EXTRA MINUTES AEROSMITH Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on Wall This Way

true that walk this way you had written the lyrics and you're in a taxi on the way to recording and you lift the lyrics in the taxi well I wrote I had a bag that kept my lyrics and obviously I simply left the bag in the car and I'll never forget that moment was when I remembered it was like you know when you realize that you know you know you know you did that and it's over over you'll never find them all the work you did over and the band's love to I mean another reason it's hard to be in a band like this is because you when you write your own music like this that's what I mean is is that when you're with them it's one thing to jam out and and write a song and play it I love that it's I can do that my sleep and when I do I feel like it's I'm living to the fullest when I'm playing music and writing the bass track I don't know today you know Joe Perry comes with these licks and then I build on him right and we build that it's easy for me I love that but then to hear something in that and call it a melody to hear something in that and write lyrics that's nuts but I'm done with that I think what that's out of the air there's nothing there and so I write the melody in the lyrics and the melody I got in my mind thank you God but the lyrics I write down on paper and because I you know because of all the things I ever lost I miss my mind the most I have to write it down I don't remember so sure enough I lost it and the guys love to come to me go well what do you what do you got you ready lyrics and this is the next day and I'm burnt to a crisp from writing the song the bed with him and I want to go back and watch the news or go to bed or make love or do whatever we all do and if I didn't they're all angry at me you go new lyrics leave me alone and the one time I did they went so Jack Douglas our producer when you were singing tonight anyone well guess what I it was not just a car that was tax it was in the taxi you never sold them again oh no I never saw him again so I do run upstairs at the record plant brought a pencil I forgot the tape so I used to carry Cosette you know talking to it pencil that with my headphones and I would listen to the music and listening and I wrote it down on the wall backstroke lover you know always I didn't need the luck cover till the talk to my daddy say says you ain't seen nothing to you down on a muffin and you sure to be a changin away [Music] that blindsided us we had no idea it was gonna have the impact it had I mean we were we were touring constantly we're slowly seeing the build come back you know after the band had gotten back together and when we heard about the this rap thing and we saw it it's just another another form of I see it it's just another form of the blues you know just moving along to another another step another generation because it's it's a real it's a real basic street corner I'm kind of music it's very heartfelt from you know from how people experience life and which is all about so it seems like a very natural progression to me except didn't have enough guitar on it and I heard I heard one DMC my son son was playing it and it was singing about I think Adidas sneakers you know was a pretty rockin wall to me but you know you know so we get this phone call and we just written in Rolling Stone where the Brooke Rubin said that they walked this way was proto rapped and we thought we took that as a compliment of course and and then he asked if we would want to play on the song they used they were sampling bits and pieces and walked this way so why not do you thought why not have the guys come in and the guys in Run DMC weren't too too keen on it I think they were you know they were just discovering this thing that was starting to become big and they've done something brand-new and it's like those little guys in here you know sampling their music I mean we've got our own thing you know and so we flew in and Rick said just just play just plug in and play and we just want to add we're not even sure if this is going on the record you know again they were establishing something and and he wasn't even sure if it was the right time to do something like that you know run you know rap was just trying to really get a foothold you know is it really time to try something new and anyway we went in we would play to play guitar and Brooke said well we need a little more bass and I said well I ain't got a bass but and one of the kids that was hanging around at the studio said I got it I got one of my apartment went over picked it up and it was actually one of the Beastie Boys it was still hanging around with Rick at that point you know it was one of his favorite bands at that point and you know he was working with them and so they were hanging on in the studio and I played bass on it and and he said we'll see you later and the guys in Run DMC were kind of ambivalent about what it was and we weren't really sure it was it was right or you know cuz were you so used to what we were doing you know playing it live every night our way and that kind of thing but to me it sounds like a perfect match I mean there was the only thing that they needed was a little bit of that music in there whether it be guitar or some some kind of music musical instrument beside the voice and then long story short they said well it's going on the record but we need a video and the video I think was probably the most important thing it the first video with black artists on MTV and to be part of that I'm proud you know probably of all the things that I've done you know with the band that's probably one of the biggest things I mean it I feel kind of a and if the feeling like like all of us Elvis was such an important part of bringing black music to white ears it's you can't say enough about that and the same with the stones they was probably the aside from Elvis probably the most important white musicians to bring black black music to American years around the world it was a big deal so and it was it was huge and and it kind of hit me in waves I didn't get it all at once I didn't go all of a sudden go wow this is amazing the planets they're doing that we went back on the road we're getting constantly and and then we you know it hit the charts and it really busted things wide open and and then when we went to Europe on the next year PN tour we realized how important it was in Europe it was it it was a much bigger single in Europe than it was here and in America we had no problem selling tickets I mean it was like we're out there playing the places we always played playing the theatres playing the the the sheds whatever the arenas the the whatever we're where every rock bands played I mean that's what we were and we were comfortable but in Europe it was like it was the first time some people had heard of Aerosmith and it was it was a real it was a kind of shocked that it had that much of an impact and again we're really proud of it and as I've said a million times I wish I could say I plotted that one and I figured that no that was it was I mean probably Rick Rubin was the most responsible but but you know it was a bunch of things that kind of one thing led to another and it was a really important thing