EPIC Shop With Me TJ Maxx Marshalls Homegoods Paige Koren

hey everybody its Paige and today's video is going to be another shop with me we're going to TJ Maxx Marshalls and home goods so I have a good feeling we're gonna find some really good deals today I am here with my mom as always you guys seem to really love her in my shop with me so I let her be in this video chauffeur so if you're new to my channel don't forget to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and let's get started first stop is Marshalls I know they also have like 18 million Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge --is these are my absolute favorite Beauty sponges and you can get a 4-pack for $12.99 here at Marshall's which is such a good deal this is literally so cute this is $4.99 it has like glitter in the handle that's adorable they have lots and lots of makeup oh they have something from a first aid beauty this is the triple protection skin tint in the shade medium I'm not for $9.99 that's a really good deal I wonder if that will work for me in the summer look oh yeah they also have the shade fair I really need to try this they also have these anastacio Beverly Hills matte lipstick sets you get four lipsticks for if these don't have a price on them $14.99 which is a really good deal they're really cute yeah these are the colors right here they have a bunch of these two-faced and melted latex little minis in the shade hot mess and then down here they have Estee Lauder Double Wear maximum coverage camouflage make-up for face and body for 16.99 so they have the Stila glitter and glow highlighter in the shade kitten for $7.99 this is a must oh my goodness okay those are from Stila vivid and vibrant eyeshadow duos for $5.99 what Oh oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness holy crap this is the jackpot holy smokes I'm about to pass out what do you mean which one do you want holy crap they have a bunch of these first aid beauty things too and all of these two-faced peach I know there's also toasted peach oh my gosh before and we kind of organized these peach cheek and peach frost things a little bit just to make it more satisfying any other have the Too Faced cocoa contour chiseled to perfection palette for 19.99 they have this from covergirl this is the katie-cat glam Kat elope lip gloss which I already have this lip gloss and then this glitter is red gold and this is $2.99 I need this right now just for that gorgeous glitter they also have these Kevin a Kwan palette these are highlighter palettes for or this is just a highlighter for 20 bucks they have a bunch of these huge bottles of the Evian facial spray these are $9.99 and I think these are 20 bucks at Sephora this is the big three hundred milliliter size they have the first aid Beauty ultra Repair Cream intense hydration I have this is $6.99 this is the first day that I've ever seen first aid beauty at Marshall's or TJ Maxx I have that I almost wore that today every time I come to Marshalls or TJ Maxx I look for the pinks Meg cattle that Sam Sherman gotten her TJ Maxx haul because I really really want one but I haven't found one yet haven't had any luck look at this pink pot for $14.99 oh my gosh that's so cute and then look at this pink pan that is literally everything they literally have Abercrombie and Fitch handles at Marshall's for $6.99 that is so funny so we just left Marshalls and I found so much good stuff like I literally hit the high-end makeup jackpot I cannot wait until you guys see what I got my next video is going to be the haul of everything that I bought today and you guys are literally gonna die because we only have been to one store and this haul is already gonna be one of the best hauls that I've ever done on my channel our next stop is TJ Maxx and then our last one is home goods which is right down the road in case you're from the area this is the UE TJ Maxx and then the Marshalls we went to was by the airport in Jacksonville this luggage set is beyond cute so these are the ones that I have but I I'm kind of thinking that I like these better and their price like the same and these ones are Vince Camuto but this is a thousand dollars what is like total retail value yeah dang I'm testing out the new morphe foundation today and I've had this on for like it's over six hours and so far I feel like overall I'm liking it i swatched the concealers on my hand like before twelve and it's like past 6:00 p.m. and no literally not coming off so the concealers definitely withstood the test of time oh look at this mom what is that this is the two-faced blowjob you facemask yeah this is 1999 with the face oh is that what you said yeah it's still exciting this is like 40 dollars normally this is one of my favorite face masks they have the glam glow power module cleanse treatment t.j.maxx for $34.99 they have a bunch of my favorite asquith in Somerset scrubs they have wild orchid milk and rose rose petal and rhubarb I have the mirror at 8:00 reformed hydrogel aqua peel two treatments for $16.99 I think I might want to try this they have a bunch of these English Don gardenia shower gels from the body shop for $4.99 up here this is their little spa section super cute they've got a bunch of mirrors up here they have an impressions vanity mirror I have this mirror right here it is $39.99 which is a lot but this is like an $80 mirror no exaggeration this is the one that I wish I had the white one I have it in black but I'm still happy they have these pink light pink New Balance tennis shoes for $49.99 and they're so cute I think I'm gonna try these on and they also have these ones down here which I think these might be the ones that Sam Sherman got in her video these ones are 39.99 I can't remember if they were this or different but I think I'm gonna try on the pink of these ones up here we better hurry up and move on because we still have a lot of ground to cover and it's already getting pretty late and I got in class in the a.m. so I'm filming a really exciting video with my mom over there and this is the hint right here we're filming it in a couple days and it should be up well I depends on when I post this video it should be up really soon when you're seeing this video or it might already know no it'll be up really soon when you see this video but this is the hint and I'm really excited about it we came up with this idea all on our own and I think it's gonna be a really good one it's currently 648 and it feels like it's like 8 or 9 o'clock at night and we're here at our final stop home goods these are fun I wish that this like matched my room oh yeah still doesn't really go with my room though but they're really cool this one's 40 dollars that's a lot this one's 30 this is kind of fun floating party cap for $4.99 you scared me so bad I thought you were like someone else when I was talking then that's cute I really like this little floating cup even though I have no reason to need a floating cup it's really cute getting rug number two in the same day Joanna Gaines what is it it's kind of ugly but it's Joanna game so it's cool how much is it nine that's a pretty good deal ooh comforted that's cute it's not as soft as I wish it was they have some crystals on clearance over here this one's kind of interesting oh that is that's $500 for that big mirror right there my OTD is this super distressed jacket that I got from TJ Maxx and it's the brand caution to the wind this is a pink sweatshirt that I also got from I think Marshalls our TJ Maxx from and it's from airy and it was like $14.99 these are Free People black jeans that I got from Marshalls and then I have my I know it's from the the rug the white rug and then I have my chewed-up Birkenstocks on so that was today's video I hope you guys enjoyed this shop with me it was one of the most epic shop with news on my channel I had a really a really fun time and like I said my next video is going to be a haul of all the stuffs that I got and thank you know wait to show you guys everything that I purchased today at Marshall's TJ Maxx and home goods thank you guys so much for watching I love you all so much I hope you have an amazing day and I will see you in the next one bye oh don't say bye filling outro do what I say oh I love you guys so much bye [Music]