- We'll steal your hearts. - We'll steal your hearts. C! K! N! Trio. - Welcome. - Welcome. We're about to begin today's episode. - Yes. - Yes. We have someone special for today's guests. They made the debut today. - Today? - They're the hottest rookies. Who are they? They kept our promise. - Few people made promises. - Right. I'll go fetch them, without allowing any questions. Yes. Shall we call them? Let's call them. Welcome to our show. - AB6IX! - AB6IX! (They make my heart throb just by appearing.) - I knew it! - It's AB6IX. They kept our promise. (The new light called AB6IX is walking in.) - Welcome! - Hello! - Hello. - Hello. (Let's welcome AB6IX with Weekly Idol's high-fives.) - It's a good start. - It is. - Two, three. - Salute! We're AB6IX! (Lee Dae Hwi) (Kim Dong Hyun) (Lim Young Min) (Jeon Woong) (Park Woo Jin) (Welcome to AB6IX's world.) ♪ Happy debut to you ♪ ♪ Happy debut to you ♪ ♪ Happy debut, dear AB6IX ♪ ♪ Happy debut to you ♪ Blow your candles, everyone! (They're all praying for their debut wishes.) ♪ Congratulations ♪ One, two, three. (AB6IX has officially made the debut.) ♪ Congratulations on your debut ♪ ♪ Congratulations, congratulations ♪ ♪ Congratulations on your debut ♪ (Exclaiming) (He's touched.) Even though they just made their debut, - they're all superstars already. - That's right. But there is one thing that we have to make sure. We have to watch their introductions. Are you ready? - Should I go first? - Nice and easy. Nice and easy. (Silence) It does get really nervous. Just be calm. Do you have a motto of yours? Right. - "No pain, no gain." - "Every cloud has a silver lining." Take it easy. I'll say an idiom like yours. "Life has its ups and downs!" Hi, I'm the charismatic leader, Lim Young Min. - Good. - That was fun. Life has its ups and downs. I feel like I should also say an idiom. You kill two birds with one stone when you watch AB6IX. I'm the youngest, Lee Dae Hwi. - That was good. - He thought of it instantly. That was smart. Next up, Dong Hyun. - I'm feeling the pressure. - Don't be. (He must be feeling the pressure the most.) - I'll also go with an idiom. - Okay. The more the merrier! The more you look at AB6IX, the merrier you are. I'm Dong Hyun. - Nice. - That was smart. Definitely. Nice! All the idioms you know are already mentioned, right? It must be a first time for Woong to officially introduce himself. It should be tough for him. (He's nervous.) (Exclaiming) You shout all of a sudden? - "It's a piece of cake." - Hold on. That's how good we are. (Hug me, please.) That's how much they have practiced. He's saying that's how good they are. - By "a piece of cake", you meant... - We're comfortable on stage. you're all comfortable on the stage. I'm Jeon Woong. - Next is shy Woo Jin. - He's nervous. Are you going with an idiom? Do I have to? - No. - Do what you want. - It's my first time showing this. - Yes. I'll show you a specialty. - For the introduction? - I'll show you a specialty of mine, - and try to introduce myself. - It's his first time ever. Park Woo Jin! "But then again," (Raising his eyebrows) "his name is..." "Park Woo Jin." - His name is Park Woo Jin! - Wow. Are we having Kim Sang Joong as our guest? Amazing. I admire him for what he did. I wish we could see more of those. Right. All the idioms like "Kill two birds with one stone... and "Life has its ups and downs" are awesome. - And Woo Jin mimicked someone else. - "But then again..." - It's very sophisticated. - Yes. Let's give it up! Since we've seen AB6IX's ambitious introductions, - let's talk about your new song. - Right. I heard it's a really good song. Our new song "BREATHE" describes... the stresses of people who live hectic lives... as fine dust, a great challenge these days. - Many are stressed out at school... - Right. - and feel suffocated at work. - It's exhausting. This song is a message from us to help them relieve that stress. Simply put, breathe with our new song, "BREATHE". - We're the air purifier for them. - Air purifier. - Clear as oxygen! - Right. Okay. - I think it's the premiere here. - Sounds good. - Shall we listen to it? - Yes. - "BREATHE" by AB6IX! - "BREATHE" by AB6IX! (A ventilator-like song, "BREATHE" by AB6IX) (This is a cleansed area now. Focus on this moment.) That was awesome! Who brought 100 air purifiers in here? This place feels really clean. Now, let's go... and meet the entire team of AB6IX. (It's time to check out the updated news of AB6IX.) It's time to look into idols' news through the search engine. - Search Chang Hee! - Search Chang Hee! First off, let's start with Young Min's top searched topics. He's officially the leader of AB6IX, right? - Yes. - Right. How did you guys choose your leader? The first person that came to our minds was him... when we thought of a leader. So we naturally decided to make him our leader. They were all thinking of him. However, these days, many idol groups... pick the mildest one as a leader, - and the rest are usually naughty. - The mildest one. But I realized that Young Min really has leadership... when he said the most thing... he wanted to do here was to play a game... with the meat prize so that he could share with the rest members. - He's the leader. - Wow. It made me feel good to watch others excited after winning prizes. - Right. - So I wanted to do it too. - That's why we've prepared this. - Yes. Take on the challenge of a leader. It's the Leader's Challenge! Leader's Challenge. I heard that Young Min was really good with his memory. Right. He's smarter than you think. He's smarter than we think? Will you tell us how good you are? When