EXTRA MINUTES Extended interview with Principal Paul Thomson NAPLAN critic

extra minutes overall what's an airplane about what's what's the scheme about what they set out to do well it's certainly not to improve educational outcomes because it if we wanted a better education system the last thing you do would be to implement enough plan I think it's in all honesty there's a hidden agenda that's not too hidden and that is that that plan is preparing the call for the pathway for the corporate sector to take control of public schools what about if someone said look the reason we've got their plan is to understand better students teachers and schools that's the intention mm-hmm well if that's the intention understanding students well you don't get the results back for three or four months and furthermore you never get to see where an individual child made the mistake so the diagnostic purposes simply doesn't exist and apart from that the head of the Australian Curriculum authority has said that the tests aren't accurate enough for diagnosis and the OECD has said that the tests are not accurate enough to evaluate the effectiveness of teachers so therefore why are the tests being held now do you discourage parents from or the kids from sinning well I can't do that because last year's principals handbook had in it what a journalist calls the Paul Thompson clause which says principals shall not influence parents well you know Germany of the 1930s what I can say is that this school has been honest with its parents and has given them both sides of the debate and once parents are informed fully informed once we saw it step the propaganda the constant propaganda related to no plan parents can see very very quickly that the whole thing is vacuous in terms of their child's needs so you haven't beaten around the bush you made it quite clear to all the parents and everybody else like me that's your against us oh yeah I mean and stage school principals can't do that and I understand why because it's more than their jobs with