[RAP MONSTER - Access Denied] [JIN - Access Denied] [J-HOPE - Caution/Dancer] [V - Access Denied] [JIMIN - Access Denied] [SUGA - Access Denied] [JUNG KOOK - Access Denied] [Run BTS! Spy who returned] [Clap, clap] [Let's clap together] [Where is BTS?] - Do you know where we are? - Where is this place? - This is Namjoon's hometown. - Know-Il-Well. I know Ilsan well. I'm from Ilsan. - Where is this place? - Let me introduce. This is Ilsan One Mount! Run, BTS! [Running in the water] One Mount! [So proud of his hometown] Look at the pool. [Belated opening comment] Run BTS! We're at the One Mount in Ilsan of Goyang City . - Let's say hi to fans. - Run BTS! [Running in the water] Run, BTS! [What brought us to a water park?] Why are we here today? [Expectation] - Are we going to swim here? - It snows outside. - Why are we here? [Run BTS! Spy who returned - Round 1] [1. Team Old Boys and Team Young Boys will play a game with SUGA being an MC] [2. Spy carries out his duty to make his team lose] [Other members need to watch carefully to find the spy] [3. Winning team can pick 2 dishes in every round] [Losing team can pick only 1 dish] [4. Losing team from Round 1 will ride Boomerang-Go as punishment] When I heard about the spy, I thought we would beg to the spy. [Acting cute?] Somebody would act cute. "Dear brother!" - Let's not do that. Let's find the spy. - OK. Our teams are decided. [Team Old Boys and Team Young Boys] - How? - Old brothers versus young brothers. [It's so lame (Seriously)] We've done this so many times. - Right, so many times. - We always lose. [It's not the team...] Shall we divide teams? No, what's that? [V wanted to say "spy"] - Spy. - Let's decide it. - Decide the MC first. [Puzzled] Isn't the MC a spy? [Listening to the face?] Listen to the face and give us a look. [TaeTae gives a challenging request] Listen to the face. - And give us a face, please. - I guess it's SUGA. [Today's MC SUGA! Is he a spy?] I don't think he is. [He's not the spy. I bet] Based on his face, he is not. [Facial expression] [V got surprised... Is he the spy?] - What's that? - I don't think it's JIMIN. [Turning around] Hey, make that face again. [Over-reacting JIMIN is the spy?] You can't be the spy. [JUNG KOOK who made X is the spy?] Don't you think so? [Is JIN who blows a kiss the spy?] - Are you? - I am the spy! [Secretly looking around... Is he the spy?] Did you hear that? [JUNG KOOK is moving behind] - I think it's him. - Look at Namjoon's face. [Suspecting JUNG KOOK] - Why are you standing there? Come forward. - Nobody looks at me. Poor. [J-HOPE is dancing... Is he the spy?] What is he doing? Nobody cares. [V gives an weird sign... Is he the spy?] [The spy is decided] - Nobody knows. - Nobody knows who the spy is. [Hehe] - Who is it? - Nobody knows. [MC SUGA doesn't know who the spy is] Even the MC doesn't know. [Who is the real spy?] You are... [Run BTS! Spy who returned] - Shall we go? - Let's go! [The show will start now] - BTS! - Let's go! [Excited] Run BTS, the spy who returned. What's the game for Round 1? - Can you see this? - What's this? [Isn't it a big hair roller?] It's a huge hair roller to give curls. [Water Rolly (X) Water Roller Ball (O)] It may look like a hair roller, but it's Rolly. - Rolly? - It's Roller. Sorry. Roller Ball. [Suspecting] [Surprised] He is not good at reading. Isn't he a spy? [MC needs to read it well] MC is not doing great. Isn't he the spy? [Let me continue] This is Roller Ball. Let me explain the rules. [Run BTS! Spy who returned] [Game 1 for Round 1 is passing through it] [Team Old Boys and Team Young Boys will pass the roller ball in relay] [The team whose members pass the roller ball faster will win] - Are you ready? - Yes. - OK. Let's go! [Great MC SUGA] J-HOPE, come here. - Why? - JUNG KOOK, come here. - You need to have a staring contest before playing a game. - Right. - People usually do this. - Come on! Bring it on. [Not confident] - I'm... - Are you confident? Discourage him! [Full of confidence] Are you confident? Staring contest. [JUNG KOOK vs J-HOPE] 1, 2, 3. [Staring] [Discouraged] Are you confident? [Team Old Boys won!] We won! I think we won! I think Team Old Boys won in a staring contest. Let's get started. Are you ready? [Way to go] Please set the timer. [Nervous] Ready! Go! [Disrupting him] [Splash!] [Great job, the youngest] He's so fast! [The youngest moves forward so fast] [Splash!] [The next player is V of Team Young Boys] Next! [Oh, he's fast!] [Is he a spy? He's not disrupting but helping