I was little, I have a certificate level two of Chinese characters test. I once ranked fourth in middle school. - Fourth is very good. - It is. - I was the student vice-president. - Vice-president? Why don't we open it with Woo Jin? Don't look, Young Min. One, two, three. (What would it be?) (What is this?) (It looks like a cow.) - They're different cuts of beef. - Young Min, you're going to memorize these cuts of beef for a minute. After that one minute, the more you guess the right answer, the heavier the beef will be... given to you as a prize. - Also, if he gets everything right, - Yes. he also gets the personal grill and special salt. - We have to get everything right. - We will now begin. I'll time it. Get ready, - Should I stand in the front? - set, go! Memorize. (The leader brainiac steps up front.) - Don't memorize what you know. - He can only look at it. Memorize what you don't know. Clock is ticking. - It's past 20 seconds. - 40 seconds left. I'm keeping time with the cutting edge technology. Cutting edge? Isn't it too analog for a cutting edge technology? No, it is cutting edge. 20 seconds left! (He's concentrating hard.) Five, four, three, two, one! Time's up! - Write your answers. - This is bad. (He strives to feed his members.) You're doing great. Young Min is intelligent. - He's writing all the answers. - That's amazing. - He's... - Wow. - There's only a few left. - He has four left. He's almost done. I can't remember. Remember, beef is good, but we want the personal grill. - I have to get all 16, right? - Yes. - All of them. - To get the personal grill. You can give him a hint for this part. (It's his chance to get help from his members.) - We don't even know. - We don't even know. In the past, there was a drama called this cut of beef. - Bae Yong Joon was in it. - Bae Yong Joon? This drama is very old. It was before you were born. What? Tell me. I can't tell even after I saw it. - That's fine. - Was it a new word for you? Giving him hints is only confusing him. Drama? I don't know any drama. (He managed to fill the chart after all.) - This is... - Did he get it? (I told you I wanted that personal grill.) Was it tenderloin and skirt? (He wrote the same answers.) - They're the same. - Let's compare the answers. I'm not that confident, to be honest. But you did great. You wrote almost all of them. It's impossible to get all right. - First, he wrote "tongue". - Woo Jin, hold this. Tongue is correct. Give it up for him. Chuck roll. - Wow. - Sirloin. - Neck chain. - Let's go! Ribs! - Skirt, tenderloin, - It was flank! rump, bottom round, thin flank, oxtail, shin fore shank, they're all correct. - Brisket. - Brisket. Last one, it was flank. (He got 15 right except flank.) - The hint... - It's in pho. Chang Hee's hint was "Our Sunny Days of Youth". - What? - Who knows that? The hint actually confused him. He was going to get the full score. It confused him so much. - That's my Dae Hwi. - I apologize! - That was close. - He did great. You'll be getting 750 grams of beef. - Wow. - That's awesome. Put on more. Be generous. This is 832 grams of beef. But without the wrapping, it should be about 750 grams. We want to apologize for our confusing hint. What Dae Hwi complained to us had a point. How old is "Our Sunny Days of Youth"? How about this? Since he gave you a wrong hint, we'll give you the personal grill, and Chang Hee will pay for it. Awesome. (Take everything you want, AB6IX.) (You guys are the best!) This is the personal grill pan of fine quality. - It's a Genghis Khan grill. - So cute. Here's the personal grill and the special salt! - Thank you. - Try it at home today. - Thank you. - They seem satisfied. - Thank you so much. - Thank you so much. (It's never enough to say we love you, Young Min.) Next, we have Jeon Woong's profile. Pros, "He laughs a lot". - Right. - He smiles a lot. - He has a beautiful smile. - And... his related keywords are yet empty. Right. I think it's a good thing. That means he has the potential, and people are curious about him. I hope he can find some of his related keywords... - today. - Okay. Or do you have a particular related keyword you want? I... - would like "tone". - I was thinking the same thing. I prepared a song... for Weekly Idol. It's "Marry Me" by Maktub. "Marry Me". - Good choice. - Right. He is determined to show his talents. - Your ears will melt. - Will they? I'm so nervous. Let's give him a round of applause. (Let's appreciate his song.) (The members are looking forward to listening to Woong's voice.) (Young Min is participating in the waving.) ♪ On rainy days ♪ ♪ I will be your umbrella ♪ ♪ And I will be your light when darkness falls ♪ ♪ In cold winter ♪ ♪ I will be your stove ♪ ♪ On a hot summer day, I'll be a gentle breeze ♪ (Dong Hyun is totally absorbed in Woong's voice.) ♪ Marry me ♪ ♪ Will you hold my hand? ♪ ♪ Marry me ♪ ♪ Would you be with me for the rest of my life? ♪ ♪ I want to live as your man ♪ ♪ for the rest of my life ♪ ♪ Marry me, darling ♪ ♪ Would you please marry me? ♪ (A hidden precious voice is now found.) Seriously, he is really good. - He is a gangster. - You are great. Oh, we should call you Voice Gangster Woong. - You are right. - He is a gangster. - He knocks down people by voice. - Gangster Woong suits him. (I like that nickname.) It sounds so good. That's such a good nickname. When he started singing "Marry me" part, wasn't his voice so sweet? I loved the way he sang... "Will you please hold my hand" part. Please sing that part once more. ♪ Marry me ♪ ♪ Will you hold my hand? ♪ (Should I hold it like this?) Gangster Woong! Gangster