hey guys to me Miranda today and I'm so excited because I get to show off my favorite talent which is making abilities I am very talented booyah so I'm very excited about today's video it's gonna be incredible I always wanted to do a milk-bone but I never did one before so this will be the first time no edits no cuts just me eating all the food I am starving all I've had today is breakfast and lunch I haven't even had a snack and so this is gonna be epic so I see internship pain test duties I've seen other people copy Georgia pain tests and do these so this is very popular [Applause] cinnamon Twain so I lost cinnamon tweets they're really gone they're crunchy which is one of my favorite 10 stars can't hear and they're really delicious but that's dessert so I feel something soggy lots of things in here for scenes box we have Crunchwrap supreme for those of you who don't have Taco Bell I am so sorry that must be what hell is like because that's the only place I can imagine that wouldn't have food this don't chase so basically this is a crunch wrap which means inside is something crunchy something squinching something delicious so let's get started out of my afternoon snack oh they pull anything I literally said in Lenny do the points means what the Hank Sahra he put lettuce in it even though I asked him not to wait where's my phone I have two tanks it blew my freakin crunch lamp oh my bonus but I know his name was Sarah head stare at union or something like that whose family - man really nice very attractive very charming and he came in with boom so I thought this is like could be my dream man and he put the freaking one his knee straight poison me okay not swinging next one snakes oh yes a Mexican pizza now for those of you don't know what this is is incredible it's basically a crunchy crunch Michel and it has meat in it cheese lots of delicious thing so mmm got a still inches it's about tiny damn what the frickin plant sparkling water that's not baby Xenia sorry I need an ear on the game can you mean then I got out my frickin pizza don't eat the lettuce you'll get poisoned now he's gonna poison my kegs are you freaking kidding me with this he's gonna poison my freakin cat to surah he'd you earn the final strong I really love you you're an attractive handsome charming very nice man I gave you a temp I gave you the best rating but when you put lettuce on things and give me a poisoned drink and try to make my cat died by Eemian lettuce we're gonna have to talk this is not appropriate behavior next up we have this looks like a chalupa I want to loop up there is lettuce in this one I'll let it slide because I think he just didn't understand that I don't like lettuce I didn't make it clear enough I only said no lettuce on one thing and then it just kind went on everything so I think it was just a misunderstanding I'm not upset with him anymore this is one of the best things to talk about if you ever go and talk about you never been there before get a chalupa supreme these things are done only by moon I'm Franken Gainey crunch Wow the sweetness mint cheese sour cream the line is disgusting the rest of it it's what guardians in heaven I'm pretty sure oh my god sorry this is amazing um I'll um it it's probably one of the best things they even are you freaking kidding me right now is contaminated are you freaking kidding me was this all your doing you did this it wasn't sir I head the whole time it was you you wanna talk about you told him to pull - on everything so that I wouldn't mean it so that you can confess come banks I think it was the gate well now I can't move back the cat freakin contaminates the catwalks in its own freakin pump so if it don't poop and touches it poop and touches my food now my Thune has freaking poop on eat disgusting freaking partner thanks so much we have ain't talked oh this is a classic at Uncle Mel it's delicious and cheese meat quints be crunchy shell don't come for me this is the best uncle you can ever get in your whole life if you want off think tank Mexican food the best Mexican food that has ever resisted this is where you get it talk about stop eating it see it was her juicy not meat rolling out for your pond ready and they'd mean handed I saw the meat rolled on you frickin thief stay and wait I don't know what have to punish ela on camera okay baby so this is a tongue comb through that punch this will mean the ASMR more Cham which is when people eat food and talk really quiet I think it stands for a an egg Apple s I it stands for talking quiet Tom here you go listen to this see that meat that's maybe our part you can hear good join hear the crunch of the shell you can hear the points enough lettuce store paint Musa does my crush them up mom in your row any names please stop eating that you're freaking me under - can you see this means that meat or poop that's meat she's what am I forgetting eat some more she more my freaking milk bank sorry my camera freakin turned off and now it's turned back on so if two more items I have a bring down and have nachos don't get it confused with nacho supreme this is nachos Bell Grande not just Bell Grande is the best nachos you can gain they have meat they have sound corneum they have cheese they have tomatoes which nobody eats those I don't know why those are on any food ever they are actually poison but the rest of it delicious sun-ok good chips aren't extremely sale but it's funny gives it a chewy texture it kind of tastes more like card born that way which is really fun it's on chairs the cardboard mm-hmm mm-hmm don't say that forties not now it's time to get on to Moreno after my Moreno I can eat that makes it with the salmon twins for my dessert this is a brain oh it's a quaint sink it's just a tortilla with beans and cheese in it they put onions in it at Uncle Mel watch out for that which is one of the rudest things you can do is put onions in a burrito like are you trying to ruin my day son Wow took that Jimmy so freedom my friend cam he was turning off anyways don't like just bring on alright there's one on best things in my life today my job is eating my food in filming it so not just Bell Grande is ruined preheat a Bratz cat maybe look II won't be such a good name this old I'm I would only got like two bites yeah and I was saving the Redford that makes uh my dessert a cheap Ricky butter poo face in it and ruin it in two sizes or I'm so excited about today I'm so excited do mukbang know pong what I call it as a ruin [Music]