him] [Splash!] So fast. [Way to go!] They are so fast. - J-HOPE, you need to stop him. - I guess we can't match them. [Splash] [JIMIN is coming] Next, JIMIN. [Busy interrupting (?)] Hey. [Rolling over...] [Splash!] Jimin. There is no spy. [I'm sure. There's no spy in Team Young Boys] I guess they don't have a spy. JIMIN, hurry up! Come here! [Splash] - How long? - How many seconds? [So tired] - Why? - We are all exhausted. It's hard to disrupt. I guess he's not the spy. [Emotional] - Are you OK? - Does a spy do this? [Feeling unfair] He shook like this but it didn't disrupt. [JIMIN is giving credit to the team] I was not fast. But our team did it well. - JUNG KOOK... - Your new hair style looks cool. [Spinning around] JIMIN, stroke your hair. [LOL] Namjoon just blocked you. Ready, go! [Running so fast] [Amazing] - Fast! - Fast! [Splash! Splash!] He's so fast! [Team Young Boys systematically interrupts Old Boys] [Shaking so hard] [RAP MON did better than expected] [Two are feeling pressure] Fast, fast! [Next player's turn] Next! [Jumping inside] JIN! [Splash!] [Slippery] He's fast. Fast. [Rolling it over] [Failing to move forward] They're doing great systematically. [Struggling] They're good. [So desperate] He looks so tired. [Desperate oldest member's struggle] JIN, you look so tired. You can do it! [JIN keeps moving] J-HOPE! [Next player J-HOPE's turn] Good! Get in! Hurry up! [He can't move forward] [Going round and round] I guess J-HOPE is the spy. [Wow!] It's hard to move forward. [He's saying a lot of things] It's hard to move forward. - He looks so desperate. - J-HOPE. [I will move forward!] [Really? I can see the end] [Desperate] [Struggling J-HOPE is the spy?] [Floundering] [J-HOPE finally got out] What is he doing inside? [So tired] [No way] It was a close game. [You, come here] J-HOPE, please come here. [Obedient] [Are you the spy?] You're the spy. I'm so sure. [He has nothing to say] Was I that terrible? [When you were in the ball] I got mad as I saw you. Do you know the old movie "Ring?" [J-HOPE reproduced the ghost getting out of TV in the movie] - He couldn't get out. - It felt like this. He was like a hamster on a wheel. He couldn't get out. [I had nothing but you struggled so much] As your opponent team, I did nothing. [I never touched] You did this alone. [When? Really?] The ball kept rotating. Was it me? [J-HOPE is suspected as spy] He was slower than others. [Suspecting] I think he's the spy. [Acknowledgement] I think Team Young Boys was smart. I told you. It was the Roller Ball. You need to roll it over. It was our mistake to go first. [Hitting the mark] J-HOPE, you missed that. [Surprised, Me?] - Sorry? - You missed that. - Why are you saying so? [Growing doubts] - Did he? - You don't want to have dinner? - We need to find the spy. - I think we did it already. - You don't want to have a meal? - I finished way faster than you! [Let's not do this] We're on the same team. [Surprisingly] - But it was a close game. - By how many seconds? [The result of Game 1] Team Young Boys's record... [Final result of Team Young Boys] was 1 minute and 24 seconds. [Final result of Team Old Boys] Yours is 1 minute and 59 seconds. - 59 seconds? - Glad it's not over 2 minutes. Team Young Boys won in Round 1. [Round 1: Team Young Boys won] [Did you see that?] - I'm upset. - We were not smart. The winning team can pick two dishes for dinner. The losing team will pick one dish for dinner. - Pick? - Two. [Careful] Amazing! [I'm sure he's the spy] I think J-HOPE is the spy. - Amazing. - Why? - Why did you pick this? [Panicked] Let me see. [Checked what J-HOPE picked] I'm sure he's the spy. [He can't believe himself] I can't believe that I picked water. [Dumbfounded] - Awesome. - Did you pick "Water?" - Help yourself. [Team Young Boys earned kimbap & french fries] We earned kimbap and french fries. [RAP MON was mistaken water for "rom"] Water was important, everyone. It said "rom" at first. I was like, "What's rom?" [RAM MON read "water" upside-down] It is "rom" when read upside-down. What does "rom" mean? Is it some kind of dish I don't know? [Run BTS! Spy who returned!] Game 2 for Round 1 is... pushing each other's butt on the pool float behind us. [Run BTS! Spy who returned] [Game 2 for Round 1 is pushing each other's butt on the pool float] [The team with the final member on the float in a tournament will be the winning team] Team Young Boys won Round 1. - Right. - So there should be some kind of advantage, right? - Yep. - Team Young Boys will get