Woong! He's got a great vibration skill. - Don't you think so? - Yes, he is so good. I just love his voice. Not only is Woong good at singing, - but also at acrobatics. - Is that so? - Then he has to prove that here. - Let us see then. Oh, then I'll try... to show you a simple tumbling. A simple tumbling? Should I just do it here? Can you just... This is how I do it. How can you do it so easily? I was shocked. He was even on shoes. (What just happened?) It was amazing! Can you also tumble sideways? - I can tumble forward. - Really? Should I do it now? (Light and rapid) He looks so light. He does it so easily. One more time? - May I tumble again? - Yes, you may! - Go ahead. - Yes! (Ready! Tumble!) Why don't we call him Tumbling Woong? - What do you think? - Oh, Tumbling Woong is a good idea. Tumbling Woong is now another nickname. - Acrobatic Woong. - Tumbling Woong. I am sure someone like Woong, who trains a lot, must have got six-pack abdominal muscles. He must have it. In fact, many rookies show their muscles to stand out at first. - I do have six-pack abs. - Wait. - I need your consent. - Okay. We don't want to reveal it without your consent. It is all up to you. Write it yourself on this board. I am getting Woong's consent first. - Do I check here? - If you are confident, do it. If you write Six-pack Woong, you have to show it right away. Look at me. Do it like this. You'd be Unintentional Woong. (Good idea, Kwang Hee.) (They must be masters of reaction.) Unintentional Woong! There you go. You have to be unintentional. We are learning a lot from you today. In eight weeks, he finally said something useful. In eight weeks? I admit it. It took so long. - This is going to be phenomenal. - We got his consent. (Approved) (Six-pack Woong) Show it to us. Please check it first. He's got more muscles than I have. I thought it was a white chocolate bar. Dae Hwi is good at explaining. - I am so shy. - Show us what you've got. - You have to make it unintentional. - Let's do it. - Show it fast. - Ready! One, two, three! (Peekaboo) (Here is Six-pack Woong.) (What have we seen?) I thought someone drew it. He must be born with them. He doesn't work out that much. (Woong is just amazing.) It must be acrobatics as it requires strong core muscle. - You are right. - It uses a lot of core muscles. Oh, you've got a lot of top searched topics now. - Do you like them? - Yes, I love them. What is the best one? I like Six-pack Woong. (It was for you, Woong.) Next is the time... to look at Dong Hyun's profile. (He is in the best mood now.) Let's look at his top searched topics. "Remi's dad"? - The staff must have gone mad! - What's going on? How could you do this to Dong Hyun? Did your agent agree to this? Which company do you work for? You are crazy! How can you make Dong Hyun a dad all of a sudden? Tell us the truth. The truth is, I love playing guitar... and I have put a name on my favorite guitar as Remi. My fans must have given me that nickname looking at me playing Remi. Oh, so it was name of a guitar. He must be treating it as if it were his son or daughter. That's right. - Kwang Hee, you startled me. - Listen to me. When I entered, I expected to see well-dressed new singers, but Dong Hyun's jacket was torn on the shoulders. So I thought that it worn out quickly from taking care of his kid. Look here. This part is torn as well. - Look at that. - Did Remi do this? That was why I was so shocked. Then, can we... listen to your play? Of course. I have brought my children along with me today. - He brought all his children. - Where is Remi? - This is Remi. - Oh, that is Remi. - Hi, Remi! - It's nice to meet you. - Let me look at you. - There, there. Sae Ho, give Remi some pocket money. - Of course. - Yes, give her something. Okay! - This is what uncles must do. - That's right. Dong Hyun, will you sing a song you wrote yourself? - Yes, I will. - What is the title? Title of my song is "This Stop Is". I came up with this song... when I was on a subway. On subways, you get to hear this phrase, "This stop is". That is when I got inspired. It's a boy who decided to just pass... a stop today although there must be a girl he likes. The lyrics are somewhat sad. We will try to feel what you felt listening to your song. Let's give him a round of applause. "This Stop Is". ("This Stop Is" by Dong Hyun) ♪ Among the scarlet signs on the streets ♪ ♪ I'm looking for a violet one which is just like you ♪ ♪ Walking on the streets ♪ ♪ Full of your color ♪ ♪ I see you more clearly in my heart ♪ ♪ Hey, I can't forget ♪ ♪ Your eyes ♪ ♪ The looks in your eyes when you said ♪ ♪ We can't be together ♪ ♪ I just can't stay sober ♪ ♪ And can't help myself drinking ♪ ♪ I am falling asleep again ♪ ♪ Soaked in you ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ I have a feeling that you may be standing at this stop ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ This stop is ♪ ♪ I'll just pass this stop today ♪ I'll do it until here. Thank you! The song is so good. Your song is so sweet. - Thank you so much. - I was surprised to feel... something that I couldn't expect from Dong Hyun. When I first saw you on the stage, you looked more cheerful. But watching you play the guitar, you made me think of Jason Mraz... and Ed Sheeran. - I admire Ed Sheeran. Thank you. - I admire him too. Let's give him a round of applause once more. Well done, Remi. Chang Hee, besides Remi's dad, I also agree with this topic. He's the handsome boy at "Idol Star Athletics Championships". - I was with him there. - Yes. And there were a lot of good looking idols. Despite other handsome boys