EXTRA MINUTES Extended interview with Det Inspector Russell Oxford Det Sergeant Andrew Marks

extra minutes found this child within yeah there's lots to think about and exactly what you said is right this little six-year-old girl how far can she wander tends to dictate where you search and then if you keep doing this for days and days and days it comes a point when you've we've got to make a hard decision to say well let's start to work out where areas that she's familiar with so that was another thing that stuck out to a straightaway with with Robert Smith Christie puts the call in at the triple L in the Sunday after Sunday morning police respond they came here where was Robert he left the unit and he'd gone straight up to Westfield to enough clothes away and we're starting to think was he rushed up to the shopping center I've got my thoughts that perhaps he might have been up there to be be captured on camera to be searching because they had to that there's this around of life started on that Sunday yes the court would have us believe that he he was a slightly anxious man that he too was abused by Christie yeah that said something that it's difficult for us as place to when you get Metasploit people plead guilty with an explanation and all of a sudden they draw upon past experiences their life yeah in other words you have no sympathy and it is because there was an opportunity for him to do something is that why you do that well he's an adult and cautious six years old you know that we have a duty to our children and I think what he's done after the event is becomes a totally separate offense and and more serious in actual fact he was sentenced more for the accessory to the murder there in slaughter assault because the the actions he did was so it's not just simple providing assistance to Christie to get away with it he did some very specific acts he's gone out and he sees dug graves he's burned bodies he's he's covered up he's done all these things along the way it was just a huge array of things that he's done to get the accessory it's a worst case I've ever seen so why do you think he did I think it was loyalty to Christie I think he's a carrot