EXTRA MINUTES Extended interview with Hank Hughes former NTSB investigator

extra minutes this is America home of democracy home of democracy in the modern era the country that we all look up to it should be how do you feel as an American I was absolutely appalled disgusted and ashamed and Hank how do you handle it now some people have said well you waited till you retired so your retirement was safe well that's not true I complained from day one I testified before the Senate and I realized you have to pick your battles it took us all this time almost 15 years to collect the factual information we needed as I said we had to sue the CIA sue the FBI file Freedom of Information request upon Freedom of Information request but finally our team was able to ferret out the truth and report on it in the petition for reconsideration in the documentary do you believe the documentary film can make a difference if people will look at it with an open mind we're not asking you to believe one word we say look at the facts it'll tell you use your own good and common sense and intelligence and I think the average person the average viewer can look at this and come to the same conclusion we did there's absolutely not one bit of physical evidence to support the proposed cause of the NTSB of the center fuel tank exploded yet we have witness statements hundreds of them physical evidence chemical evidence and other scientific information such as radar that factually shows how that airplane exploded Tom's thinking about a sequel that this is not over yet I don't know I I volunteered for this one because it was a matter of matter of principle unconscious it was the only case I was never allowed to finish in my career and I like to finish my work was this investigation the low point would you think of your career uh well it ended my career for all practical purposes I was immediately transferred after testifying before the Senate Oversight Committee and that in effect destroyed my career but you know I'm a big boy I knew what I had to do and I did it I'm not asking for anybody to feel sorry for me I think other people in the same circumstance would have done the same thing