EUNSANG ASMR Happy Valentine’s Day 🍫💖ENGJPN SUB

[Using earphones or headphones advised] ASMR Hello. This is Eun Sang. For the coming Valentines' Day I prepared a sweet ASMR. Here [Counting the prepared chocolates] There are a lot of chocolates here I'll start the ASMR with the chocolates using these tools. First. Choco-ball. They prepared coffee so I'll pour it. It's americano. I'll eat the next chocolate. It's a mushroom shaped choco-ball. It's inside a bag so I'll open it. It's a snack I ate a lot when I was young. I'm thirsty after eating the chocolates. It's good. And there's a really peculiar shaped chocolate. It's the tool shaped chocolates. First I'll cut the screw driver. Next chocolate. [#K chocolate] Hygiene, cleanliness is the most important. It's like I'm putting on rubber gloves. Personally, out of all the chocolate products, I like the cookie flavored one the best. It's tasty. [#F chocolate] This chocolate is something I encounter the most on Valentine's day, I'll tap the two hammers. [hehhehheh] Next. [#Chocolate bar] I'll cut the big chocolate. I think it's the real basic type of chocolate. With this kind of chocolate, I remember a movie where this kind of chocolate was in, which I watched it a lot when I was I was young. It reminds me of that movie from my memories. I'll cut a piece for you guys. Because of the heat in my hand, it melts quickly. So I think I should cut it fast. Open your mouth~ The chocolate gets on my hands quickly. As I like this sound a lot, I'll split this into pieces one by one. When would I split chocolates like this again, haha. This is my first time listening to the sound through the ASMR microphone. The sound is unusual. I like the sound of these foils. Next chocolate. [#M chocolate] I'll pour them in the glass. It was the first time for me to do ASMR today. I hope you guys have a happy Valentine's day with me, and I'll say goodbye now. Bye~ Bye~ Bye~ And these are edible colored papers that are sold in the stationery shops. I've never tried them before. I'll give it a try. [The taste just makes him laugh lol] [Checking the taste again] It tastes like A4 paper. I'm not gonna eat this.