it's remarkably sophisticated this Lake isn't it it's as much computer as it is hard way um he's got something like 3 micro processors in it it's got the same technology to apple iphone unit so the gyroscopes all of that kinda see um which the last versions didn't have in it so the technology is incredible right yes so previously you know we would have had to really think about foot placement and stuff because you couldn't trust the name not to give away but no it's inch completely insured it feels like so you you want to go faster you to start walking faster and it follows you don't actually have to press any switches previous model t actually they were said it has been but this but this leg is thinking for itself yeah so it's all computer algorithms going to hind sensing through all the gyroscopes so intuitively it sees that you're starting to move a lot faster so it just steps everything the x2 was developed by a german company exclusively for the american army it is far more advanced than anything available to civilians and it is really quite an incredible piece of technology in fact no one outside the military can get one of these the manufacturers say it's like the mercedes-benz of prosthetics which is appropriate because when you ask the army how much it costs they say that's confidential but the makers hint that it's about the price of an expensive luxury car well then this must give you an amazing amount of satisfaction seeing these guys getting back up and walk like um well that's why I enjoy doing trauma work it's reconstructing people's lives again um and it is you do you see great advancements um but it's over its 12-month job yeah or 40 month job with these guys as well so did Todd work right it will be for him it's easy being on the sideline