EXTRA MINUTES Extended interview with Joel Klein architect of NAPLAN

extra minutes his education the silver bullet I don't know that it's a silver bullet but it's a sinequan on in the following sense is without it it's going to become increasingly hard for kids to succeed the world has changed dramatically in an absence of getting a really good education now it's going to become increasingly hard for people to fill the demand for the jobs that are out there to be able to have the skills that are necessary but like net plan did you intend to rank schools we rank them a b c d e and f yeah did you ever say this is the worst school to see this is Oscar you do oh sure i'll be told you the worst school well it helps only in a following sense of you you shouldn't be if you don't improve it you shouldn't continue we couldn't find a teacher or a school that said that NAPLAN works they said it was either waste of time money and energy that's interesting i because i think you would find teachers here in the US who say it works i'm not going to tell you there are a lot of teachers don't like it part of the reason they don't like it is they don't like the evaluation scheme what you said to me what changes we evaluate teachers or schools if you're in a school it's not performing and we close the school down that's very disruptive to a teacher and you know you're not guaranteed a job in the new school so you have to go out and find a job in the system looking back ten years later do you think what you did here in New York has worked can you quantify it yes I'll give you probably the most powerful statistic from when we started to the decades preceding us the graduation rate was flattered about forty five percent in 12 years under the mayor it's gone up over 20 points so that means each year thousands more children are graduating it's pretty powerful but John if a child is preparing for three or four months for NAPLAN test is that wrong when you say prepare if you mean he's learning how to read that's what you're supposed to do all year round if he's learning math I keep saying to people you got in math exam and they say you know the boat was rowing rowing upstream the current was X this was why that's what you learned that's not preparing for the test that's called learning but your teacher now listing here saying we already taste that why do we need the client system then then why should they care if we check whether the kids learned it it's not you know I've heard teachers sages were you said so we taught it they just didn't learn it well to me that that's not a winning formula