EXTRA MINUTES Alicia Keys talks love life and her personal flaws

extra minutes you know I mean I've fortunate to the jugglin plenty of balls but right now I am juggling a world tour of which takes me to Australia at the end of the year I'm also making some new music which is really great I am juggling my family and making sure that we are have the proper time together and really have time to create memories and loving experiences and really know each other well I'm juggling my business which is filled with many things its films its productions its technology its its new endeavors it's many many dreams and ideas and and it's good you're just waving the flag to go around here it's that's right I mean we are everything well I think you're showing the rest of us up no I think that I'm pretty much like everybody else you know every woman I know is doing incredible things you know is I like that you now say you embrace imperfection yes I think that one of the biggest lessons that I've learned is that you know no one is perfect there nothing is perfect and that's great I mean I think if everything was perfect it would be so boring so for me personally I think particularly being in this business that that tends to be very outward facing it's like very much about you know when you're on television or when you're somewhere that's outward facing you can get lost in kind of the concept that everything's supposed to be perfect you're supposed to look perfect you're supposed to whatever but you're saying we should embrace our flaws be happy with our flaws I do I do I mean I think that it makes us it makes us who we are you know and makes you very different from me and maybe that's one of the problems of the world you know we're always trying to make each other be like us time to get really honest what are your flaws my physical flaws my emotional smell it's my special flaws my okay well let's start about personal what are your personal flaws hmm my personal flaws I definitely have I have a bit of a communication problem I think strangely enough I'm a writer and everything and I'm a singer I am probably considered a communicator but on a personal level sometimes I forget to tell people very important things so that's one of the things I've actually worked on a lot and just being really conscious about communicating each thing I by that do you mean communicate when you're feeling I'm sad or when you're feeling angry or what that's a part of it that's a part of it that I have grown to become better at to which I think what I used to do was always try to make everything okay so definitely that's that's part of it so part of an emotional communication just being honest about right there is something that I've learned to get better at and the other one is like just little details like my poor mother that was in I was in Harlem the other day I was doing some event and she found out the day after she was like you were in huh you're in my neighborhood and you didn't tell me that you're bad daughter and she felt really bad I felt better