broadband) might be a little tight [MC] Can you see this? Can you see us? Please greet them. Can you see us? Is there buffering? [MC] (the fans say) they can see everything now, thankfully. Now let's restart our drawing. You all understand what you're going to draw? [BP] Yes [MC] The 4 are currently deciding how to draw [JS] Please get it right [JS] Should we do it? [MC] The fans already guessed it correctly [MC] Fans have already used emojis to guess the right answer. [JN] There are none yet (?) [MC] Right, there are none yet [MC] Ready? Please draw [JS] Sorry [MC] Wait, pelase show it to fans [R] It's scare, there's a scary feeling [MC] Could you explain what you drew? [JN] It's a secret [MC] It's a secret? [JN] Please definitely guess it right [MC] Everyone can only use the drawing to guess. We can't tell everyone what this is [JS] I'm so bad at drawing [MC] She said she needs to color in the eyes [JN] Can I do it? [MC] Yes [BP] Start! [R] It's like a zombie. [MC] After drawing... Is it because of the marker? After filling in, the eyes suddenly look like lasers [JS] It's like it came back to life [MC] With this expression, everyone can use emojis to respond. Fans have already guessed the name of the emoji correctly [JN] They got it right already? [JS] They already got it right? [MC] Yes [JS] Start! [MC] Okay, the correct answer has already come out. Actually, the important part was just drawn, so you guys can start guessing now [MC] I think this part is the point [JS] It's totally the point [JN] It's a relief [MC] From now on, I think the correct answer is going to come out [MC] The correct answer should be coming out. What is the right answer? Right now 440,000 fans are watching [MC] Lastly, let's see how Lisa finishes it [MC] Ok, the correct answer--- I think it should have come out already. Do you see it? Fans have already gotten the right answer [JN] It's come out? [MC] The correct answer is this kneeling (in admiration) emoticon [JS] Sorry (in Chinese) (the MC explained the emoticon to BP) [JS] So I was right. It's shocked [MC] I just explained that they expressed the emoticon really well. This part looks surprised. Very good. They're going to leave their autograph on this last drawing too [MC] Right now, fans are praising you for drawing so well, but I think the fans guessed very well too. [JN] Thank you [MC] Jennie said she almost ruined the drawing by drawing the eyes like lasers, but fans still got it right and gave a lot of likes [MC] Fans are saying that your face is smaller than an emoticon. Is it because you can't see the eye clearly? Fans are saying there's a little lag. Please greet again [MC] Can you hear our sound? [MC] Everyone's saying that they want to hear you greet in Chinese. Could you do a sound check with nihao? [BP] Nihao [MC] Fans are confirming right now (?) Blackpink and fans both worked hard. Fans worked hard too, so all three questions were correct. [MC] The next game is "I sing, you guess" [MC] We prepared 4 Chinese songs. [MC] Every member will hum it, and after they hum, fans will tell us the correct answer in the comments [MC] From now on, I will give you 4 Chinese songs to hear. If you guys hum, fans will immediately guess the right answer. [JS] Chinese songs? [MC] Yes, we'll do Chinese songs. Has anyone heard a Chinese song before? "Tian Mi Mi"? [MC] Do you remember "Tian Mi Mi"? Lisa sang this short part. Today we're doing popular songs from China. [MC] Among the 4 of you, who's going first? [R] I'll go first [MC] We'll have Rose go first [R] Do I hum after listening? [MC] While you're listening, hum. [MC] The first song... Fans, are you ready? [MC] I've already started playing the song for her. Could you make your voice a little louder? Fans can't hear [R] They can't hear? Sorry [JS] Start [MC] The good thing is that fans are all putting up the right answers [L] To the end [MC] Yes, could you go until the end of the song? The correct answers are already appearing. We'll ask her to finish the song [R] Sorry [MC] The other members seem so curious [MC] Actually, the correct answer has already come out. The answer is "Answer." "Answer" is the name of the song. We'll listen to it [MC] Is the song ok? [R] I like the song a lot, but I don't know if I sang well [MC] [MC] Right now, fans are saying that your image when you focus on the music is cute and that the song sounds good. [MC] Just now, the correct song was guessed in 11 seconds because this song is very famous. Even if they just hear a very small point, they'll be able to guess it [MC] Let's ask fans to continue listening. Who is going to challenge this next? [JN] I will [MC] This time, it's an even more famous song in China [MC] so the correct answer should appear in two second. Let's see if the correct answer will be guessed in two seconds [MC] Fans are saying that they kind of can't hear your voice. Could you be a little louder? The fans might not be able to hear clearly. [MC] Now fans are asking if it's Liang Liang. It's not. Let's see if it's a different song. Right now, a different song is getting higher. Please do it again [MC] Right now, Japanese fans are saying that it sounds like (?) The correct lyrics are showing up. The correct answer is "Chasing the Light" [MC] Let's have the other members decide how it was sung [JS] I thought it was a very exciting song. [L] Really? [R] I thought it was emotional [JS] I thought it was a band song [MC] The title is "Chasing the Light." Fans are saying that it would be great to hear Blackpink's voices sing this song. [MC] Is it ok? [BP] We like it a lot [MC] You thought there would be an exciting song. Well then, for Jisoo, I've prepared an exciting song. Can we prepare an exciting song for them? [MC] The other members haven't heard the original song yet, but they're already saying that she is singing very well [MC] The correct answer came out in 10 seconds. The correct answer is this commercial: "White balloon" [MC] Right now, fans are saying that seeing the 4 of you enjoying this song... The title of this song is "Confession balloon." Do you know Jay Chou? [BP] Yes [MC] This is Jay Chou's song [MC] Fans are saying "Earlier, I heard your voice. I didn't get it. I heard the popping sound well" They're supporting you by saying "It was good" [MC] Rose sang very well, and Jisoo gets full points too. Fans are talking about how they give you full points. 510,000 fans are talking about you [MC] This is the most burdening. Lisa, 510,000 fans are listening to you. [MC] We're doing a Chinese song. It's not Korean, we're challenging a Chinese song [R] We can't hear you [JS] If you get this right, you'd be a genius [MC] 10 seconds have already passed (I think she's waiting for the chorus) [MC] Everyone, the correct answer came out [JS] You're kidding! [MC] I don't know how you guys guessed it [L] The rhythm came out [MC] Fans got the answer by only matching the beat. [R] Aren't they a genius? [MC] We'll listen to the end [MC] In the comments, they're asking if Rose and Jennie will laugh to death. The answer has already appeared. Would you like to check it? [BP] I'm so curious [MC] The correct answer is "Zui Chi Bi" [JS] I don't know~ [R] It's so good. [MC] When Lisa was humming, did you get this feeling? [JN] Absolutely not [JS] I thought it was an oily (?) scong [MC] This song is sung by JJ Lin [JN] She was doing it [JS] No, it's the last part that she followed properly [MC] Fans said that the point part was copied well [MC] We didn't expect that fans would guess all 4 songs correctly. [JN] Thank you! [JS] Since it wasn't drawing, thank you very much (for guessing correctly) [MC] Fans are asking, "Out of the 4 songs, which one do you like best?" (everyone chooses their own song) [R] I also liked Jennie's song [MC] In the comments, it says ,"If you have a chance, please release a Chinese song for fans to listen to"