EXTRA MINUTES AEROSMITH Extended interview with Steven Tyler

when you reflect on your 40 ideas of performing is it as it as you expect it did it turn out as you thought when you started your 19 far beyond my wildest dreams as it turned out who would have ever thought any bad would have landed lasted 40 years we still play to eighteen twenty thousand people in the states and eighty thousand people in South America and I mean all over the world and who'da thunk who would have thunk you know and it's just been it's been a magical journey major ups and downs you know arguments in the band breaking up with the band rehabbed drug addiction babies born children families American Idol to bring it all back again and who them but it's been the music that's carried us it's been the music when I walk in front of someone new they're thinking about doing a miss a thing that they made love to the first time or dream on or walk this way or sweet emotion or I mean it's justice endless right and music is such a beautiful language because it gets in your ears you can't close your ears off laughs even you admit it's Aerosmith is the was the most dysfunctional band on the planet but yet it injured and why is that well you know the Beatles program because they broke up we broke up five times already and I think in the breaking up there's a lot of making up and making up as a new album and there's new thoughts and it evokes new emotions I mean can you imagine what it's like I hated Joe's guts when he was looking for another bleed center I mean truly I was I was also high at the time from the operations I had on my feet who wouldn't be you have to you know you have to our cover and you don't recover from major surgery sitting around watching TV if you feat you singe so whatever drugs I was on I kept it I kept taking wrong of me but then I fell off the stage and they were looking for another Lisa and I just hated them to death and but then you make up and yeah I got sober and I went back to him and I threatened them I said you better be careful because I'm on fire and so so it's it's kind of cyclical but with emotions and it's like a marriage that it breaks up but then falls in love again I be but it's not because well my wife and my ex-wife well we're friends now we're more than friends because we have to go on stage and make some money we we have to go on stage and be together to get that sound and put that song together to make everybody love it and we love first and foremost doing that score it's almost like we're forced to be back together is it a codependent relationship or is it there is an honest glue in there artist glue and honest love he of course wrapped up in codependency I I need you to sing that song I need Joey to to perform walk this way I need can I do with another band shore but but there's nothing like Aerosmith it's it's the first and foremost and we still do it really good what are you you and Joe the heartbeat of this band yes but not just because we're on stage together we spoke an hour before we make we think with a heartbeat of this band because when we get back together when we fight you can feel it in the room when we're back together you can feel it in the room too and that little bit of glue and energy and honey is what makes it the oh my god when you see us on stage it's it's just phenomenal I just I I remember when you know I fell off the stage we've broken up I I went back because we were forced to do four more shows one here in Maui one in all places Abu Dhabi of all places and I wanted San Francisco or whatever but I wasn't speaking to him I was so angry I just quit said it that's it I've had it not doing it anymore I didn't even speak to him I got dressed in a trailer and I could take it out exactly five minutes before going on stage stood there and waited to see my guy told him give me a flashlight I walked out and I looked at him like you know with such hate and venom yeah but I wasn't altogether upstairs I I know I went away to do a wonderful place called Betty Ford you know because of all the tumult and and my addictions came back because I simply was holding my own drugs and I'm a drug addict you can't do that I was tempted by the euphoric Rico I just want have taken him again right so I went away and got a chance to see how beautiful this band is and what a fool I was for for doing that again but you know it's not my fault I can't help it I'm a drug addict I was good at drug addict as I am Sailor and a father and and this guy you see I'm just I'm just that good at trying to make myself feel good but mmm it takes me down it steals me like a crook and so you know I went away got a chance to that and came back and told the guys in the band I realized I was really nothing without them it was what I loved as much as being a father to my children it was one of the biggest things I've done the songs accumulated in my whole life who's achieved this when rock and roll hall of fame and now songwriters hall of fame was like wait what and you're gonna ruin it all cuz you want to snort something don't think so the influences came from English bands in the beginning is that right it came from the Everly Brothers for me and of course the English bands is what I mean I my first concert was um Janis Joplin and then I wouldn't saw come on baby let's do the twist what's his name um Chubby Checker thank you I went saw him at the steel Piron for you uh wrote 1950 you're a baby oh I was nine you know 58 something like that anyway and after seeing that I just went what and what is and Mick you know in the and the kinks and you know these albums came in came at a barrage at those of us who are listening to music Jimi Hendrix the who the animals the kinks how you listen to those out listen to the album the animals first albums the pretty things I mean just there's nothing any bands after day that those guys didn't have tri-fold are you comfortable and do you like the inevitable comparisons with Mick Jagger and the stones oh god I did in the beginning I hated it oh then when I grew up to realize yeah of course I look like him he's the best you know whatever I mean if they think I look like him so be it I'm his bastard son or whatever um frankly he should be happy yeah I'll carry on his image god