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"I get pleasure, when I successfully overcome difficulties" (Ludwig Van Beethoven, musical genius) (Pengsoo's out-of-this-world music) (Can't stand it) (His ears hurt) (Very satisfied) [Chan Manager] What are you playing? (Master fact-bomber) Pengsoo, just leave it to the pros (No damage taken) I'm the pro here, who else is there? (2nd fact bomb) There are so many people better (than you) (Fact checks lead to performance hiccups) (Closed shut) (Sigh1) Nobody at EBS understands my music (It's lonely to be a genius...) (Sigh2) (Goodbye, my fond abode) (determined) (What this young genius needs more than anything) (is an environment where music can be enjoyed - Beethoven) (In haste) Pengsoo! Where are you going? (Urgent) (No looking back) Pengsoo! Where are you going? Don't follow me! I'm leaving Where are you going? You don't even know what music is! Go away! (Much like a TV show) Where are you going? Where are you heading, Pengsoo? (Peng-trum Attack) (Even if they fight all the time he's still Pengsoo's guardian) You can't just run away from home like this! (No regrets) I'm off! (Ilsan ▶▶▶ Gangnam, Seoul) (Peng-ignore) Where are you going? I smell a genius (?) (Only this penguin can hear) (this melody on the piano) (Who is this genius) (attracting Pengsoo as if by fate?) I can hear it - What can you hear? - Let me go! I have to go! (Can't understand Pengsoo's thought process at all) Smells of a genius How can you hear a smell? (Good at English) You smell with your nose (Irresistibly attracted to the studio of a musical genius) (Minding his manners) You can't go in (Peng-witched) (Henry / genius musician from Canada) (One day) (His music moved my wings) (Can't relate) (Mind your manners) (Let go) (Pengsoo tiptoeing) (Startled) (Shameless) I'm sorry! (Common reaction to seeing a giant penguin for the first time) What the? Henry the genius! Peng-Ha! (GeniusXGenius, Meet at last) (Might overflow) (Acts like the host) (※ It's Henry's studio, not Pengsoo's) Pengsoo's sudden visit must've taken you by surprise [Henry's manager] Not at all (Doesn't care) Henry, why don't we clink classes first? (10y/o penguin knows how to drink yogurt politely) (Graceful) Who are you? I'm Pengsoo's fan No! Talk in English This is EBS English Broadcasting System (That's a misunderstanding) It's not English Broadcasting The E in EBS doesn't stand for English It stands for Entertainment Entertainment Best Superstar (EBS actually stands for Educational Broadcasting System) If you'd hear me out about why I'm here Sure! For starters EBS doesn't understand my music Then should I make them understand? (Snorts) Yeah, go ahead! - Why did you laugh at me? - (Copier) Why did you laugh at him? (Can't be honest about why) (Go ahead) Please make us understand How dare you? You're just a muggle Are you really a genius? He IS a genius... in some aspects Hey! We're in the middle of a conversation here (Suddenly turning into an English show) We are talking about now (?) (Unfair!) Why can't we Managers talk when you two can? Only geniuses can talk here Just between geniuses (These two are hand and wing in glove) Genius, genius So what were we talking about? (Have we come to the right person?) [Staff] You'll be taking a simple genius test What the... how dare a muggle try to test a genius? I'm going to be tested? [Staff] Both of you will be tested (Doubting his ears) Me too? (Slightly offended) Ha! Whatever! Wow, I can't even... (Musical Genius Test) (Guess the name of the song!) (Question #1) (Trying his best) (Stopped thinking) (Super focused) Me! (You can recognize the song after hearing THAT?) So what's the title of the song? (Knows the song, but not the title) The title! (Takes advantage of the hint) The answer is...! "Bad Guy"! That's correct! (Pengsoo 1: Henry 0) (Upset) What???? I think I'm a genius You're good (?) I played the clarinet for five years (Henry / professional musician) What does he do for a