by his both sides, fans commented that he looks as superior as the two. A handsome one next to a handsome one next to a handsome one. They were Cha Eun Woo... - and Lucas. - Wow! He doesn't suffer comparison. He is the most handsome among us. He is our handsome boy. So we have prepared something. We invited a few people to see... if he'd still look handsome next to them. It sounds scary. Please come out! (Surprised Woong) This is unbeatable. (They are acknowledged handsome actors.) - He can't beat them. - What do you mean? This is only the first round. - It's unfair from the first round. - Isn't it the final round? - Do we have more rounds? - Come here. - What look should I make? - You have to look handsome. - You have to be a goblin. - You are right. One, two, three! You still look great there. You still look handsome there. - He looks so handsome. - Wow! I thought he was a painting. - I thought so. - He looks so real. (Another fine goblin) That's it! So who is the winner of the round one? - Is it Gong Yoo or Dong Hyun? - You are so mean! - No way! - No! (Checking his left and right) - This isn't right. - Look, Dong Hyun. You look different when you smile. We've had them enough. Let's see the next guys. (Too handsome to get their eyes off them.) All three look so awesome. - This is so difficult. - I know. - Dong Hyun, you have to smile. - One, two, three! (Is it spring again? Their looks are so cozy.) (Dong Hyun ranges with Lee Je Hoon and Kim Soo Hyun.) Let's give him a round of applause. - Let's move on to the final round! - The final round! If you beat these, you will be... - Wait, before you move on... - Hold it. What is it, Woo Jin? I have something to tell you. Dae Hwi... You should watch your mouth. It's not true. Dae Hwi somewhat looks like Kim Soo Hyun. - Oh, you are right. - He does look like him. - You do look like him. - Come in here. - Come on in. - You may feel what I felt here. What's wrong? Don't I look like him? - It's true. - He's got his look. - You are doing a good job. - Move your head this way. - They do look alike. - They really do. - All right. - Unbelievable. Didn't you know that all AB6IX members are handsome? (AB6IX is a handsome boys' group.) - Let's move on! - Okay! One, two, three! - Are you insane? What's wrong? - He won. - Are you insane? What's wrong? - He won. - He wins complete victory. - Hello, there. Hello, seniors. (Laughs) ♪ Bam bam bam ♪ ♪ Kill them all ♪ Are you stuck in that hole? It seems like this hole is smaller than the other ones. - By the way... - But that timing... Look what I can do. (Wow) (Woong freezes.) (The more you look at Sae Ho, the more amazing he is.) - That was shocking. - Sae Ho, you are really attractive. - Am I really? - It is so much fun. All of my friends really like you. Which friends are you talking about? Friends who are in boy groups say you are really funny. - So, they like you. - Dae Hwi could be a great host. He makes you laugh and say nice things. You made me feel a lot better. It was great seeing Dong Hyun's handsome face. - He survived this! - Thank you. (Weekly Idol's handsome guy) Next! It's Woo Jin's top searched topics. (He yells out a cheer for himself.) Nicknames are Sparrow, Snaggletooth Goblin, and Dorky Woo Jin. It's hard for me to relate Woo Jin to a dorky character. - He looks quite shy. - He also seems quite relaxed. To be honest, Dorky Woo Jin... I am not used to that nickname. I am not used to it. - What are you talking about? - It's just him who is not... - used to that nickname. - Everyone in our company agrees. I can confidently say that he's the dorkiest one... I've ever seen. - Really? - Yes, he is really playful. - Really? - He is the dorkiest person I know. (The dorkiest person) - I can say this with confidence. - He hurts my ears because... - he is so chatty all day long. - No way. I am chatty? Okay fine. We say Woo Jin is a prankster, but if he was only boring and annoying, we wouldn't like it. - But Woo Jin is actually funny. - Really? First, he is funny and for the second... he cares for others even when he does pranks. - That's why if he doesn't... - He has a warm heart! do pranks on us, we feel a bit disappointed. We like that part of Woo Jin. - He often brightens up the mood? - You could say that. As we were searching data for Woo Jin, we found a lot of data of his past. - Should we look at it? - Wait. (He is not ready for this.) - Okay, okay. - What is that? (Body roll) - Is that you Woo Jin? - Yes. - Is he feeling tipsy? - He is so cute! - He is a good dancer though. - Yes, he is a great dancer. He is dorky! That's too cute. What is this? (Woo Jin's cutest years) - This was in 2003. - He is so cute. (He feels the music with his body.) - Is he dancing to a ballad song? - He was evolving. (Moving all his body) (He was talented even when he was a baby.) - It's my first time seeing this. - That was really cute. - He is born with this talent. - He is gifted! We have prepared something today. Of course, Woo Jin's fans love every aspect of him. But they also want to see... Woo Jin's playful and dorky sides. Right here, we will show present Dorky Woo Jin beating... past Dorky Woo Jin. - We would like to see that! - What do you say, Woo Jin? I would like that as well. It could be hard for Woo Jin... to be like a baby all of a sudden. It was the most popular song on the Billboard in 2019. - Most popular on Billboard? - Wow. It is "Oh Nanana" by Bonde R300. Can you dance to this song here? Sure. Isn't it too... Okay. There is this shameful glass here. - Can you break out of that glass? - That's right. Just break that glass the