bless me I think Mick was the baddest boy in the block he was oh my god Mick Jagger Brian Jones I need a Pallenberg Keith Richards the best the best they lived it they were it and we emulated that I emulated them probably Jill Perry more you know how do you jimmy page or so forth but you know i truly got my high heels from keith and the beatles and music harmony from the Everly Brothers how to put it together by the Beatles but to act like Janis Joplin I needed to act like I needed someone to emulate to pretend fake it till you make it Mick um have you met Nick jacket oh yeah and oh he's wonderful i'm not sure if he loves me that much is what i love him but we've hung out I'll go see him it up I mean he came to me one night we're doing something together he goes what are you wearing tonight darling I'm gonna forget it you know and I've gone through his clothes backstage I love him I think he's the best did he like the comparison do you think I think he I don't know if he you know what they're so big they're so the rolling stones i would imagine anybody sitting about arras with it's like like a fly off something I'd I'm not sure if he loves any of our songs you know they truly took the early blues that America invented did it a whole new way and then put their bad boys on it and they don't they did it like no one else I i read where you said that if to be a rock and roll star you have to be a raging narcissist I think you wrote that it's true isn't it ought to be a good rock and roll star you do what else you gonna take and throw it people at this and you say you suffer and from what you call LSD lead singers disease sure do hey what is that well I don't know if its all full of myself or full of others I see this stuff and others that I love the stones Joplin and spotted you got it you know it's like I saw it and I could feel it and I owned it and I became it and then I took my family and my wild child stuff and narcissist it's just you know and why not what else you gonna throw into the goop any great actors full of themselves well you have to some might call it confidence numbers might call it ego yeah um is it is it do you have to be more than that well yeah you gotta know how to put it out there you gotta know how to represent you got it's got to be all that you got to be fabulous you got to feel so good about yourself that when others see you they feel you they don't just see they feel you that's the secret and own it it's not a bad thing you know when I went to this this last rehab they said oh you got to be careful with your grandiosity really haha that made me who I am but what they meant was in the outside world it's hard to detach I had multiple personalities i have that crazy that's on stage and i got them the boy that has a teddy bear in my bed you know I sleep with a crystal in my hand you know or or or my t-rex tooth that's 200 million years old I've got all crazy things that i do i'd never let you jump off the deck of my house naked I'm to the gist there's just different size and if you own it it makes you have a wonderful wonderful life and I I get that I think you have to own it but how does that sit with the rest of the band oh they're jealous is hell of me kidding and I took me 30 years to realize that you know they I never thought they liked me I thought that was there was all this animosity and stuff and it was all just jealousy and that's okay I get it so good for them I'm their lead singer remember they're sitting back there plain and I'm out there having all the fun sometimes what it's a tough thing isn't it because just about every band has a lead singer and that defines at least to the public that that band so there is no Aerosmith without you there is not sure yeah not problem really yeah but there is no Aerosmith without Joe Perry either I mean you could kind of sort or get away with it but not really you could probably find another singer for me but it's just not the same i mean when one of those guys are out of the equation it's just not the same and I've come to really love that and embrace it I don't think I don't think I will ever ever allow myself to have bad feelings about those guys anymore I mean sometimes it comes with the territory and they're so good who else am I gonna get angry at but I can't live without them I don't want to I look around the stage now and I just makes you want to cry seeing the original band Joey Kramer bread and he's so happy now and good and Tom Hamilton you know came up with sweet emotion and who I wrote that song with and but he came up with a baseline listen every night he plays that it's so fantastic to think that we still have the original band I mean really when you hear us on the radio be it 40 years ago we wrote that song we're still that now we can come to your town and we're gonna rape and pillage and make your make the mothers and fathers which the kids in come see us it's just that good it's that much fun do you remember success when it first struck mmm what was that like it was wonderful I was 26 when I thought oh my god I remember walking down the street and a girl came up to Joe Perry and asked him for his autograph and I laughed so hard I went really right now ah but I realized at that moment that he that were you know look out pretty mama here we go here you come and it was a great wonderful feeling because we'd wanted look I was called you know terrible names when I was a kid pinhead and nigger lips you know for a white boy they grew up in young in the Bronx that's terrible now I'm honored by that but um you know just beaten up and you know spit at and you know clear and all that stuff and and I guess in many ways to be in a rock and roll band I mean look that's the ultimate i wasn't jan i wasn't that accepted by the kids at school either so i got a banda Guerra and play the lunch room suddenly little Sally over there kind of lacked me so it's all about that you know you know it success brought money outrageous numbers of records were sold yeah um was that easy the money no I always said I heard stories about guys that that had a million dollars in blew it on whatever I wasn't sure what back then cuz I was too busy doing that what that steals money from people you know the old drugs but sure enough it happened