ET Speaks to Wolfpack Football

some of y'all been worship since she was in high school so you all really know how to cry like you talk cry like I love it like I go into the way through and y'all playing like Bach y'all playing biggie why y'all in it like you like you like pop but you don't have the spirit of POC you like love pop you like listening the pot you like listening to biggie you'd like to talk about the grind but you don't really know what the guy is like I know what the ground is like I was homeless I ain't out of Trance care now boom ain't going into that right now I don't want no more speakers in the world I started from the bottom like you like listening to it and see start from the bottom nut yo what's your bottom what is your bottom when you've been worship since middle school you've been tall your whole life big your whole life they worship you so much now that you think it's about you you don't even know what the grind look like I'm from Detroit homeless mama got pregnant with me at 17 years old high school dropout took me 12 years to get a four-year degree I'm coming now it's in do you finally made it to the big leagues and now you wanna cheat now you got the big head now you can grind you hear now you hear now you finally made it and this is where you break up this is where you start chilling this where you get comfortable you made it now you made it now you in the big leagues now they watching you now this is where you make it permanent yeah I saw it I saw perfect perfect note practice don't make perfect practice make par minutes this permanent y'all this is permanent you can go wherever you want to go from here it does not take Talent you don't have to be talented right you don't have to be gifted you don't have to be the quickest this strong is you don't have to be the most intelligent to get to where I am that's what you guys do you just got a grind know your grind you gotta outrun so many of you heard me say this your father listen to me my owner company your mama might be a millionaire you might come from privilege your daddy might he won't with a car he might know people he might better get you a job but you will not outwork me and what you have to decide in your position in the NCAA you have to make a decision that nobody in this league and your position will outwork you listen to me you better grow up and get to the point as a man that if you ever get beat you better get beat by somebody that's just that's just purely more talented than you are you better not ever get beat by somebody because you beat yourself you have to take advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity let me tell you something you're sitting in this room you think you're gonna be 18 for the rest of your life you think you're gonna be 19 for the rest of your life you've got an opportunity right now that you won't have five years from now you have an opportunity right now that you will never have people say why do you why so hard eat I might not be the number-one motivational speaker in the world five years from now I've got to get everything I can get right now every book I can write at listen to me my school is being paid for by the athletic department I'm right now right here you may never get another one some of you after this there may not be another opportunity let me tell you what I tell a fleets the worst thing in the world is not growing up in poverty the worst thing in the world is growing up in poverty and come in here and get worship and not taking advantage of this and you got to go back to the hood that's that's the worst thing that could ever happen to a bro traveling and being in hotels and seeing the world and eating like you eating and not taking advantage of this and getting kicked out and going back home to the hood being somebody that they talk about cuz you were sweet for four years you better not lose this this is an opportunity of a lifetime your grandma counting on you to do the right thing your mama counting on you your cousins your brothers and sisters are down on you to cash in on this opportunity everybody want to be a beast and turns time to do a beast do everybody got to the Lions Lions all on a twin face but em I got a lion see not a tweet not but it's time to practice you ain't on beast mode when it's time to watch Phil you ain't on beats mo you ain't watching your dudes let me say this I'm getting out of here can I be real with y'all most of y'all think that a lion is who he is because of how ferocious he is when he catch that gazelle when when he catch that zebra can I be real with y'all I won't try to study this when y'all finish to tell me if I'm telling the truth if a lion see an animal that's wounded or a real hunter see an animal that's wounded what do they do they do what they watch them what they don't do what they don't kill him why don't they kill him he already heard and they beast a part of being a beast just saying Eva Cazale a part of being a beast is the heart it's the heart the day excited Wow they'd like to see the gazelles wrong there boom they take off do you know that even before the gazelles get there that the Lions started listening to the gazelle they playing it off stop and they steal and they wait for the gazelle to come do you know that they take a cup of Gazette a couple lines and say y'all go that way and then BOOM y'all chase the gazelle don't even eat them just chase them and bring make them come this way don't make it this way they playing games cuz real Lions like to heart they love the process just as much as they love the prize and some of y'all just want to score you don't like the process you're not in love with the process you just like to put the pass on you love when it's show time everybody in the car hey ma can see you can't start until you know your people there once you see them you like show time a real man in the dark when nobody's watching he put me in work a real man when coach ain't even watching he's studying film on his own cuz he's in he lost the process you will be a champion you will be you gonna have to go through something ain't nobody gonna hand you nothing anybody going and you know championship anybody gonna hand you know title so this is my year I am this is my year listen to me say be phenomenal this is it I want you to chant it out this is it be phenomenal or be forgotten one two three time guys [Applause]