to... - say "You, come out" to pick a member from Team Old Boys. - You, come out. [Team Old Boys looks worried all of a sudden] They'll pick someone they hold a grudge against. I can expect who V will pick. [I've been under a lot of stress] After picking the opponent, you can play the game. [Smooth MC SUGA] Now choose the order please. The longer we stand, the better. We're going to send our ace from the first round. Now JUNG KOOK, pick your opponent. I can expect who it will be. [He's taking off his shoes, expecting it'll be him] RAP MON took off his shoes. [Just as expected] Hey, Kim Nam Joon. Come on out. Kim Nam Joon vs. Jeon JUNG KOOK. - Let's have a staring contest. - You should have a staring contest. Are you ready? Staring contest. Ready, go! [Here's my wink] He winked! [Heart racing] Why do you become more like me? Please get ready. [JIN and J-HOPE's cheering for RAP MON in water] 5, 6, 7, 8. What do you think? I don't know why, but it drained my energy. [JUNG KOOK mom's cheering] - Show us right away. - Ready, go! [???] What was that? [1, 2, 1, 2] [We can't be beated] Isn't he a spy? I bet he's a spy from his dance. [Don't do that to each other] He danced like a spy. [Can't believe you doubed me] - What are you talking about? - He danced like a spy. Go to the center when it starts. Ready, go! [I'll turn around like this] - Here we go. - Turn around. [Team Young Boys's ace JUNG KOOK is about to fall] [Excitement builds up] Push him, push him, push him! [JUNG KOOK and RAP MON is neck and neck unexpectedly] [I'm falling down] - I doubted you could win. - I doubted myself as well. Next. Come on out. J-HOPE. Come on out! Are you confident? [J-HOPE gets onto the pool float full of confidence!] [Break dance...?] [Speechless as it was so ridiculous] [I surprised myself] [I'm sure the spy is in their team] Here comes the spy! Here is the spy! - He tried to fall. - Ready, go! [He's not going himself] Come on, come on! [Teasing] [J-HOPE is still staying still] HOPE, you can beat him. If you lose now, you're a spy. [I can't be the spy...] [Collision!] [J-HOPE and JUNG KOOK fell at the same time. Who's the winner?] [JUNG KOOK's foot got in the water first] The winner is J-HOPE! [J-HOPE beat JUNG KOOK...!] J-HOPE! [I told you I'm not a spy] I'm not a spy. - It's 1:1 now. - Get on it and pick. - Come out. JIMIN, you come out. [Big strides] Show something! Ready, go! [So focused] [He's flexible] [Nimble] - Did you see that? - So cool! [I came to get your support] Did you come to see us? [Finally they collided!] [JIMIN beat J-HOPE, leaving J-HOPE's fuss behind] Park JIMIN! [JIN is the only member left in Team Old Boys] JIN is really strong. [He's blushing out of pressure] Ready, go! [The eldest member is fluttering his wings again today] It was so close. - I thought you would win. - I thought I'd win. [What a bummer] He's so good at balancing. [Team Young Boys won the 2nd game] - Team Young Boys won. - That was so easy. [Disappointed] How come we can't win at least once? [Team Young Boys picks two dishes for dinner] Pick two dishes please. [Team Old Boys picks one dish for dinner] Pick one, please. These two are stuck together, I get a nice vibe] Pick one, please. Perfect combination! 1, 2, 3! [Team Young Boys picked hamburger!] Hamburger! [Jealous] Seriously... [Urgent] [It's not fair] Hang on. Hang on. [So happy] - Turn it down! - Be quiet! How do you call it a dish? [What did they pick?] I'm 100% sure we have a spy, everyone. Do you know what we picked? - It's pickled radish. - Water and pickled radish. - Who is the spy? - Kimchi and kimbap. [Team Young Boys hamburger & kimchi] - Hamburger & french fries. - Perfect combo. [Super excited] - It went too far. - Here's the thing. If you can't find a spy, - Those dishes are meaningless. - I think it's either JIN or Ho Seok. - Either JIN or Ho Seok. - Why do you think there's no spy in your team? - There isn't. If there's a spy in your team, the spy can't eat. - You got the MC's word. - Come on. That's not fair! - The role of spy... - Control your facial expression. [Older boys are excited by his reaction] JUNG KOOK just said. "That's not fair". [Controlling his facial expression] He said it's not fair. [Flustered] [Team Old Boys was looking at JUNG KOOK's face] JUNG KOOK just said, "It's not fair". Come to think of it, when I competed with him, I think JUNG KOOK tried to lose. [The youngest member is flustered] He was weak. [The oldest member is picking on him] He said, "It's not fair!" - The truth has come