EXTRA MINUTES Allison Langdon discussing her time with Alicia Keys in NYC

extra minutes when it comes to celebrity interviews I said that this is the most fun I've ever had sitting down and having a chat and I actually really felt like I was sitting down and and just chatting to a girlfriend you know it was really easy she was really fun I feel like I could ask her anything and so I said to her you know that made the point we've never seen her nipple yeah Jackson's nipple we've seen you know bits and pieces and what have you and it's not too many people you can ask that question and get away with it we never saw you stumbling out of a nightclub drunk you know we've never seen you exposed to much flesh I mean I don't think anyone's ever seen your nipple oh well I mean some people have well not the public not the public why wasn't that I was standing on the roof overlooking the New York skyline and I just heard him saying come on you know you can't look at that and not just want to belt our Empire State of Mind which really has to become you know the New York anthem and she said that she would only sing it if I st. with her and there was no way in the world that I was ever gonna see with Alicia Keys a I'm low full but even if I thought that I had like it an okay voice there is no way in the world that I was gonna feel I was never ever going to see I respect you too much Alisha showed me around her studio where she records all her songs and she's just sitting in front of the computer sort of you know tinkering away and all and I asked her if she would sing the chorus of girl on fire because I just think that is just a fabulous you know real you know empowering song and she just sort of went straight into it and we all just got chills down a spy she finished singing girl on fire and then she just sort of started playing music and she just said you guys have just inspired me and so she started playing this new piece raced out grabbed her blackberry came back in and recorded it and she said that she's going to call it 60 minutes so um we have inspired her a new song whether or not it's going to be released anything comes of it well we'll have to wait and see first day of my life haven't in 60 minutes that's it I think you're gonna hit just right to me young dude back up soon I would yeah well I really would like to