hey no Isis me Miranda first before we start the video I just won't let you know my book my diary is up for pre-sale right now make sure to get it because it's all my Diaries duct-taped together and there's lots of secrets in it on the back do not read my diary I didn't say diarrhea my diarrhea is the best though oh yes make sure to get this Miranda sings song calm thank you anyways as you can see today I am here with this middle-aged woman I think all the really annoying girls today um yeah because I thought you're a middle-aged woman but once you start talking now I realize that you are me I am a middle-aged woman I'm 15 I'm like middle age to 30 all right so today Jojo is here because as you know we don't want videos yeah yeah we've done a lot of weird things Jojo is extremely annoying and I need to prove that she is a liar because I found this out recently and I'm very disappointed in you why am i alive what did I lie to you about first of all you said that I was gonna win the kitchen award I didn't winning I said you could win it Lysa coach you want it which women a science so I'll she has a new show on Nickelodeon sorry who anyways Jojo is a huge liar and I've been trying to tell people this not the reason they're still watching you so in gay I was passing to the clock tree store trying to find some meats for dinner not read your favorite meat hot dogs wiener I love hot dogs and I notice that you're on the cover of some magazines which is really annoying so I have annoying you can uncover the magazines before you know a little variety thing right there yes I know but I'm just saying the reason that it's bad is because you're a liar and I don't think we should be promoting someone like you two children a little bit lied about nothing let's see about man okay here we have a snack a John John the famous magazine discover secrets about you that's called quiz fest oh yeah hi this is a very famous magazine jojo's tips for an epic scum ah come on alright come on don't look I have to test you to see if you're a liar all right in here it says you have tips for an epic summer so tell me what your app attempts are we'll see if they match up see if you're lying okay okay my epic tips for a great would have to me to spend a lot of time at the pool with your friends and eat lots of popsicles because I love the like rainbow one Butler's called the the what are you doing with your hands the star would say hang out with the boyfriends and eating otter pops huh that's interesting cuz it's not what it says in the magazine I know that the magazines tell the truth it says Joel just suggest trying one of her favorite things to do when she's back home into Frank's gonna playing board games and embrace being up gone cuz every girl's a super girl okay that's fine but that's not what you just said well okay which one's the truth which one is the mine well no no cuz Joe Joe is a lie on the truth is that was written a little bit ago and things change okay the wolf they both can be the truth this was written displaying till August 20th 2018 this was written in August this year Brenda you do know that it hasn't been August yet so that means that this hazard oh it has because it's already June changes April May June July August September so I'm reading the future yeah Joe Joe there's another thing in here that smartphone you some plan board games and embrace being a girl what if it's a boy that is sexist you're telling everyone to embrace being a girl but what if it's not a goal okay you know what okay so you know how I had a mess on you ever goes a super girl come out I okay obviously I wanted them to redo the song of every boy's a super boy and everyone's a super one I actually used to get so mad and we were writing it that it was not everyone's a super one I agree with that mom like everyone like everyone is a super one one like a long time sure I didn't know everyone's a super wanton that's a jam that is Bob but no I do agree with that I do agree that it should not just be if you're a girl which means we're okay but I'm just saying that you pulled out my hair I'm a liar next one Joe Josie wants um this one's a good quince is it so this is a big page all about Jojo Siwan and who we love our girls you want it says how girls can rule the world with this advice from Joe Josie wait why are all my magazines girls I don't know they're sexist I agree that it should be girls and boys anyways continue so you have ten tips on how to be a super girl so what are they number one is you be yourself nope never one is know how awesome you are yes know how awesome you are okay never do I'm gonna go and have some fun girl time okay that's kind of true says have fun with your girl so that's if you have daughters no I have fun with your girls like if you give birth to girls then you can have fun with them what about your girlfriend's like more girls do we have fun together in the Lebanese that doesn't mean we can't be friends without being Lebanese I don't have a girlfriend neither do I or a boyfriend you have a boyfriend yes I am la oh my I'm Tyler and Joey you're dating Joey no I was imitating you and I was supposed to be me yeah what's number three number three oh gosh if I had to say it would probably be to own who you are and to follow your dreams best two things and it says half a girl's power and phone all guys