out. - Are you a spy? Are you a spy? [After the 2nd game, let's move onto the 3rd game!] Let's move onto the 3rd game. Let's go! [Run BTS! Spy who returned] Game 3 for Round 1 is... Look behind you. - Are they doughnuts? - They're pool floats. [Run BTS! Spy who returned] [Game 3 for Round 1 is crossing the floats as soon as possible] [The team whose member cross the floats faster will win] [Each team sums up the total time, and team with less time wins!] - Aren't you hooking a bait? - Let's get started. [Game 3 for Round 1 starts!] OK, let's go! [The first contestant, V!] - Are you ready? - Yes! [Wobble] Ready, go! [Striding] - It's harder than I thought. - Are you the spy? [TaeTae is having fun, though he fell] Don't you have to go back when you fall? [Working hard] - He's a spy! - He's a spy. It's so obvious. [The 2nd runner, JIMIN of Team Young Boys] JIMIN, get ready... Wait a moment. [Splash] He's a spy! Ready, go! [Careful] He looks suspicious. [Huh?] [3, 2, 1] [Forward roll] He's a spy! He just went too far! [I'll start here] You're in a hurry. [Splash again] Stop messing around, JIMIN. That one was ridiculous. [J-HOPE is sure Team Old Boys will win!] Guys, we can win this one. I'm sure. [I'm innocent] I can't get on this thing! Step on it and run across. [Sorry for him. Run...] - Run! - There you go! [JIMIN made it by walking on his knees!] [The opposing team is doubting] Does it even count? Spy, I'll keep my eyes on you. [I can do it] Go! [Striding along] [Striding] [Rumbling] I feel much better. [Let me calm down] [You're cracking me up] [I feel so much better now] I didn't know there's something JUNG KOOK can't do well. [Loud splash] [Jumping] [JUNG KOOK found something he can't do in 21 years] He's good at everything. He can do it. I'll be really fast. Take a look. [Nervous] Are you all set? Go! Did you see that? [JIN made it quickly, contrary to everyone's expectations] [Blushing again] Did you see that? - Good job! - He's good! [The 2nd runner of Team Old Boys, J-HOPE!] - Are you confident? - Of course. How would you rate yourself in terms of flexibility and balance? [Check out my flexibility] Start! It started. [Unsteady] [J-HOPE's smooth start unexpectedly!] [J-HOPE fell in 3 seconds after smooth start] [Relaxed] I'm pretty good. [It's easy] You can't do THIS, guys? If we lose because of me, remember that I'm not a spy. [The last runner of Team Old Boys, RAP MON!] [Cheering for BTS] Start! [Yo-heave-ho!] [RAP MON fell at almost the end!] [But we won!] We won! We can eat! [RAP MON finished off at a fast pace] Don't you think Yoon Gi will be really good at this? [Excited] He should be really good at it. [MC SUGA doesn't want to get wet, but he's drawn by younger members...] [He ended up standing on the pool float] Ready, go! [Let me show you something] [Jump] [Awesome] [MC SUGA made it without even getting himself wet!] He didn't fall at all! [Run BTS! Spy who returned] Game 3 for Round 1. Let me announce the result. [Unexcpected] [For real?] This is... really? [Team Young Boys total time] Team Young Boys. 2 minutes and 13 seconds. [2 minutes 13 seconds] It took so long. - It's obvous. - And Team Old Boys. 31 seconds! [Team Old Boys' total time is 31 seconds!] Who was the fastest? The fastest runner is... You might be surprised. It's SUGA! [No way] I'm kidding. JIN recorded 8 seconds. [Team Old Boys' final result] Surprisingly, RAP MON recorded 10 seconds. This is incredible. We did incredibly well. [Quietly] How about JIMIN? JIMIN recorded... not in seconds. [Team Young Boys' final result] 1 minute and 1 second. These two terribly unlucky members picked water and pickled radish. Let me pick now. [Heart racing] [Both teams picked dishes for dinner!] - Awesome! - 1, 2, 3! [Team Old Boys picked what for dinner?] RAP MONSTER is not... - a spy. - Chicken and donkatsu (pork cutlet). RAP MONSTER is not a spy. - And water! We won't be thirsty. - What did you pick, JIMIN? I'm terribly unlucky. I won't pick anything from now on. [Team Young Boys picked pretzels] - Pretzels! - What? - Pretzels. - That's better than water or pickled radish. - That's not bad. It was a pretty decent pick. - They picked water and pickled radish. - Are you sure you won't be thirsty? [You're going to be thirsty] One of us was very lucky, everyone. - What's pretzels? - Now let's move onto Game 4, everyone. [Run BTS! Spy who returned] Let's go! [Game 4 for Round 1! See you next week] [RAP MONSTER] [JIM] [J-HOPE] [V] [JIMIN] [SUGA] [JUNG KOOK] [Run BTS! Spy who returned]