how do you feel about those days when you were heavily using drugs I mean that that period of time was socially the whole thing about drugs and the whole thing about I mean when you think about Timothy very this Harvard professor you know talking about LSD and that it's okay and you know and people are smoking pot even though they're going to jail for their life there was that the the drug thing and then of course the politics and and the Vietnam War and there was so much going on and it was until the last few years that things got out of control so if you look at the fact that we're talking about maybe three or four years when when the party was more important than the music and you put that up against 42 years it's such a small part of our lives a small part of our careers it's it was a difficult time personally for all of you when the drugs take over it usually brings out the worst part of your personality and at least didn't ours and so it didn't do the bad any good I mean it was it got to be really hard to sit there and talk about what's a good song or what you know what should we do next creatively when you're arguing about what somebody said your girlfriend said to this one's girlfriend and it just all had that stupid stuff are you saying that the ER you Ian made it almost impossible to avoid drugs if you could sit in the first class of an 747 and snort drugs you know and somebody looked at you like there was something wrong which never usually happened you know what what are you looking at there's nothing wrong here I mean this you know I mean everybody on this plane just doing it you know it's it's that that kind of attitude I mean was it was there was party time I mean I remember the 747s in first class upstairs they used to on a lot of them had pianos and there'd be stories about like Elton John being up there and having these part and they would have everybody you know the bar would be open and he plays songs and and it was so it was a whole different a whole different era you know the whole party thing and again we've said this many times but the band were druggies dabbling in music I mean and as opposed to musicians dabbling in drugs and and and we could tell we'd go to studio right at the very end and the music wasn't up to par and our shows were worn up to par I mean we listened back to the tapes and and if it wasn't for the fact that most of the audience was pretty pretty done in as well we wouldn't have got away with it but you know we were feeling inside we knew we weren't playing as good as we as we could and we just let some of that let that other stuff take over you and Steven were compared to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards did not always comfortably with you well I think that in my you know deep inside it was a kind of a compliment but I knew but and in a bigger bigger sense I was really bothered me because it showed that people weren't listening to our music because our music we didn't sound like the stones at all you look like them not really I mean it's interesting because it's there there are other similarities when you have a a songwriting team you know I could tag team match like that where you have to learn how to work with somebody as artists and get over a lot of the personal personal things the personality things to make it work and I think that was a one the one of the biggest hurdles we had to get over enough about it now but was it all fun I mean that's that's a part of it I don't know I read about it my book