to me you know lost everything by the do you remember the first time you took a heroin oh the first time not so much that because by then we're well on the road to let's try anything remember what we were driving what was the drug that got you on the road to anything Oh pot right for you for everybody everybody smoked pot first and I was not unlike anybody else except it was 65 unheard of very illegal uh and very exciting to do because the stones were smoking pot and the Beatles were taken acid and all my heroes were doing it so keith was doing heroin and so why not I mean why not and we had our first hit record and we're getting laid all the time and people are coming up with with these you know Nepalese temple balls and mallinckrodt pharmaceutical cocaine and just all these wonderful things and you know you frown a little but it's still good drugs are good they make you feel good well it's just that if you take it all the time you're gonna die hmm you know drugs get you out of what you're doing today you got y'all gonna go have a pop tonight at the bar why are you doing that for the euphoria of it it's not bad heroin is the best drug on the planet because little babies right now have burned beyond belief and they given heroin to stop screaming it is a drug that works well you know cocaine is is dribbled into the into wounds when you're bleeding profusely so doctor can and get in there and get you better it's just when we abuse those drugs that they're bad you and Joe work as you know tag the toxic twins and how does that sit with you now we still are you know we still can be toxic you know we fight toxically we play toxically but you also took a lot of toxic drugs oh sure we did it was was it true that you you think that you blew something like 20 million dollars on drinks no Robbie realistically you know five or six easy uh well you know somewhere around thrift but it doesn't matter you could also say I've sorted half a peru but you know it's what we did and you know oddly enough three-quarters of the people watching this did the same thing yes you it wasn't world designs at one time kuwait and and another thing most everybody's on drugs to or another cold pharmaceuticals it's taking the world down you know but you know the good news is I'm not anymore and it doesn't it doesn't have to take daddy away from being a father doesn't have to take love out of being in a band with my fellow band members doesn't have to it doesn't have to take me being a personality and showing up here on time to do an interview with you ordered or to show up I can't wait to get to Australia did I tell you one of my favorite places on a plan because I went there first i wanted to hug a koala bear to see a kangaroo but it's every day for you guys but you know I'd of the Great Barrier Reef I went up to the mountain there and I chased flocks of two cans and a helicopter and just oh my god I can't wait to go to the outback and follow some song lines and go to that giant red rock and and be friends somehow Aborigines I'm gonna just love getting into the earth as she is for real real now I was going to ask you when you look at the world map and make decisions about where you wanted to uh yeah I I am constantly amazed everyone's prepared to take the trip to Australia yeah um you never had second thoughts oh no besides which I love on a plane it's the only place my phone doesn't ring and I can read a shitload of newspapers I get it I just love sitting there with a bag full of magazines you know that I picked out and just can't wait to get there what huh popular we can exhale like you know us and oozing all these crazy magazines are from all over the world and get to Australia and I'm just gonna take you back to the era when you were high when you fell off the stage that was a dreadful moment did you feel it was a dreadful moment at that time not at the time you know what really happened was you know I had 12 years sobriety I used to talk in jails and and go and talk on the radio it was wide open on the press everybody knew I made it from 80s 88 to 2012 something like that and then I had an ACL reconstruction and I started dabbling because that that took its toll just one don't want to miss a thing came out of first number one single and it got me through that tour when mom dad passed away in this last ten years the children left I got divorced the kids left for college I went through hepatitis see treatment all of this stuff took its toll on me and I wound up taking drugs slowly little by little you know not out there every night you know getting loaded in bars like most people would think and so I had this then on top of all that I had my feet operated on I couldn't dance I couldn't be an aerosmith anymore and that was like what I mean that I'm Italian I can't be what's the disease people get when they have to take drugs cuz there oh my god or depression I don't have that I couldn't have that ever but I started doing my feet went out I couldn't I realized I couldn't be an aerosmith anymore and so I i went to a pain clinic and they gave me some drugs so I could go on to her little minimal but I took them and I fell off stage it's what happened um but it was it was a terrible moment not just because you fell off stage you injured yourself but it was that moment where everything imploded that the bands were cranky at you and you were heard that they didn't come and see you it was a pivotal moment it seems in your life well yeah you know it showed it showed up eat what little it would take to get them so angry and make the whole ship wobble you know from management up and down I mean imagine I fell off the stage and I laid there and no one even came to my smite my aid they were so angry that their lead singer had up so they don't make money anymore whatever the reasons were it was just terrible the whole thing and that I had fallen off the stage and hurt myself so bad at the time it just showed how on on a negative side like I'll put it to you this way when I got good I didn't care about them anymore I only care about myself when I get good all they all change everything changes the Sun comes out because I got good I don't need them to get me to feel good anymore when I got sober I'm fine in fact look out cuz I want fire