way you want it. Let me break that then. (Reborn of Snaggletooth goblin) - He broke it into pieces. - He knows how to move! - Drop the beat! - Give me the beat. I want you to show us your 100 percent. - Let's go. Drop the beat. - Drop the beat! ("Oh Nanana" by Bonde R300) (Let's get possessed by the deity of prankster.) Good. - You can do this! - Go for it. (Here comes the dorky Woo Jin!) Show us what you've got. (This is the real one!) - That's amazing. - I don't see his feet! (He dances out of pure joy.) (Bright smile) (Don't forget Dorky Woo Jin when he becomes shy again.) - I admit him! - That was crazy. - I admit Woo Jin. - I admit it! - Woo Jin, I respect you. - Park Woo Jin! Park Woo Jin! - Woo Jin! Woo Jin! - It was my first time ever... - to show this on a show. - Is it really? How did you move your limbs like this? I think this will become a trend. - How did you move your legs? - They were too fast to see. In the original choreography, it's slow, but I did it fast. (Moving as fast as possible is the key.) - He was way faster than this. - It's the fast version. The speedy version of "Oh Nanana". (The speedy version of "Oh Nanana" by Dorky Woo Jin) - He is a genius. - This will hit 100 million views! - This will hit 100 million! - 100 million? - It'll be legendary. - The whole world will watch it. - It'll hit 100 million views. - Definitely. He is cute like a sparrow when he stays still. But when he starts dancing, he is sexy. - That's right. - His dance is amazing. He is like an eagle when he dances. - From a sparrow to an eagle. - Right, when he dances. That's why we prepared this! Park Woo Jin's dance break! All the sexy dances in the world! I will show you all kinds of sexiness. (Welcome!) - Show us everything you have. - I will. (I will show you what sexy is.) Music, come on. He said, "Come on". ("Crush On You" by Crush) (Woong likes the music selection.) (Dance artisan of the stage) Look at his moves. (Your sexiness still lingers in my head.) (I have a crush on Woo Jin again today.) He really feels the music. [Kocowa Ver] E408 Weekly Idol "AB6IX" -♥ Ruo Xi ♥- - Look at how he moves his hands. - Look at his facial expression. (His dance moves captivate our hearts.) ("Love Song" by Rain) He is sexy! (Look how he moves his hips.) He is so good. ♪ What should I do? ♪ (What should we do?) (May the blessing attend the creator of this choreography.) - He's stunning. - How does he do that? That was tough. (Can't wait for the next!) What is the next song? ("Shoot Out" by MONSTA X) MONSTA X! (As Woo Jin's body trembles, our eyes tremble too.) (Kwang Hee's reaction is like ours.) (His moves are super accurate!) (His sexiness really kills us.) He's superb. ("10 out of 10" by 2PM) This song! Sexy baby, oh my lady! - It's coming! - Go for it! (The return of the sexy baby) (He is 10 out of 10!) (Who else can dance to all the sexy songs?) We did see all the sexy choreography. I was actually really amazed... by how his body moved. His every joint moved. - Try what he did. - Show me first. Woo Jin is great at moving his shoulders, - torso, and hips! - Look at Sae Ho. - Could you show him? - It starts like this. - Like this. - Do you really have to do this? - What did you just say? - Hey! - You guys are too mean! - Writer! Don't say that to Sae Ho! Wave your body. Body roll. That's it! But here is an important part. Believe that you're the sexiest one. Right. I am the sexiest person. (Woo Jin's body roll is breathtaking.) (Sexiness is not for everyone.) - I can't do it. - Woo Jin, you're a great dancer. That was incredible. (Good job.) Next is Dae Hwi's profile! (It's Dae Hwi time.) Last but not least, he's the youngest! (Youngest lovely Dae Hwi) He's good as he's full of energy. But he easily gets exhausted. - Do you easily get exhausted? - Long shootings are hard for me. - It's about time he gets exhausted. - Is he? I don't know why I am the last person to do this. - Compare to when we first started, - Yes. - he is talking a lot less. - That's right he is. A moment ago, he was all excited at others' turns. He's now burned out at his own turn. How do we recharge your energy? What if this episode is split into two episodes? Then I would be recharged. Let's say this is the start of the second episode. Then, it's a different story. (He is full of energy.) - You are here with us... - Let's do this! for the second episode of AB6IX! - Awesome. - We are with AB6IX this week! - It is the second episode. - How was your week? - Yes, we did great. - We'll talk about Dae Hwi first. - That's right. - You guys are really smart. How are you feeling now? - It's perfect. - Is it? I can do anything. (Nothing is impossible.) Let's take a look at the top searched topics. - I see, "Fashionhwista". - Fashionhwista! - Fashionhwista. - Yes, he is well-dressed. (Dae Hwi dresses up nicely on his usual days too.) Do you have great interest in the fashion? When we perform at music shows, our fans support us with lunch. Dae Hwi took the ribbon from the lunch box... - and used that as a tie, - Really? when we were on a stage. - Is that the ribbon? - Yes, that's it. - Is that ribbon from the lunch box? - Yes. - No way. - It is for real. - It's not your stylist prepared? - Absolutely not. That shirt was my original outfit. And you know how much I love my fans. That ribbon is from them. Is that so? It looked great with that shirt. - It suits well! - Right? - The shirt alone would be plain. - True. What do you think about this outfit? Well, Chang Hee... You can't make a comment on him? - Yes, he's just okay. - Just be honest. But this side is the worst. I