EXTRA MINUTES Liz Hayes discussing the heartbreaking investigation into Kieshas death

extra minutes stories like these are always a little confronting and why I say that is because to research them properly you have to know as much as the police knew basically to be able to know what you can do and not do what you can bring to the story I actually felt a little disturbed by it the details for me we're upsetting knowing that they found teeth marks in the wooden frame of her bed really unsettled me knowing that they put her in a suitcase and left her in her room for three days before they decided to do something about her really really upset me knowing that they dragged that little body in a suitcase through the bush took her out and Berta really he's distressing we now can put a bacteria into 13th of July that's the time when we believe that Christie is struck and Co Asia to the point of either knocking around conscious both her and Robert put her in the shower and then put it a bed thinking the peps and she might wake up never haven't what I would hope people might take from this is what why we really have to look out for our children why we really need to care about the child you see in the neighbor's yard if you think there's something wrong why we need to to think about why that child seems terribly unhappy or I mean it's not a simple matter I know but these children seem to slip through the cracks and for her to have such a terrible death is wrong and if we can prevent that just by telling this story gosh that would be a good outcome