living? (Henry / started playing the violin at six) He played the clarinet for five years? Then what's wrong with him? He shouldn't be playing... (Question #2) (Pororo Soundtrack) Me! Me! (Nooooo) The answer is...! But I don't want to get this right! I don't want to give the answer! Ahahaha... (Pengsoo 1: Henry 1) (Question #3) (All seriousness) (Confident playing) (Chaos) (The cautious type?) Lemme hear just a bit more Me! Me! The answer is! (Begging) Just a little bit more... (Sorry, but all's fair in love and war) ♪ Shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo ♪ No! Pengsoo's wrong! - That's the wrong title! - What's the title, Pengsoo? "Shark..." [Staff] LOL "Shark Family" (Correct!) (Objection!) (Confident) It's wrong! It's "Baby Shark"! Not "Shark Family" (In Korea, the title is "Shark Family") ("Shark Family") (Loses to Pengsoo in the genius test (?)) Unfair! (Pengsoo wins by 2:1!) I'm a genius (Very bothered by it) Quiet! Quiet! (Shy) (Nods head) [Staff] Was that a congrats fanfare? (Finally) (Time to communicate through music) This is my studio! (Ta-da) Wow, you've got a lot of instruments here (Very different setting from Pengsoo's practice room) (Confesses) Honestly I don't know much about your music What kind of music did you do? (You'll know from now on) (One, two, three, four!) ♪ Make it, make-make it We'll make some tteok now! Yo! ♪ ♪ So exciting, so exciting ♪ (What) (the) ♪ Ahem, ahem, so exciting ♪ [Staff] Henry, you don't look impressed... It's just... So when do I get to hear you sing? (I just did) That was me singing THAT's the music you've been making? (Straightforward) Then accompany me on "So Exciting" (Lost) (Henry's version of "So Exciting") (Definitely a masterpiece♥) ♪ So exciting, so exciting Ahem, ahem, ahem, ahem ♪ (Rhythm change calls for dancing) ♪ So exciting, ahem, ahem ♪ (Literally a re-write, not an arrangement) ♪ So exciting, ahem, ahem ♪ (Perfect finish) (So impressed) (Responding to the audience) Nice Definitely a genius, this one (?) (We DID come to the right place) (Exclusive! "Pengsoo wants to make a song with Henry") For real? (Sure) Since we're geniuses let's make that our theme - Okay - Great (Strike deal) Hen X Peng Hen X Peng? No, it's Pengsoo X Henry No way... how old are you? (Proudly) I'm ten Umm... I'm... older than you Are you a kkondae? That's adultism (Hit hard) Well, if you're from Canada then age doesn't matter (Let's not do this between foreigners) (Decided on Pengsoo X Henry) I want to say just ONE thing Something exciting, grand, jazzy, that has a good feel, like an orchestra (You said ONE thing...) So if you hear anything you like - Then tell me right away - Okay (Sample #1) (That's a no-no) That wasn't it? (Sample #2) (Something is lacking) (Pengsoo's the one asking for a favor) This is hard... (Pengsoo's staff are the ones being embarrassed) I want this kind of vibe (First, get some notes down) (This kind of vibe) (Again, Pengsoo's staff are the ones being embarrassed) (Absorbed) (Pengsoo sent the file "Music_final.flac") (Henry edited the file to "Music_final_real_final.flac") (That's what I'm talking about) (Peng the client is satisfied at last) Great! This is it - This is it? - Yeah, this kind of vibe That's what I did before! (Hopping) Pengsoo if you get an idea, just tell me! So in the beginning of the song we fall down to Earth from outer space (Ah...) (Henry / One of two geniuses from space) Everyone thinks that I'm a bit eccentric But I think THAT was going a bit too far Yeah... (Goes on explaining) So we fall to Earth with a BANG Then the music comes on! (Absolutely focused) We are geniuses (All talk and no action) (The one actually making the song) (Manages to pull it off) - Pengsoo - Henry (Pengsoo X Henry) We Are Geniuses (※ You're looking at one genius and one penguin from space) (Infinite ideas) Now, the geniuses go wild and crazy (Geniuses_going_wild_and_crazy.mp3) (Geniuses_going_wild_and_crazy.insane) (Back) We need a beat in here, now! (and