okay so as you can tell by the title of this video this is gonna be a heavy one oh wow you guys haven't see me about all this drama that's been going on and what do I think what I have to sing expose all these types of things and to be honest I didn't want to do it didn't wanna talk about it didn't want to go there but I'm literally being forced to film this video you guys are forcing me to do this so I have no choice I have to talk about it because if I'm being completely honest it's really popular nowadays to expose people on the internet because you get millions of views so obviously I want in on this so I'm definitely going to expose so the best way to get the most subscribers the most money is to expose the biggest youtubers that there is so I'm going to expose oh I know what you're thinking there's no way you can't expose more anything she's perfect she never does anything wrong most talented personal warm most nicest one I agree but unfortunately there are things to expose you don't believe me I ever seen lots of receipts everyone online right now talking about receipts receipts receipts where are the receipts show me the receipt I have literally so many in my house so this is clue number one that it's going to be easy to expose Miranda sings so today's brow scam a tuna hostess ding dong hostess cupcakes hostess home-home Val Venis chains looking $29 and 86 cents $29 didn't use my brows look at this one Fashion Square Carly long-sleeve shirt $10 Harley short sleeves Shawn $14 the short sleeve one was more expensive than the long sleeve one that is a ripoff it is less material but I bought it anyway 7-eleven a sloshy and I said I just wanted to get coke slushy but I mix them all together Whole Foods Market okay this one is not mine I would never shop at Whole Foods I have enough holes if the receipts don't prove to you that I can expose Miranda sings the biggest youtube of all time take a look at this Randa sings Instagram account so that is the rain sings official page I'm proving it right now look at this that is a picture of me the caption is no filter natural beauty that's why did filtering there's another one for my Instagram see this this is a line this is not even a picture of me I know it looks exactly like me but it's just a drawing this is a drawing it's just some realistic want more proof never anything this bad person needs me expose look good to me on a phone where she has six six you know what that means you think our instagrams not enough let's look at inner ok Coachella outfits from the old lookbook ok she wasn't evening there or expose you want online you're literally just a freaking park over this tweet who wants a DM I don't care haha just not very much so as you can see Miranda is a big freaking liar one no else is a lie about Reina scenes all this talk about mistake wearing lipstick all the time I guess why Rena sings doesn't even wear lipstick these are my actually ok that one was a lioness is lifting oh so everyone's been talking about this big huge scandal with Miranda sings if you won't at Miranda sings last video that she posted that's a music video look at this right here everyone's been talking about it right there you see that everyone's talking oh we saw your bye we saw your buying always have scenes yeah right that's clearly Photoshop you look closely here watch this look does that look like a bite to you someone hacked into my YouTube channel and then edited this on top of my video so that they could get me to have a scandal this is photoshopped I will never show my binds not freaking pole vault those are just some of the ways I can easily Expo Mirinda scene so as you can see I did really good job exposing so now you can all please subscribe to me and give me lots of subscribers because I expose someone basically all 2019 is about exposing and cancelling people and it just makes you more famous or and more richer and so I'm just really grateful for that it's one of my many blessings that I like to thank God for it makes it a lot easier for me because then I don't have to do a lot of work I can just talk about YouTube used to be a place where all these people will just collab and then would do channeling genies and have fun and show off their talents bowling this is so much better all this team and Hampton so fun you feel so going to be part of the this YouTube family