mean... - Would you stand up? - He said he's the worst. - Goodness. - When you wear cropped pants, it will make you look fatter. You'd better roll it up like this. Oh, like this? - This looks better. - Oh, okay. It looks like he's ready to plant rice plants. - You look luxurious. - Really? He knows how to use a carrot-and-stick tactics. You're the best. So, we have prepared a special program just for Dae Hwi. I'll be very keen this time. Okay. I feel a bit sore at Dae Hwi now. I'll see how well he makes the best of them. Then, let's see. Please bring in the props! (Please bring in the props.) Actually, we have prepared a tricky props. Dae Hwi is good at this. He sure is. (Dae Hwi, how stylish are you?) (Make a stylish coordination with weird outfits and props.) Well, I'm still going to look good in them. - Then, you'll do it for us? - I will coordinate an outfit... - for Sae Ho. - Sounds great! Let's see how Dae Hwi will style up... Sae Ho with these weird outfits and props! Designer Dae Hwi will dress me up... - and himself too. - Okay. This netting fashion is this year's fashion trend. - I'm serious. - Really? Netting fashion! So when you attend a fashion week, they overlay a net on sleeveless shirt. - That's right! - I've seen that! - Is this going to fit in? - To where? - Wow, it looks great! - It does. (Does it look good?) - Wearing this looks... - Looks good! And high-top sneakers will make you look short. Do I take them off? You should expose your ankles. There are good plastic shoes lately. - Plastic shoes? - Let me do it myself. It looks great with these flat shoes. It looks much better! - They fit perfectly! - They do! - Oh, Dae Hwi! - It looks so cool! Then I won't take them off until the end of the show! Come this way! And I mentioned that... - you look luxurious. - Yes, you did. If you wear this, it'll make you look like a new rich. (A new rich Cho Sae Ho) Big brother! Big brother! Oh, okay. - Please allow me to escort you. - Big brother! Just drape it lightly... as if you owned hundreds of it at home. Designers always say that! Lightly! - Lightly. - Drape it lightly! Your legs look too short. - Let's roll this up. - Okay. (Designer Dae Hwi rolls it up.) Hold on. Is that the right way? - Let's see. - Let's give him some time. - Woo Jin is trying to help. - You're here. - Woo Jin just joined. - May I dress you up? The trend these days is to wear this upside down. He looks cute! Chicness and cuteness are perfectly combined. Chicness and cuteness! - That's right! - I love this! I'll dress up like a designer. (I'll dress up like a designer.) - It suits you! - Totally! He got the cute one for himself. (I'll help you.) And I'll wear this net as an accessory. - There's another one! - Yes, this net! They're like at a real fashion show. Look how he poses! Please step forward a bit! - Let's say it's a real show. - Show us how you walk! Give us some music, please! (Weekly Idol Fashion Week) (AB6IX attends the fashion week.) (A new rich) Please make a pose. ("What do you know about fashion?" By Sae Ho) - And turn! - Look at his legs! (Dae Hwi's powerful style) He knows how to pose! Please applaud! (Please applaud!) Although we gave him a ridiculous mission, he pulled it off with confidence and professionalism. Fashion is all about self-confidence. He's right! Tell me. How did you dress him up? Honestly, I messed it up along the way. (Honestly, I messed it up along the way.) You messed me up? - He still acts like an expert! - It was hard patching it up. How did you feel about this in the end? Fashion is all about body figure. (Fashion is all about body figure.) So Dae Hwi says, "Fashion is all about body figure". - I couldn't figure the way out. - It's all right. (Dae Hwi really is fashionable.) I feel great. - They're so attractive! - And the awesome teamwork! - Thank you. - Up next, let's build up more memories! We'll now move on! Do you know this? (Do you know this?) (Weekly Idol) (Welcome to our whole new retreat!) (The prize is mine!) (A suspicious break time!) (Chaotic Weekly Idol retreat) (AB6IX is with a special performance for Weekly Idol) ("HOLLYWOOD" performance in red suits) (Stay tuned!) (On May 22nd, the retreat day of AB High school) - We're in the same class again! - Yes! - And it's our retreat day! - What fun! I'm excited! - Let's wait for the teacher. - Okay. Let's have some fun before the teacher comes! - That's right! - Hey! - Hey! - Hey! (Young Min is ranked the lowest.) - Young Min, go study! - What did you just say? - Be quiet! - Oh, I forgot we were friends. (But why do I feel upset?) Be quiet! You're not here to play! - We're here to play! - We're here to play! Then, you should have some fun! - Don't stand still! - Okay! All right, Class Six! - Good morning! - Nice to meet you! - Good morning! - It's your retreat day! So I prepared some games for you! This is the fun part! Let me introduce the best recreation instructor, Mr. Nam! ♪ I will wait just for you ♪ ♪ Just for you ♪ ♪ Forever my love ♪ ♪ I will wait for you ♪ - Hello! - You're the best! - It's Mr. Nam! - Hello, guys! Please give me a big hand! When there are five of you, there are only four chairs here. - I'm sure you know the drill. - Yes! Guard your chair! For the winner, we have prepared a limited edition gift! - Isn't that great! - Limited edition? Queue the music! ("Siren" by SUNMI) - We should go around! - Go! Round and round! (Go round and round, AB6IX.) You're so slow! If you don't dance, you'll be eliminated! (Dae Hwi won't cry no more.) ♪ I won't cry no more ♪ Dance more enthusiastically! Now, get ready! (Fast and accurate) (A