curtiss McGraw has a fascinating young man he's a soldier who was serving for Australia in Afghanistan when he was on patrol one day and he took one small step in the wrong direction and stepped on a landmine it was just a few millimeters in the wrong way and he lost both his legs that landmine went off he saw black a lot of dirt a lot of dust when it all settled his mates his fellow soldiers ran to his side and it was shockingly obvious to them what had happened and he had lost both his legs he is an amazing example of what is happening to our young soldiers over there that we don't often get to hear a lot about we don't often get the access to hear the full story but the Defence Force has given us full access to Curtis and his fellow diggers to tell this story not just to highlight a terrible thing that happened to one digger but to show that a lot of our young soldiers have been seriously wounded in Afghanistan and when they come home what happens now this isn't just a story about him losing his legs and something bad happening to him you should see him now and we have followed his progress for quite a few months he's got these incredible new prosthetic legs state-of-the-art the German manufacturer's call them that the call them the mercedes-benz of legs and the technology is amazing they're not available to civilians they're under licence to the American army and the Australian Army has has brought them in for our diggers who are losing limbs now Curtis is up on his new legs we followed him we've seen his progress I have been amazed at how fast he's got going look at that have a look at you that is incredible that's what caught myself on the bars he's a positive guy he won't let you feel sorry for him he speaks to us very very openly and honestly about war and that war in Afghanistan and all the public questions about should we be there or shouldn't we he's very frank about it all he doesn't hide from anything but he does want to show us what happens when wounded diggers come home and what sort of if it goes into helping them and his personal journey and and most recently the last time we caught up with him to finish the story he was pretty introspective and thinking a lot about his future where does he go from now on he's a young man early 20s and his life has changed forever he has a terrific partner and she's by his side all the way he has an amazing family who we meet and I think it's one of those stories that's very inspiring there's no doubt about that just because of his amazing courage and will it's uplifting it's also very real and I think it's a side to the war as we start to pull our forces out this year that we need to see and we've been lucky to see that side of it I think