should have a go-to song that has an empowering message yeah what about boys it's okay so it is about boys but this specific part is about girls Jojo I hate you but you smell enchanting thank you it's my new perfume I just Martin I've learned it too a couple seconds ago well maybe that's what I'm smelling not your perfume yeah okay what's four four is two owner you are embrace who you want literally the same thing right uh number fine to be nice to one another no it's be confident my first on that I said no your first one would be yourself Campbell number five minutes ago six six it's probably she's a liar she's a little more any of it range most stars have a good support system kitties buyers fired never hold back and always be nice and others so basically you didn't remember any of these so you're all wired up I remembered pretty much all of them I just set them in the wrong order okay answer this how many days do you go without a bell none dang it you got it right I never go in without a bone I want to know what you did for your birthday last year my 13th birthday I went to Walmart magazine Jojo did something way more fun she went to Universal oh yeah that was after Walmart on my exact birthday I went to Walmart for the whole day yeah it was really cool I went to the Walmart headquarters they had a whole event for me and I had a meeting great was awesome okay but this says that you went to Universal at Universal I wrote lots of rides I hung out with my friend you had a Harry Potter land it was really fun did you get to meet anyone special no oh really because that means you don't think your fans are special because you met a fan on your birthday party in Universal and now I'm just saying you didn't mean anyone special Brenda I met a lot of fans that day look it says I got to meet a fan Oh something else this isn't your birthday no this is talking about a show for my birthday i celebrated with all my friends at Universal Studios and we went to the theme park but I did a sweepstakes for Universal where they flew out one fan to meet so I did getting me a fan but that went what about a special fan apparently one who talked about you never think that was a sweet sage you're talking about my birthday two times at the magazine says who's the liar no telling the truth well I'm here telling you the truth now NYX j14 well MJ 14 I got a bone to pick with you Jojo okay because look at this in this magazine there's a picture of you eating buco two peoples for your little fun day in New York City that you invited me to and I'm not in a picture show up Milan balisong showed up flinger Oblinger : Belanger showed up you didn't show up but look there's not a picture of me but you were there I was busy guess who's the liar now you the next magazine is team boss this one you're giving advice okay how to get started if you want to make accessories okay so tell us what your advices what do you mean to get started if you wanna make accessories you say in here if you want to have your own phone Chloe wait I think I know this I think I know I hope I know this is that you have to come up with something that you want to do it's like for me I've always want to wear bows I got always always always on reverse like you have to do something that you want to do no okay set a budget for supplies what we love a cash cow they had a Dyer better make your product and then sell them to your friends and family yes I did that but you sent a budget for your saloon now I don't set a budget that's one she just got that cage she don't need a bungee no no it's not that so this so just telling the truth this one's lying oh you said you don't have a girlfriend you don't have a boyfriend I don't oh really then what is this Maddy being is your perfect match when it comes to accomplishing your goals you never give up even when it gets tough and your perfect match is Maddy my favorite match that doesn't mean that we're dating though yes it does we've got a perfect match I haven't talked to that kid in like two years so you been lying to everybody about your relationship oh I have a veranda I've literally like we literally just don't talk music ends this one says Jojo reveals her and her BFF secret of san-chan That's not me she's her BFF no no no they just use that bitch it just says children meals her her BFF secret obsession who was this guanciale she's one my friend she works for the magazine oh wait dude I didn't realize once you got up said that that wasn't you and my BFF yes somebody that you're my BFF no this girl is no you were upset that you were might be a mess no I wasn't you're my BFF Miranda don't touch me okay okay so now we know that this girl's JoJo's BFF and it's not me so even though you never let me get together we hang out all the freaking time your bags I'm not in this magazine as her BFF so okay okay right if you want a job jobs a liar and this video is proof of it no it's not anyways if you guys want to go check out Jojo you can subscribe to her but please don't do that she'll always do if you don't mean to because she is a liar so don't check out her channel leave what you describe to her don't go to her social media don't do it I had a lot in my mouth it happens to all of us I got it alright alright love you guys subscribe to me come see me on tour I don't subscribe to Joni okay subscribe bye [Music]