EXTRA MINUTES Keith Urban discussing life on the road and why he still calls Australia home

extra minutes really young family do you like the turn yeah well I've always loved touring I mean it's harder with the family because you know I don't like being away but um that's what I do yeah they musical what all have you seen letting them yet um they might be yeah I mean I got a good sense of rhythm and that sort of thing so we'll see is it a life that you would wish for them this is a great life I would absolutely wish it for him yeah I mean get to do this yeah just I mean just to be able to create for me and that's all we do anyway that's all you're doing you create we create these guys are creating and I get to do with music and then travel so for me it's like it's just a beautiful life with the glare of the world spotlight on you and through your own success and through Nicole's success do you find that the hardest part of your life the spotlight the glare the interest this is a little harder is a straight bunny this is easy um yeah well I mean just trying to just live life and not listen to chatter but that's it's now getting that way for everybody though everybody's trying to figure out how to not read things all the time it's it's an interesting time that we're in with society right now because everybody's got such a platform to speak and talk about anyone anything and they have a they have an outlet for it so people are starting to now feel what it's like to have that done to them as well almost the pendulum isn't all that way and then coming back hugh jackman said that he found the paparazzi in australia much kinder than in america what's your experience is Australia kinder to you I don't really find anywhere specifically different than anywhere else because it is even even one area there's different people within that area you know they never up sent the whole body they're not all like that guy or those guys and so you know so it's not like you're gonna relocate to Australia to escape the room no we love going home now do you have course yeah so you still think of it as home well yeah I mean you know I think I always feel like whether your childhood is and in my case my childhood is all Australia's in born in New Zealand and I was barely two years old mum and dad moved to Queens land and everything of my memories childhood all the way up into my early twenties it's all Queensland so my Queenslander well figure museum we won the State of Origin sure okay let's move on do you follow that's always interesting in our house looks like go blues and white color Maroons I hope she's got the girls dressed in blue [Music]