Matthew Newton is not far from what you might think you've met by the screen he is very personable very likeable but a hostile witness in regards to doing an interview he did not like the idea of doing an interview at first it took a lot of talking for him to do it and to be honest I thought he would pull out at the very last minute he's he's a complicated man he's a man that you know everybody judges everybody has an opinion about that Newton and he makes it easy for people to make those judgments I guess based on the actions that they are aware of in the last six years Matthew Newton has been embroiled in seven serious incidents including allegations of assault against two former girlfriends a taxi driver having faced a number of courts and potential jail time now says he's changed why should we believe you now well I don't know I can't because I guess I'm not gonna try and convince you I haven't come with an agenda I have come with an agenda before I mean this is the first time I've spoken really to anyone not on some medication of some kind this is your first clean interview I guess you'd call it that I mean I'm unmedicated Matthew Newton was difficult to interview because he he finds it difficult to just say it as it is because he's so aware of people's judgments and he's obviously straddling a fine line between there are things he thinks he can't say that he would like to say I tried to encourage him to say it but he he said no no no people don't to hear that I've got a cop it on the chin in other words he was he was inferring there was some extenuating circumstances for some of the events of his life how do you feel about your victim well I'm not going to discuss anything that's been a subject of a legal matter I can't I ask you about the victim because I know that you have to write a letter of an apology and I wonder how you feel about you know somebody that you did hit I feel look I am at fault for any anguish and harm that I have ever caused anybody there might be extenuating circumstances which can be discussed and argued and used to explain certain aspects of things that have gone are there ever any extenuating circumstances to hit someone I don't know surely the answer's no I don't know I don't I'm not I guess it depends do you mean in self-defense what what are you talking about I couldn't answer for every single situation in the world I'm asking for an understanding of whether or not you believe it I'm on the wrong whether or not you think it's unreasonable to hit someone and you're giving me I think it's terrible an impression that there are times when it's okay I think no absolutely not no no I am NOT meaning to give you that impression is terrible to hit someone you should never hit cities never okay to hit someone Mathew Newton is of the opinion that this was his last interview that the unless he's a Hollywood star which I think he wants to be he's not going to talk about his personal life anymore that's it and I I get it I see that I mean it there's been nothing great about what's happened so far to make him want to talk it is to be honest to be publicly tortured is tough tough going and to sit down and do an interview of the kind that we had to do with him was like you know torture for him of all the unusual things we saw that night the most unusual the most odd was when you lay down beside in the hotel clerk yep dude do you know why you did that no I don't I don't know why I did that maybe one day I'll be able to work out what was going through my mind that night have you seen the vision I've seen it briefly and what do you think when you look at that vision I I look at that man and I feel very I feel sorry for him because I am looking at a different person when you say you feel sorry for him you're talking about yourself myself I look at that and I feel sad Matthew growing up as the son of Burton Newton has been a big deal and in fact I didn't realize how big a deal that was speaking I put a lot of pressure on him he said he he said they didn't put pressure on him but he put pressure on himself and you know he's been in and out of love almost with his family I mean they've been out of favor and he's been out of favor they're back in each other's arms now which he says has been a very good thing but yeah but I think there were expectations of Matthew Newton because he was Bert Newton son I I think I put pressure on myself hmm I don't think anybody else ever did my parents certainly never did ever you know why I think when when you don't know who you are and you're confused and frightened it's very hard to be a good son a good friend a good colleague to work with it's really difficult because it's a tap dance all the time I'm just constantly like keep moving because if I don't you know if I if I stop moving they can pin me down and then they'll find out that I'm nothing Matthew made the point that being an actor allowed him to hide behind actors that he never had to confront himself he could be anybody else and the worst person he could be was himself so he would do whatever he could basically to avoid having to look at himself in the mirror I might say that he he made it very clear that being at Betty Ford at the Betty Ford Clinic was excruciating it was he said worse than anything else he'd been through and that included those dark days of assaults he said it was that mirror to the face and he didn't he didn't like what he saw and it he said he's been arrogant and he has been somebody that not even he liked