forth) We need the beat! I heard Pengsoo's great at beatboxing Yeah, I'm good (Show us) (How's that for a start?) (WOW) (Savage Peng playing with the beat) [Henry's manager] (Impressed) Whoa! Pengsoo's better than you! (Provoked) I have to take out my violin I can't lose! (Taking out his tool) (Two geniuses have a similar mental age) What? That's a weapon! (Genius WARS) Bring it! (Overpowering Pengsoo with amazing technique) (Dominating the audience) (What's with the sudden evil laugh?) (I can't lose to him) (Slayed by the beat) Pengsoo I have to admit it now - We need to collaborate - Let's do this together! (And so they become allies once again) (Continues writing the "Genius Song") Wanna try this? Yeah, I wanna try that! Let it all out 3! 4! (START!) (Pengsoo's wing only hits one spot) (Slightly disappointed?) (I've been building up to this) (Now I'll show you the real Rhythm Peng) Whoa! (Whoa, Pengsoo's really turned up the beat) WOOOOW (Saw that?) (Excited) Hey, Henry Can we throw in some strings here? Sure! If you tell me what kind of vibes you want then I can recreate it exactly the same way For real? If you move your hot wings (?) then I'll make music accordingly Okay You really need to focus (Starting with gentle hot wings (?)) (Absorbed in the music) (The hot wings and the performance become more heated) (The wings and the violin build up to a passionate climax) (PERFECT! COMBO) This is so fun [Yena PD] You two are real geniuses! [Yena PD] Can Pengsoo live here? Wanna live here? Every day, di-di-di-di-da-da! (Pengsoo / surprisingly keen) Henry's a genius when he's making music [Staff] And when he's not? Then he's... just Henry (Just Henry) Now that we've written the entire accompaniment let's put together the melody part Okay! What comes to mind when you listen to this song? When I listen to this song? We're having fun in the sky and on the ground and in the ocean (Henry indulges Pengsoo) Then freestyle with those expressions! ("No idea is a as bad idea" - Henry) We can make a song like this! (Cracking up) ♪ Feel free to have fun! ♪ (I LOVE IT!) ♪ Feel free to have fun, fun, fun! ♪ ♪ Free to fly away, fly ♪ ♪ Free to have fun, fun ♪ Hold on! I love this melody ♪ Fun, fun, fun, fun ♪ (This is how the "geniuses going wild" idea developed into a song) ♪ Have fun ♪ That's Henry for you I'm so happy to meet a genius Me too I thought I was the only genius on Earth Me too I'm so happy to have met another genius! I'm happy too (Genius Bene Pengsoo & Henry) ("Caffe Bene" parody) Genius at being a jerk... (Not lonely anymore!) Let's listen to it one more time (The genius duo's first self-written song) (improvised on their first encounter) ♪ Pengsoo, Henry We are geniuses ♪ ♪ Fun, fun, let's all have some fun, fun ♪ ♪ Free to fly away, fly (yay) ♪ ♪ Free to have fun, fun (yeah) ♪ (Music starts and ends with us) We're done! (Boom) Let's wrap up the shoot Thank you, everybody (Clap) Thank you! - [Pengsoo] Let's call it a day - Okay, cut! Cut! (Good at cutting takes like me = genius) He's definitely a genius! So good with cuts (Breaktime for the geniuses) Pengsoo Isn't it nice to lie in a hammock like this? I love it It feels so cool and refreshing out here, right? Yes, it feels so cool - Hey, Henry - Yeah Are we going to be a duet now? - Hen-gee-Peng-gee - Right short for "Henry Genius, Pengsoo Genius" Will you... continue to... will you please... collaborate with me...? I asked first (These two never play hard-to-get) Will you collaborate with me? (So sweet) Will you? I'd love to Are you really up for it? Okay, you promised I promise! - Promise! - Promise! It's my first time doing a pinky promise with a penguin (Because nobody will) If we're going to continue collaborating then I've got an idea An idea? What is it? (Knows Pengsoo's preferences) Pengsoo, you like rather fancy music I DO like fancy What's the fanciest... Want me to tell you what's the most fancy? What is it? An orchestra! An orchestra? (NEXT) In the next episode!