collision occurs.) A jackpot! (Play cool. I didn't crash out.) Thank you for the first bitter experience. These two got eliminated! (Young Min and Woong are out.) Now, we will remove one chair. (Two chairs for three people!) Music, please! ("Oh My!" by SEVENTEEN) (Oh my! Lovely AB6IX!) You should dance! Dae Hwi, you're doing great! Awesome! Wow, look at Woo Jin! A bit more! Move your body! (They're busy dancing and guarding the chairs.) Why are you coming to this side? (It's taking longer than usual. Beep!) Move! No way! Oh, I'm afraid Dae Hwi is eliminated! (Dae Hwi gets eliminated.) It's the finals! It's now a dance competition! Dong Hyun and Woo Jin will have a dance battle. Music, please! ("Mackerel" by NORAZO) Dong Hyun will go first! (Full of energy!) Good, good. (So you want to do this?) - Keep on! - Next, Woo Jin! (Welcome to Woo Jin's world.) (The re-entry of Dorky Woo Jin) ♪ So hot! So hot! The wind is so hot! ♪ (It's good to see Woo Jin when feeling down.) All together! - How does he do that? - One more time! ♪ My back! Back! Back! ♪ Work harder! That's it! You're doing great! (Dong Hyun is also in blast.) (Woo Jin takes the seat swiftly.) The game is... (Feeling sad) over! The winner is Woo Jin! For his hard work, we have prepared one-of-a-kind gift! Take a look at it! Come this way. (Hi, it's me.) That's right! Weekly Idol! (Tears of joy) Weekly... Weekly Idol. - What is it? - It's Cho Sae Ho's... (Trying not to show his tears) cell phone grip holder. - What's this? - I want one. A grip holder for Park Woo Jin only! Guys, we are the winners. (Why do I feel like a loser?) (The second period, break time, "Snacking in secret") Students of Class Six of AB high school! Here! I've got you some sausages here. (We love sausages!) - So exciting. - But I have conditions. You must take a rest... to have sausages. Then you'll eat them all, teacher. - No, I already had five. - Is that right? I'll put these here. - Can't we have it now? - You can eat them, but you can't get caught. - Okay! - So... the person who eats sausages the fastest... gets a prize. I'm afraid to find out what would that be. Lee Dae Hwi! (Teacher felt a prick at his conscience.) - Okay, so let's start. - All right. - Good night, teacher. - Good night. (Good night, my pretties!) (Is he asleep?) (Teacher fell asleep in a second.) Probably that teacher is going to eat all. What kind of a prize was it before? (Still, I want to win.) (I want to eat it too.) - Young Min, toss me one. - Who is talking? Young Min, toss me one. Who is talking? (Frozen at once) Who was that? I told you to sleep. Gosh, I'm so tired. (Trying hard) It seems like the teacher can't sleep well. (Young Min starts to eat first.) Who was that? (Awkward stoop) Who keeps talking? (All frozen!) (Wait.) I see Young Min has already unwrapped one. (Laughing on mute) Man, I'm so sleepy. I could hardly breathe. My hip was so exposed. (So delicious!) Let me sleep for goodness' sake! (Eating sausages is such a hard thing.) (I am in trouble now.) Come out, Dong Hyun. You moved. Dong Hyun, come sleep next to me. Haven't I told you to sleep? I'm going to sleep, so you keep on eyes on them, all right? (Chewing diligently) Who was that? (Well, we don't know.) Young Min. Roll over. There's no teacher like that! Young Min is laughing. (Here!) (Young Min finished it!) Who is it? I don't care if you eat behind my back, but make sure you collect all the sticks after you finish. Then, you can be the winner. Finishing it can't make you the winner. Why are you there, Dae Hwi? Go back to your place. Lee Dae Hwi, you go back to your place. I'm going to watch you do it. Lee Dae Hwi, back to your place. (Swift) Lee Dae Hwi! Lee Dae Hwi! Are you sleeping on your feet? (He fell asleep in the ready position.) You need to be in your place. I heard that! (Teacher wakes up too often.) Sleep in your place. (You told me to bring the stick.) (Crawling) First place! So, the winner of this round is... Young Min! (Strong-willed Young Min wins!) We'll give you a prize. Thank you so much. (Well done, Young Min.) (The third period, retreat's night, "Candle Ceremony") - I'm full. - Be honest. What do you think of the prize? - What do you think of it? - I... I like it. What a nice kid! No, really. Because I like our teacher. Silence! Silence, I say! - Whatever. - Be quiet! - I said be quiet! - Do you really like that? I do like it. - Please be quiet, guys! - You're so kind. I came all the way from a crappy island. This is Hwang Kwang Hee, the evil instructor! Yes! I will give out these candles now. Kids these days don't do this anymore! Hold it and say something to your grateful friends. You may think it's old-fashioned. But after you do this, you'll realize how valuable your friends are. (A regular music for the ceremony) I feel like I have to shed tears. We need to drop tears. - So think what you are... - Okay. grateful or sorry to each other. Let's speak frankly about those right now. Yes, sir. Woo Jin, go first. First of all, thank you... for turning up in my life. (I've got to hold back my laughter!) And thank you for being my new brothers. Also, thank you... for walking the same path... with me for years to come. - Give me a minute. - Is Woo Jin crying? - Park Woo Jin! - Don't cry! Are you crying all of a sudden? (Tears won't come out.) - Next! - Next? All right. Then, next! You're good at acting. (The best tear acting of the year) I am so proud... of our members. So with my proud members, I hope we could be together for long... and be loved by many people. Hello, boys? We have known each other... for years now. There were