EP8 What Do You Like Old or New OpenUpInLockdown Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


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The new or the old? What do you like: the new or old? The new…the new… You all like the new? You like the new? You like the new? Old. You like old? New, new, old, new. I like what’s different. Something different, yes! You know your head likes something new Latest fashion. Nobody say I want old fashioned, right? We all like what? New. Technology? New, new. Latest technology. You like old technology? No. You like new technology. So in in our life we all like something new. And that is from our head, correct? But you know there is a value for old also. What? What do you take pride of? Old friend or new friend? Old friend. Which is better? Old friends. So, old has a place in life so you like the old. Your heart loves the old, your head likes the new. You know what we do we completely, as young generation, we discard the old. And all the time you are going for something new, something new, something new. Are you not tired running after new all the time? Sometimes? Yeah? You know you get a new phone and then wait… Few months later another model of phone comes. Right? And then you pressurize your parents: “No, I want that model”. Right? You keep running after something new. How much value you give for old things? Are you giving? Do like a friend who keeps running after some new friends? Do you like it? Anybody here? No. You want them to be stable, right? And honor the old friendship that you are having, right? Don't you want recognition? Yes. You like to be recognized by your friends, in your classrooms? Do you like people recognize you? Yes. You want people to recognize you, remember you? Do you remember your own great-great grandfather? You: do you know his name? I want to ask you to do this: Five generation back, who was your great great great grandfather? Do you know even their name? How do you like it? Down the line after 50 years, after 200 years, nobody knows you. Would you like that? Nobody recognizes you. Would you like it? Do you like it? Do you like it? What do you like? I want to be remembered. Remembered, by whom? Everybody! Do you don't remember your own grandmother? Great-grandmother? Do you know the mother of your mother? Great-grandmother? Yes, I know my grandmother’s grandmother. You know grandmother's grandmother? Do you know her name? No, you don't know her name. Then how can you say you know her?...Because we call her Amamma... You don't even know the names of 2 and 3 generations back. Now, in the lockdown period, why don't you remember, why don't you recollect your own great-grandfather's both mother's side, great-grandmother's your father's side, your mother's side. Is it not a time to ponder on your own family tree? Absolutely. And to know something, what they did? Look, you have the DNA of your great-great great-grandfather, right? But you don't even remember him! You know you had a great-grandmother. Grandmother's mother also was there. But you don't even know their name! But you want to be remembered in the future, right? Yeah? Do you recognize the value of people who have contributed to this planet? All those old people, all those generations, sometimes we say old is gold. But we don't even recognize them. In this lockdown, you know what are you going to do? Remember or just get into your own family tree. Get in the history of this planet. Get into this history of this country. Of your country, whichever country you belong to. Recognize. What are the roots? Where do we come from? You know, to be proud of your roots, is absolutely essential. You know what? Life is like a tree. The leaves are new but the roots are old, right? And if you are going only after something new that’s in your head, you have no roots, you have no basis, you have no strength. And there are those other people who are only talking about the roots. They only take pride in the past, they're only talking about the roots. You are put off with the old thing, you know? Why? Why? Because those who advocate the old, Are not trendy, correct? Yeah? You find they're old-fashioned. Old-fashioned. Always talking about some old stuff. They're not fashionable. Your heart longs for the old, the ancient. Your head runs after something new. You have to balance both heart and head. What you will do, the exercise for you is: your Nani, your dad, your grandfather, grandmother, ask them about their grandfather's, their grandmother's. Make a note of your family tree of five generation back. Can you do this? Can you do this? And find out what were their qualities, what they did, if they did something. They must have done something good. Go for it. So, life both are needed, what? The fashion and the technology, the newness that our head wants, our mind wants. And the old that our heart longs for. Be well rooted in the old. Will build our character will make us strong, will make us stable, will give us such depth and dignity in our life.