hey guys Nimoy into today I'm here with this annoying brat where does that come from he promised me I would get a Kids Choice Award she promised me she said we both we're gonna win and only she won and I didn't even get to go she called my airplane and told him not to get me the Kids Choice Award and maybe she watched the video I said we both could win and then some nobody can't name like the coach she wins she buys a coaching that's when I say he's a very very very awesome youtuber well maybe she might be awesome but you're a liar you lied you said I was gonna wanna kiss Joyce Warren and you want it now you have to one for you David you're gonna have zero anyway today is payback I've invited Jojo over and I'm going to get her all over the body with paint balls did you like balls all over you're buying Jojo that's what's about to happen what am I [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay well but I think that we have settled this fair and square obviously Jojo is sorry and she's going to give me her kitchen toys Lauren okay can we just talk for a second you're talking I am sorry it does I'm sorry I am this is your formal apology thank you I am very sorry thank you but maybe next year no you're giving New York no no no so make sure to subscribe to me as an apology from Jojo and click the bow notifications notification notification notification because YouTube likes to break itself because subscriptions don't mean a thing anymore isn't that fun and make sure to subscribe to Jojo to tell her about the parable of a friend she is we posted video over there where I demolished her with silly string what did we share my Kids Choice Award or you just give it you could share it no you're gonna give it Sharon she's giving me her Kids Choice worn too hard to hear for us so sure thanks for watch and money and don't forget to get tickets to my Torme Ram Singh's on call got you you know why not um will you solve more tickets actually okay Joe just coming up to [Music]