hard times among us, but five of us made it to our debut. So I hope we can make precious memories together. Until we become the best singers in Korea, let's not forget how we got here and go forward. Thank you! I would like to speak to each of you. First, Young Min. As a leader of our team, thank you for leading us so well. And Dong Hyun, thank you for being so nice and helping me. Woo Jin, I thank you for being there when I'm blue. And Dae Hwi... Why do you stop there? - Why are you stopping? - thank you too. Where is the reason? - Tell me why you're thankful. - Well, Dae Hwi, thank you for being cute. - End this relationship. - Okay. Let's see... I know you guys love me. So I love you guys too, and let's work hard together! (We can do it together!) I enjoyed listening to your warm words, AB6IX. As far as I see, I feel you guys will be very successful. - Thanks, man. - One day... - You're so rude. - He's the instructor. - Thank you, sir. - He's not your friend. You're going to be the cool ones... that will take the world over. - Thank you! - Thank you! Let's take a photo! (The group photo time!) - What's this? - What is that? - Step forward. - Okay. So, AB6IX friends, let's take a picture in hopes of a great success. One, two, three! (Taking a picture in their signature poses!) (Cutie Dae Hwi) - One, two, three! - Two, three! (2019.05.22. At AB6IX retreat) (Congratulations on your debut!) - All right, students! - Yes. - It's time to say goodbye. - I don't want to! I'm sure you don't. So I prepared something. That is... The King of Dance, Back to the Debut! (The King of Dance, Back to the Debut!) The King of Dance, Back to the Debut! And we are? - With AB6IX! - With AB6IX! - Great. - So with AB6IX, - let's start Back to the Debut. - All right. AB6IX members made... - their debut today. - That's right. So it's their debut day, and they have nothing to perform here. But it would be a waste to just pass this segment. So we heard AB6IX has prepared... something special for Weekly Idol. And what would that be? We revealed ourselves to the public for the first time... with the song called "HOLLYWOOD". And we're wearing... what our fans have requested. So you prepared "HOLLYWOOD" stage... with outfits which fans requested. What do you think of this song? I think this song marks the beginning... of the idol group of Brand New Music. It's a very meaningful song to us. And I'm really honored... to perform this stage here at Weekly Idol. Great. Okay. Are you ready? - Yes! - They're ready! Let's watch the performance AB6IX prepared especially for us. (Special "HOLLYWOOD" stage is about to begin!) ("HOLLYWOOD" by AB6IX) - This is what Hollywood is! - It's crazy! - Amazing! - You guys are great. That was crazy. AB6IX must have... practiced this performance numerous times. Wearing these nice suits, how is it to put on a stage like this? For starters, four of us used to perform this song. So it's very meaningful... to perform it as a whole group with all five members. Also, this red suits are what our fans wanted us to wear. I noticed you look so passionate. - Full of ardent! - So, it's nice to feel like we've return their favor. Nice. So AB6IX was our Weekly Idol's guest today. I'm sorry but we've got to say goodbye. It's sad to do so, but as we got to know AB6IX's new charms, it was blissfully happy time. - That's true. - Thank you. It was wonderful. And we were able to check... Dae Hwi's sense of entertainment once again. - No doubt. - And Woo Jin, - you took an active part. - He did great today. I feel like I've found another self. I think Weekly Idol is a great show. - Really? - Yes. You guys grant all of our favors... and reacted so well to us. Next time, I'll try... to improve my fashion... so that I can gain Dae Hwi's recognition. - When we meet next time, - Yes. - let's have our dress code. - Great idea. If you select a dress code, we will meet AB6IX in appropriate costumes. It'll be special. What about Woo Jin? Like I said just now, I told you I've found another self. But I don't think that's it. I've found hidden side of me. They speak so fluently! I was able to find the hidden side of me... thanks to Weekly Idol. I thank you once again. And to say the least, I had a great time today. - Thank you. - We did too. We also had a good time. Since our debut on May 22nd, we would like to make many wonderful memories with you. With great performances, we are ready to please you. So please look forward to and love AB6IX, thank you! They are trustworthy. They're working hard in their places. I agree. As long as you've waited, I think they're a great team that lives up to our expectations. Since we've been together from the start, I hope they'll be with us in the future. It was... Two, three! - Salute! We're AB6IX, thank you! - Salute! We're AB6IX, thank you! Thank you! - See you next week! - I'll root for AB6IX! AB6IX! (With them, it's always a paradise even when it's foggy.) (Weekly Idol) (Sketching Weekly Idol for the next week!) Hello, we're Lovelyz! (The Lovelyz we loved is back.) (What would Lovelyz draw next week?) (The spoiler starts!) (Talented Ji Soo draws something epic.) (What is that?) (A Ji Soo playing the drums?) (Noodles or drums?) (Moved by Ji Soo's talent) (What is this cute drawing?) (Very cute) (Forget about the cute bunny.) (Do I look like a typical bunny?) What is that next to the bunny? A bucket. They are great at drawing. (That's enough for spoiler.) (Lovelyz's Weekly Idol picture!) Sketching Weekly Idol... for the next week! If you are curious about this painting, we will see you on Weekly Idol at 5 pm on May 29th!